RAB Se Sona ishq TWINJ:Episode:46

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Kunj doing work out in garden along with Rahul and omkara rudra who sitting in side on beach taking nap.. they three of them see him and laughing like anything he looking really cute. 

Rahul:everything is changing day by day he didn’t still same to same his habits. 

Kunj:true see him aise toh he is gym boy. 

In childhood how he used to sleep in school garden and we have to carry him all the way till reached to the car.. 

Omkara:haa that was so funny na.. omkara went towards him and sit beside rudra pulling his cheeks he making faces while Rahul and Kunj running in whole garden. 

 Lata And Prithviraj come in garden they sit and seeing their heart beats.omkara drag rudra and forcefully take him they running.They four of them running together in line Prithviraj and Lata see them get so happy. 

Lata:yeh saath hai na humhari puri duinya khush hai. 

Prithviraj: yes today when I see other people kids now our it’s so different they know each other’s values.

Lata:mera kunj he is so matured like his dadu and father connected his siblings in one knot.they four of them laughing making fun of each other’s.Rudra eyes went on kunj neck he see nails marks on his neck slight.He rolled his eyes and turned his face in naughty way. 

Rudra:Bhaiya wHat is This he touch. 


Rudra:yeh which wild cat attack on you ?. Rahul and omkara see and they look at rudra face they tiro smirked and winked each other’s. 

Kunj:kya ?in innocent way. 

Rahul:haa kunj this is nails marks 


Rudra:don’t know from where wild cat come from here and attack on my bhaiya. Did you see that cat O.He nodded his head in no.While from opposite direction twinkle coming she holding tea cups tray in her hands. Rahul eyes went on twinkle. 

Rahul:Arey rudra I find that cat.. 

Rudra:where?..Kunj look at them. Rahul point his hand towards twinkle they raise their eyes and see twinkle. Arey yeh toh bhabhi hai she is cat??. How??

Rahul: Arey rudra your bhaiya wild cat is only twinkle your bhabhi ji. Hain na kunj winked at him he shyly smiling ?. 

Rudra:hoo.Why bhabhi did this with my bhaiya crying fake-fully.. I’ll asked bhabhi he about to go kunj pulled him back. 

Kunj:shut up don’t dare to called my wife wild cat.. their eyes popped out ?.. 

Om:hoo very possessive husband ji. They started teasing Kunj he run from there they behind him.. while twinkle went towards Lata and Prithviraj place tray on table and take their blessing and served them tea and stand beside lata.

Lata:you have magic in your hands twinkle your tea is always best. 

Twinkle:thanks dadi.Twinkle see all four boys.Rudra get tight he come and stand while omkara And Rahul they sit and breathing heavily drinking water from their bottles. 

Rudra:uff bhabhi.He went near twinkle rest his head on her shoulder she keep her hand on his cheeks. 

Lata:aise toh rudra you calling yourself so strong now get tired in this.Kunj come he sweating heavily but looking extremely hot.Twinkle adoring him.He see her their eyes meet but immediately twinkle turned her gaze. 

Kunj:he is just protein powder dadi ?.. 

Rudra:whatever.This bhaiya is very bad bhabhi she too agree with him ?Kunj look at twinkle.

Rahul: catt??.Twinkle heard she started screaming she scared of cat?. Rahul and omkara hifi. 

Twinkle: Catt where.They four of them look at each other’s than twinkle.

Kunj:kahi nahi,.They just making fun of you. Rudra go and get ready you have college and I’ll come today and meet with your principal. 

Rudra:why I didn’t do anything now. 

Kunj:I know how much innocent you are. 

Twinkle:very bad you people huhu.She left for inside. 

Kunj:idiots.He went inside too while they Tiro too. Kunj finding twinkle in living room than he went in kitchen and see twinkle was in kitchen only she making coffee for him he went to her and give her back hugged she understands who he is. Like last time didn’t get scared.Kunj lock his hand around her waist.Rest his chin on her shoulders Smelling her she smiling slightly.Twinkleee.. 

twinkle:hmm.Go and get freshen up don’t you wanted to go office haa. She turned toward him. Kya hai don’t teased me. 

Kunj: acha what I have done he rubbed his nose on her cheeks. 

Twinkle:eww Kunj you sweating so much even stinking badly eww?she making faces Kunj smiling. 

Kunj:acha ji I’m stinking.Cuddling her more and more she giggles.What about your devar ji.

Twinkle:he is very cute.Kunjj chodo this is kitchen not our room.Leave me you go.He tucked her hairs behind her ears.She wiped his forehead sweat. 

Kunj:come in room. 

Twinkle:haa I’m coming you go. Usha and Avantika entered in kitchen they heard their voice leave each other’s stand like innocent babies. 

Avantika:what happened you both. 

Kunj:nothing twinkle coffee. 

Twinkle:haa she looking down.Kunj escapes from there while Avantika and Usha giggles slightly.Kunj went in room he take towel and went in washroom while twinkle make his coffee she take and went upstairs.She keep in table and take out Kunj clothes she stand in front of mirror thinking about kunj why she feeling so different suddenly she loved his touch. 

I feel so good when kunj around me my world get happy.When he come closer to me my heart started beating very heavily.

She recalled last what he said and his demands she laughing shyly,kunj come out of the washroom he look at twinkle and smile he went near her and stand beside twinkle.Kunj whistling twinkle come in sense and see him through mirror. 

Kunj:my mirror queen what happened why you blushing this much. 

Twinkle:me kaha blush kar rahi hu 

Kunj:this red tomatoes.  

Twinkle;whatever go and get ready.She give him his clothes kunj get ready quickly. 

He sit she bring his medicine and give him kunj look at her.Nowadays you take your medicine Itself Kunj look at him he didn’t said anything.He take the medicine and taking sip of his coffee twinkle sit beside him. Kunj you know what. 

Kunj: what??

Twinkle:Natasha and purab wedding fixed and happening in jodhpur destination wedding.It’s so cool na. 


Twinkle:I’m so excited kunj.I’ll enjoy her wedding. 

Kunj: haa you enjoy everyone wedding expect Than yours?

Twinkle:Haa true because I’m getting married to this sadu Sarna na.She looking here and there. 

Kunj:why you thinking tell me what you wanted to say. 

Twinkle:woh let’s go na for shopping. 

Kunj:your shopping uff you go with everyone na. 

Twinkle:but why kunj you never give me company when I see other husband and you huhu.Kunj hold his hand. Kunj take out his card and keep in twinkle hand. 

Kunj:take this and do your shopping no limits okay.Twinkle look at card. 

Twinkle:are you sure na I’m very expensive. 

Kunj:I know now for life time I have to only  sponsored you?. 

Twinkle:haa true.Today you are finished.

Kunj:isn’t easy if you buy whole mall than also didn’t affects me.They went

downstairs joint everyone for breakfast. They finished their breakfast Kunj take rudra and Priyanka with him. 

After they reached college Kunj went with rudra in principle office he meet with principal and talk to him about rudra after he left for office. 

All ladies of Sarna Mansion they all sit together and discussing about Natasha wedding. 

Avantika:you girls go for shopping.

Twinkle:haa mummy ji. Natasha calls me lets go na. 

Usha:you all girls and went together we ladies see here only. 


