KAIRA – The Revenge Saga Part 8

Kartik thinks who is this. Naira takes the phone from Kartik and goes out to talk to yuvi.kartik wonders why naira moved out why couldn’t she talked in front of me. Kartik sees naira smiling. Kartik this is someone special for naira.

Yuvi: How about Marriott?

Naira: Fine. At 2:00.

Yuvi: Ok.

Kartik asks naira who is it?

Naira: He is my client. ( and thinks sorry Kartik, I need to talk to you about this and verify something else.)

Kartik feels suspicious but didn’t ask anything to naira.

Naira reaches Marriott at 2:00

Even Kartik has a meeting there.

Naira and yuvi in a room.

Naira: Where were you since that blast?

Yuvi: I don’t want to talk about it. I just know I really missed you.

Naira: Tell me everything coco.

Yuvi and naira talk about their parents and gets emotional.

Kartik reaches the Marriott and asks the reception for yuvi Singh.( his client)

Receptionist: Room no 247(rooms of naira and yuvi)

Kartik goes to that room.

Yuvi and naira get emotional.

Naira: I missed you yuvi.

Yuvi: I missed you too.

They hugs.

Kartik enters and gets shocked to see them. He gets angry.

Kartik: Naira Who the hell is he?

Naira: Give me some time to talk. I need to talk to you about him.

Kartik: Are you having an affair with him?

Naira: Kartik. Shut up. There is nothing like that.first listen to me.

Kartik: I don’t want to listen to anything. How could you be so characterless naira? After seeing you with another man. I should trust you. Wow.

Naira: Kartik, it’s enough.

Yuvi: What the hell are you talking? She is my…

Kartik: Shut up… I know what she is for you. naira I never expected this from you.

Naira: Kartik I said enough.

Kartik: Seriously? When this guy called you in the morning you said he was your client? Actually, who is he? I don’t want to tell it. I hate you naira. I loved you all while and you were cheating me? You were with him all this while in this hotel room. I shouldn’t have loved you.

Naira breaks down.

Yuvi: Di, we will talk to him. Why are you crying?

Kartik: Di????

Yuvi: She is my sister and we don’t have any other relation between us like you think.

Kartik: But naira didn’t tell me anything about you. ( he feels sorry for being angry with naira)

Yuvi tells Kartik everything.

Kartik: I am sorry naira.

Naira doesn’t talk anything.

Kartik: I did a mistake again. I suspected you. Your love. My bad. I am sorry. Please forgive me for the last time. Please.

Naira stands up and walks towards Kartik.

Kartik feels she forgave him and gets happy.

Naira goes out and walks lost.

Kartik calls naira.

Yuvi: you shouldn’t have done that Kartik. She was boasting about you ever since we met. But she is broked.

Kartik feels sorry and walks behind naira.

Naira gets home and packs her bag. She keeps some papers on Kartik’s table and was about to live. Kartik holds her and says I desire you.

Naira: Not again Kartik. We aren’t mend for each other.

Naira leaves the home. Kartik runs behind her. He feels broken and shouts naira.

He goes to his room and sees the paper kept by naira. It says I had to say two special things to you. One was about yuvi, my coco and the other was something very very special for us, turn the page. It says pregnancy test positive.

Kartik feels he is the one responsible for everything.

kartik shouts naira…

precap: after 5 years, a girl is shown dancing.

  1. TSY

    Nice shot
    Kartik must not done that
    He should trust his love
    I think naira took the right step
    Waiting for next

  2. This story is a little similar to real story of yeh rishta kya kehlata hai.But nice.

    1. Waiting for next please post it soon.

  3. Waiting for next please post it soon.

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