RAB SE SONA ISHQ:Twinj: episode:70



After having food by tej hands Kunj smiled.

Tej: now go and sleep at morning you have to submit report okay.

Kunj:hmm tej get up and pat on his cheeks and went from there. Kunj looking at tej who going he knowingly he smile.He get up and went to his room he entered in room twinkle pretending like sleeping Kunj closed the door and went to bed and lay down beside her.He thinking about today just than twinkle.

Twinkle: aagye pa ke bete khanna kha ke haan. Kunj get shocked and look at her she open her eye and look at him.

He look at her.

Kunj: tum jaag rahi ho Abhi tak.

Twinkle: yes ji waiting for you only. She come near to him and rest her head on his forearms.

Kunj: Acha ji.

Twinkle: now tummy full tickled on his tummy.

Kunj:yup full peck on her cheek.

Twinkle: how’s you Sunday ??.

Kunj: now you don’t put chilli on me.

Twinkle: hehe sorry. Romance ke king.

Kunj: yes I’m ?any doubt ji. I’m thinking let’s go it. Winked at her just teasing her she giggles and pulled his cheeks.

Twinkle: have some shame Kunj. Now sleep you’ll not get up in morning.

Kunj:yes after you my all schedule mess up.He giggles twinkle get frown and pinch on his nose. Kunj rub his nose against hers.

Twinkle: now sleep. She cuddles him Kunj thinking something.

Kunj: twinkle I told you na don’t wear this boring this at least in front of me you can winked at her.

Twinkle: hoo really I’ll not.

Kunj:haww someone getting shy what happened in Prague haan? That night toh you are in bold mode.. ?.

Twinkle:already you are so much shameless after that you will not sit down flying top of sky.. he nuzzles his neck in her neck.

Kunj:hmm thanks for everything I love you.

Twinkle: even I love you my baby kiss on his cheeks today after see you kunj your respect increase in my eyes.You didn’t said a utter a words even you didn’t do any mistakes as well get punishment too.Usually toh your temper is too high. You scared of papaji this much.

Kunj:I didn’t scared of anyone it just I respect them.My dadi and dadu or mummy pa teach me this only never speak in front of elders if they scold you that doesn’t mean they having problems with you it just they wanted your betterment that’s why.It’s their right as well. You leave this remember my demand I fulfilled yours everything but your didn’t listen to me never huhu.

twinkle:bas bas my pumpkin pie. Both cuddles each other’s and sleep took over them.

Other side Rudra feel hungry at middle of night Omkara was sleeping in his room Priyanka or Rudra Aayat sleeping together. He get up and looking here and there scared of Darkness.

Rudra: bhaiya??. Bhuk lagi hai. He get up somehow and went downstairs chanting Kunj and Omkara name. He entered in kitchen and went starter finding something in refrigerator. While Soumya get thirsty she finding water in her room water jug was empty.

Soumya: uff I didn’t bring water.She get up and went downstairs Soumya goes in kitchen and get shocked to see Rudra who sitting on kitchen slab and having burger like he is hungry from since many years she giggles to see him he talking with himself only. She smiled and went towards him pat on his shoulder he get shocked and started coughing and turned see Soumya. She laughs. What happened cry baby Dar gaye Rudra get relief there is no ghost but Soumya.

Rudra: tuuu sumo..

Soumya: Haan me what are you doing here at this haan. Owl ke jeshe ahah.

Rudra: what about you??rat jumping in your house haan.

Soumya: yes side please she take water and drink. Rudra having like babies he chocked Soumya get worried about him she patting on his back aaram se Rudra pagal. She make him drink water with her hands Rudra look at her with loving eyes.He drink happily.Dil mein ho tum song play in bg.

Rudra: I’m fine.

Soumya: This burger didn’t going anywhere have slowly samje.

Rudra: huhu. I’m so hungry due to pa I didn’t eat properly.

Soumya: you calling me sumo what about you.

Rudra: because you are get it.

Soumya:acha goodnight tomorrow is college wake up on time.She said and went from there while Rudra smiling like anything.

Rudra:it’s so fun-full to teased her without teasing her my day didn’t finished nor started.He smiled and went back to room and sleep.

@Next day in morning..

Omkara wake up he get up and get freshen up he having work with Kunj so

He went towards twinkle and Kunj room and knocking their door.Twinkle sleep get disturbed. She wake up and look at time it just 6 clock.

Twinkle: who is at this time kunjj go and see na he turned and covered himself fully with blanket. Sadu she get up and went towards door and open the door found Omkara standing at door. Arey Om tum at this time. What happened?