Anjali:idea was great.. 

Avantika:let’s go Taneja Mansion we will see there only. 

Avni:haa badi maa.They all get ready and left for Taneja Mansion soon they reached and went inside already all girls was ready. 

Natasha:finally you all come let’s go. 

Avantika:Leela ji I call for us here only. 

Leela:this is good even Anita is coming. 

Usha:you girls and take my daughter too. 

They all girls Asha and Chinki Natasha Anjali maya and Avni twinkle and malika. 

They all left for mall.Twinkle message mahi she and Priyanka come directly there only they all reached and they went inside Purab and Kunj and Rahul friend Rohan too there come with purab Natasha see him she went towards him and hug purab while all girls giggling. 

Anjali: Natasha control ??.. 

Natasha: Arey Rohan bro you here.

Purab: haa I bring him with me. 

Malika:you did best for me now I have someone to hold my bags??. 

Rohan:acha kamini.. 

Twinkle:now let’s go.. they all went in girls session and finding dresses for them for pre wedding functions.Twinkle checking on her selfs sending pictures to kunj.He see her pictures and reply her back. 

How’s it??

Kunj:hmm nice try something else he replied back.Twinkle try another one kunj send her heart she blushed Anjali and others see her. 

Chinki:twinkle we are here you can take our suggestion too before you husband ?.Rohan message Rahul he get ready to come he forcefully take kunj.From other side Yuvi and Kabir and omkara or rudra naman and raj Rishi too left.Priyanka check on herself dress Rohan see her from side he smiled to see Priyanka. 

While all ladies too get busy in dresses they call designer there only and selecting dresses for them.

Firstly Kabir and omkara or Yuvi and rudra reached they message Rohan he tell them they all were in second floor they all went. Kabir went towards malika give her surprised she see him and get so happy. 

Malika:baby you are here thanks now help me.Yuvi and omkara waving to mahi and Avni. 

Anjali:acha you all come now you boys too do your shopping.Rahul and Kunj entered in shop twinkle was standing in front of mirror checking duppta on herself.you both here what a surprise man. 

Rohan:I call them ??.. kunj eyes were finding his lady. He saw her he slowly went near her stand beside her. 

Kunj:looking awesome Mrs Sarna. Twinkle see kunj and get shocked she look at mirror. Kunj smiling. Twinkle turned and blinking her eyes. WhAt happened.

Twinkle:are you here. Kunj take duppta and covered her head. 

Kunj:now perfect. Twinkle smile. 

Twinkle:you here how?

Kunj:I thought my wifey wanted to spend my all money so I thought let’s help her. 

Twinkle:huhu.twinkle about to go her leg stuck in clothes and about to falls down kunj hold her nick of the time.Twinkle duppta come overall on twinkle and Kunj covered them. Kunj hands around her waist while twinkle arms around kunj neck they both looking at each other’s. 

Hulcul Hui Zara Shor Hua Dil Chor Hua Teri Aor Hua)… (2)Esi Chale Jab Hawa

Ishq Hua Hi Hua)… (2)Ishq Hua Haaye

Ishq Hua Haayaaaeeeein!

All girls and boys seeing twinkle and Kunj they all looking at each other’s and smirked they all laughing loudly due to this twinkle and Kunj come in sense.They composed themselves and turned see their siblings and friends. 

Rahul:guys we come here for shopping stop your romance. 

Kabir:Bhai me and my wife didn’t doing here anything ??.Twinkle looking down while Kunj don’t know what to do. 

Anjali:you guys shut up don’t teased my brother ?.. 

Rudra:continue.They all couples helping their partners Avni seeing dress Yuvi come and take in his hands. 

Yuvi:this one will perfect for you. 

Avni:acha ji But I didn’t asked you. Mahi seeing saree for herself she try on herself but can’t hold fully omkara went towards her. 

Omkara: May I.. she look at him. 

Mahi:sure he hold other part of saree. Mahi wearing he helping her.

Kehte Hain Khuda Ne Iss Jahan Mein Sabhi Ke Liye

Kisi Na Kisi Ko Hai Banaya Har Kisi Ke Liye

Tera Milna Hai Uss Rab Ka Ishaara Maanu

Mujhko Banaya Tere Jaise Hi Kisi Ke Liye

Kehte Hain Khuda Ne Iss Jahan Mein Sabhi Ke Liye

Kisi Na Kisi Ko Hai Banaya Har Kisi Ke Liye

Tera Milna Hai Uss Rab Ka Ishaara Maanu

Mujhko Banaya Tere Jaise Hi Kisi Ke Liye

Kuch Toh Hai Tujhse Raabta

Mahi hairs coming on omkara face he smiling. 

Mahi:this Saree uff. But I love it. 

Omkara:haa I saw you in saree suits on you mahi.She look at him and smile. 

Avni went in side she try to ignore Yuvi while he running behind her.They went inside Yuvi bring something for her and itself checking on her Avni look at Yuvi. 

Avni:Yuvi If kunj bro and Bhai see us than. 

Yuvi:what I m doing wrong with you just helping you only na.Avni see the outfit and get amazed it was brilliant. She went towards mirror and looking herself looking hell beautiful she swirl Itself Yuvi making her video. 

Mere bina main rehne laga hoon

Teri hawa mein behne laga hoon

Jaane main kaise, tera hua hoon

Mujhe toh lagta hai main shayad tere dil ki dua hoon haan

Tujhko jo paaya aha

Toh jeena aaya

Ab yeh lamha thehar jaaye tham jaaye bas jaaye hum dono ke darmiyaan.

Avni:perfect Yuvi I love it nice one first time you bring something best.

Yuvi:acha great you like something which I bring and now take this from my side babes.He went near her slightly give her backhugged both looking at each other’s through mirror.You are best thing which created by god. 

Avni:very cheesy this I heard numbers of time.Yuvi get confused and give her

suspicious look. 


Avni:Bhai apply this lines on bhabhi ?. 

They both laugh out.. scene turned Malika teasing Kabir lot while sweet couple Anjali and Rahul Romancing sweetly helping each other’s while twinkle and Kunj both sharing eye locks. Kunj went towards twinkle and held her hands. 

Twinkle:kunjjj what is this leave my hand everyone is here only. 

Kunj:I don’t care.He take her in side. I come here for you specially now you throwing tantrums.. 

Twinkle:I didn’t call you and I know you didn’t come for me.He hold her hand and pinned twinkle in side.She get shocked Kunj.

Kunj:I didn’t come for you really. 

Twinkle:I don’t want to talk to you. 

Kunj:let’s go from here I have something else for you. 

Twinkle: I don’t want to go. 

Kunj: if you’ll not go than warna. 

Twinkle:warna kya?? He look at her. 

Kunj: warna I’ll kiss you. She get shocked.

Twinkle: what kiss ?. No you can’t kiss me. He holding her from shoulders. 

Kunj:what do you mean by you can’t I can pati hu tera haq banta hai Mera legally bhi allow hai.. soch le.. he going near her lips while twinkle closed her eyes. Every time Teri nahi chalegi iss bar Meri zidh hai. 

Twinkle:okay fine.Kunj get happy.He leave her twinkle open her eyes. 

Kunj:shall we he forward his hand towards her.She linked his elbow.They went in another shop. 

