Namah 11th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Narayan Battles Madhu-Ketab

Namah 11th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Narayan informs Brahmadev that not only humans, even gods have to pass through tests; he tested Madhu vigorously and Madhu passed all the tests and got the boons he deserved, now it is his turn. Madhu and Ketab attack Manu’s boat and warning Manu and Satrupa to get ready to die and attacks them saying they will end whole shristi today, but Narayan emerges and protects Manu and Satrupa. Madhu and Ketab laugh that Narayan himself came to spoil their task again. Devi Lakshmi gets tensed seeing Madhu and Ketab fighting with Narayan. Madhu and Ketab warn Narayan not to interfere and to go away. Narayan says he will not let them do adharma. Madhu and Ketab say they are born through him, but he threw them among asurs. Narayan accepts they are born through him and he sent them among asurs and evils to end evil and spread goodness. Madhu and Ketab attack Narayan in vain.

Devi Lakshmi tells Mahadev and Devi Saraswati that she cannot see Madhu and Ketab troubling Narayan and since she started all this by throwing out Madhu and Ketab, she has to go and end this ordeal. Narayan suggests she shouldn’t go and let Narayan handle Madhu and Ketab himself. Devi lakshmi leaves.

Raja Bali tells Shukracharya that Madhu and Ketab will destroy Manu and Satrupa and whole shristi, Narayan won’t be able to do anything. Devi Lakshmi emerges distributing wealth among asurs and tells Bali that he is thinking wrong and should stop Madhu and Ketab from fighting wit Narayan, else they both will be killed. Balli says if she agrees to stay in his place, he will call back Madhu and Ketab. Devi Lakshmi says he is a fool to think so as she never stays at a dirty place where people with dirty mind stay. Raja Bali get angry hearing that.

Madhu and Ketab provoke Narayan to attack them first. Narayan says if he harms them, he will be hurt as they are part of him. Madhu and Ketub fly away and then return back try to destroy Manu’s ship by creating tornadoes around it.

Precap: Narayan’s matsya/fish avatar is unable to breathe due to lack of water, voiceover asks how will Devi Lakshmi help him. Brahmadev tells Shristi it is time for her test.

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