Internet Wala Love 23rd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Jai meets Aadhya to speak his feelings

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Internet Wala Love 23rd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jai happily celebrating his love with his family and friends. He dances on the song kuch hai junoon sa….Dadu and Dadi dances with each other. Jai smiles looking at them and imagines dancing with Aadhya. Aadhya is crying in her room and feels sorry that she couldn’t meet Jai. She thinks she can’t go against her father as he gave his swear. Diya asks PK what they will do as Papa gave her swear not to meet Jai. Dadu says if their love story completes without any hurdles then what Jai will tell to his grand sons about their love story. Jai says if Aadhya can’t meet me then I can meet her. Diya brings Aadhya out to make her meet Jai. Aadhya sees Jai there. Jai comes to her and asks her to listen. Aadhya says I don’t want to listen or say and says everything is finished between us. Jai asks her to tell this looking in his eyes. She thinks of Shubhankar and says I can’t insult my Papa’s swear and leaves. Jai looks on. Aadhya comes back home and tells Diya that Papa gave her swear and asks her not to make her meet Jai. Shubhankar hears them and tells that he doesn’t the work in Kanpur and we all are going there. Aadhya and Diya are shocked. He tells Aadhya that she shall not meet Jai.

Diya talks to PK and tells that they are going to Kanpur and says they have to do something. Jai tells Dadu, Rajat and Vihaan that how can Aadhya go to Kanpur, he didn’t tell her how much he l…..and then stops. Dadu asks what? Jai says I will tell her and tells that whenever she is infront of him, he gets courageous and will tell her everything. He thinks to surprise Aadhya. Shubhankar asks Aadhya not to break his trust and says whatever he is doing is for her betterment. She nods her head.

Aadhya comes to her bed and thinks of Jai and her moments. She recalls Rupa’s words and cries and thinks of telling Jai that everything ended between them. She cries. Jai says very bad Aadhya, you are crying so much in my memory, he was already on bed covering himself with blanket when she came there. Aadhya turns to him and says Papa will come, and asks him to go. Jai says nothing will happen. He looks at her. Song plays….Jai says you are the most beautiful girl in this world and I am not telling this being drunk, but I am in my full senses. He says I wanted to tell you something and will not go until I tell you. He says Aadhya….I….gets up from bed and says I want to tell you that….He gets nervous and thinks I can’t tell this. He then tells that he just wants to say that….Shubhankar comes there and see them seated together on the bed. They get up.

Aadhya tries to say, but Shubhankar holds Jai’s hand and takes Jai to Dadu’s house. He calls Rupa and says you was cursing my upbringing and was pointing finger at my daughter’s character. He says you would have checked at your son. Rupa says it is your habit, not mine. Shubhankar says I caught your son in my daughter’s bedroom, and then also he is alright, be thankful to me. Rupa says your daughter might have called him there. Jai says I went with my wish. Shubhankar asks did she hear? Rupa calls them greedy and says you can do anything.

Shubhankar says Jai has taken all the world on TV. Rupa says it all happened because of your daughter’s provocation. Dadu asks her to be quiet. Rupa asks did you see their bad side. Shubhankar says I was silent because of Dadu, and tells that Rupa had said that his girl is roaming with two guys. He questions Rupa’s upbringing. Rupa says the house in which you are staying are mine and I will not take 2 mins to kick you out. Shubhankar says I don’t want to stay there and giving rent for the house. He tells Dada ji that he will return the papers. Dadu apologizes to Shubhankar on Jai’s behalf.

Jai says I will apologize to him and apologizes to Shubhankar. He tells that he will talk to Aadhya surely. Shubhankar asks him not to talk to Aadhya and threatens taking Police name. Rupa says if my son gets even a scratch then nobody will be bad than me. Shubhankar asks if she saw mirror for the first time and leaves. Jai calls Aadhya and is about to run behind her, but Dadu holds his hand. Jai frees his hand and runs out. He sees Shubhankar and Aadhya leaving. He thinks if love way is so difficult then I am ready to fight with any trouble.

Jai asks the listeners on radio about love.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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