Twinkle:you becoming Day by Day shameless Kunj. 

Kunj:any doubt.They went inside the shop. 

And twinkle see dresses collection get mesmerized to see everything. 

Twinkle:Kunjj this all so pretty she run and see all clothes kunj can see smile on her face.I’ll take this no this uff Ek se bard kar Ek hai. 

Kunj:all shop is yours take whatever you wanted don’t worry about budget you are Kunj Sarna wife.she blushed to heard this from kunj mouth.She nodded her head in eyes. 

Twinkle:I want same combination dresses for me and my husband. 

Man:sure mam I’ll bring. 

Kunj:Twinkle I’m fine I don’t want anything   And you know I didn’t wear this all types of clothes. I take at our wedding time lots of traditional clothes. 

Twinkle:I don’t care whether you wanted or not but I wanted you dress up best after all your wife will be in limelight.Kunj giggles to see twinkle self obsession. 

Kunj:uff I never see your type of girl so much self obsession.He pulled her cheeks. 

Twinkle selecting dresses for them. 

Others done with shopping they finding twinkle and kunj. 

Rahul:where is twinkle and Kunj.they pay the bill and take their shopping bags and went out of the shop and they searching twinkle and Kunj here and there. 

Kunj:uff twinkle now please. 

Twinkle:haa done kunj see shoppings bags and look at twinkle she giggles.Kunj went towards counter he give the card and pay the bill. See the amount and look at twinkle. 

Kunj:you are not very expensive ???. Kunj hold shopping bags and they went outside.Malika see them. 

Malika:this husband and wife is here.They went towards them. 

Anjali:where you both are?

Twinkle: Arey di we doing shopping. 

Rahul:we all come together na. 

Twinkle:tell this to your friend?. Kunj didn’t said anything. 

Yuvi:now what I’m really hungry all raise their hands.Kunj eyes went on Priyanka she standing in side. 

Kunj:you all come and leave my sister alone he went towards her and hold her hand and bring her.Anjali Hold Priyanka  hand.They all went in foodcourt.They all sits Kunj and Rahul went to oder food they give food oder and went back to everyone they settle down. 

Chinki:Natasha finally shopping done now when we are going. 

Natasha:I don’t know anything still.I saw your wedding preparations Kabir bhai. 

Kabir:haa everything done by kunj in my wedding.Tell him what type of things you wanted.Natasha look at Kunj who busy in his phone. She gestured to twinkle. 

Twinkle: kunjjj. 

Kunj: haa.. 

Rahul:Natasha asking something. He look at her.


Kabir:Arey kunj you help her like you help me in my wedding. 

Kunj:haa But I don’t know na about venue. Purab dad talk to chote papa. 

Natasha:venue under your company na. 

Kunj:hmm.You tell me I’ll see everything there only I’ll tell to our department. 

Natasha:okay theirs food comes they all jumped on food and having. Malika and Kunj or Rahul or Rohan sitting beside each other’s.Rahul and Malika see omkara and Mahi eyes stuck on each other’s.

Rahul:whispered see kunj your brother I think soon wedding bells ring in our house too ???.. 


Kunj:shut up you both over thinking. 

Rohan:but see omkara how he looking at mahi.Like he eat her now only they

All burst out in laugh loudly others get shocked and confused. 

Anjali:what happened why you all laughing. 

Kunj:shit man Rohan ???. Kunj can’t control on his laugh.He and Rahul hide their faces and laughing.Twinkle admire Kunj smile she get so happy to see him happy.Yuvi hold Avni hand under table. 

Rahul:I’m thinking  sab bachelors ki

Shadi Natasha and Purab me hi karde te hai.All look at each other’s faces. 

Kunj:bas bas. Now let’s go. 

Asha:haa everyone must be waiting for us. 

They all get up and went outside.At outside of mall paparazzi was there as soon as they see kunj and Rahul leave their work and rushed towards them. 

Rahul:shitt this Fevicols here.Priyanka get nervous they clicking her photos.Kunj see her he covered her hold her hands they went from there all sit in cars and keep their bags in car and together they all left.

They all reached and directly everyone went to Taneja Mansion. 

At Taneja [email protected]

They went inside everyone was sitting together they all joint them. 

Avantika:finally you all come back. 

Rudra:mummy today we shop so much. 

Usha:good he cuddles usha.And showing his tongue to avantika other’s giggles.Mehar and abeer come back they meet with everyone while Aayat and mehbeer son playing together in garden. 

Natasha:dad I talk to kunj.Natasha dad vikram.. 

Vikram:haa even I too Tej.Natasha and Kunj talk to each other’s and discuss. 

They finished.Aayat and naksha come inside Aayat went towards kunj.She see shopping bags And shocked she turned her face colour become gloomy. Kunj see her face and understand. 

Aayat:where you all went..

Natasha:for shopping. 

Aayat: acha leave me and went alone.Tej and Kunj look at each other’s they knows what next will come. 

Rudra:hehe pidhi you left now??. She started crying. Kunj pulled her in hug. 

Aayat: you all are so bad now I’ll not talk to you all. 

Kunj:Arey Aayat we’ll go for you tomorrow you know our shopping style you type of things on available in India ?.she look at Kunj. Ho so big tears he wiped her tears 

Aayat:promise bhaiya. 

Kunj:promise.Rohan admiring Priyanka don’t know why.After sometimes laters they all sit for dinner together.Aayat teasing her siblings they making her have her food. 

Tej:so now let’s meet directly in jodhpur . 

Leela:haa true. 

Rahul: chal Rohan today stay with us. 

Rohan:no bro my Hitler dad waiting for me see you in Jodhpur Kunj lift Aayat and they all left for their place.. 

At Sarna Mansion. 

They all reached they went inside they sit in living room.Aayat blabbering in sleep he was in kunj Arms only. 

Kunj:Priyanka take her.. 

Priyanka:yes bhaiya she take her. 

Avantika:now pack your things please.

Tej: haa they all live before us. 

Lata:what about us. 

Tej:haa MAA We’ll go in our private charter plane. 

Prithviraj: we can go with everyone na tej. He look at Manohar. 

Tej:woh Papa for our security.And you know na Aayat she trouble lot. Kunj and Rahul Sense something else is there. 

Goodnight they all went in their respective rooms. 

Twinj [email protected]

They changed their clothes and lay down while Kunj doing work in his laptop he checking rooms.Kunj look at twinkle who playing with her nails he smirked and off the laptop and lay down. 

Kunj look at twinkle he take her hand in his 

Playing with her chuda. 

Twinkle:what happened?

Kunj:you Girls are impossible wanted so many things to wear uff. 

Twinkle:we are not like you boys na boring.He pulled her near him.Kunj kissed on her palm.She blushed and take her hand back.Goodnight kunj.

Kunj:goodnight.They turned their back facing to each other’s they thinking about each other’s.They didn’t get sleep.They turned and look at each other’s face. Slightly twinkle hold kunj hand. He lay straightly she come near him and rest her head on his chest kunj hand around her arms. Twinkle. 

Twinkle: haa 

Kunj:did you think about what I tell you last night.She raise her face and look at him.He winked at her she act like she didn’t understand. 


Kunj:should I tell you in details. She hit on his chest. 

