Next day at morning hospital.

Twinkle sleeping peacefully Kunj in side while baby was sleeping beside his mother embrace..

Kunj wake up he yawned and smiled he open his eyes and his first view was his baby and wife.He see them his both life’s sleeping tranquility.Kunj get up and went towards them.

Kunj:see I have already one sleeping beauty now sleeping king too come ?. Aww Mera Bacha he sit beside bed and kissed on baby forehead and even on twinkle as well.Kunj click their photos.

And post {#sleepingtwobeautiesmine?}

Kunj went in washroom.while nurse come and till the time twinkle wake up fully. She smiled.

Nurse: how’s you??

Twinkle: fine.

Nurse: you baby sleeping still.

Twinkle:hmm.she see him and smiled. Nurse examine twinkle.Just than Kunj come.Nurse went back.

Kunj:good morning.

Twinkle:good morning.Kunj peck at her lips she making faces.Kunj help her to sit.

Kunj I wanna go in washroom.

Kunj:hmm.he held her and take her towards washroom.

Twinkle:don’t go anywhere okay baby is sleeping.

Kunj:haan Meri MAA.She went in washroom.Ek tension dur hui another come ?.After sometimes later twinkle come after get freshen up. Kunj take her towards bed and she can sit.

Twinkle: he sleeping till now.

Kunj:yes went on his mamma na?. Giving you tough competition ?.

Twinkle:whatever see kitna calm hai humhara baby no noise pollution ?.

Kunj:acha ji but mujhe Yeh toofan se phale wali santi lag rahi hai?.


Kunj:I’ll bring your breakfast okay..

Kunj went outside he was waiting for driver with whom Avantika send freshen and healthy breakfast for twinkle.He come thanks he hand over lunch box to Kunj and he take and went back to twinkle.See mummy ji for you.

Twinkle:acha see baby your dadi is so super good..Kunj served in plate he went towards twinkle sit beside her. Now no more healthy food I can whatever I wanted.

Kunj:not at all baby now also you have to think twice don’t know about baby.

Twinkle:hoo understand.I’m hungry.

Kunj:haan.Kunj started feeding her breakfast with his hands.Than twinkle hold his hand and feed him as well.They both smiling like anything just than baby wake up with loud crying ?blunder..

Twinkle:Arey Kya Hua.she immediately take him in her arms.bas bas Don’t cry. She patting on his back.

Kunj:you handle him and have you breakfast too.

Twinkle:even he too hungry.Wait can’t ignore him.He is important more.She started nourishing him.Kunj feeding her breakfast.

Kunj:wow what a work both mother and son lage raho?.

Twinkle:acha.Yeh start hai Mr Sarna samje.They happily finished the breakfast. See even mummy send this clothes for our baby.

Twinkle:aww.While drinking baby chocked so badly..

Kunj:twinkle Kya kar Rahi hai see him.

Twinkle:sorry she patting on his back he become normal. Kunj come to twinkle with clothes.

Kunj:Kya Hua he take him.But he looking at twinkle only.HAww so mean baby I’m your papa why you looking at siyappa queen. ?

Twinkle:because I’m his mamma ?.He sense me.Kunj I get bored wanna go home.

Kunj:hmm let me talk to dr first if she ready than.

Twinkle:okay.Let me freshen up my fuzzy Daisy Duck ?kissed on his hands.

Kunj:what a names..

Twinkle:yes they place him on bed and both together clean baby and changed his clothes made him wear new cute soft soft dress.He looking so cute so adorable he is and looking at his parents.My baby looking so cute mamma ki jaan.

Kunj:beta mera hai cute toh lagega hi hai na ?.

Twinkle:arey why you so quiet.He making puppy faces.Twinkle and Kunj smiled.I think he went on you silent mood ?.No

Please your dada is enough.Kunj he calls you papa or likes you siblings pa?.

Kunj:whatever he likes pa toh humhare hai.Dada is good. Acha you take him I’ll come.

Twinkle:okay.She take him he just looking at twinkle.You rest okay.She caressing his head.You know baby I was so worried about you.Now you come na I get my all happiness everyone was so excited for you and waiting like anything you will get everyone utmost love everyone favourite and you become just like you papa dada okay he is so good I don’t have words. Everyone is right he looks like Kunj. She take her phone and see Kunj childhood photos and he totally looks like Kunj carbon copy.Hayye one more sadu she cuddles him.

At Sarna [email protected]

Each and everyone hell excited for new member of sarna family mr Kunj Sarna son.They all decorate twinkle and Kunj room fully Kunj tell them twinkle surprise after see each and everything.

Avantika:tej keep this here na it looks good.

Rudra:arey mummy he is a boy not girly things here.

Tej:bas karo.Rahul and anjali bring baby small bed.

Anjali:how’s it.


Mahi:di keep this here it looks perfect. Go with blue them.

Avantika: haan.

Soumya:and this small baby wardrobe in this twinkle bhabhi can keep baby all things.

Tej: right beta.

Anjali:we have to arrange this all baby clothes and other things as well.Anjali and Avantika arranging baby wardrobe keep all baby clothes inside they bring all necessary things which baby wanted. Rahul and Rudra wear baby pamper on their heads

Om:shame on yourself ??.Priyanka arranging bed set soft toys on bed. Omkara and mahi baby bed hang toys.tej and Manohar stick all baby cartoons stickers on side walls. Aayat come in room with toys.

Tej:come doll here. She went towards tej.

Aayat: pa I bring with all toys for baby.

Om:good Aayat come where you wanted to keep this.

Aayat: hmm here. She went and keep the all soft toys.They all set each and everything so perfectly whole room looking so cute baby land ??. It’s more baby room than twinj..?..

Avantika: my grand son room perfect tej.

Tej:haan our grand son. After all dadu ne kiya hai Manohar and tej Hifi.While Usha and Avantika making faces..

Rudra:mene chachu me kiya hai.

Priyanka:acha me bua did see my one

Look more cute.

