RadhaKrishn 20th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Krishna Visits Radha In Disguise

RadhaKrishn 20th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ugrapath shouts at Krishna to dare not come to his house again and to get out of his house. Krishna leaves with Balram. Balram asks what will happen to Radha now. Krishna says Radha’s life is in danger and no vaidya/doctor can treat her as Mahakali’s poison is most lethal in the world. Akroor informs Kans that Krishna even killed Ekdansh. Kans says Ekdansh fulfilled his duty before dying, so he is happy with Ekdansh’s service.

Radha’s condition continues to deteriorate. Vaidyas treat Radha and say they cannot treat this kind of poison. Ugrapath sends Ayan to bring vaidya from far away. Balram Krishna tells Balram that he will seek solution from Mahadev who knows poisons of whole world. He walks to Kailash and meets Gowri who cries out of guilt. Krishna consoles her not to cry as she just did her duty. She says she knows about Radha’s condition, but does not have antidote for her own poison. He says he came to seek help from her better half Mahadev who has immense knowledge about poisons. He meets Mahadev who says even he cannot help him. Krishna says now he knows how to treat Radha and leaves Kailash smilingly. He returns back and informs Balram that he himself will treat Radha for 15 days. Balram rejoices hearing that.

Ayan brings Vaidya who also fails to treat Radha. Vrishbhan pleads if someone can treat his daughter. Krishna disguised as an old lady enters and says she can treat Radha. She asks who is this girl’s father-in-law. Ugrapath comes in front. She says she will treat his bahu as she is maha vaidya. Ayan angrily tries to stop her. She scolds Ayan for his misbehavior and boasts about her knowledge that she is Achyuta who gained knowledge from devi of medicine Dhanvantari, then served Rishi Durvasa and gain knowledge from him, then Rishi Ved vyas, etc. Ugrapath gets impressed, but Jatila asks how old she is. Achyuta says she is 65, but looks like Jatila does not want to see her daughter-in-law treated. She continues describing how knowledged she is.

Precap: Krishna informs Balram that by upcoming Krisnapaksh’s last day, poison will be out Radha’s body and she will also cleared off her confusion; people who troubled Radhha will also be punished. Jatila and Ayan are seen working in kitchen.

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