Twinkle:shameless.Kunj caress her hairs kissed on her forehead and both cuddles each other’s and sleep took over them. 

Next day in morning. 

Kunj sleeping peacefully while twinkle wake up she went in washroom and get freshen up.She come and sit beside kunj 

Admiring him. 

Twinkle:babaji what happened to me nowadays why I feeling so different I can’t sleep with out him why this happening with me.Don’t know anything please tell me.She get up and make him wake up somehow Kunj wake up he went in washroom he get freshen up they went downstairs.Everyone having their breakfast kunj and twinkle sit with everyone.

Tej:kunj and Rahul I talk to hotel Manager. 

Kunj:pa I talk and check everyone she booked at last moments whatever rooms are left I booked and we do something in palace only na.. 

Tej:you are right at your place okay fine.I talk to rt ji they all left for Jodhpur We will warped work then let’s go.All agree with tej.They finished their work quickly and twinkle and Anjali packed their

everything’s.Soon they left for airport they did their security checking.And went in their private aircraft take their seats. Aayat and rudra fighting with each other’s while Kunj gesture twinkle come and sit beside him she deny in gestures only.

Kunj take the book and rest his head on backboard of seat and reading the book while twinkle turned her face and admiring Kunj. 

Twinkle:in mind kitna cute hai na behaving totally different ?But I loved it she blushed.She lost in kunj fully.She turned her face and admiring clouds Kunj see she sitting alone Priyanka didn’t there he get up and went towards her sit beside her. 

Kunj see everyone resting their eyes were closed. He see twinkle without lettering her know he held her hand and playing with her bangles twinkle come in sense see kunj surprise.Tumm. 

Kunj:yup you didn’t come but I can toh. Kunj kissed on her finger tips she get shocked and looking at everyone. 

Twinkle:kunjj. She try to take back her hand but kunj held tightly and linked the fingers.Kunj everyone is here please. 

Kunj:so what.. he tucked her hairs. He look at her she understands his intentions. 

Twinkle:don’t dare to you think of it. 

Kunj:what I will think of it twinkle in teasing way.Oops chii dirty head.??.. 

Twinkle:hatt you are dirty. By the way from where is this new shade comes inside in you. 

Kunj:you didn’t see my shades twinkle Sarna.He pulled her cheeks. Kunj show his cheek to her and patting his finger on his cheek as like give him kiss.She nodded her head in no.He saw her his eye. 

Twinkle:kunjj what is this I can’t do this everyone is here only. Both show each other tashan twinkle get up and went to rudra and tiro omkara they all get busy in chit and chatted. 

While rest of the peoples and family members already reached to Jodhpur. 

They sit in their cars and left for hotel.. 

At the same time Sarna family too reached they come out of the aircraft Kunj holding his dadi hands while omkara and rudra holding Prithviraj hands.they come out of the airport while guards come and protecting them.Their luxury cars waiting for them.They sit in cars and drove off for hotel. 

Within no times they all reached together hotel.They all get mesmerized to see the palace.They come out of the cars and see umaid bhawan beauty all get amazed. 

Twinkle:it’s so beautiful.Servants come and take their luggage’s inside.They see girls doing folk dance. 

Natasha:best place Thanks Kunj for this. She swirled. 

Kunj:hmm just wait and watch.Man come along with many ladies they welcomed everyone in their traditional Rajasthani style does their aarti and put flowers garland in their necks.They did dance with folk dancers Kunj seeing twinkle who fully busy in her masti he making her video. 


They all went ahead while walking they seeing the beauty of this place.Kunj get muffed with twinkle Both didn’t look at them.They went towards reception. Kunj talking with receptionist. 

Receptionist:yes sir I book all rooms.

Kunj:thanks and another one. 

Receptionist: yes that one also.Rahul come near him.She give room keys to kunj and another key as well.Kunj give their rooms keys to them. 

Rahul:yeh honeymoon sweet ki key.. 

Kunj:haa woh they don’t left normal room so I take this room.Rahul roll his eyes. 

Rahul:saale I know you since childhood don’t make me fool. 

Kunj:when you know than why you asking me this.Both smirked and winked at each other’s.Servants take their luggage’s in their rooms.All elders went in their rooms while girls and boys sitting.Kunj and Rahul get busy in work they tell everything to manager. 

Rudra:Arey bhabhi you know bhaiya booked honeymoon sweet for you ??. All girls and boys look at twinkle while she get confused kunj and Rahul coming from opposite direction. 

Twinkle:kuch bhi. 

Omkara:Arey ask kunj na.they come to them. 

Kunj:Natasha everything is done whatever you told me.. 

Rohan:kunj you come here in Natasha wedding.

Kunj: haa..

Rudra:than why this honeymoon sweet Rahul and Kunj look at each other face who told them. 

Rahul:what who told you haa this. 

Rohan:receptionist ??,, good kunj.

Kunj: woh toh room nahi te na. 

Kabir:give me I’ll exchange ??.Kunj get shocked now what to say while twinkle giggling slightly.Kunj make excuses and went from there after sometimes later they went in their rooms to get freshen up. Kunj was sitting and busy in his laptop while twinkle entered in room and see the room it was hell beautiful no words for this.Her eyes went on kunj she smiled and went near him while Kunj raise his eyes and look at her he ignored her she understood why. 

Twinkle:by the way kunj great I love this room.Liar no rooms are left she mimic of him.?.He give her questioning look.I don’t give me this look I know this.What elders think of you. I’ll get freshen up first she and went open the luggage take out her clothes kunjj I’ll take out yours too. 

Kunj:no need of this I can do Itself. 

Twinkle:acha Okay she laugh and take out his clothes keep it on bed and take her clothes went in washroom. 

Kunj:no use of anything here.He remembers how he personally booked honeymoon sweet for them. He off the laptop and hold his head while twinkle come out of the washroom she look at Kunj.She went towards dressing table and get ready normally.While Kunj get up and went in washroom.Twinkle oder coffee for him servant bring coffee twinkle open the door and take the tray she make coffee for kunj in his style she keep it on table chinki and Asha come. 

Chinki: twinkle lets go. 

Twinkle: you go I’ll come na I have to see kunj.

Asha:Arey leave for someday kunj they take her.Kunj come out of the washroom didn’t find twinkle in room he murmured. 

He get ready and his eyes falls on mug. He went near and take mug in his hand and see coffee smile appears on his lips he take the sip and feel so good. 

Kunj:siyappa queen my.She can understand everything before I speak man.Making me more mad for herself. 

After sometimes later everyone taking the tour of this beautiful palace girls are very much happy they clicking their pictures. Omkara adoring Mahi like anything. 

Avantika:really very beautiful palace. 

Aayat:mamma why we didn’t come here before haa. 

Twinkle:haa Aayat same. Lata get tired. 

Kunj:dadi you sit na what’s the need of this you know na your legs get swell.You come with me. 

Lata:kunj I’m fine let me see na your dadu

Escape from me ?. Kunj laugh out.

Kunj:acha aisa hai toh wait.Kunj lift Lata in his arms now pota and dadi see together haina simran ??. Kunj giving full tour of whole palace Anjali eyes went on Kunj. She get surprised and looking at him only.

Anjali:uff this kunj and his dadi.everyone eyes falls on kunj they all get surprised. And smiling kunj swirling Lata she closed her eyes.