Rahul:aye bas karo bua aur chachu sab Ka contribution hai samje..

Anjali: yes right. They closed the room door and all went downstairs. They all sit in living room.

Mahi: where is dadu and dadi.

Avantika: they must be planning something for their ladle Kunj ke little baby ke liye?.

Tej:haan. Lata and Prithviraj come and driver too come holding a box.

Manohar:finally MAA and Papa come. They went towards them.

Usha: what is this.

Rudra: you bring something dadu?

Dadu:haan. Driver keep in side and went Rudra and Omkara immediately open and see a cradle it’s so beautiful.

Anjali: aww so beautiful cradle.

Lata:you all bring everything so we thought let’s buy this your dadu made me run Lot today. All giggles.

Prithviraj:my Kunj son sleep in this in front of my eyes.All smiled each and everyone can see conditional happiness on Lata and Prithviraj face.

Om:dadu and dadi you both really really happy na.

Prithviraj:yes I’m so happy I don’t have words feeling like just laugh.

Usha:your dadu was happy like same at Kunj time and yours fully.

Anjali: haww what about me?.

Lata:at your time as well first girl after Anita..

Rahul: than together trio monkeys come ?. All laughs out.

Lata:when twinkle and Kunj come with our little son. Haan?

Avantika: don’t know if dr give her discharge or not.

Rahul: let me call him.

At hospital.

Kunj talking to dr about twinkle discharge.

Dr: okay Mr Sarna I’m ready just because of your request you take care of twinkle and baby okay.

Kunj: sure dr.. just than Rahul call come Kunj went out of the dr cabin and pick up Rahul call. Hello?

Rahul: Haan Kunj when you coming dr give discharge to twinkle or not?

Kunj: Arey just now I talk to dr she is ready I’ll do all formalities come in half an hour..

Rahul: come we are waiting like anything how’s your son.

Kunj: good dekh lena okay bye. Both laughs and ends the calls.

Prithviraj: what Kunj said?

Rahul:my dadu shabar karo your great grand son coming soon don’t worry,

Avantika:Arey waha we should in formed leela ji as well they will come even they too excited like us.

Tej:yeah call Anita as well we all will have dinner together tonight.

Manohar:haan. Aayat come.

Aayat: di hanina roh rahi hai.

Anjali: acha pinku come and bring her please.

Priyanka: yeah di she went and bring hanina and give to Anjali she stop and look at her mother pulling her hairs.

Rahul:ahah don’t worry baby your junior come me and Kunj stay together now you and his son?.

Rudra: Yeh keshi jodi hai he will stay with me chachu make him likes me?.

Soumya: acha cry baby??.

Rudra: huhu see this little sumo.

Soumya: and look at this blubber huhu.

Om: you both too fight like Kunj and twinkle same to same.

Rudra:haan because we’re not like you. Mahi hehe she shy and she Omkara ji ??.

Om:very lame.Avantika and tej in formed both families to come at their place twinkle and baby will come soon.Usha and Avantika went and tell chef each and everything made all twinkle and Kunj favourite foods and keep everyone too one one favourite dishes as well.Priyanka and Rohan went at entrance lobby there they write with flowers tiny little baby so precious and small welcome to the world and we love you All.. ?.And decorate lobby as well with tinny tinny baby hanging toys.They distribute each and everyone chocolates and sweet for baby announcements.Each and everything is creatives.Their happiness has no boundaries they all feels like do this and that after all Kunj keep each and everyone so happy now everyone turn and time. Even they were not less everywhere this happiness spreading they blessed with a baby boy.Lata and Prithviraj give so many things to poor peoples all servants and office employees give them gifts.

After complete all twinkle discharge formalities.Kunj went in twinkle wardroom.

He entered in room and see his wifey patting on his baby back who was resting in her embrace. He went head.

Kunj:you get discharged newly mumma.

Twinkle: ahah thanks to god.

Kunj: what happened?

Twinkle:you went and he cried Lot didn’t take name to stop and now he sleeps

Kunj:why he want something now he have you what else he wanted more than his Maa..

Twinkle:hmm. Good I wanted to go home now.

Kunj: haan you go and get ready give me him.Twinkle give baby to Kunj hands he open his eyes and again started crying: Ofish,,

Twinkle:you patting on his back he will calm..

Kunj:hmm.Twinkle went in washroom while Kunj patting on his back slowly and he become calm mera zidhi bacha.kissed on his temple.He moving his hands.Twinkle come after get freshen up and wear simple peach colour salwar kameez looking cute.Baby humming ahahahlala..

Twinkle:so naughty he is..


Twinkle:you sit I’ll pack our things twinkle pack all things in a bag.Give him to me. Meri baby.she take him. Kunj smiled and kissed on twinkle and baby cheeks and click their photos. Kunj hold the bag and give twinkle side hug.

Kunj:shall we everyone waiting for this little bunny..

Twinkle:hmm.They went outside they meet with dr once again and thanks to her and went ahead Kunj bring car he open the door for twinkle and baby.Twinkle sit inside the car than Kunj went and sit at driver seat.

Kunj:chalo.Kunj start the car.Twinkle holding baby carefully she caressing his cheeks.He open his mouth.See him..

Twinkle:haan.Ka hua.. see your sadu dada..

Kunj: kamini.

Twinkle:what did you said haan kamini don’t you have shame calling your wife Kamini.Same you too Kamine.Kunj arching his eyebrow.Twinkle laughs out..

Next scene::

Everyone reached Sarna Mansion already they all were just waiting for baby like anything.

Avni: when will kunj bhai come you both should go and bring them.

Rahul: they must be busy in their romance there only?.Tej look at rahul he closed his eyes and rest of them giggles.,

Malika:acha you telling us about yourself. Hanina and khansa in side couch khansa playing with her even Aayat as well

Avni:see this three cuties..aww looking super adorable..

Soumya:one champ come ?.Twinkle and Kunj reached at Sarna Mansion.

