KAIRA – The Revenge Saga Part 7

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Hi, Few asked the link for the past episode of this fiction and here it is

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part  7 here it is…

Kartik: leave her Rishabh.

Naira :Rishabh you know me very well. I am telling you leave me.

Rishabh: babes, even you know me very well. If I need something I will get it.

Kartik tries to remove the rope and he does that.

Naira shouts kartik. Kartik beats the goons .

Rishabh holds naira tight and pulls her. Kartik beats Rishabh. He gets angry asks the goons to kill him.

Goons beats kartik , kartik defends . naira feels like her head is spinning. Kartik beats the goons . Rishabh points the gun at kartik , naira sees it and calls kartik, Rishabh shoots ,naira comes in between and she gets shoot.kartik shouts naira. Rishabh and the goons escape.

Kartik shouts naira and runs towards her

Karik: don’t leave me again. Naira stay with me. I love you.

Naira: I am sorry Kartik. I love you too. You should move on

Kartik:shut up naira.

Kartik takes naira to the hospital.

Doctor comes out of the OT and says Kartik that her situation is very critical , we are trying our level best. Pray to god.

Kartik breaks down.

Kartik’s mom reaches there and asks Kartik  what happened ?

He explains her everything,she cries and goes to the temple.

Kartik’s mom: God, why do you do this with my children, they were just about to live, you separated them once , please not again.

Doctor says to Kartik: The operation is done, but she is under observation. It will take time for her recovery, be patient.

Two months later,

Kartik and naira in home.

Naira is sleeping.

Kartik: Wakeup naira , its 11:20 already, what if mom sees you like this?

Naira: Kartik, stop it na. Mom won’t say anything.go and do your work.

Kartik: I know you won’t wake up like that. So wait and watch.

Kartik tickles naira. she wakes up and says Kartik…

Kartik: Good, now go and do your work. You forgot about your meeting.

Naira: Nevermind, you are with me. I canceled the meeting yesterday.

Kartik: Wow. So what are your plans?

Naira: Have some work.

Kartik: Okay bye, I have some serious work in the office. I am leaving.

Naira: Bye

After a few hours.

Naira sits in her room worried.

Kartik comes in and sees her.

Kartik: What happened naira? Are you okay?

Naira: Today I went to the temple and I saw( realizes something.) …

Kartik: What?

Naira: Nothing, I am fine.

Kartik: Sure?

Naira thinks I can’t tell him what happened. Fb – naira goes to the temple, she gets a call. It’s yuvi.

Yuvi: I am near you.

Naira: Enough of all this nonsense. I don’t know who the hell you are. Stop calling me.

Yuvi: how is that possible? Just turn back.

Naira turns and sees yuvi.

Naira: What do you want?

Yuvi: I want you, di?

Naira is shocked.

Naira: Di? Stop this nonsense. Are you crazy?

Yuvi: I know you won’t trust me and hence I brought all the proof. Here check it.

Naira checks it. She gets surprised as well as happy.

Naira: You are yuvi. You are my coco.

Yuvi: I am your coco and you are my nainu.

Naira hugs him and says I thought I lost you in that blast.

Yuvi: I was alive but wasn’t aware of you. I searched for you and naksh bhaiyaa everywhere. But I couldn’t find you. Where is naksh bhaiyaa?

Naira: Naksh bhaiyaa is no more coco. but you will get a new brother and he is Kartik.

Yuvi: Di, naksh bhaiyaa. No.

Naira: I know it’s hard but that’s the truth.

Naira thinks how will tell to Kartik about yuvi. I will tell him.

Yuvi: You are married? Really? Wow di.

Naira: Kartik, my husband. And don’t call me di, I told you this since our childhood. Call me naira.

Yuvi: when will I meet Kartik?

Naira: soon but I need some time to tell him about you.

Yuvi: fine.

Fb ends.

Naira thinks I will tell Kartik about this tomorrow.

Naira feels very tired and feels like her head is spinning.

Next day, yuvi calls naira. Kartik attends the call.

Yuvi: I am missing you. I know we met yesterday. I really miss you. can we meet today? Hello, hello.

precap: Kartik sees naira and yuvi hugging and questions her character.

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