Lata:kunjjj chakar aajayege.twinkle laughing.


Kunj:see dadi. Rudra and omkara went towards kunj. 

Rudra:where is raj of this simran. 

Omkara:simran raj busy.. ??. Omkara take Lata from kunj hands he twirl than Rudra take they three of them enjoying very much. Others too laughing. Rudra put her down they three of them running she behind them.

Lata:wait let your dadu come. 

Rudra:dadi your raj is gone.??.with someone. Prithviraj come along with hansh. They get shocked and looking at each other’s 

Prithviraj:what happened?

Lata:see your grand sons they saying you went with someone. 

Kunj:I’m not dadu?. 

Omkara:me too this rudra saying this. Prithviraj went towards them give them angry look they get scared he laugh out and give them side hugs they hugged him back and pulled their dadi as well they share group hug and enjoy their grandsons and grandparents moments. 

After everyone sit and get tired. 

Leela:so girl tomorrow is first function of Natasha wedding haldi get ready on time. 

Natasha:yes.Twinkle looking at Kunj who busy in Aayat hairs.They all sit for dinner and have their dinner nicely while tej and Manohar give oder to guards keep their eyes on their kids specially on kunj and Rahul.After dinner elders went back to their rooms. 

Chinki:sitting beside twinkle in her ears. What happened to your husband ji twinkle.Why he giving this looks to you haa. 

Twinkle:nothing much he behaving so different chinki Mr Kunj Sarna want kiss. 

Asha:so give to him. 

Twinkle:acha ji.For this he showing me this looks. 

Kunj:let’s sleep Aayat it’s too late. 

Aayat:but why bhaiya.

Kunj:no mamma will Scold na he get up and lift her went from there. 

Rohan:what happened to kunj why again this silent mode. 

Rahul:don’t know ask his wife all look at twinkle. 

Twinkle:don’t give me this looks ask himself na you know him jiju better than me. 

Natasha:girls let’s sleep together. 

Anjali:idea was great.While twinkle get tensed what to do if she sleep with them kunj will get more angry. 

Twinkle:I’ll come. 

Natasha:madam leave your pati dev give us to your time na.She blushed girls drag her and went from there.

Rahul:now what we all will do.. 

Kabir:sleep now toh.They went while Rahul and Rohan or Omkara and rudra went to kunj room.Kunj sleep Aayat patting on her head while he looking at time waiting for twinkle. 

Kunj: where is siyappa queen went didn’t come till now man. Just than Rohan open the door and rest three of them entered in room kunj get confused they four of them went towards bed and jumped. 

Rohan:honeymoon sweet was fabulous but your bad luck..??. 

Rahul: don’t worry kunj we four is here for you give you company.Don’t wait for your wifey they all girls sleeping together.Kunj 

100 water pots break down after Listen this.Rudra cuddles kunj. 

Rudra:Bhaiya I’m here. 

Kunj:hmm he gritted his teeth’s on twinkle and whom take her as well.the bed was very hug they all lay down Aayat sleeping on kunj chest. Rohan and Rahul busy in phone while omkara and Kunj normally talking with each other’s and rudra fast sleep while cuddling kunj.Other side in room.They all girls lay down on matrix’s. Twinkle thinking about kunj. 

Twinkle:I know sadu he will not leave me. This Natasha take me didn’t let me in formed him once. She thinking about kunj while Kunj too about him. 

Kunj:what type of girl she is she had time for each and every person but just not for me let her come to me I’ll not leave her. While thinking about each other’s don’t know when they slept. 

Another [email protected]

In [email protected]  

Twinkle see everyone was sleeping she quickly get up and went out of the room. She went towards their room she open the door and see the boys and get shocked their style of sleep.She petty for Kunj who falling down.She smiled and take her clothes and went in washroom get freshen up immediately later everyone too get up. Kunj and Rahul get busy in haldi function preparations.Half of the day passed every quickly twinkle and Kunj didn’t see each other’s.Everything is done for today function.Kunj get tired like anything he went in his room and lay down his back facing to ceiling.Everyone went to get ready for function.Twinkle entered in room she lock the door and see kunj. She went towards bed and sit beside kunj she caress his hairs due to her touch Kunj open his eyes and see twinkle. He closed his eyes and turned his face to other side. She lay on his back slightly.

Twinkle:kunjjj I’m sorry na. 

Kunj:please leave me alone I don’t want your sorry and anything else go and get ready your love ones waiting for you. 

Twinkle:kunjj please na don’t say this. I missed you so much today where are you busy Kunj open his eyes he was already very tired now this twinkle he pulled and roll her down come upon on her. 

Kunj:what did you say you miss me really.

Did you have time for me haa.You just busy in other’s don’t care about your own

Husband. She knows he is right. 

Twinkle:haa why you ignoring me. 

Kunj:why I’ll ignore you.Do whatever you wanted to do. She cupped his face.Kunj get up and went in balcony.They both get ready for haldi function twinkle went down. 

Everyone get mesmerized to see the arrangements purab father is in politics so he calls media too.Everyone love everything Natasha come she wearing floral jewelleries and yellow colored lehenga.She looking really beautiful. Purab giving her tough competition.Girls bring Natasha and make her sit on jula which fully decorated with flowers.Kunj come he wearing simple kurta pajama looking extremely hot his both brothers too wear same.Kunj see twinkle who looking breathtaking like every time. 

Leela:girls lets start the function.Natasha mom Aisha bring haldi bowl. Lata and Bebe starts the ceremony.They apply haldi on groom and bride faces they making faces all Laughing Kunj remember his haldi ceremony even twinkle too both share small eye lock. One by one apples haldi on their face they drenched them and click photos. 

Rohan: Arey kunj come na. 

Kunj: I’m fine.

Purab:kunj for today come he come and slightly applied haldi on their face while Rohan and Rahul come from back smashed haldi on kunj face fully. 

Kunj:you both badgers.They all running behind each other’s while Kunj went in side try to removed haldi twinkle come stand in front of him. He about kunj go she pulled him.And pinned in side pillars she went near his face and Kunj get confused twinkle slowly wiped haldi from kunj face. She applied on his cheeks back and laughing she about escaping Kunj hold her hand pinned her on the wall.You siyappa Queen. He hold her hand and pinned on the wall he going near her face she get tensed and see everyone.

Twinkle:kunjjj. Everyone is here.

Kunj:I don’t care.He rub his cheeks with her cheeks she closed her eyes and feel his touch applied haldi on her cheek in this way. Kunj turned his face and stand like sad baby twinkle smile she went near him cupped his jaw she kissed on his cheek

Kunj get shocked he look at her she blushing as well smiling too. Twinkleee. 

Twinkle: you want kiss na see I give that also in front of everyone??. Now happy he nodded his head in yes and show her another cheek: tum maanoge nahi na. 

Kunj:tujhe pata hai na Phir Kyu dying me.She give him kiss on another cheek and bite as well Kunj pulled her hand and take in side.Twinkle get shocked to see kunj eyes fully filled in desire. Pinned her. 

Twinkle:kunjjj in moan voice.

Kunj:he look at her head to toe. You looking breathtaking twinkle he caress her cheeks bones she closed her eyes. He went near her ear. I can’t control. 

