You Are Always Mine! – ReThik’s Love (Pagal Nilavu Serial) Season 1 Episode 19

RECAP : ReThik’s car romance. Karthik makes everyone happy by telling the news. Rethik’s phone romance. Azhagar discusses about Amruth on the newspaper.


Scene 1 :

Azhagar thinks to talk about Revathi Jr’s marriage, but he hesitates.

Revathi Jr : What happened pa?

Azhagar : Just want to ask if you are comfortable with the job you joined in Canada.
Revathi Jr : Appa, I joined in a new business because I was not okay with the typewriting. It won’t affect my career if I stay here for two months.

Azhagar : Hope you will be happy at your new office. I will book tickets to Canada for all of us. Tell me the date. We shall stay there permanently.

Revathi Jr : You can book freely as there is none to interrupt us. (She indirectly taunts Amruth)

Azhagar : Yes da. That rascal Amruth has troubled us a lot. Now he can’t do anything.

Revathi Jr : We shall leave after 45-50 days. What say dad?

Azhagar : Good da. I’ll book now.

Revathi Jr thinks how can she tell her parents about Karthik.

Azhagar thinks how can he ask Revathi Jr about her future.

Scene 2 :

Shakthivel : Karthik, can I talk to you?

Karthik : Appa, why ask? You can talk to me anytime.

Shakthivel thinks of his future daughter-in-law (Revathi Jr) and wants them to get happily married soon.

Shakthivel : Are you in love with somebody?

Karthik (shocked but manages) : I love you and mom so much.

Shakthivel : Dei, stop playing. Are you having a girlfriend?

Karthik : Yes, I have many female friends.

(Their funny scene continues)

Shakthivel : Are you mad? I’m asking if you have a love partner, your girlfriend! Oh my son is troubling me a lot.

Karthik (lies) : No pa, I don’t have any girlfriend.

Shakthivel : You could have told earlier.

Karthik : How could I tell if you don’t ask me?

Shakthivel : I’m ashamed to call you my son. You don’t have a girlfriend.

Karthik thinks what happens if he tells about Revathi.

Karthik : Dad, why do you feel ashamed? Just because I don’t have a girlfriend? I’m not like you. You fell in love with my mom and married her, but I’m not that type.

Shakthivel : You will become like me sooner.
(Jokes at him funnily)

Karthik thinks of Revathi Jr and feels sorry for lying to his father.

Scene 3 :

Karthik tries to call Revathi Jr.

Revathi Jr : Hi Karthik, I was expecting your call.

Karthik : My father asked me about having a girlfriend.

Revathi Jr : What? Did you tell about me?

Karthik : I haven’t told yet. I had to lie to him.

Revathi Jr : Did he ask angrily?

Karthik : No, he told that he’s ashamed to have me as his son just because I told that I don’t have a girlfriend.

Revathi Jr laughs.

Karthik : Hey, why are you laughing?

Revathi Jr : You should have told him about us.

Karthik : How could I? If he refuses…

Revathi Jr : Darling, you are in much stress. Shall I sing a song for you?

Karthik : Okay, as you wish.

Revathi Jr sings “Enathuyirey”.

Karthik feels relaxed hearing her voice.

Suddenly Azhagar enters Revathi Jr’s room. She gets shocked.

Revathi Jr acts like talking to her female friend and ends the call.

Azhagar : Wow Revathi, your voice is still so melodious. I’m proud my child. Are you singing to your friend?

Revathi Jr : Yes dad. She asked me to sing a song for her relaxation. (Thinks of Karthik and smiles)

Azhagar : That’s good. I think I disturbed you. Carry on.

He leaves.

She calls Karthik.

Karthik : What happened? Why did you stop?

Revathi Jr : Suddenly my father came to my room. So I had to end the call.

Karthik : Did he get angry?

Revathi Jr : No, I lied that I was talking to my female friend.

Karthik : Revathi, I feel so bad that we are lying to our parents.

Revathi Jr : What to do? If they oppose our love… we shall make them understand that we love each other a lot and none can separate us.

Karthik : You don’t know how I’m so desperate to meet you. Luck isn’t uniting us this way.

Revathi Jr : Awww, my poor lover boy! Atleast you said this time.

Karthik : Why? Don’t you wanna meet me?

Revathi Jr : I’m more desperate. I want to marry you sooner and don’t want to wait.

Karthik : I feel like tying the thali around you now itself.

Revathi Jr : Hey! Patience man! Patience!! You are more than me!!

They both laugh.

Karthik : Your half song was so melodious to hear. Many more to come my sweetheart!

Revathi Jr : Sure Karthik! Love you my bujji!

Karthik : Love you too my cutie!

They end call and get shy recalling each other’s romantic moments.

Scene 4 :

In Canada,

Ravi tries to call Karthik, but his phone is switched off.

He later calls Revathi Jr.

Revathi Jr : Hi Ravi! How are you? Talking to you after a long time. How are Anu, Raja and Buddy?

Ravi (Talks in a pale tone) : We’re fine. Hope you, Karthik and everyone are fine there too. Got happy hearing that Amruth is arrested. Thanks to you both. I just now saw the news on internet.

Revathi Jr : I’m fine. Yeah it was a big scenario, I’ll tell you later about it. What’s up man? Why are you sounding sad?

Ravi : Buddy has got high fever. I’ve admitted him to a veterinarian. He’s missing you both. Till the day you both left from here he’s not normal. I thought to call you but you must have been busy at that time.

Revathi Jr : Oh no! Our Buddy! I’m so scared. Are you in hospital? If Karthik knows this he will be shattered. What to do? I should inform him. Stay there with Buddy. Call me if there’s anything important. Take care.

Ravi : Yes, I’m in hospital. I feel sorry for you and Karthik. I’ll call you. Don’t worry. Take care.

They end call.

Revathi Jr cries thinking of Buddy.

Revathi Jr : Buddy, I love you so much. We’ll come to you soon and pray for you my baby. I assure you’ll be alright quickly.

She calls Karthik and finds it’s switched off.

She then goes to hall for lunch in a bad mood, but doesn’t show it to her parents.

Scene 5 :

After three hours,

Revathi Jr calls Karthik at her room.

Karthik : Hi Revathi!

Revathi Jr : Why was your phone switched off?

Karthik : Battery was dead. I charged fully now. Tell me.

Revathi Jr : I want to meet you and tell a serious issue. Where and when can we meet today?

Karthik : What happened? Something wrong?

Revathi Jr : I’ll tell you in detail after we meet.

Karthik : We can talk at my car on 6 pm today.

Revathi Jr : Okay.

They end call.

Karthik (thinks) : Why is Revathi sounding sad? I have to talk to her.

Next episode promo : Karthik gets devastated hearing from Revathi Jr that Buddy is sick. She consoles him. They go to temple and pray for Buddy. Andal and Azhagar have a talk regarding ReThik’s marriage.
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