RadhaKrishn 18th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Decision Time For Radha

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Radha asks Krishna if she cannot meet him hereon. Krishna says no. Radha says she will shatter if she does not meet him. Krishna asks her to control herself as their life’s motto is in front of them and they just need to step ahead. Radha says she cannot imagine a life without Krishna and even on the biggest path of her life, marriage, she wants Krishna to accompany her holding her hand and make her sit in mantap, else she cannot do anything alone. Krishna says as she wishes and hugs her. She asks him to bid her farewell one last time. Krishna stands crying. Radha runs away crying.

Krishna walks to Dhama. Dhama asks what he needs. Krishna says his sister Radha wants a special flower grown in Panchmegh mountain’s cave, can he bring it for Radha. Dhama says he can do anything for his sister and walks towards Panchmegh mountain. Radha walks to Ayan and asks him to bring special flower grown in Panchmegh mountain’s cave. He also agrees and leaves.

Vrishbhan gathers sabha/meeting and addresses Barsana people that he wants to choose future Barsana mukhiya and they can either choose Dhama or choose one among them. Krishna walks in and says he worked so hard and always protected them risking his life, so he will become future mukhiya. Vrishbhan asks him to mind his tongue. Krishna says he is the right contender for mukhiya and Vrishbhan cannot just take Barsana people’s opinion and should seek even other village people’s opinion. Vrishbhan angrily asks why would other village people bother. Krishna says he has already invited other village mukhiya in his support. Neighboring village mukhiyas enter chanting Barsane ke Mukhiya Krishna ki jai. Vrishbhan greets them and says he has not made Krishna as mukhiya. They say Krishna invited them saying he became mukhiya. Vrishbhan confronts Krishna. Krishna says he would be mukhiya by default after marrying Radha, else what is the use to marry her without any benefit. Jatila yells if he is marrying Radha to become mukhiya and provokes Vrishbhan that she already warned him about Krishna’s wicked intentions. Vrishbhan scolds Krishna. Krishna reverts back again. Radha warns him to behave with her father.

Precap: Radha and Krishan walk together one last time before paring ways.

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