Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Kartik and Naira’s moment

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone getting tensed seeing Kairav. Kairav comes to them and says sorry new Papa, mum called you by old Papa’s name, we exchanged him, mum loves him a lot, even when he had hurt her a lot, now mum will love you. He asks Naira to say sorry. Naira says sorry. Kartik says I should be sorry. Kairav asks why. Samarth says because dance spoiled because of him, we will play some new game. Naira goes. Surekha sees someone and goes. Kartik comes to Naira. He asks her to have water. She says sorry, I didn’t do that intentionally, you would be thinking I did this as I didn’t like the plan, its good Kairav didn’t understand. He says don’t feel guilty, calm down, can’t I make mistake, what’s the big deal, everything got fine now. He holds her.

Dilon ke mohalle….plays…. She cries. He wipes her tears. He gets close. She gets away and steps back. She slips. He holds her in arms and gets close to kiss again. She gets back and says no, Kartik, its wrong, please stay away from me, lets just concentrate on Kairav. He says I know its wrong, but it doesn’t look wrong. She goes crying.

Suwarna says we won’t play this game to pluck the lotus flowers from the pool. Naira says no, resort staff asked us not to play in pool. Naksh says I didn’t say we have to go inside the water. Samarth says we will make a rope noose and pull the lotus. Kartik asks what to do now. Kairav says lotus game. Vansh says whoever gifts lotus to wife first will be best husband. Kartik says there can be better ideas. Vansh says its fun. Kairav says you are scared, mum would have gone, you don’t know Kairav means lotus. Naira thinks sorry, I m tensed about this place. Kartik says resort man asked us not to go near water. Kairav says they asked us not to go in, we just want you to do lotusing. Kairav says like fishing. They all smile. Kairav says please play. Kartik says fine, we shall start lotusing. Kairav says new Papa is so cool.

Gayu says if you win this game, Vansh will get glad. Samarth says kids have nothing to do with this, I m playing this for Kartik and Kairav. Gayu says you don’t care for your child ever. Naira stops Kairav. Naira says nothing will happen, don’t worry. Kartik says the one who gets a lotus first will be a winner. Kairav says get lotus for mum. Kartik says I can do anything for your mum. Dadi asks Suwarna where is Surekha going. Suwarna says maybe she went to talk to someone, children and Akhilesh aren’t here. Dadi says its not right to find peace in outsiders than family, talk to her. Suwarna says fine. Surekha meets a man and cries. Naira recalls the dream. Vansh asks Naira will you become our judge. Naira says yes, actually…. She thinks something wrong is going to happen. She says I should stop everyone. They play the game.

Kartik gets a lotus. Kairav says Papa you are the best. He hugs Kartik. Kartik sees Naira. He says if I was the best, I would have tried to become better, just call me Papa, instead new papa. Kairav says yes, old Papa got exchanged. Yeh rishta….plays… Vansh sees Surekha crying and talking to someone. He goes. Kairav asks Kartik to give lotus to Naira and become best husband. Kartik gives the lotus. Naira thanks him. Kairav says mum is happy, I m also happy. Dadi wards off bad sight. Kartik says now we can’t get away, we have Kairav between us. Vansh comes and says there is someone with Surekha. Everyone rushes to see. Gayu says maybe someone she messages. Naira says maybe. Everyone sees Surekha. Dadi asks who is there, come out. Surekha gets shocked. They see Akhilesh.

Surekha says don’t tell him anything, because I called him here, I used to talk to him on phone, he misses you all a lot, he wanted to see you all, he doesn’t have courage to call anyone, we were coming here, so I called him to come here and see you all, I can’t take stand like Naira to stay separated, sorry, when I learnt that he is ill and admitted in hospital, he isn’t taking medicines, I went to meet him, when I saw his state, I felt that nothing is imp than someone’s life. Dadi asks did you forget what he did with you. Surekha ays no, but he had gone through the punishment, he stayed away from his loving family, what shall I punish him. Dadi turns away. Akhilesh says maybe this punishment is less, please don’t support me, I have hurt you all a lot. He goes. Surekha says please Maa ji stop him for my and children’s sake, he is my children’s father as well, don’t separate us. The man shouts someone is sinking, save him fast. Naksh says kids are on pool side. Naira thinks Kairav….

Naira falls into the pool. Kartik jumps into the pool and saves her. His fake beard comes out. Kairav gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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