Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 22nd July 2021 Written Episode Update: Kanak Executes Her Plan

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 22nd July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gehna tells her driving teacher that today she wants to drive on the road.Teacher says she can drive on road tomorrow.Gehna assures she will drive well.Gehna drives the car.Teacher says now only she has to learn taking car in reverse,he will teach that to her tomorrow.Gehna insists she wants to learn it today.Teacher agrees and explains the process to her.She starts car and suddenly it starts moving forward.Teacher asks what has she done,tells her to stop the car.A woman shouts.Gehna is shocked to see a woman lying on the road.Teacher says she hit the woman.He asks her to get out of the driving seat.He drives the car away.

At Desai House, Kanak gives tea to everyone.She tells Anant that they really want to eat fafda and jalebis,so if he can go and get them.Anant agrees.Kanak smirks.Anant walks to his room,finds his car keys missing.He then opens his room window and finds his car missing.When he realizes that neither Pankaj nor Chetan has taken his car, he gets thinking that who took his car.Anant informs the issue to everyone.Praful says let us go out and check.

Outside Desai house, Teacher tells Gehna not to inform about the incident to anyone.Anant and his family members arrive outside.Anant gets confused seeing his car present there.They go inside.Kanak gets Gehna out,says she saved her today.Gehna tells her about the incident.Kanak throws the car keys in Anant and Gehna’s room.Anant sees his car keys in his room and thinks something is fishy.Baa enters and asks about Gehna.He calls her.Kanak asks Gehna not to take Anant’s call.They reach the accident spot.A woman is sitting and crying there.Gehna asks if she is fine.A man tells that she’s crying as someone stole her purse.After everyone on the road go away, Kanak asks Gehna if she’s sure that this is the accident spot.Gehna says yes.Kanak says someone must have taken that woman to the hospital.Gehna cries.Kanak says let us go home now.

Precap – Baa slaps Gehna.She tells Gehna that today she is the most incapable bahu of this family.Kanak gets super happy listening that.

Update Credit to: Saisha

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