Om: nothing happened bhabhi ji sorry for disturb your sleep where is my bade bhaiya.

Twinkle:acha your bade bhaiya is sleeping go and wake up.He entered in room while twinkle take her clothes and went in washroom while Omkara sit beside Kunj.

Om:Kunj wake up na.He patting on his back.

Kunj:in sleeping tone hmmm. Bol Om..

Om: Kya you become like your wifey twinkle sleeping beauty just than twinkle come out of the washroom and heard what Omkara said about her.

Twinkle: what did you said?? Om..

Om: nothing Kunj wake up na he turned and open his eyes and look Om he get up and laying in sitting position.

Kunj: Bol twinkle getting ready. Omkara give papers to Kunj. What is this?

Om; first check.

Kunj:hmm kunj open the papers and started reading them he having smiled. Wow Om it’s wonderful he immediately hugged him. I’m so happy for my brother it’s totally best.Twinkle get confused and see them.

Om:it’s just happened because of you mere bhai without you impossible they break the hug and Kunj cupped om face and kissed on his forehead.

Kunj:it’s your hard work and dedication.

Twinkle:what happened tell me too what cause of your happiness haa? She get up and went towards them.Bhaiyo Ka pyaar Subha subha ahem.

Kunj:baat hi aeshi hai.top magazine company wanted Om painting their cover page of magazine it’s amazing not small thing.

Twinkle:Congratulations Omkara.


Twinkle:you didn’t tell us about this haan.

Om:even I too don’t know about this.

This all Kunj did in my previous exhibition those people come and they really like it and finalised I just get their message get to know about this.

Kunj:so what Omkara you deserve this expand your talent my brother they like your statue and paintings.Now whole world will know my brother talent.Your painting is their front page.I’m so happy for you I don’t have words how much I m happy today. I don’t have anything to give you.

Om:I don’t want anything he hold his hand you are with me what else I wanted more world best and precious thing you and Rudra for me. Rudra come there and joint them.

Rudra:Kya Hua.

Kunj:isski hi kami ti Kunj tell him too about Om.

Rudra:wowo party chale O.He pulled his cheeks.

Om:pagal party always. Thanks Kunj.

Kunj:really thanks huhu.In between us there is No place for thanks and sorry. Rudra raise his eyes.Haan when this Rudra does mistakes that’s only for him they all giggles Omkara and Rudra cuddles him.We will celebrate your victory Om.

Rudra:haa bhaiya.

Twinkle: you trio continue this in doing down.

Rudra:haan bhabhi breakfast I have college that oldie principle will eat my ears. She went downstairs. I’ll come.

Kunj: hmm. Omkara looking tensed. What happened you didn’t tell about this to Maa and chote papa?

Om:nope you know.I come to you only you are the one who support me. Didn’t you see last night what they does in small mistakes even it’s not your fault as well.

Kunj:Leave about this Om numbers of time I told you they are your parents it’s not right you should go and give this news to them they will be really very happy.

Om:with whom I wanted to share my happiness I did it. Leave about them. Omkara get up and went from there.

Kunj:this boy na uff I have to handle them.Kunj get up and went in washroom.He get freshen up and twinkle bring coffee and medicine for him she waiting for him Than she went towards wardrobe taking out his clothes just than Kunj come back in room after take bath he warping towel around his waist he saw twinkle. He went towards her and give her backhugged she scared firstly.

Twinkle:uff Kunj always scared kaun aata hai aise haan.

Kunj:Me tera pati.Kunj rest his chin on her shoulder and kissing on her cheek from back.

Twinkle:acha side please.She turned towards him.Hoo looking hot abs..

Kunj:yup winking at her. Kunj ticking twinkle.

Twinkle:Kunj stop or else I won’t leave you get it.

Kunj: acha ji let me see what you will do he tickles her more. She tired and smirked.

Twinkle:I’ll open your he look at her she hold his towel.

Kunj:twinkleeee noo??.

Twinkle:ab bolo should I..  she push him and run while Kunj running behind him.

Sadu please careful your towel will open and falls down izzat ki shame shame??.

Kunj: acha bachu. He caught and pulled towards himself ab Bol tu what are you saying you will open my towel really.she looking at him I don’t mind in this nobody is here only my beautiful wifey and me so there is no problem. She get confused I’ll do your work. Hands moving down on his towel she get surprised and hold his hand.

Twinkle:stop you shameless.