Twinkle:Kyu control. 

Kunj:Till when twinkle yaar. Last we went manali for honeymoon but didn’t celebrate na so I’m thinking let’s here second honeymoon what’s say she open her eyes and look at him he winked at her.Tu bhi yeh me bhi bol na moving his finger on her neck in sensual way.. 

Twinkle:hatttt… girls finding twinkle and giving her voice kunj let me go na. 

Kunj:now I’m get tired to listen this line. 

Twinkle: please we’ll think about this all later kunj said something in her ear she get red fully and push him run from there while Kunj smiling and ruffles his nape hairs.She joint everyone they dancing. Asha and Malika caught twinkle. 

Malika:where are you busy madam. 

Asha:even Kunj wasn’t here??.They teasing her Kunj come and sit in side he saw everyone.Rohan and Rahul pulled kunj they all dancing and laughing enjoying very much. After everyone get tried they all sit Aayat and Naksh playing with haldi slightly jaldi went on Aayat eyes she started crying and come to kunj. 


Kunj: what happened. 

Aayat: my eyes. 

Kunj:wait he wiped her eyes and blow air on her eyes everyone see and give smile to see how nicely he handle kid. Now fine Aayat. 

Aayat:much better. 

Tej:rudra take her from here what she want give her. 

Aayat:yes pa. Chal let’s have ice cream. 

Rudra:I’m not going to take her with me everyone think she is not Sister but of baby all laughing ??,. 

Rahul: lol. 

Omkara: you are still baby. 

Kunj:you sit here I’ll get for you.First clean yourself go to om.Kunj get up and went from there while omkara wiped her face kunj come back to get two ice cream for naksh and Aayat. He give them. 

Mehar:kunj don’t give him. 

Naksh:please mamma. 

Bebe:see and learn from kunj Kabir it will be good for you he know how to handle kids. ?. 

Kabir:sure bebe. 

Rudra:you know G bhaiya baby and Aayat went together school one day ???. 

They all laughing like anything while Kunj look at rudra feel so awkward his father in front of him.Twinkle looking here and there 

due to baby name. Kunj throw cushion at rudra face. 

Malika:bas rudra kunj will kill you. 

Rudra:but it’s true na.. haina dadi.Dadi and dadu just waiting for bhaiya baby?. 

Kunj get up and went from there throw baldy cushion at rudra face which hit perfectly. Paaa.

Tej:what pa he did right he is elder than you and you teasing him only. 

Rudra:don’t know pa What type of man is bhaiya always on silent mode. 

Tej:acha But you need hundred years to become like him. He get up and hold Aayat and walk out from there.

Rudra:I Never understand pa he always take bhaiya side when he didn’t in front of him.They are in one team only just pretending in front of us. 

Avantika:you understand very late. 

Rudra:kuch bhi bolo mummy your son is very boring. 

Avantika:whatever is it but my kunj is the best.Understands everything.Like this first function is over of this wedding.Kunj get freshen up twinkle come in room she too get freshen up.Both lay down on bed and busy in their thoughts. Twinkle break the silence.She moved towards kunj. 



Twinkle: I didn’t get sleep.

Kunj: same let’s go down. 

Twinkle:hmm.They Both get up and went downstairs Kunj holding twinkle hand. While twinkle wearing sweater little cold was there.They walking in garden.They walk for sometimes than back to room and sleep.Kunj and twinkle sleeping twinkle wake up she caressing Kunj hairs 

And thinking about him.She kissed on his forehead Kunj wake up and give her smile. 

He open his eyes twinkle see about to turned kunj hold her hand and pulled her in his embrace they hugged each other’s rest for sometimes.Kunj break the hug come overall on her he tucked her hairs and slightly moved towards her neck. Giving her wet kisses she moaning his name. 

Twinkle:Kunj what are you doing. 

Kunj:let’s used of this honeymoon sweet. He raise his face and winked at her. She turned her face he held her chin. 

Twinkle:kya tum bhi just stuck on one thing. 

Kunj:why kab tak.. did not you heard what rudra said.

Twinkle: pata nahi. Stop talking about this things na.You need a doctor now behaving totally different.He ticking on her tummy she laughing loudly.He try to open her back dori twinkle didn’t let him do.Kunjj stop I don’t have time for your romance 

Kunj:let me find someone. 

Twinkle:acha don’t dare to think I’ll kill you with her that time only.She push him and run in washroom.Kunj waiting for her to come out but he take so much time he take his clothes and went in rudra room he get freshen up there only directly went down.Everyone come in garden breakfast was arranged their.One by one everyone come they all take their seats.Kunj sit beside Tej rudra too while Aayat on table. They all having their breakfast while others see kunj having paratha with folk.

Mehar:kunj paratha folk se nahi khate hai.Kunj look at her. 

Rudra:Bhaiya is like this only ?.

Kunj:kam Bol for last night I’ll not leave you don’t think this. 

Mahi:haa jiju have with your hands.Kunj leave the folk and look at paratha.Tej see he tore the morsel. 

Tej:I know you’ll not have.He look at Tej. Tej see bandage on kunj finger.He

gestured him to have kunj Open his mouth  Tej feed him he happily have.Rudra and Aayat too open their mouths he feed his kids all admiring them.After breakfast today is mehndi function in night so everyone is free. Ladies and girls busy in their beauty things kunj done everything he holding Aayat hand and walking here and there. 

Tej:Manohar I’m getting bad vibes.

Manohar:don’t worry Bhai shab. 

Tej:I doubt that day only when kunj chopper blasted than his car breaks failed that’s why I didn’t let come with everyone here.Now hope this wedding happens nicely nothing happened to our kids years back ATUL AND SAANVI We lost them. 


Tej:after so much pain I bring kunj and Rahul from that trauma.I m sure that man only behind again now our family.

Kunj come to equestrian and see horse he get so happy to see. 

Aayat:bhaiya horse she get excited. 

Kunj:do wanna take ride of this  I’ll do.He lift Aayat and went inside the equestrian. While a man come and give head cape to Kunj.Kunj see the horse he select one. He about to make Aayat sit on horse. 

Aayat:bhaiya no. 

Kunj:I’m here na nothing he’ll do baby. Kunj sit on horse and take the belt and tied Aayat with him.Kunj hold the horse reins and horse started walking. Ready Aayat Tej Sarna. 

Aayat:yes bhaiya. Kunj pulled the reins horse running fastly they enjoying horse riding.Rest of them sitting and get bored. 

Girls come back 

Omkara: where is kunj??

Tej: haa Aayat also I told you avantika take her with you don’t leave her you know she running here and there. 

Avantika:I was inside Tej I don’t know about her. 

Rudra:haa even I didn’t see her. 

Purab: let’s find them.They walking seeing and from far see horse they all come near equestrian. 

Rahul:horse. Wow. 

Rudra:I don’t know. 

Kabir:same here 

Twinkle:so beautiful they are.Kunj was passing they see him he wearing his shades looking damn hot taking ride of horse Aayat enjoying very much. 

Omkara:here is kunj and Aayat. 

Rahul:I’m to going you all stand here because you all don’t know horse riding only we too. Kunjj he went inside equestrian and take horse quickly sit. He went towards kunj. Let’s do it today after years we get time. 