Kunj:finally home baby first time.

Twinkle:yes our sweet home.Kunj come out of the car And went to twinkle side and open the door and give her hand she come out and take baby properly covered him with his blanket.Kunj body guard come Siraj.

Siraj:congratulations sir..

Kunj:thanks.Twinkle and Kunj smiled twinkle show him baby.

Siraj:Kitna cute hai..

Twinkle:haan mera beta hai na.He laughs out.


Twinkle:yes Mr Sarna ?. Beautiful mamma and cutest baby..

Kunj:bas stop your self obsession.hold her hand and they moved inside they entered in lobby and see..

Twinkle: haww so sweet welcome baby see baby this all for your welcome my baby is really special and dotted with unconditional love..

Kunj:so true because of me ?.

Twinkle:jo bhi I’m super happy.She about to jump.

Kunj:twinkle be careful now you are no more twinkle jhalli siyappa queen my baby now with you.

Twinkle:sorry.He hold her hand and they process ahead they entered at door entrance.Lata and Prithviraj eyes stuck at door entrance only as soon as their eyes caught twinkle and Kunj they smiled.

Lata: my Kunj and twinkle come with baby. All listen and get up immediately they all turned.

Avantika:hoo finally come.Everyone get happy.They all rushed towards them.

Lata: why you take so much time since morning we just waiting for baby. Kunj and twinkle smile.

Kunj: acha only for solo great grand son what about me ?.

Rudra:haan he is solo not you two mores ??.

Leela: aagye na.

Kunj: now we come inside.

Avantika:nope.Anjali bring aarti tali. She give toLata.Let us do our baby aarti he come first.

Kunj:go head in one your all become mad don’t know what will happened later?.

Om:acha new pa. Kunj bite his lips. Lata does their Aarti..

Lata:now come inside. They both come inside together and went towards couch.

Anjali: give me baby first.

Om: me first they all Started fighting.

Avni:me too..

Kunj:ahah let us sit first. Come twinkle sit.

Avantika:Haan.They sit.You are fine beta.

Twinkle:Haan mummy ji.

Anjali: twinkle give me baby.

Twinkle:you all ahah.Lata gestured she give her.All make puppy faces and sit. Servant come and give water to twinkle and Kunj.Twinkle rest her head on rt chest.

Rt:I toh can’t believe still my daughter become mother.

Twinkle:believe kar lo papa see my baby.

Lata caress his face.

Lata:see him feels like dekhte hi jao Bas.

Prithviraj: haan.

Rudra: bhabhi see what dadu and dadi bring for baby.He went and bring cradle.

Twinkle:it’s so cute Kunj.

Kunj:yeah.Abhi se itni demand hai bhai..?.

Anita: haan kyu na hogi after all MAA and Papa toh waiting for this day only today their great grand son in their hands.

Rudra: bhabhi why he is silent..

Kunj:good na not likes you and her chatterbox..

Twinkle:huhu Rudra issko 24 hours bhi nahi hua hai Abhi tak.. Prithviraj kissed on his forehead he smile slightly they both giggles so loudly. Dadi and dadu is so happy Kunj.

Tej:can’t describe beta.

Priyanka:now give me as well na I didn’t take him much last night as well.Rohan smiled she almost crying.

Kunj:hey babaji..

Prithviraj:lo you take.Priyanka get happy and take him carefully.She sit and all come around her only. Kunj giggles.

Kunj:they all doing like celebrity come ??. Twinkle makes faces at him.

Mahi: aww om cutie pie.

Kabir: haan Don’t went on your mamma please.

Yuvi:haan drama king than you.One by one they all take baby he looking at them with tiny tiny eyes. Aayat come and sit on Kunj lap.Rahul holding his baby.

Kunj: hi khansa and hanina.

Aayat: bhaiya I wanted baby.

Kunj: let them see na than you spend all time baby don’t worry.

Aayat: promise na.

Twinkle: Haan after all you are his smallest bua..

Aayat: bua hehe??.

Kunj: look so funny.

Rahul:acha Yeh phale sochna chahiye ta look at Avantika and tej.. ??.They both caught Rahul sight..

Avantika:what happened.Kunj giggles.

Kunj:kuch nahi mummy he is mad..saale  Kunj Murmured..

Usha: twinkle beta I’ll bring something for you.

Twinkle:nahi I’m fine not now already you all made me panda..

Rahul: heyy by the way your football is so big and this namuna comes so tiny..??.

Yuvi:only hawaa??.

Twinkle: h huhu I’ll beat you both.

Rahul:acha don’t forget we are brothers in laws of yours.

Yuvi: yes.

Twinkle:acha eww yeh ek monkey and you his gestured at Kunj.

Om:perfect shot twinkle ??. Tej and Avantika too spend time with baby than Leela and rt too.

Malika: he toh saying you both late because busy in romance ?. Kunj look at Rahul:

Kunj: whattt. Rahul went near his ears.

Rahul: haan I thought you taking so much time maybe get busy in another planning ??. Kunj push him.

Kunj: idiot man he become mad di.

Anjali: haan right. Will make my baby as well. Rudra take baby and he and Soumya pulled his cheeks.He making faces all chit chatting and having snacks and tea. Just than baby started crying. Arey Kya Hua.

Soumya:look at this Rudra cry baby.

Rudra: don’t cry I’ll give chocolates he crying loudly. All closed their eyes.

Kunj:Rudra give to twinkle he will not stop.

Rudra:hmm.He went towards twinkle she immediately take him.

Twinkle:shhh see this two babies.she calm down him he stop.

Rudra: magic stop aww.

Anjali:idiot she is his Maa obviously he will stop na.

Twinkle:bas sojaoo now. He looking at twinkle Kunj laughs out at her.

Kunj: see ??.She patting on his chest he slightly closed his eyes.

Rudra:bhaiya we all scared of you what about now your son haan. You will scare him with your this two eyes ??.

Priyanka: yeah.

Kunj:acha Priyanka.she nodded in no?.