Kunj:I’m shameless what about you haan.Waise bhi I don’t mind you already seen everything of mine and I’m yours she blushed and hide her face under his chest. Kunj giggles to see her.

Twinkle:chii I never thought you will be like this haan.

Kunj:you made me Like this I’m toh sweet and innocent.

Twinkle:really haan? Chalo wear your clothes.

Kunj:help me na please.

Twinkle:now don’t be like baby. She push him and arranging the bed Kunj wear his clothes and get ready just than.

Kunj: twinkle where is my watch haa?

Twinkle:which one?

Kunj: I give you na.

Twinkle: I don’t know you only know Kunj.

Kunj:what do you mean by this twinkle it’s really important for me. Twinkle make faces she went towards wardrobe started finding after she get it and went towards him.

Twinkle:lo what you will do of this it’s not even working haan kunj take and look at watch.

Kunj: I’ll see this.

Twinkle: you can wear something else na.

Kunj:nope today is my important meeting this Om give me he buy this from his first salary for me I always wear this it’s very important for me as well after all mere bhai Ka tofa hai. Twinkle smiled to see this Kunj love towards his brothers and memories.

Twinkle:aww. Chalo lets have breakfast.

Kunj:hmm both hold each other’s hand and went downstairs everyone come and sitting for breakfast. Twinkle and Kunj coming hand to hand everyone saw them.

Soumya: after dadu and dadi or Anjali di and Rahul jiju twinkle bhabhi and Kunj bhaiya coming in list of love birds??. Kunj and twinkle Don’t about their hands in each other’s.

Twinkle:good morning everyone Rahul giggles.

Rahul:Kunj haat chood de your twinkle wasn’t going anywhere.Kunj and twinkle look at their hands immediately they leave each other’s.And it’s so embarrassing for them.

Anjali:come twinkle.Kunj take seat beside his brothers and while twinkle beside Priyanka and Anjali.Rahul teasing Kunj gestures.They all having their breakfast happily.Kunj get call from his pa he pick up and place on his ear.

Kunj:hmm bolo fast..

Pa:sir.your meeting and everything I set.

Kunj:hmm good I’ll come in 10 minutes. Kunj leave his breakfast.

Avantika:at least have your breakfast na.Rahul too get up.

Rahul:no badi Maa we don’t wanted to hang on tree let’s go.

Kunj:acha om bye he gestured to him.

He and Kunj left for office all giggles.

Avantika:see tej it’s just because of me.

Tej:acha than should I go.

Usha:bas bas you both don’t Starts. Later Manohar and tej too left.Twinkle and Anjali get busy in work while students went to college back.Aayat having holiday so she went with her dadu and dadi at garden.

Kunj and Rahul get busy in work Kunj was talking about Omkara to someone at phone Rohan and Rahul get confused.

Kunj:I’ll send you people more of my

Brother art. He end the call.

Rohan:what happened?

Kunj:Arey wait a minute kunj Oder sweet soon it’s come he filled in their mouth they get surprised. Have this sweet.

Rahul:what’s the matter?

Kunj:hoo I didn’t tell you both. Kunj narrated them each and everything they too get happy after knows about Omkara.

Rahul: it’s awesome why he didn’t tell at home.

Kunj: nobody knows I wanted he should in formed firstly to Maa and chote papa but you know he deny.

Rahul:he is right at his place now they must be get happy after know about this it’s not small thing in first attempt high jumped that also perfectly. Great Kunj you think so much.

Kunj:everything is his only I just helping my brother after all this is my duty as a brother chote papa thinking he choose wrong profession he wanted he too joint our business and do goal in this.But he don’t know you can rule and make your parents proud in anything not only in business.Acha you both carry on I’m going for my meeting.

Rahul: okay. Kunj take file and went downstairs. He thinking about Omkara he get his call and smiled and pick up his call.

Om: hello bro,

Kunj: haa Bol mera bhai.

Om: I’m going to creative head office.

Kunj:good go and talk to him with full confidence okay don’t worry I’ll be with you.He just talk to you normally.

Om:haan. Thanks bye.

Kunj:best of luck.

Om:haan.Both smiled and end the call.

Kunj went in conference room everyone was just waiting for him only.He went inside and tej give him approval Kunj starts the meeting.All smiling.Other side Omkara too meet with man and talk to him show him his all work he like it. After sometimes later Kunj meeting get over everyone stand up and clapped for him tej and Manohar smiled they quickly get ready to sign the deal and shake hands clients went Manohar went to Kunj.