Kunj:sure but with Aayat. 

Aayat:haa I’ll not go.They starts and doing horse racing everyone seeing them. 

Rudra: huhu they know we don’t o you should learn na. 

Tej:we toh send you all siblings it’s your mistakes na you all didn’t learn see them. 

Kunj and Rahul done with their race. 

Rahul:Anjali come na. 

Anjali:no baba I’ll not. 

Aayat:mamma you come na.I enjoy lot. 

Natasha:you guys busy here let’s go. 

Kabir:haa.They went from there while twinkle still there. 

Aayat:bhabhi you come. She look at Kunj he gestured her in yes. 

Rahul: haa Anjali come.they went inside kunj forward his hand twinkle sit in middle beside kunj Anjali too sit.Kunj holding twinkle she hold kunj forehand.They enjoy the horse riding twinkle laughing. Rahul and Anjali come down of the horse. Kunj give Aayat to Rahul he winked at he understood and take Aayat and Anjali with him from there. 

Twinkle:now how I’ll kunj. 

Kunj:here are you going madam ji.He give her backhugged horse slightly walking Kunj rest his chin on her shoulder. 

Twinkle: I don’t know you have this talent too. 

Kunj:I’m very much talent you don’t know anything about me baby ?. Twinkle get surprised to listen baby from kunj mouth. 

Kunj kiss on her cheek from back only. 

Twinkle:Kunj here too you starts anyone will see us. Let go please. She rest her head on his chest.Kunj click their photos he come down of the horse.Now let me too help me. Kunj lift her in his arms. Drop me down na he didn’t her walk ahead.She admiring him.Bhil khul bhi sharam nahi hai na tum me.. 

Kunj:yes??.. for you nope.. 

#at night mehndi function started all functions sitting and applying mehndi on their hands.Boys come and sit beside their girls Kunj see twinkle. 

Kunj: it’s not your wedding you applying like Natasha ?. 

Twinkle:I love very much. Kunj closed his nose. 

Rahul:twinkle today don’t roam around kunj ??. He started sneezing due to Heena smell. 

Twinkle:so than I’ll not apply she stop Heena girl. 

Avantika:arey why bets let him Heena looks good in your hands. 

Kunj:haa you apply better than everyone. Rahul and Kunj sitting beside twinkle. She busy in Heena Kunj see her hand held her one hand. Twinkle look at him. 

Rahul: kunj have some shame everyone is here openly romancing haa ??tu toh rudra se bada beshram nikala??. Twinkle control on her laugh.Kunj hit on Rahul leg. 

Kunj:you see yourself I’m less than you ?. My sister is here only. Rahul see Rohan bring water for Priyanka. 

Rahul:kunj I’m thinking your second sister ko bhi your best bestie will take you ??.They both get confused. 


Rahul:nothing I’m just kidding because I’m kid na.They both get up and went towards malika who sitting they called Rohan and smirked they three of them sit beside malika and her take.

Rohan: malika can i

Malika: you know. 

Rohan: yes ??. 

Kunj: yes he learn.. she give him her hands kunj and Rahul smirked Rohan just filled her hand with heena don’t know which design he make.malika see and get shocked ????.. 

Malika: you dogssss.. she screamed loudly all see her and get confused while they three of them see malika. Before she do something with then they run upstairs. 

Kabir: what happened baby. 

Malika:see what they done with my hands Kabir she show her hand all see and get shocked and look at them they laughing like shamelessly ????. Today I’ll not leave them. 

Rohan:abey elephant first catch us than speak. 

Kunj:little jumbo ??avantika And tej look at each other’s. 

Malika:acha wait you FIENDS.She take the cushions and throw at them while take catch throw at her back ?. 

Usha:malika beta you leave them you come with us. 

Malika:I’ll not leave this fiends.She went towards while they run down and went from there at last malika caught them and hit them with pillows they enjoyed this.All done with heena they all sit for dinner.

Rudra:how you girls will have with your hands haa. 

Kabir:we are here for them.Kabir feed malika while others too kunj standing and looking at twinkle he gesturing her. 

Rudra:Arey mahi you don’t have partner. 

Rahul:slightly in low voice malika sitting beside while Kunj standing beside his chair.omkara hai na.Arey om.they get shocked both choked so badly. 


Rudra:Arey See Yuvi bro helping Avni even you too did same na help mahi?. Malika and Kunj can’t control ??. 

Rahul: why you both laughing this much we didn’t crack any jokes here ??. Itself giggles.

Bebe: kunj puttar when we tell you Than time toh you didn’t laugh why now. 

Kunj:nothing bebe. 

Rahul:shut up. 

Kunj take twinkle in side he bring food plate for her and make her sit. 

Twinkle:why you bring me here. 

Kunj:in front of them I can’t feed you so here.She look at ambiance. 


Kunj:thanks.He sit and tore the morsel she open her mouth.he feed her she eat and giving smile. twinkle tore and feeding him too while feeding him kunj bite her finger. 

Twinkle:ouchhh?. Kunj give smile. Pagal. 

Both feeding each other’s Kunj see twinkle hands and see his name Letter written on her hand. 

Kunj:mummy is right it’s really suits on your hands. Omkara and rudra come there and see twinkle and Kunj. 

Omkara: see here brother and bhabhi busy in their own self nice arrangement Kunj. 

Kunj:haa come have.They sit with them both open their mouths Kunj feed them they cherish the moments.Twinkle and Kunj Omkara click the picture together. 

After this everyone sit in garden on grasses enjoying bonfire. 

Rohan: malika your heena is so beautiful ???. She give him furious look.. make everyone laugh. 

Malika:wait right now I’m not in condition. 

Rohan:okay baby tell me I’ll come. But I’m must whoever did this he is best. Kunj and Rahul or Rohan hifi.. We are devils what about you.WE KR

Rahul:yup.kunj Rohan&Rahul . 

Malika:should open the company. 

Natasha: let’s play na games. 

Yuvi:Antakshari all get ready and make their two teams.Kunj put cottons in his ears and sit in side taking support of side pillar.They all start the Antakshari game and one by one everyone turn come and they sing the song omkara sing the song fully lost in mahi.While Yuvi held Avni hand she get surprised gesturing him leave her hand but he didn’t.Now bottle stop on kunj they all giving voice to kunj but he didn’t give any response 

Anjali:kunjj it’s your turn.. let me see him. She get up and went near him see cottons in his ears she take out.she show everyone they all get shocked to see kunj. 


Usha:what di we all playing here and you put this cottons in your ears why. 


Rohan:it’s your turn we’ll Lose.

Kunj:you all play I don’t This things give back di. 

Anjali:no.sing the song first than do whatever you wanted. 

Tej:yes kunj. 

Kunj:But pa. 

Tej:no buts and ifs.He turned his face toward other side his back facing to them. 

Kunj:okay tell me any song name. 

Maya:this not happened you Itself sing. 

Kunj:okay fine.. 

Avni:But look at us.Avantika gestured her let him he’ll in front of tej. 

Kunj take deep breath he closed his eyes and twinkle coming in front of his eyes. 

