Kawach 23rd June 2019 Written Episode Update: Kapil stays with Sandhya on the wedding night

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The Episode starts with Kapil standing in Angad’s body. Sandhya comes to the room and thinks where is Angad. Kapil as Angad comes to her and holds her romantically. He says you made me wait much, now my wait is over. He says I will not leave you so easily and you don’t know what I have thought for this beautiful night. He holds her stomach, it becomes red. Sandhya moves away shyly. He takes her near the wall surprising her and smiles. He again keeps his hand on her stomach. All youngsters knock on the door and ask Sandhya to open the door. Sandhya says you have scared me. Ankit says I got some songs of Lata Mangeshkar. Kapil as Angad comes and says not tonight, in the morning. Sandhya asks why are you so angry? Kapil says I am not angry and want to be with you for the first night. The witch comes near the window. Kapil signs her and comes in his avatar. He closes the window and switches off the lights. He takes off her jewelry. Sometimes Angad and sometimes Kapil is shown. Sandhya looks at him and he is Angad. He takes her to bed and keeps hand on her stomach. He tries to whisper something in her ears when someone knocks on the door. Angad angrily opens the door. Ruhi says she came to give milk. Angad says it is enough of fun. He gets angry and then tells Sandhya is tired, so let her rest. They all start going. Kapil opens the door and looks at Ruhi. Ruhi starts feeling in her stomach. Kapil smirks with his red eyes.

Sandhya says my cousin will not leave you, you would have a booked room in the hotel. He says nobody will come. He says I don’t want if anyone comes in between us and says I just need you. He touches her face and she fell unconscious. Kapil says I waited for this moment since many years. Witch is standing near the bed. He says we will unite and keeps a hand on her stomach. He tells something in her ears. The witch is still standing near them.

In the morning, Servant goes to the temple and finds the inhouse temple God idols with black tears in their eyes and all the things messed up. Angad’s mother tells that it might have happened due to the storm and asks her not to make an issue of little things and make the temple as before. The Servant thinks this is some Kaal’s tears, something wrong has happened here. Kiran hears her and says Sandhya came with the ghost and made Gods cry on the first day itself.

In the morning, Sandhya comes to Angad and makes him wake up splashing water from her hairs. She reminds of his words and asks him to get up. He turns and looks in the mirror and Kapil is shown. He gets shocked and turns to her. He says you have changed your husband overnight. Sandhya is surprised. He tells that they are single for some time and then they will get their baby. Sandhya says we are married one day back only. She says Angad…He then softens up and says he wants a cricket team. He says sorry. Kapil is shown. Nisha comes there and looks at them closer. She says I came at the right time and says sorry. Sandhya says I am sorry for thinking you wrong. Nisha says your life will be ruined and thinks why she doesn’t see the side effects of last night which she did. Sandhya asks them to talk and goes. Nisha looks at Angad. Angad comes to her suddenly and says you are looking confused. Nisha says I am to say sorry. He keeps a hand on her lips and thanks her. Nisha asks what did I do? He recalls Nisha taking out the trishul out from the ground. He says whatever is happening is because of you and says you are a very important character of my story.

Kiran tells Phupha ji that idols are crying in the temple and Malini is hiding something from them. He says how can this happen? She says she is not blind like them. He asks her to help Malini and Sandhya in the kitchen. Malini tells Sandhya that she shall make everything today for her first rasoi. Sandhya tells that she doesn’t know how to cook. Malini asks her to make what she wants. Sandhya says she doesn’t know anything as she used to go to the office. Malini says she had also learned cooking after marriage. Sandhya says she knows 2 mins noodles. Malini asks her to make it. Kiran goes from there after taunting Sandhya. Shobha comes out and asks Malini why she lied in front of Sandhya that she doesn’t know anything. Malini says Sandhya needs time to adjust in the house. Uncle is in the hall. Angad comes there. The box falls down. Angad asks what happened? Uncle asks I thought I have seen someone else. Angad says I was here. Ankit and Karthik come there and say we have come here to take Sandhya home for the rasam. Angad steps on the mirror and breaks it. Uncle thinks he has seen him after many years.

Everyone is seated for breakfast. Phupha ji asks Uncle if he is doing someone’s life insurance in a dream. Angad scares him and asks if he saw the ghost. He sits on the chair. Ruhi asks why he sat on another chair and not his chair. He says for a change. Angad asks for the noodles. Ruhi says you are a fitness freak and don’t eat it. Malini says it is cooked by his wife. Sandhya says she made sheera and think to keep it as bhog to God. Servant says God has turned black. Malini says she means the temple needs to be cleaned.

Shobha’s husband Rishi comes to the house and argues with Shobha. Everyone comes out of the house. Rishi taunts Malini for breaking her daughter’s marriage and celebrating son’s marriage. Ashutosh uncle gets angry and slaps Rishi. Angad comes and slaps Rishi and asks him to go. He tells how can anyone kill you when I am here and then changes the words.

Sandhya and Malini try to console Shobha. Shobha tells her that everyone is not lucky like Angad and her and tells that Rishi and she had a love marriage, but things became worse slowly between then. Ankit gives water. Shobha drinks it. Malini asks her to come and says Sandhya’s noodles will get cold. Sandhya gets Usha’s call and says everything is fine. Servant checks the noodles and finds insects on the noodles bowl. She tells Malini that there is an evil soul in the house. Malini sees Sandhya coming and asks her to clean it fast. Servant refuses. Malini asks her to clean fast. Servant throws the noodles in the dustbin. Sandhya comes to the dining table and asks about noodles. Malini says everyone ate the noodles, it was so tasty that nothing is left. Sandhya thinks what Servant Nimmo has thrown. Karthik and Ankit come. Malini says your brothers will take you for pagphera. Angad says I will drop her. Ruhi says something happened to him. Angad says yes. Malini hopes they stay happy and thinks if there is some bad soul is in the house.

Angad (Kapil) and Sandhya are in the car. He says we will go fast and will come fast. He then says we will go to pagphera rasam and shall go somewhere else. He says they have to follow the rasams. He says yesterday we got married, I have only right on you. She says we were together last night. Angad says he will not let her go for a moment. He asks her to tell else he will drive fast. She asks you are Angad only and says Angad, I know is not like you. Angad asks then how he was? Sandhya says you love me a lot, but I never imagined that you…Angad says that I will be so romantic. He says what appears don’t exist and what doesn’t exist appears.

Precap: Angad tells that he don’t want anyone to stop him and looks angrily. He talks in Marathi with Usha. Sandhya asks when did you learn Marathi. Angad says my love is a storm. Sandhya hugs him. Everyone rushes to the hospital. Kiran blames Sandhya and says two died before the marriage and one is critical.

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