Manohar:see bhai saab our Kunj he always make us proud today also I’m so happy we have son like him. God bless you just get success like this only.Tej and Manohar smiled.

Tej:don’t worry Manohar our all sons will be more successful than us. I’m just running he is more than Kunj.

Kunj: haan chote papa he is talent he had magic in his hands.

Manohar:hmm in cold voice he never understood me.Chalo I’m going.He said and went from there while tej and Kunj look at each other’s.

Tej:Manohar bhi na.

Kunj:chote papa didn’t.

Tej: noo Kunj let him he had some dream from his son he too went.

Kunj:no pa one day chote papa was the one and only who will be clapped more louder than for me.After sometimes later.

@Kabir and Avni both make a plan to go out for some days it’s been long time they all family members didn’t went anywhere together.Kabir told Avni about their new farm house which was on hills Mussoorie.

She get happy because she wanted to go there.

Avni:yes Kabir bhai it’s awesome.What about others how we get ready them.

Kabir:you don’t worry about this my dadu is awesome in this.They both discuss few things later Kabir told about this harsh he too get ready Malika and Mahi get hell happy in Mahi mind first thought it’s about Omkara. Malika message twinkle she get messages. She was laying in Anjali room with her both applying nail paint. Twinkle see her phone find Malika message she immediately read and tell Anjali about this.

Anjali: idea is awesome yaar.

Twinkle:di Mussoorie is so beautiful place once Chinki went she told me about this.

Anjali:than superb what about pure boring husbands??

Twinkle:first go and get ready to our love birds dadu and dadi.

Anjali:haan they both went downstairs immediately see Lata and Prithviraj sitting they had already get call from hansh and talk to him.Twinkle and Anjali went to them they both sit beside them Prithviraj and lata look at them.

Anjali:dadi and dadu we wanted to talk to you.

Lata:acha what?

Anjali: dadi woh about.

Lata: about Mussoorie na??

Twinkle: yes both bite their tongue.

Prithviraj: we just get hansh ji call.He tell me kabir beta make plan to go Mussoorie.

Twinkle: haa dadu..

Lata: do you wanna go?? Both loudly said yes.

Prithviraj: good Than I’m too ready.

Twinkle: but what about papaji?

Prithviraj: I’m your papaji father so don’t worry he will not deny me.

Twinkle: thanks dadu.

Lata: you both go and do your packing till Than I’ll in formed Usha and Avantika as well. Anjali and Twinkle went in room both get busy in packing quickly Usha and Avantika get happy hell when they get to know about this.Aayat get excited.

Avni told yuvi and others they too get ready Surjit and yuvi quickly finished their work and take off for few days.They all get ready fully Priyanka and Rudra or Soumya get to know they too get excited hell. Kabir set everything already.

#Later at night. All mans come back from office Anjali and twinkle busy in kitchen Kunj come back who is very tired today. He giving her voice she didn’t come Rudra and Aayat teasing her in kitchen he try to calling Om even he too didn’t pick up his call.he get irritated with this.More make him twinkle.Than she come with coffee.

Twinkle:Kya hai kunjj??

Kunj:can’t you listen to me haha I was giving you voice. In stern voice.

Twinkle:acha ji i was busy you a wait.

Kunj:now don’t eat my head. Anjali come and give Rahul tea and he give smiled to her.

Twinkle:see jiju can’t you talk to like him.

Kunj:Bas go na both started their Tom and Jerry fight Rahul and Anjali closed their ears Avantika come there.

Avantika: what is this haan?

Twinkle: see na mummy ji aap ke bete keshe mujhe se argue kar rahe hai.

Avantika: kunjjjj.

Kunj:yaar mummy please don’t like pa tej come there Kunj shocked and get up. He took his mug and escaped from there all giggles to see this. Prithviraj told Manohar and tej about Mussoorie plan they both looking at each other’s.

Tej: suddenly?

Prithviraj: haan tej Kabir plan everything even kids too excited shall we?

Tej: you all can go we have here work papa.

Prithviraj:tej leave your work for few days even hansh ji request me.

Manohar:if matter is this than we can bhai saab.

Tej:hmm let me think. After get freshen up Kunj come down just than Omkara come he get up and went towards him.

Kunj: Acha Bol fast Kya Hua.

Om:done you talk to him.

Kunj:great Om. All get confused.

Lata:what’s going on between brothers haan?

Kunj:nothing dadi. In low voice ja Om go and tell Maa and papa.

Om:you come with me na.

Kunj:acha Chal first tell this all Than we will go. Omkara bring sweet box Kunj take and give everyone all get confused and looking at them Rahul Rudra and Aayat having fully.