Kunj:Koi tha tu kal 

Hai mera aaj se apna

Hai haqeeqat ya main dekhu

Jaag ke sapna (x2)

Na zaruri tha ye jeena

Haal tha kaafir

(He take out his phone and seeing twinkle pictures while everyone quietly enjoying kunj song and listening twinkle looking at him only. )

Zindagi ko zindagi mil hi gayi aakhir

Ki pehli baar ye dil ishq ki dehleez laaya hai Safar mein humsafar hai

Wah khuda kya modh laaya hai

Din ye badle raat badli hum hai badle se

Jo pehli baar ye dil ishq ki dehleez laaya hai.Safar mein humsafar hai

Wah khuda kya modh laaya hai

Yaadon ki tu Pehli kitaab

Pehla woh khwab aaye dheere dheere

Vaadon mein mere saare 

Pal tere hath mein de du

Dedu mein ye maathe ki lakeeren (x2)

Haal mera jo sunao 

Toh tu has degi

Uss hasi ke vaste kya jaan tu legi

(He recalled his and twinkle moments)

Yeh pehli baar ye dil ishq ki dehleez laaya hai Safar mein humsafar hai

Wah khuda kya modh laaya hai

Din ye badle raat badli hum hai badle se

Yeh pehli baar ye dil ishq ki dehleez laaya hai Safar mein humsafar hai

Wah khuda kya modh laaya hai

(All resting his chin on their hands and tej And avantika gestured each other’s) while girls teasing twinkle with their eyes she blushing.)Pehli baar ye dil ishq ki dehleez laaya hai Safar mein humsafar hai

Wah khuda kya modh laaya hai.

He end the song happily everyone clapped for him.Kunj turned and see everyone.  

Prithviraj:waha kunj. 

Rudra:this Bhaiya has changed so much after wedding what magic bhabhi have you done on him he giving us surprised everyday new new shades.Twinkle didn’t said anything just look at Kunj.

Mahi:very beautifully you sang jiju. 

Kabir: now next. 

Kunj: give me back my di. He get up take his cottons from Anjali hands again put ans went from there. 

Anjali:Arey kunj where are you going listen twinkle please. Ahem ahem twinkle you changed him lot. Tell us what you have done?. We didn’t see this type of kunj in this years what’s say they all nodded. 

Rudra:Avni go and read bhaiya face you are  psychologist. 

Yuvi:in low voice first mera hi read karna??. 

Episode freezes here only.. 

promo.. badla badla sha hai har shama hai.

yeha badali hai bas nazar 

dekhta hai dil usko hi har kishi me.

Hai yeh kishi bycheni ki lehar 

har mod had manzar  par ussi ka intezaar.

hai yeqeenan yeh Ishq ka Khumar Magar kya dil karega  dil se iqrar.. 




firstly I’m very very sorry each and everyone for Making you people wait. What to do I was hell buys in work didn’t get time to write somehow I write this.really sorry.Thanks for your comments. Come to the episode no proof reading leave mistakes please post in hustle.

How was the episode guys hope you all like it.ill try to post soon. Give your views please. And confession is.in next excited ??♥️♥️♥️

Your wait is over let see what happens did they understand their heart and listen.bye love you all allahafiz. Sorry all writers for not commenting

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  1. thank u so much for this I was waiting for long time it’s a stress reliever to me…..it’s my birthday gift as it will be my birthday tomorrow..thank u so much??????

  2. Finally ……u posted..????
    It was super amazing ….. ????????❤❤❤????
    Luved it…❤❤❤❤❤❤????
    I m in luv with this kunj yr ….he is such a sweetheart…??????
    Twinj moments were mindblowing….enjoyed alot ….
    Every moment was so perfect …dont have words to describe them …..lovely ..?????.??????
    Baki bhi btati hu but insta pe …yha sub kch ni bta skti na …????
    Luv u ..?????
    Post soon..???
    Cant wait…???

  3. Yr hame aise tadpaya na karo
    By the the the episode was awsom and i am very exited for next one???

  4. Superb episode
    Pls update soon…..
    I’m eagerly waiting for this ff

  5. Muhammad Murtajiz

    Amazing yaar.
    Can’t wait for next one

  6. Meharin

    Uff appi u made us wait for so longg…Aur finally u posted 2day.Awesome cutewala epi.Now plz post fast can’t wait anymore.Plz plz plz…

  7. Vibhu

    Waoww … This flirty kunj is amazing. ?
    Booked the honeymoon suite for himself …. Ahaaaann ????
    I loved the update dear
    Was waiting for this since so many days.
    Cant wait for the “confession”?
    I’m so excited?
    Please post it sooner.
    I really cant wait to read it ??
    Take care

  8. Amazing episode di please post soon I love twinkal and kunj scene

  9. Finally ????? you posted appi warna me to pagal ho jaati ??????this is all your fault ap hme itte ache ache episode ? deke aise wait na Karaya kro….. because I can’t wait to read more and more….
    I was waiting for it ??? from past 10 days ……. Appi bhut bhut Acha episode ????????? ab age Ka bhi bata dia to air wait nhi ho rha ki next is “confession”please please please please please ab ye wla episode ? jaldi post kr dijie ga appi ???? please twinj scene’s ??????? just can’t get words to describe this ???????? amazing episode as always ?????
    Now please post soon ????? the next episode ??????? it’s my request… please accept it ???? please please please post soon ????????
    Allah Hafiz…

  10. Finally you posted
    Awesome episode loved it??☺️☺️
    Pls post next episode soon pls…???

  11. Superb episode ???
    Naughty kunj. Poor he twinkle didn’t let him do what he wants ??????
    Post soon

  12. Trivisha Choudhary

    Awesome Episode ? dear please post soon

  13. awesome and fabulous story please! post soon twinj love confession ?????……….

  14. Sameera

    Amazinggggggggggggg yaaarrrrr justtt loveddddd it soooooooooooooo much man ???????????????
    From the start to the end loveddddd every bit of it …
    Hahahaha ?????Kunj ki cat bechari twinkle everyone teased her ??????????????????
    Amazing scenes of twinj in kitchen kya yaar hamesha koi na koi romance kharab kardete hai ??????…
    LOVEDDD all the scenes shopping scene then twinj scenes ????
    Haha ????kunjjjj booked honeymoon suite for him ahaan this man his hormones raised so much ????…
    LOVEDDD it too much girls not letting twinkle go to their room angry Kunj ??????
    Then horse riding scene ?mauke pe chauka ..
    Hamara Kunj kitna Badal Gaya bhai ?
    Haaaaye I am in love with this guy ?twinkle Ko side me rakh mujhe heroine lele ?????????…
    Such an amazing episode ..
    Wow wow man confession on the way ..
    Post soon can’t wait
    Love you ???????????????????????

  15. Fantastic Episode dear please post soon and please post IPKKND also

  16. Superb Episode ?
    Kunj is going so romantic day by day??
    Please post soon ?

  17. Fabulous Episode ?????
    Please post soon ? ??
    Twinj scene is amazing ???

  18. Awesome Episode ? please post soon

  19. Silent reader

    Assume episode !! ?????? Happy birthday Di !!?? please post soon !!! Sorry for let comment !! it’s my 1 st comment !!

  20. Wow amazing awesome superb.
    Just so lovely.
    Enjoyed it thoroughly.

  21. Shalu02

    ???? mind-blowing ? dear post soon

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