Anjali:Rudra is right. Scold your son.

Twinkle: hmm so dangerous his eyes.

Om:Haan twinkle itself scared of his eyes his eyes is enough ??to shake everyone soul..??.

Kunj:acha she sacred of me. Kitna dimaag khati hai and about my son he is so small why I’ll scold him. Everyone can melt after see him.

Anjali:ahah Kunj Sarna ab aayen line pe??.

Kunj:Kya di aap bhi.What he did so I’ll scared him.

Avantika:twinkle place him in cradle you sit nicely.

Twinkle:hmm.Mahi take and place him in cradle twinkle eyes stuck at him.

Kabir:my dear sister he will not run anywhere.

Leela:she is Maa now ?.Mahi bring cradle near couch twinkle smiled he is in front of eyesight only. Rudra show twinkle what they send everyone.

Rudra:see bhabhi we did same whatever we plan..

Twinkle: good.

Om:now everyone knows Kunj Sarna become papa?.Twinkle cuddles hanina.

Aayat: now we three babies.

Rudra:haan two this girls who went on Malika and di??.

Kabir:acha what about this solo boy..

Rudra: he will rock like his chachu??.

Soumya: acha chachu Se pant toh sambali nahi Jati hai ??.

Yuvi:Lol epic Rudra she pulling you nicely.

You have still time ???can run.

Soumya:acha you telling him run what about you how you running behind Avni.

Yuvi:hehe look at them first they both always fighting feels eat each other’s anytime when they cook up love story still I can’t digest it ???..

Mahi: yeah.

Om:same he sleeping beside me and I don’t know man.

Rahul:this bhabhi knows na everything ?. All elders giggles. Khansa and hanina look at each other’s nobody giving them attention both open their mouth and started crying?.

Kunj:Arey Kya Hua you both mothers busy in laughs handle your babies.

Anjali:you think about yours..

Kunj:Kya di aap bhi like this all.Anjali and Malika take their baby Anjali went in room and feed her baby while Malika give her feeder bottle.Anjali come and hanina sleep so she give to Usha.

Leela:see twinkle beta this we bring for baby.She show twinkle.

Twinkle:cute one Maa.

Kabir:pehenna samji we bring with lots of love.

Twinkle:Haan Bhai I’ll see this one also looking on baby mummy ji bring for him. Little munchkin.

Rudra:he is toh busy in sleep.

Twinkle:haan let him sleep.

Avantika:twinkle beta you rest.

Twinkle:I’m fine I rest lott..Rudra and Priyanka started fighting.

Rudra: she started speaking Lot now samji.

Priyanka:acha what about you always irritates Me.Rudra hooting,due to noise baby wake up with jerk in his raw sleep with louder.

Twinkle:arey Rudra shhh..

Tej:are you mad haan.Twinkle take him in her arms.He crying so badly.


Kunj:pagal.Can’t you see he is sleeping.

Twinkle try to calm down him but he wasn’t in mood after all his sleep spoiled,,

Avantika:you go and take him room and rest okay.


Anjali:haan go all smiled.Twinkle and Kunj went for their room.They open the door. As soon as they open the door and see them ambiance of their room it’s totally amazing and cute..

Twinkle: wow Kunj see this.

Kunj:how’s it my gang did,

Twinkle:acha amazing see baby everyone did this all things for my baby don’t cry. They come ahead look at whole room filled With baby things.even write their name whatever they did Aayat bua see. Dadu dadi..

Kunj:haan cool you handle him first.

Twinkle:hmm she went towards bed Kya Hua don’t cry your sleep disturb na, sorry for that.He making puppy faces twinkle melted and smiled kissed on his nose tip.

She feeding him while Kunj take his clothes and went in washroom to get freshen up.Twinkle admire whole room. Kunj come out after freshen up he went towards bed and lay down in sitting position and see toys..

Kunj:now this toys..


Kunj:idiot Rudra..

Twinkle:koi na. Kunj took twinkle hand in his hands.

Kunj:tujhe pata hai when dr takes you inside taking so much time I was so worried about twinkle yaar.

Twinkle:Haan Kunj when I having that pain just thinking about baby only because last

Time happened whatever everyday I prayed for baby he born healthy without no problems when he born and his first sound echoes in my eyes I feels of good.

Kunj:Haan when I take him in my arms first time I can’t describe my happiness.Our baby come finally.Twinkle place him in bed Kunj wiped his face.Why you looking at us like this haan.Naughty boy pulled his cheeks slightly mera baby kissed on his forehead.He closed his eyes and show his tongue

twinkle and Kunj kissed both together kissed on his cheeks.

Twinkle:you sit here I’ll come she went in washroom and get freshen up quickly she come and lay down bed baby Kunj too. Sleep you didn’t sleep last night na.

Kunj:hmm you too.Baby sleep now.

Twinkle:hmm.She patting on his chest slowly slowly they trio doze off together.

While rest of them busy in their talks and siblings pulling each other’s legs.

Usha:MAA and papa we will do baby name ceremony day after tomorrow.

Avantika:yes because day after tomorrow is Kunj bday last time we all didn’t

celebrate because of twinkle miscarriage. Now double happiness.

Anjali:haan badi Maa it’s amazing.

Tej:haa.You know your son don’t like to celebrate in a very great way.

Avantika:we know at afternoon we will do naming ceremony than we will kept a small party it will be good na.


Later it’s almost 6:30 ?of evening.

Avni and Anjali or Malika went in kitchen they tell chef take everything in garden they will have barbecue food there only.

Rahul: this Kunj busy in sleep still man.

Kabir:let him sleep yaar at night his sleep

Ki toh o my mata hone wali hai?whole night running here and there with baby.. Rahul and Kabir laughs out.