Tej: tell us matter? Kunj tell them about Omkara. They all get stunned and get hell happy lata and Prithviraj cupped Omkara face.

Lata: I’m so proud of you my son.

Prithviraj: yes why you didn’t told me?

Om: I thought it’s not important I mean.

Prithviraj: really see Kunj your brother talking like this with me for me it’s not matter whether new is big or small I just want my kids happiness. God bless you he hugged him. All get happy.

Anjali: congrats Om.

Om: haa di.

Kunj: Chal ab. He hold his hand he deny but Kunj Take him forcefully Usha and Manohar was sitting Kunj knock at door Usha see him..

Usha:Arey Kunj come both went inside. They get confused to see them.

Kunj: Maa and chote papa first have this he directly put sweet in their mouths.

Manohar:this sweet for what?

Kunj:I’ll tell you both Kunj hold their hands and gestures to Omkara but he bow down his head.

Usha: Bolo bhi dono.

Om: woh Maa and papa Om taking time.

Kunj:I’ll tell you.Kunj take out something from his back and put in Usha hands she see and get confused and look at Kunj.

Usha:what is this Kunj?

Kunj:Maa this is magazine book

Usha: I can see..

Kunj:Maa this coverpage  humhare Om ki painting hai. Usha and Manohar look at Kunj Than Om.Haan chote papa one of top magazine coverpage.

Manohar: what how?

Kunj:this you both leave.See na this so huge.Usha get so happy and kissed on Omkara forehead.

Manohar:nice Omkara. I have to do some important call he went from there they trio seeing Manohar Omkara didn’t said anything just went from there while Usha and Kunj looking at each other’s Usha having tears in her eyes.


Kunj:Maa don’t worry I’m here with my brother you don’t worry acha you have this sweets.Kunj went from there.after sometimes later they all sit for dinner all having their dinner.

Lata: tej you didn’t give us answer.

Tej:Maa I don’t have any problem it just when this trio is together they forget everything and busy in their chat more in office  too.That’s why I always send Kunj and Rahul at different places for work. Now Rohan come trio in office having pizza and doing work with gala time all giggles.

Avantika: they are besties na.

Tej: chalo I’m ready to go.

Kunj: where? Lata tell him.

Rahul: great I’m ready.

Kunj: but I’m not going anywhere who will do work haan. Rahul gesturing him.

Lata: offo Kunj do your work afterwards we all get ready now you too.

Om:Mussoorie great place.kunj see Omkara gloomy face he feel so bad. All get happy.After dinner all ladies get busy in their preparation. Omkara standing in living room balcony. Aayat come to Kunj she blinking her eyes Kunj understood she is sleepy he lift her and she cuddles him Kunj patting on her back and went toward Omkara and stand beside him.

Kunj: Kya Hua still sad?

Om: hmm nope I told you na he wouldn’t be happy in my happiness because my happiness is very small.

Kunj:who told you this Om.Chote papa is just showing you. Aise toh see mere pa mujhe aur Rudra ko kitna dant te hai but he loves us too na.

Om:acha than why you still at that moment at least don’t hiding from me I know you very well.

Kunj:Leave about me Their is different matter Omkara you think about yourself chote papa loves you Lot. What happened he didn’t happy but your brother is very much happy I want

Party Rudra come and joint them he cuddles Omkara.

Rudra: haan O we trio is together everything is perfect as per dadi she always said na ek doosre ke zaruri hisse hai,ye ek kahani ke teen kisse hai. We don’t care about this world.

Kunj:we trio is together Than no need of anything cuddles him tightly. Mera bhai Don’t be sad I’m here we promise to each other’s in very matter and situation we will support and never leave each other’s hands they hold each other’s and smiled Omkara finally smiled.

Rudra: O now you should get marry my

Nani is right see after marriage bhaiya changed so much. Omkara giggles.

Kunj:I’m agree with Rudra this time we should fine a girl for Omkara he look at them and remember Mahi.

After sometimes later.Kabir and Mallika came to Sarna Mansion with avni and yuvi for discussing about masoorie plan.They all sit together.

Kunj:so kabir we will go by plane.

Kabir:nope this time we 4 has decided lets go by bus what’s say.

Twinkle:awesome idea

We will enjoy the weather also if we will go by bus.

Kunj:let me ask paa.

Tej:yaa good book a private bus.

Kabir:i had already booked it just came to get your permission as well.


