Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 20th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Rivaaj gets furious on Kesha

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 20th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kesha telling that Rivaaj’s news is coming. They watch TV. Reporter says today you will hear about Rivaaj scisodia, a movie stills is shown. Then Rivaaj and Mayura’s pic is shown. Reporter says the bachelor hero of Bhojpuri is not bachelor in reality and shows Rukmani and his marriage pics. Rivaaj is shocked and angry. Reporter says he has a daughter of about 8-9 months. Premlatha asks Tashi if she did this. Reporter says when I went to his house, his mum Premlatha told that her son is bachelor. He says his wife was not at home and it is heard that he is having an affair with his lady bodyguard. He says why Rivaaj is hiding his wife and daughter from the world and asks where are they? Kesha says this can’t happen. Roop says he is a big flirt than me. Kesha says

I trust him fully. Roop says like Tashi trusts me. Premlatha blames Mayura. Mayura says I don’t have any interest in him. Rivaaj scolds Kesha and says you have called this reporter. He asks her to clean this mess. Phone rings. She picks the call and says it is fake news. Premraj receives call and says everyone is asking to tell truth. Rivaaj is very angry. Mayura thinks Rivaaj has to search Rukmani di now. Premraj gets a message from producer that he will not work until the black spot is cleaned off. Tashi, Premlatha, Roop and Kesha receive phone calls asking about him. Mayura smiles and prays Durga Maa. Rivaaj asks everyone to keep their phones on silent mode and keep it down.

Mayura asks why you all are stressed and says Rukmani died. She asks them to present her death certificate and end the matter. Kesha says I will handle everything and asks her not to interfere. Mayura says what wrong did I say? She says we shall present her dead certificate. Rivaaj shouts and asks Kesha to clear the matter. Tashi tries to say about Rukmani. Premlatha stops her and asks Mayura to go. She scolds Tashi. Tashi says I told you not to hide about baby. Premlatha says this all happened because of you. Tashi says I did what you and Kesha told me to do. Kesha sees Mayura’s phone and tries to check. Mayura takes her phone and says bad manners. She sends message to the lady and says they will not keep Rukmani away now. Mayura recalls Kesha, Tashi and Premlatha’s conversation.

Later in the night, Premlatha asks Kesha to get Rukmani’s dead certificate. Kesha says if someone comes to know that Rivaaj’s political and acting career will be ruined. Premlatha says I have kept her in such a place from where she can think anything. She asks her to make fake certificate again. Kesha says the same thing again. Premlatha asks her to find out the way. Mayura hears someone coming and goes. Kesha shares her plan with Premlatha and smiles. Premlatha also smiles. Mayura thinks where did they hide my Rukmani di? A locked door is shown. Mayura is walking in the corridor and gets hurt. Rivaaj asks her to be careful and says I am taking care of my body guard. He says until I am with you, I am safe, I will never doubt you, you have won my heart. He asks why she is stressed, due to media or Rukmani. Mayura says I don’t want to interfere in anyone’s matters and says no client had such issues so I was eager to know. Rivaaj says I am happy to know your eagerness. Mayura asks where is Rukmani di. And then says Rukmani dammit. Rivaaj says I don’t know and acts to be emotional. He says Rukmani is dead for me and left me and my small baby. Mayura asks are you saying truth? Rivaaj says do you doubt on me. Mayura says you lied before also. Rivaaj says I will prove my truth very soon.

Mayura takes the baby in her hand and says even Maasi couldn’t sleep. She says I promise that your Mamma will be with you very soon. She plays with the baby and sleeps there while sitting. She wakes up in the morning thinking about Premlatha saying they have to do same thing with baby what they did with her mother. Mayura’s friend calls her and asks her to watch the news. Mayura kisses the baby and leaves from there.

Another reporter on a newschannel tells that Rukmani has sent an audio clip in which she told that she got separated from Rivaaj and left baby and is very busy in her life. Kesha says Rukmani has proved that she is very busy in life and left them. Rivaaj gets happy. Premraj says she cleared way for you.

Precap: Mayura opens the lock of the door, when Rivaaj comes there and asks what is she doing?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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