Kunj wake up he smiled feel so relaxed. See this maa and beta sleeping my twinkle suffer Lot twinkle cuddling her baby in her embrace.Kunj get call he went in balcony and busy in his business calls. Meantime twinkle too wake up.She place pillows around baby all side so he will not falls down she take her clothes and take bath she come and open the wardrobe and see all things arranging so nicely all baby things she feels so lucky to have family like them.She about to take out clothes for baby than see which Kabir bring she smiled and went towards baby.

Twinkle:wake up cutie pie let’s take bath. She take out his all clothes Kunj come.

Kunj: what is this.

Twinkle: come help me I have to give him bath.

Kunj:sure she take baby in her arms and both went in washroom Kunj fill normal warm water in baby bathtub twinkle holding baby in her arms carefully Kunj helping her to give bath to baby.

Twinkle:bas Kunj water comes on baby face he making faces and moving his hands and legs.

Kunj:fine twinkle.She warped him towel and both went in room back.Twinkle went towards bed.Kunj itself bring all things. Twinkle wiped baby wet body.He giggles both together made him ready he looking cute again in each and everything see maamu get happy.

Twinkle:Haan Kunj. He get ready fully acha you go I’ll come with you he will teased me down.

Kunj:hmm he went downstairs.

Kabir:Kunj come so soon.

Kunj:Arey I slept that’s why.

Aayat:bhaiya baby??

Kunj:coming with his mamma.Twinkle done with baby all things fulfil his tummy she come down with him.She went towards Lata and give her baby.

Twinkle:now stay here okay.

Kabir: arey twinkle he wear good.

Twinkle:Haan Bhai see my baby looking so cute.

Kabir:haan like his maamu Kunj arching his eyebrow twinkle laughs out. She went in kitchen and she made coffee for herself and Kunj.

Maid:arey bhabhi you leave you just come from hospital we will do Na.

Twinkle:it’s okay now I’m fine after months I entered In kitchen.She pour coffee for herself and Kunj in two mugs and take outside she give to Kunj he smiled.She sit beside Aayat.

Rahul:how’s your room?

Twinkle:amazing thanks for that it’s look so cute.

Anjali:Haan we all did each and everything.

Rudra:bhabhi become more cute haina.


Twinkle:aww you both said this and this dadu huhu..

Rahul:now he will not say anything because now baby come you will not run no tension now ??.

Twinkle:so mean see di he think this..

Anjali:huhu.Lame man.Lata take baby and went in garden.After sometimes later each and everyone went outside in garden their all set up was there.

Twinkle:cool.They all ladies sit and Rahul and yuvi or Rohan serving them hot hot barbecue food.Lata and Bebe ot Hansh and Prithviraj sitting in side away from smoke it’s not good for baby.

yummy they all enjoying.While Avantika and tej kids started their cute fight they both brothers pulled Priyanka hairs.She too give them back rohan see and giggles he admire every bit of it.

Priyanka:ahah bhaiya.Rudra hold Soumya hand she making frown faces.

Avni:what happened to your lady love. Rudra hold Soumya and twinkle hand together.

Rudra:She Don’t Know Oh munda ohde te crazy Haan din vicho tere lai time kadd ke

Karda main promise milane aaunga

Mainu pata ae tu fan Salman Khan di

Ohde gaane gaake tainu main sunaunga

He sing and twirl them together.All laughs out

Twinkle:ahah Rudra Leave Kunj hold her hands.They all sits for dinner together rohan and Priyanka sharing eye locks. Avantika and tej finished their dinner and handle their grand son who doing noise lott they both husband and wife moving here and there to cheer up him all smiled.

Om:see bade papa and badi Maa busy again ??.

Twinkle: haan no tension I have so many to handle my baby.

Rudra: don’t like jiju when he needs us than leave his baby with us if we ask them let her sleep with us that Time deny..

Kunj:Rudra she is so small how can she will sleep without her mumma.

Rudra:whatever you don’t made our boy like this girls.

Twinkle:acha he isn’t less ??,

Kunj:Haan his voice so high pitch ??.

Twinkle:keshe baap ho tum making fun of your own baby..

Rt:his son went on him only.

Twinkle: na papa sadu Don’t want.. ?. They all happily had dinner with lots of love and laughs. After sometimes both families take leave.

Leela:take care of yourself and baby twinkle beta rt and Leela kissed on baby cheeks.

Twinkle:Haan Maa.

Kabir: lets take twinkle and baby Maa now ?.Kunj chocked and others get shocked.

Aayat: nooo baby will not go anywhere.

Twinkle: hay babaji.. ?.

Kabir: even we not dying to take them. They bid bye each other’s and left.

Rohan:bye Kunj and Rahul.

Kunj:haan.Priyanka and Rohan passed each other’s smiled.Kunj see this he get confused rohan too left they all went inside.Tej and Avantika take baby with them in their room Aayat too run..

Tej and Avantika place baby on bed and admiring him they recalled at Kunj time memories when he born exactly looking like him only.

Tej:it’s seems like I seeing little Kunj.

Avantika:haan so true tej.Aayat show him toys.He was so baby with them.

Rest of them sitting and chit chatting with each other’s.

Anjali:I’m toh going bhai she take her baby and went in room while Rahul as well.

Rudra too run even Priyanka.

Om:you both too sleep.

Kunj:now what you both decide haan?

Twinkle:haan right now you both too give us good news fast ?mahi and Omkara blushed. Massi.

Kunj:why massi chachi here.

Twinkle:how she is massi first.

Om:haan chachi first.

Mahi:ahah leave this when baby started calling everyone than we will talk ?Massi yeh chachi..chassi..??

Kunj:cool.where he is?

Twinkle:with his dadu and dadi. They went in their respective room. Kunj closed the door and cuddles twinkle nuzzled his face in her neck from back.

Kunj: hmm missing you.

Twinkle:acha I’m toh here only she turned and rest her hands on his chest.Kunj tucked her hairs. She smiled. Kya dekh raho ho?

Kunj:I’m too thinking after baby you become more cute..

