Are you excited for AKAJS Season 2?

Zee TV’s show Aap Ke Aa Jane Se is all set for a revamp in the coming month. The show will bring its Season 2, after a successful run. There will be no continuity of the old cast. The entire supporting cast will be fresh, while just the leads Suhasi Dhami and Karan Jotwani playing Vedika and Sahil will be retained in the new season. The love story will begin between a young guy Sahil and a divorced woman Vedika. Their families, backgrounds and status difference will be unlike the old season. This time, the complete set up will be changed, while the odd story remains the same. The new cast will be introduced.

The essence of the show is the complicated love story of Sahil and Vedika, who are poles apart and separated by their age difference, which leads to the society’s intervention in their marriage. Their same unique love story will be recreated in a fresh way. Sahil will be seen overcoming the society hurdles while he gains the true love of Vedika. The lead characters will be given a completely new look. Are you excited for AKAJS Season 2? Let us know your opinion.

  1. Yes we sadika fans r very excited. But pls pls writers vedoka should be shown simple like in Season 1. She should not be shown with heavt makeup etc. Shev.ooks very elegant n beautiful if she is shown simple n sweet. But i personally did’nt like her get up in the advt that we r seeing for Season 2. Keep her simple pls. And for heavens sake writers n the director pls dont bring the twit monkey brand jannat zubair ba k in Season 2. Untalented avtress. Even if priyanka purohit is back in season 2 then no problem. Though i dont like her also. Another untalented actress.

  2. Yes..Yes..Excited…but I want makers should not take multiple marriage in this season…on main lead…and not want much more havoc in their (SaDik)life…

    1. Yes, we are and I liked first season a lot so I hope this new will be better. But please, just don’t put so many evil characters. First season was too negative and depressive, I think this new season should not be like that. And I would like to know if you will show Ved and Arya’s lives after the leap, maybe Sadika’s life also.. it would be nice plot..

  3. I will badly missed old cast…….they were such a amazing actors..

  4. I will badly missed old cast…they were such an amazing actors…like Badi amma..Ved..Deepak..Manjula…..

  5. I knew this was going to happen, team knows that KJ and SD is their winning ticket so they had to be retained, the others had to be dropped off, after all it’s a reincarnation story all over again courtesy Zeetv rules.. At least they got this part correct, unlike kkb 3rd season where 70+ year old people after 20 year leap looked like they didn’t age a day older…and still alive and kicking like never before.. So, I’m looking forward to this new season because of KJ and SD romance in which I was interested in, in the first place. Let’s hope this isn’t screwed up as well…

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