Spoilers 21st April 2019

Pyaar Ke Papad:

Alankar is the new villain in Shivika and Omkar’s love story. Triloki makes Omkar and his family against Shivika by creating troubles in the family. Shivika tries to meet Omkar and sort their differences. Alankar takes lift and then tells her that he is feeling much unwell. She gets late to meet Omkar. He insists her to stay with him until he recovers. He plays unfair to break her love story. He makes hidden plans to ruin their relation.

Chakor and Anjor get caught up by Bhanu once again. Bhanu tortures Chakor and tells her that Anjor and Sameer won’t be able to save her. He keeps them captive in his palace. Anjor tries to give a solid answer to him. He tells them that its not easy to run away from his clutches. He says I m born to rule, I always had my eyes on Aazaadgunj. Anjor points the gun at him. She tells him that she is born in Aazaadgunj and she loves her birthplace. He asks her to shoot him if she has guts. Anjor tells Bhanu that her family didn’t do anything wrong with the villagers, Suraj was innocent. Chakor worries seeing their argument.

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Kulfi Kasauti

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