Twinkle:acha buttering.He cupped her face.Twinkle understands his intentions. She closed her eyes he smiled and sealed their lips with each other’s both started kissing each other’s like longing for this only Kunj caressing twinkle hairs they both went towards bed and both falls down Kunj was upon twinkle nibbling her lips they share a deep lip lock.And break after 10 minutes bother breathing heavily.Kunj kissed on her forehead and bite her cheeks.She moan his name.Ahah Kunj baby.

Kunj:Leave him with his grand parents na.

Twinkle:pagalo leave me now we not anymore couple become parents.

Kunj:pata hai.Twinkle take out their night dress both changed into night dress twinkle arranging the bed and baby things.Kunj went to take baby.He went in his parents room.

Tej:come he went and sit in side see both grand parents enjoying lott with baby.

Avantika:come and take him he is sleepy.

Kunj:hmm Kunj take baby and went in his room he closed the door and went towards bed and give baby to twinkle.She changed his nappy and closed as well. They both were hell sleepy.

Twinkle:chalo baby sleep now.They lay down baby was in middle twinkle and Kunj talk for something than sleep took over them.

At midnight.

Twinkle and Kunj sleeping peacefully while in sleep baby making faces he wake up and started crying due to this Kunj sleep get disturb.

Kunj:twinkleeee see him in sleeping tone.

Twinkle: hmm.She take him near herself and feeding him.He become quiet again later he started crying loudly, twinkle and Kunj wake up with crying faces.Kya Hua baby.She take him in her lap.

Kunj:what he wanted hungry?

Twinkle:nahi I just feed him.She check him. Kunj handle him please I’m very tired didn’t sleep peacefully in whole pregnancy.Kunj take him in his arms twinkle covered her face and sleep again Kunj get up and moving here and there. Patting on his back.

Kunj:soja mere baby what you wanted Haan see your selfish Maama baby didn’t take name to stop he crying more and more loudly twinkle wake up yaar and handle he will not stop in my arms. Twinkle wake up again she too try but he wasn’t in no mood, they changed his nappy as well still he crying.

Twinkle:give mummy ji please ??. Kunj went in Avantika and tej room he knocked the door. They both wake up and get shocked who is at this time. Avantika open the door: found Kunj with baby.

Avantika: kunjjj.

Kunj:rubbing his eyes mummy see him me and twinkle try but he crying continuously I’m sleepy tej come.Avantika look at tej both smiled and take baby.They both went with them only in their room.

Avantika:you sleep Kunj we will see them.

Twinkle: thanks mummy ji.Kunj lay down at his side of bed.Tej and Avantika sit in side couch.They see baby become so cold

Tej:I’ll bring he went and bring blanket and Avantika warped him perfectly.He crying slowly slowly they both try to talk to him.

Avantika:see our life first handle own kids than their kids as well.

Tej:haan.They both moving in whole room with baby so he sleep.Almost early morning he sleep in Avantika arms she check him and went near twinkle and place him beside her and covered him as well.

Avantika:chalo they both closed the door and went back to their room.

Next [email protected] morning..

each and everyone wake up Avantika and tej come down both looking sleepy.

Usha: what happened Avantika didn’t sleep last night?? Tej and Avantika giggles they sit beside Lata and Prithviraj.And tell them about last night spend behind grand son.They all laughs out.

Twinkle wake up and smiled and stretch her arms.She open her eyes and look at her baby who hides under her embrace she caress his hairs.

Twinkle:meri choti si baby and remember last night.Mummy ji and papa the best. She kissed on his temple and carefully place him near Kunj and keep pillow beside him.She get up back to the routine now again.She giggles and take out her clothes and went in washroom she get freshen up quickly and come out and went towards dressing table and look at herself and rest her hands on her belly.No more panda ?I looking fat now I’ll do dieting and again back to my old twinkle fitted. Kunj open his eyes and look at her he smiled and sit there on rubbing his eyes twinkle turned and look at him. Good morning Kunj.

Kunj:Kya good morning twinkle Kitna rota hai tere bacha.

Twinkle:haww Mera Bacha what about you and you didn’t do anything.

Kunj:haan good mummy and pa handle him. He went in Rudra differently.

Twinkle: so what he is his chachu. ?.

Kunj: now see him little sarna sleeping peacefully huhu.

Twinkle:hehe go and get freshen up.

Kunj:yeah I have a meeting.

Twinkle:today why?

Kunj:I didn’t went office from so many days have to today .

Twinkle:come soon you didn’t spend time with baby now again your office life I

wanted you give your all time get it.

Kunj:haan Meri Maa.He get up and twinkle give him his towel he take and went in washroom.Twinkle fully get ready.Twinkle lift baby who sleeping peacefully in deep slumber she place in baby in baby carrier 

. and take him downstairs.She come in living room.She went towards elders.

Twinkle:good morning everyone.

Avantika: good morning.:

Twinkle: thanks mummy ji and sorry as well.

Avantika: acha see your bahu tej.

Tej:no need of this it’s our duty and you can come anytime.She smiled.

Twinkle:I’m so happy now sir sleeping.She place carrier near Avantika.I’ll see breakfast she went in kitchen Mahi already was in kitchen. Hi mahi.

Mahi:hi di I’ll see na you go and handle baby.

Twinkle:acha I handle him he is sleeping I’ll help you in breakfast. Both sister smiled and making breakfast.Kunj get freshen up and come in room didn’t find baby and twinkle.

Kunj:where is this two toofan expression went Haan.he were white T-shirt along with blue jeans and take black blazer.He went downstairs.He went towards couch area.Good morning.

Tej:shhh Kunj eyes went on his baby and understands.Meanwhile each and everyone come.Anjali put hanina too in her baby cot they all went towards dinning table servant sitting beside them keeping eyes at them.Mahi and twinkle bring breakfast.

Rudra:hoo bhabhi..

Twinkle:what Hoo.they all take seats twinkle and mahi serving them.She sit beside Priyanka while trios brothers sit together all having their breakfast happily.

Prithviraj:tomorrow we will keeping baby naming ceremony Kunj.