Kabir:so everyone be ready at 7 a.m tomorrow..


after sometimes later Kabir and Malika or yuvi and Avni went back and others went to their respective rooms.

In morning everyone got ready as bus reached sarna mention after picking Luthra and Taneja’s.

Twinkle was checking everything with double check as she knows her husband if something get wrong then he will be hell angry.Everyone got seated in the bus… and bus drove off.

Rudra:G what happened you not cracking any jokes this trip is becoming boring do something na.

Rahul:am i looking like a joker who will entertain you let me sleep.

Mallika:what haan you and kunj haan you both had come to sleep or enjoying.

Rahul & kunj:sleeping as we didn’t get in home giggling..

Anjali:don’t do this rahul.

Twinkle:yes kunj come on.

Twinkle:lets play antakshari what’s say.

Rudra:but not like always it will be like elder vs youngster What’s say.

Yuvi:superb.Even elders got excited.

Rudra:see paa in this game i will win from you.

Tej:time will tell you son.They all started.

Rudra:papa kehte hai bada name krega beta humara aisa kam krega magar ye toh koi na jaane meri manjil hai kha.

Tej:bholi soorat dil ke khote.8 baje tak so jote bade ka log aise hotein..??.

While all laugh.

Anjali:Rudra ke G zara aana rahul comes kesi hai ye sari batana.

Rahul:darling feeda hai ye deewana.

While all were enjoying this

antakshari.kunj was still sleeping on twinkle shoulders.

Twinkle:sadu wake up na.


Twinkle:see na everyone is singing song you also sing na for me.

Kunj:first you do something for me.

Twinkle:what do you want from me …

Kunj:say i love you to me in front of me.

Twinkle: haww sub kya sochenge.

Kunj:phir theek hai let me sleep.

Twinkle::ok if i did this then you have to sing a song for ne in front of all.ok

Kunj:ok…(thinks  i know you will not be able to do this)

Twinkle:ok.she said now my turn.

Rudra:yeah bhabhi sing.

Twinkle::A, B , C D E F G H I …JKL ….MNOPQRSTU…VWX…Y Z….she looked at kunj i love you everyone was like aww kunj so sweet of her.While kunj hide his face with pillow everyone too started singing this song..yuvi sigh to avni i love you tej to avantika., rahul to anjali….

While Rudra rohan & om looking at their love.

Twinkle:see now i fulfilled your wish now you do.

Kunj:no mood nahi hai.

Twinkle:then ok you sleep.i m going to sit with Rudra huhh.Kunj hold her hand and pulled her towards him.badi jaldi rehti hai tujhe.

Twinkle:ab you will sleep toh what will i do its better na i will enjoy with Rudra.

Kunj:shut up just sit beside me.

Twinkle:then sing a song for me While mahi was singing maaye ni maaye jogan ho gyi teri dulari manjogi sang lagai looking at om.

Rahul looked at kunj and mallika.they both understand what she is trying to say trio smiled All look at Kunj.

Kunj:Arey you all don’t this.

Lata: chalo Kunj Start twinkle making pouty face she looking at window side.

Kunj smiled and take pillow.

Kunj:Mere bina main rehne laga hoon

Teri hawa mein behne laga hoon

Jaane main kaise, tera hua hoon

Mujhe toh lagta hai main shayad tere dil ki dua hoon haan

Tujhko jo paaya aha

Toh jeena aaya

Ab yeh lamha thehar jaaye tham jaaye bas jaaye hum dono ke darmiyaan

Tujhko jo paaya aha

Toh jeena aaya

Ab yeh lamha thehar jaaye tham jaaye bas jaaye hum dono ke darmiyaan

Twinkle look at Kunj and smiled all hooting loudly Rohan looking Priyanka while Chinki and Asha or Natasha teasing twinkle Lot.

After this they all stop for dinner they all went in restaurant and have their food later back to bus again journey start.

After long journey they reached Mussoorie.And bus stop in front of farm house all get stunned to see the place feel cold Kunj his jacket to twinkle she wear and smiled.

Twinkle:it’s beautiful.

Rt:my twinkle like Than this definitely beautiful.All smiled they went inside and take their luggage inside.They all take their respective rooms.And get freshen up all come down servant served them tea and snacks hot in this cool weather. All taking view of this beautiful farm house

All were having a good time as.after a long time they came for a family picnic.

Ladies & all men were sitting in garden area.they all were discussing about food what will they have in dinner..

Rudra:my bhaiya is a very good cook today i wanna eat food made by him.

Yuvi:seems your bhabhi doesn’t cooks good thats why you are demanding food from kunj.

