RadhaKrishn 11th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Balram And Krishna’s Wrestling Match?

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Krishna tells Radha that he gave their favorite bansuri to Kutila, but whatever he did was most important. Radha asks if he will fight with Balram and defeat him. Krishna says he will be in pain even if he wins against Balram. Kans laughs and tells Pralambasur that Balram is most powerful wrestler, but Krishna has to win. Krishna and Balram take Yashoda’s blessing before leaving for wrestling. They reach Kaushalsthali with Radha. Radha taunts Balram if he is ready to lose for the first time. He says he doesn’t mind. Radha taunts if he is eager to meet Revathi. Balram nervously says no. Kutila joins them. Maid greets them and gives flowers. Krishna takes flowers in his hands and says he is sure he will win and will celebrate beforehand. Guards announce that princess Revati is coming. Revathi walks to them and asks Krishna why is he holding flowers. Krishna says he will win. Revathi says she feels Balram will win and asks Radha to accompany her. Kutila tries to follow Radha, but maid stops her and says her place is with maids. Kutila angrily follows maid.

Raja Kukudmi welcomes all wrestlers for the wrestling match that whoever wins will marry his daughter Revati. Balram asks Krishna to back off as he cannot marry Revati. Krishna says he promised Maiya Yashoda that he will win and also has staked his bansuri, so Balram should back off. Balram says no way as he doesn’t want to lose Revati and for the sake of 2 women Yashoda and Revati in his life, he will fight. Radha tells Revati that Krishna will win as he has bet his bansuri and its gifted by her, he will win for her sake; Balram is fighting to win Revati’s heart. Revati says in that case, she doesn’t want 2 brothers to fight. Radha says she respects her more now, but Krishna will fight with Balram for sure.

Wrestling match starts. Balram says weak wrestler will win. Krishna opposes him and says strong one will. Weak wrestler wins. Next Balram bets on tall wrestler and Krishna on short one, Balram’s prediction comes true again. Balram boasts that nobody knows wrestling better than him. Host announces that Barsana warrior will come now. Balram walks in front. Pralambasur thinks if he doesn’t fight with Krishna and lose, how will Krishna fight with Kans and Kans will win. Kans practices wrestling match and defeats all his opponents and eagerly waits to fight with Krishna. Raja Kakudmi warns Balram how dare he is to come in front while invitation is for Krishna. Krishna says everyone knows that Balram is the best wrestler in Barsana and surrounding 108 villages, so king should let him fight. Kakudmi says he sent invitation for Krishna and has not done any mistake. Krishna requests him to let Balram fight. Kakudmi agrees and says Balram will fight 108 village wrestlers and win and then will fight with Krishna.

Precap: Balram and Krishna’s wrestling match starts.

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