Kunj:hmm good.

Rahul: even we will do party at night. Kunj look at Rahul he think and understands what date is tomorrow.

Kunj:why party??

Priyanka:bhaiya tomorrow is your bday even baby naming ceremony it’s amazing na.

Kunj:naming ceremony is good but not party and all’s.

Avantika:okay Avantika gestured everyone.Just than baby started crying maid bring him to twinkle she take him.

Aayat: he cried lott why?

Twinkle:because he is small na baby.They all finished the breakfast happily.Kunj went in his room twinkle too went with baby.Kunj taking his files. What happened why you don’t wanted party Kunj it’s your bday last time because of me you didn’t celebrate and I was so lost in my pain didn’t think about you. You give me so much surprises and I’m nothing. Kunj take his office bag.

Kunj:who told you haan I get my gift precious one my baby kissed on his forehead. She smiled.

Twinkle: any reason.

Kunj: kuch reason nahi hai yaar twinkle. Acha bye take care of him and yours too. Kissed on his cheeks she smiled.

Twinkle:come soon peck at his lips.

Kunj:hmm kunj went down and left for office with Rahul.Twinkle give baby bath and dressed up him perfectly she feed him than went downstairs she handling him and doing work as well after

sometimes later he slept in her arms she give to Prithviraj and busy in her work. Lata and all ladies discussing about naming ceremony things.

Kunj and Rahul busy in meeting while rest of them in their work.After sometimes later meeting got over.They went in their respective cabins Kunj finished his work all employees congratulated him. Kunj thinking about his baby. He call twinkle she pick up his call.

Kunj: hello..

Twinkle:hi how’s your meeting?

Kunj: good what are you doing and how’s my baby?

Twinkle:I’m doing my work and your baby is good sleeping kumbhkaran Kunj giggles.

Kunj:acha like his mamma na.Missing him.

Twinkle:aww you never miss me like this Haan you will miss him after all your son he is.Kunj giggles. Wait I’ll show you.She went in garden and see he was happily playing with his hands in Prithviraj embrace twinkle video call Kunj and show him his baby Kunj smiled to see his baby. Now happy.

Kunj:haan stay with him leave you work.

Twinkle: ahah Kunj you are very possessive brother husband now father as well everyone is with him only. Come soon waiting for you.

Kunj:yeah love you. Make pouty lips she blushed.

Twinkle:in low voice dadu is here only. Kunj too giggles and they end the calls.

After sometimes twinkle tired she finished all work and others too tomorrow function work as well.Twinkle take baby and went in her room.They all come back from office Kunj directly went in his room. He entered in room see his wife doing her work and baby playing on bed. He smiled and went towards him and kissed on baby chin.

Kunj:hi bacha how’s your day.Twinkle see him.

Twinkle:good and yours she went towards him.Take his laptop bag and keep it in side.And sit beside him Kunj take him and place him on his chest.He moving his hand on his face.Kunj giggles cuddles him. Twinkle smiled to see father and son. Coffee??

Kunj: if you can?

Twinkle: acha ji she throw cushion at him and went down she quickly prepare coffee and snacks for him she take and give to Kunj.Iss ko mujhe dedo..

Kunj: Kya if you have any problem if he is with me haan.

Twinkle:nahi baba he didn’t drink milk from so much time let me he must be hungry.

Kunj:hoo than take he give her.Twinkle Feeding her baby Kunj enjoying coffee and hot hot snacks he feed twinkle with his hands they cherished all moments with baby.

Twinkle:papaji and mummy ji spend their whole night behind him.

Kunj:haan he they will do good we have backup??.Aayat come there. Come where were you are haan?

Aayat:I was playing with hanina now she slept so come to play with baby na..

Kunj:acha who will do school homework haan:she bite her tongue and closed her eyes.

Aayat:I’ll she went and bring her school back and Kunj helping her to finished her school homework.twinkle patting on baby back so he take burp.Baby take burped finally. By the time Aayat work to done they trio happily playing with baby lot baby slightly smiles.

Kunj:his smile is so adorable give me so much happiness kissed on his cheeks.

After Aayat went and baby sleep again twinkle caress his cheeks.

After sometimes later.They all sit for dinner they all finished their dinner while Kunj was busy in his work rest of them thinking about his bday.

Rahul:we can cut the cake at least na.


Anjali:lets go they all went in kitchen started making cake.After so much time finally they made cake.twinkle icing the cake beautifully.Done finally.

Rahul:look yummy..

Twinkle:acha don’t tell him anything now let’s sleep.

Anjali:haan.You take him. They all went in their respective room twinkle was in balcony with baby enjoying cool breeze Kunj entered room finding twinkle he went in balcony and see her and give her backhugged she knows who he is and smiled Kunj rest his chin on her shoulder.

Twinkle: Kya Hua?

Kunj:kuch nahi hua.tu bata what you all planning haan? She turned and pretending like nothing.

Twinkle:kuch bhi toh Nahi Kunj.They both sit in balcony and spending time with each other’s.Baby sleep in Kunj arms and they went inside and sleep quickly.Twinkle wake up she looking at clock.After now it’s 12 a clock twinkle wake up and kissed on Kunj forehead Happy bday kunj and she peck his lips.She cuddles baby and sleep Kunj hand resting on twinkle waist..

At morning.

Kunj sleeping peacefully and whole bed covered with many cards gifts flower bouquets keeping so many things.Kunj wakes up Finds this all things and get confused he rubbed his eyes and click.


Kunj: Arey today is my birthday. Find a note and he take reads note from Twinkle that Happy birthday Kunj always be successful and always remain happy, and always remain with me. with love from Siyappa queen Kunj says where will i go i wish i book for all births Twinkle comes there Kunj acts miffed.

Twinkle: happy birthday i went to Guruduwara to bring parsad for birthday boy.she gives it to him. And kissed on his cheeks

kunj: i dont need it.

Twinkle:Kunj.. dont be miffed with me,

Kunj: why you are hiding.