Avantika:it’s nothing like this my bahu cooks very good food.

Priyanka:true my bhabhi is best.

Aayat:no bhaiya.

Yuvi:now toh i also want to have food made by kunj.

Avni:acha this means you are also taking his side haan.

Yuvi.what do u mean by side if they all praising then kunj should cook na.

Rahul:yes even i want..

Anjali & twinkle:they all are behaving like we are a terrible cook..


Tej:so what’s wrong in this  we all know kunj made some dishes very tastycook like his father.

Avantika:acha ji then lets do one thing.

Tej:what ?

Avantika.today you all men will cook  we will not cook. what’s say girls & ladies?

Usha:sahi kha even i m with you these men should cook today.

Twinkle:you are right mummy ji lets go we will have fun today.

Avni & anjali:yup..

Avantika:then lets go ladies and you all mens enjoy your cooking bye.

Kunj:whispers to rahul boys. saalo why you all are behind me haan me & twinkle had planned to spend some gud time with each other.but you all flopped my plan huhh..

Rahul:so what after dinner you enjoy darling.

Kunj:darling my foot.now she will not let me come near her…

Yuvi:this toh i never think now avni will too not allow me in night..

Rahul:hehe my anjali is so good she will not do any drama like your wives.Ye toh time batayega saale sahab.

Manohar:kya bhai saab why you messed with bhabhi we all know you are king of only business but in house bhabhi is the queen.

Tej:so what monu can’t you help your brother in this mess.

Manohar:but how bhai saab you know i toh don’t know A B C D of cooking..

Tej:chal still help me monu kunj.

Kunj:yes paa.

Tej:lets go beta .we have to win from your mother..

Kunj:but how papa i toh know only few things mummy had given us challenge of preparation dinner..

Tej:lets go & see..

Kunj:chlo kamino this mess is created by you all only..

Tej:rahul , rudy yuvi chalo chalo you all are the one who created this lets go.

Rahul:baap bete aaj ek hi dialogue maar rahe hai.

Rudra:lets go G otherwise paa will become Hitler again.All were ready in apron and chef hat.

Tej and kunj were chopping veggies.

Rahul and yuvi was making dough of atta but they made it runny water.it was looking like they are not going to make roti but they are making some purie.While om and rudy were following kunj and tej.

Manohar was standing in side and preparing salad.Meantime twinkle came escaping from hai mummy ji..she called kunj. He went in side to meet her.

Twinkle:kya hua mere sadu mazza aa raha hai.

Kunj:what mazza yaar its saza.you know very well i toh wanted to spend time with you but these people always behind me now what will we do.

Twinkle:aww my poor babybdon’t be sad i ‘ ll help you chalo.


Twinkle entered to kitchen.Tej was like tej:twinkle beta what are you doing here if your mother in law going to know about this then she eat me raw..

Twinkle:don’t worry papa ji she is busy in watching movie she will not know about this. You all don’t you dare to tell any body.

Rahul:thank you so much twinkle.

Twinkle helped everyone and prepared dinner..

Twinkle:now done i m going.

Tej:thanks beta.

Twinkle:beta or thanks sath me not fair paa.While he smiled.At dinner table.

Avantika:kya baat hai you all prepared dinner impressive.She checked all the dishes.Everyone had their dinner.

It was yummy.now you all cook at weekend what say .?All were like no hell…

Avantika:arey actually its a good  idea hai na tej.

Usha:even i was not knowing manohar ji can cook.

Tej:no please this 1 day was enough na for showing our cooking skill..

Avantika:cooking skill of you all she looked at all.All nodded..

Avantika:this is all made by twinkle hai na.

Kunj:yes i mean no mummy.

Tej:tum chup ni rah sakte.

Kunj with puppy face maine kya kiya.

Avantika::i saw her cooking with you all.

Tej:yes she cooked these things. All enjoy the food.

Rudra: bhaiya just make for his brothers.

Aayat: and for me only.

Usha: really bhaiya ke deewane..

Rudra: this toh dadu and dadi make us.

After dinner so peace there was no pollution so atmosphere was fresh

twinkle anjali went into the kitchen for making coffee and popcorn give to elders and twinkle went from there.twinkle as sitting at terrace alone enjoying the cool breeze  kunj eyes were searching for her..then his eyes went on terrace there she was sitting closing her eye feeling the peace kunj comes and back hugged her his chin was on her shoulder.

Kunj: what happen wifey enjoying cool breeze alone very bad Forget about husband made puppy face twinkle smiled.

