Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 20th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Rani takes a stand for Raghav and rescues him

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 20th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode start with Raghav purchasing the gifts and is about to come out of mall. He thinks of surprising Rani. Just then beep rings. Manager asks him to show the bag and asks if he bought anything else. Raghav says no. They open a small bag and find a watch. Rivaaj gets happy. Raghav says this is not my watch. Manager says now you are caught, you are running away after stealing 20000 worth watch. Raghav says I didn’t steal, I didn’t keep it. Rivaaj says now plan 2…Manager says call the police. Raghav says no, I am scared of Police. Rani tries to look at him, but she couldn’t see him. Manager asks about his gang. Raghav says I came with my brother and calls Rivaaj. Manager asks for his phone and ID. Raghav says I don’t have. Manager asks Security to tie him with rope. Rani is nearby. Raghav tells that he didn’t steal and calls Rivaaj. Rivaaj thinks everyone will think Raghav mad and will send him to asylum. He cuts the electric wires to make Raghav panic hearing the bell. Raghav panics and collides with a lady, who slaps him and asks Manager to send him to Police. Rani comes there and holds the lady and keeps the electric alarm bell off. She asks Manager to make an announcement that everything is alright. She sees Raghav and asks Security to move, and hugs Raghav. She asks Raghav not to worry and says nothing will happen. Manager says he is a thief. Rani says I know him personally and he can’t steal. She asks if humanity ends in them. Raghav says I didn’t steal. Rani says how dare you to treat an innocent guy, such inhumanly. She says you have shown that you have no humanity. Raghav says I didn’t do anything.

Manager says he has stolen watch worth 20000. Rani says I take his full responsibility and tells that he is the son of Shivraj Scisodia. Manager says sorry. Rani says its ok and asks Raghav about Rivaaj. Raghav says he asked me to shop and went. The lady says sorry to Rani and Raghav. She takes Raghav outside and asks him to drink water. Rivaaj comes there and asks Raghav if he is done with the shopping. He sees Rani and asks how come you are here? Raghav asks where did you go, I searched you. Rivaaj says he went to attend an important call. Rani gets angry and asks him to take out the car to take Raghav home. Rani asks Raghav about his phone. Raghav says Rivaaj took it. Rivaaj says he took it thinking it will fall.

They come home. Rivaaj asks Raghav not to tell anyone. Raghav goes upset from there. Rani holds Rivaaj’s collar and says how dare you to do this with your own brother. She says my sister is not your own blood, but Raghav is your blood and asks what he will get by harming a weak person. Rivaaj says I didn’t do anything. Rani says I understand everything that you tempted Raghav by giving gifts to Rukmani and then taking him to mall. Rivaaj says he is my brother and you are just friend. He says even I have seen friendship, but this is something else. He says I hope this feeling for me and asks if she forgot. Rani pushes him. He smiles and goes inside.

Shivraj scolds Rivaaj for leaving Raghav unattended in mall. Rivaaj says he went to attend an important call as there was no network inside. Rukmani says Raghav insisted so Rivaaj took him. Shivraj says the matter is about responsibility. Rani says Raghav didn’t have ID proof or phone so that he can contact us. Premlatha asks what do you mean that my one son will trouble other and says you stays here and lights the fire, and says Rivaaj loves Raghav more. Shivraj tells Rani that Rivaaj gets angry sooner, but takes care of his family. He says just like you gave you training not to fear, you shall train him to do something in his defence etc and says you really made me feel upset. Rani says sorry and says she shall have taken care of him, and accepts her mistake. She says I will repent my mistake and says from today Raghav’s 24 hours responsibility is mine, I will be with him like his reflection and says Rivaaj jija ji will agree with this.

Rani comes to Raghav and asks shall I apply ice. Raghav says ok. She applies ice on side of lips. Raghav writhes in pain. Rani looks at him and blows on his injury. Yeh moh moh ke dhaage plays…..Rani asks if he is feeling much pain. Raghav nods yes. Rani asks him not to worry and says big boys don’t feel pain. Raghav asks really. She asks him to show where did he get hurt, and applies ice on his back. Raghav holds her hand and says big boys don’t feel pain, continue keeping the ice.

Rivaaj is doing exercise and recalls how Rani stood by Raghav and how she scolded him. He recalls Rani promising Shivraj that she will become Raghav’s reflection 24 hours. He laughs shocking Pappu. Rani thinks Ravan might be clever, but Ram and Sita will win eventually. She thinks Rivaaj has to answer now.

Precap: Raghav asks Rani to close her eyes and shows the ring. He makes her wear it and says I went to mall to buy this for you. Rani says this is the world’s best gift for me and thanks him with a hug. Rukmani comes there calling Rani and is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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