Twinkle: nothing bday boy. Just than Avantika come there Kunj smiled to see her cupped his face.

Avantika: wish you a great happy birthday my son god blessed you feels so good have son like. Kissed on his forehead Kunj get up and take her blessing. Hug her. Come with me she blindfold Kunj.

Kunj:what is this mummy..

Twinkle:come with us.Twinkle and Avantika hold his hand and take him down everyone was presenting in living room. And decorated beautifully they take him ahead.Avantika remove blindfold.Kunj

Open his eyes and see everyone and all things. He smiled.

Kunj:what is this why you all do haan.

Om:kyu it’s your bday you are boring.

Kunj went towards Lata and Prithviraj they cupped his face and kissed on his forehead he take their blessings.He take everyone blessing and share hugs.

Tej:happy birthday now leave your saduness now become father as well?

Kunj:Kya aap bhi paa.Kunj kissed on her both little babies cheeks.

Rudra:let’s cut the cake.Kunj hold twinkle hand he cut the cake and feed everyone all applying Kunj cheeks and they all doing masti Kunj cuddles Rahul he having tears in his eyes.

Kunj:I’m really sorryyy..

Rahul:pagal hai Kya what sorry jo hua you wasn’t fully in fault even I was as well and Maa and bade papa saying na whatever happened what god wanted nothing is in our hands..


Rudra:bhaiya smash cake over all his face he show him eyes.

Kunj:for this..

Usha:ab Kya kare you don’t wanted party so we did this good na..

Kunj:hmm Meri Maa..

Avantika: go and get freshen up you all become joker they all went in room. Twinkle entered in room Kunj was laughing he pulled her towards himself. Immediately grab her lips and smooch her. Baby was in her arms only. She push him.

Twinkle: Kya Hai.

Kunj: today is my bday so today I can do anything ??.

Twinkle: shame see baby.Kunj cuddles her:

Kunj:thanks for this all things. See my bday gift my baby with me pulled his nose he become all red and started crying.

Twinkle: ahah Kunj why you tease him you know na he is very delicate darling like you ??. See red cherry.

Kunj:aww sorry mera baby..

Twinkle:go and get freshen up.

Kunj: yeah today join me..

Twinkle: acha what about him.

Kunj:don’t worry he will too enjoy ?. Twinkle slap him playfully.Kunj went in washroom he get freshen up.Than they all sit for breakfast everything is today in breakfast Kunj favourites.Lata and Prithviraj feed with his hands while two little cuties taking whole mansion on their heads.

Rahul:urgh Kunj see your son.

Kunjab Kya karu me he went on Rudra fully. I have to use protection cottons ?.

After breakfast everyone busy in today’s function preparations.

Sometimes later twinkle went in her room she get ready she wear a saree and tie her hairs in a bun.. Kunj entered in room and see twinkle he smiled.

Kunj: looking killer twinkle he hugged her hmm feels like eat you today fully.

Twinkle: Acha Kunj Sarna go and get ready na.Dadu and dadi wanted everything perfect on time as well.

Kunj: haan since he come everyone chanting his name baby finally today we will give him name acha Sun Kya kaam Socha hai.

Twinkle:you said na dadi and dadu will keep haan.

Kunj: hmm are you happy.

Twinkle: yes fully go now take your kurta: Kunj take and went in washroom he get ready fully looking hot twinkle dressing her baby.Kunj come and help her. Baby get ready fully kishi ki nazar na lage Kunj laughs out at twinkle statement.

Kunj:you act like dadi and mummy..??.

Twinkle:yes because now I’m a mother na that’s why.Sadu Sarna.They click their few photos. Each and everyone get ready and all family members and friends come. They all meet with each other’s everything keep in blue.twinkle and Kunj went downstairs together along with baby.They went to Guruji and take his blessing.

Prithviraj:Guruji give your blessings to my great grand son.

Guruji:haan.He blessed baby.Twinkle meet with each and everyone they all see baby and praise him lott.Twinkle cuddles him tightly possessive mamma ??.After they all sit down twinkle and Kunj sit baby was in twinkle arms.Guruji starts the pooja everyone folding their hands. What name you both decided for baby.

Kunj: dadi and dadu..

Prithviraj: haan. Maid bring bowl inside the bowl chits are there.

Kunj:what is this?

Lata:you both pick up any chit from this bowl and name inside the chits.All hooting it’s funny.Twinkle and Kunj look at each other’s both think Lot twinkle gestures Kunj he pick up the one chit.

Rudra:bhaiya open.Kunj slowly open the chit. He read the name and a bright smile appears on his face.He look at Prithviraj and Lata they blinked their eyes and gestures him he understands and smiled.

Prithviraj: give me I’ll say.He take the chit and so my great grand son name is.KIYAN KUNJ SARNA.. as soon as everyone heard this all get happy.

Tej:kiyan nice name

Rudra:Haan Kunj and kiyan??.

Twinkle:kiyan really.how I mean.

Kunj:don’t spoil it

Twinkle:nice name kiyan Kunj Sarna ?.

Kunj:haan.my dadu and dadi the best. Naming ceremony done beautifully. Twinkle and Kunj get up and take Guruji blessings again and give everyone parshad..

Kabir:me.He take kiyan hi.mr kiyan sarna ?.If no name than also we have name for you chota sadu??.

Twinkle:ahah bhai not. Everyone wish kunj happy bday. Due to crowd kiyan started crying.

Kunj:take him.She take kiyan he stop. Twinkle and Kunj click pics with him they place him in his carrier.They all family members click photo together.Rohan mom

Misha: Sumit let’s talk about Priyanka to tej.

Sumit:no now..

Priyanka: bhaiya take na kiyan I wanted to click your one pics together.

Kunj:okay meri twinkle and Kunj together take him in their hands and pose.Priyanka click their photos. Rohan clicking Priyanka photo Kunj see him.

To be continued…

!NEXT: all families going to farm house.. lots of mastie…???


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