Twinkle:till i m breathing twinkle cannot forget kunj its just your were busy with all so i thought to come alone its so peaceful na no noise no pollution i loved  it kunj admire twinkle how much she love him her hair was comeing to her face due to breeze and disturbing kunj so he side her hair.

Kunj:twinkle you know you are more beautiful then this atmosphere also twinkle blushed.

Twinkle:Very cheesy haan tum na humesha on hi rahte ho.

Twinkle:tera bhi samjh nhi aata mujhe tarif karun toh cheesy or na karun to gussa ho jati hai.twinkle shyly hide her face in his chest kunj kissed on her hair mean time rahul call them

Rahul:come downstairs we had something.

kunj:always he has to break my moment always wrong timing he had.twinkle laughed.

Twinkle:chalo kunj tum chalo they come downstairs. All were sitting down and lights were off just dim lights and they watching something in tv.twinkle move to anjali sit kunj goes to rahul

Kunj:kya hai humesha you have to break my moment.rahul laughed saale

Rahul:i was really not knowing you are romancing.

Kunj:so what do you think I was playing football there.rahul laughed.

Rahul: acha chal we had decided to watch a movie.

Kunj:hum yaha movie dekhne ke liye aaye hau huun.

rudra:chalo now no noise this movie is very good. they play the movie.kunj move and sit closed to twinkle.it was comic plus romantic movie.siblings were enjoying movie when romantic scene comes .kunj was looking at twinkle, om was admiring mahi yuvi was taking glimpse of avni.basically everyone was busy with their love kunj start tickiling twinkle on her neck.

Twinkle:kunj mat karo sare siblings kya sochenge..

Kunj:Kya sochenge..unke bhaiya or bhabhi romance kar rahe hai or kya bolenge  twinkle chal na kya tu ye faltu movie me time waste kar rahi hai

Twinkle:kunj meko ye movie dekhni hai itni achi toh hai kunj was kissing her earlobes twinkle

twinkle: kunj mat karo na please in mean time. Soon movie get end all praising movie expect than Kunj and Aayat making faces all laughs out.

Rohan:Kunj just love movie on business ?. Anjali get yup she went in room and find. anjali comes with a pen drive

Anjali: see what i have.

Rudra:what di.

Anjali:ruko dikaati hu.she attached the pendrive.it was collection of photos and videos of their childhood.I Bring..

Yuvi: first I’ll show our honeymoon photos get it.

Rahul: great. What about yours Kunj.

Kunj: pata nahi.

Twinkle:I have.Firstly they plugged Avni and yuvi wedding and honeymoon photos they are together in one drive.Everyone photos comes they all smiled and see their honeymoon photos all hooting.

Anjali: aww Avni amazing.

Rudra: when I will go for honeymoon.

Soumya: go and get marry first. All giggles.

Kunj: you were toh ready to go with your numbers of girl friends it just.

Rahul: In low voice Hitler didn’t approve your visa???.All giggles tej give look.

After Avni and yuvi end Rudra started twinkle and Kunj. While Kunj looking down.

Their pictures starts all seeing and teasing them their all beautiful and cozy poses.

Rahul: waha Kunj fabulous.

Lata: mere Kunj and twinkle looking so beautiful. Some of their funny videos play all laugh to see twinkle cuteness. Than one photo Kunj lifting twinkle Rudra about to turned next Kunj get shocked he knows which photo will come next.

Kunj: Bas Rudra you all see enough.

Rudra: Arey bhaiya. Kunj take back pen drive.

Rahul: Kya Hua romance ki video ti kiya ??.

Kunj:??kyu you wanted to see go and do your own. Kama ??.

Rahul: saale.  Than finally Anjali play their family photos all get excited to see.

firstly it shows dada & dadi romantic poses.

Twinkle:haww dadu and dadiii.. than young Avantika and tej holding each other’s hands giving pose all smiled and teasing them. Kunj smiled to see his parents.

Avantika: tej you remember that day how much we both enjoy.

Tej: haa how can I.

Anjali: still their love is on heat.

Avantika:see your daughter tej.All giggles.

Usha and Manohar photos comes Than.

A little boy is running who wearing nappy and he was so cute all sarnas smiling didn’t disclose who he is.

Om:aww so cute.

Twinkle:haa Adorable baby wanted to cuddles him. Who he is.

Anjali:wait na baby.Tej running behind him. He catch him and cuddles kiss on his cheeks.. 

othes thinking to see him who he is. 

to be continues 

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