Daayan 20th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Mani Daitya’s Proposal For Jahnvi And Daayan

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Doctor informs Aakrsh and Jahnvi that their baby is split into halves and should be aborted. Aakarsh carries Jahnvi home saying he will get her treated where doctor can treat his baby. Family asks him why did he bring Jahnvi home, she should be in hospital at this time. Aakarsh informs what doctor told. Jahnvi feels labor pains again. Daayan dances and calls Daitya. Betalini stops her and says Daitya stays in cave and she should got there insted. Daayan says when she broke Daitya’s mani, he created havoc, and if she gets there, he may even kill her. Aakarsh tells Jahnvi that he will protect their baby. Narendra asks Aakarsh to come out and says he should get baby aborted. Aakarsh says his baby is alive with normal heart beat, how can he thinking of aborting her/him. Prithvi says baby is split into 2 and is normal, so it is better he aborts baby for Jahnvi’s life. Aakarsh says he will try to save his baby at any cost. Prachi and Veer remind Brijesh about mani Daitya and say maybe mani daitya is responsible for this, so he should pray and seek his help. Mani daitya watches it on his palm via black magic and thinks he wants them to call him. Brijesh prays mani daitya and calls him. Mani Daitya emerges and asks why did he call him. Brijesh asks if he split Jahnvi’s baby into 2 halves. Mani Daitya agrees and says Jahnvi, Aakarsh, and Daayan broke mani into 2 halves, so he punished Jahnvi. Brijesh requests to refix Jahnv’s baby. Mani Daitya says he will if he brings Jahnvi to his cave. Brijesh agrees.

Aakarsh assures Jahnvi that he will save their baby at any cost and is going to daayan lok to confront maa. Once he disappears, Brijesh walks in and informs Jahnvi what Mani Daitya told and takes her to Mani Daitya’s cave. They see Daayan pleading Mani Daitya to return her powers and realize Mani Daitya is more powerful than Daayan. Jahnvi walks to him. Daayan shouts why did she come here. Mani Daitya orders Daayan not to attack Daayan. Jahnvi confronts Mani Daitya for harming her baby. Mani Daitya they both are responsible for breaking mani into 2, so whoever brings mani pieces back to him, he will fulfill their wish. At home, family gets worried for Jahnvi not finding her at home. Aakarsh returns home. Family asks if Jahnvi was not with him. He says he had gone to daayan lok and didn’t find maa there. Jahnvi returns and informs that Mani Daitya split her baby into 2 halves and what he told. Aakarsh shouting in anger how dare Mani Daitya is to harm his baby, he will not spare Mani Daitya. Jahnvi says they should think of getting mani from another world as it is impossible to fight with mani daitya. Aakarsh reaches Mani Daitya and tries to fight with him. Mani Daitya punishes Aakarsh and warns him to return back, else he will kill him. Aakarsh returns back home injured. Jahnvi treats him and heals his injuries. Mani Daitya thinks Jahnvi saved Aakarsh, else he would have died with my attack.

Daayan returns to her daayan lok and happily informs Betalini that Mani Daitya will return her powers if she finds mani pieces. Betalini thinks if Daayan becomes powerful again, she will make her as slave, so she should not help Daayan. Daayan searches mani in all worlds via black magic, but does not find it. Aakarsh after thinking a lot tells Jahnvi that they should forget about their baby if they want to protect this world from maa, else if maa finds out mani via him, she will create havoc in the world like before. Jahnvi angrily confronts him how dare he is to think of killing their child, how can she live without her baby. Aakarsh convinces her somehow. Daayan thinks when her son does not want his baby, why will he find mani for her. Jahnvi dreams of being tied to a pillar and her baby crying for her, Mani Daitya appears there to kill baby. She wakes up worried. Aakarsh consoles her. Next day, Mani Daitya walks to them and asks why didn’t they start searching mani. Aakarsh asks why should they, they are ready to lose their baby. Mani Daitya says if they don’t unite mani, he will burst into fire soon which can burn whole world, so he requests them to find mani pieces for protect this world. Aakarsh agrees. Mani Daitya says he will find mani in Pisach lok.

Precap: Aakarsh apologizes Jahnvi for thinking of separating baby from her/mother. Daayan says Aakarsh and Jahnvi themselves will handover mani to her. Brijesh informs family that Jahnvi and Aakarsh are going to pisach lok to find mani.

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