Daayan 23rd June 2019 Written Episode Update: Veer and Prachi’s Wedding Plan

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Veer thinks finally when everything is getting well, Harsh is creating problem. Prachi walks to him and says Jahnvi has gone to calm down and she is sure Jahnvi will. She shares ice cream with him. Daayan watches them and thinks she can use Prachi in her favor against Jahnvi and tries to attack Prachi when Taiji enters and scolding Prachi takes her away. Veer runs behind them. Taiji complains family that Veer is trying to mislead Prachi and asks Prithvi to kick him out. Brijesh asks her to calm down. Prithvi says they all know about Prachi and Veer’s love story. Taiji overreacts. Jahnvi says they both love each other and will he happy together. Taiji says Veer does not have any job, how will he feed Prachi. Aakarsh says he has decided to reopen his hotel and make Veer as manager. Taiji says

then they should get married soon, let us fix their marriage. Daayan watches this via black magic and thinks she will destroy Jahnvi’s whole family during Prachi’s wedding. Satrupa provokes Harsh to pray Daayan via tantra and convince her to relive Jananta. Aakarsh senses someone praying his mother and walks into Harsh’s room. He stops Harsh and seeing Satrupa there tries to punish her for provoking Harsh, but she escapes. He then explains Harsh that once people are given out of earth, they cannot be relived. Harsh asks all rules are on, how could he relive his wife. Aakarsh says Jahnvi’s ashes and soul were present, so he could relive Jahnvi. Harsh acts as agreeing to him. Once he leaves, Satrupa returns and provokes Harsh again. He says he will continue praying Daayan and asks why she was afraid of Aakarsh. Aakarsh thinks Satrupa is creating trouble, so he has to send her back from this place.

Jahnvi walks to Vishakha’s room and plays with Harsh’s toddler Nishta, she praises Vishakha for taking good care of Nishtha. Vishaka says now that everything is back to normal, why don’t she and Aakarsh think of having a baby. Jahnvi feels shy. In living room, family decides Veer and Prachi’s lavish wedding, but they both insist for a simple wedding. Jahnvi says they should respect their wishes. Brijesh says then tomorrow has a good muhurath for wedding. Everyone congratulate each other and ask Brijesh to prepare his special halwa for all as a celebration. Aakarsh reaches daayan lok’s library to get a special device to catch Satrupa. Guard stops him and after security check lets him in. He finds an elephant trunk like device with which he can capture Satrupa and a paper with details to revoke super powers. Daayan does not see Aakarsh around and gets into palace, she finds Prachi and does black magic on her murmuring she will snatch Jahnvi’s whole family for snatching her son Aakarsh. Prachi gets back to her senses and feels severe headache and thinks it is headache of being in love. Veer hugs her from behind. She pushes him and yells that he is molesting her and can’t he wait till wedding. Veer says he will wait till morrow if she is uncomfortable. She continues yelling at him and walks away, leaving Veer perplexed.

Aakarsh returns to his room and does magic on device reading instructions written in paper. He crates another diamond like device with which he can absorb Satrupa’s powers and send her back to her world. He finds Satrupa who warns to not provoke her. He challenges her to fight and captures her. She says her other 6 forms will not keep quiet and will free her soon. He sucks her into diamond like device. Jahnvi searches Aakarsh. Aaakrsh meets Brijesh and informs his plan of sending Satrupa back to her world and needing his help. Brijesh excitedly agrees to help him. Aakarsh praises him. Jahnvi walks to them and asks what are they discussing about. They nervously change topic and act. Jahnvi takes Aakarsh to their room and after a long explanation asks if he does not think they should also have their own baby. Aakarsh stands amazed hearing that and hugging her thinks he should send Satrupa back to her world soon, else if she hears about Jahnvi’s plan, she will try to stay back.

Veer meets Prachi and apologizing her says they can wait till their wedding. Prachi says it is okay, she does not know what is happening to her, she is having severe headache. Veer says it is common prewedding nervousness. Daayan does her magic, and Prachi shouts at Veer how dare he is to touch her. Family walks in hearing her shouting and asks what happened. Prachi says he came into her room at this time with a bad intention. Veer says he came to apologize her. Jahnvi sends family out and asks Prachi why is she misbehaving with Veer when she herself selected him. Prachi shouts she does not need anyone’s advice and they can leave. Satrupa walks in corridor thinking where Aakarsh must have hidden her white form. She senses Aakarsh walking behind her and disappears. Brijesh finds her and throws rope towards her. She attacks him shouting how dare he is. Veer reaches there and captures her black form and one more. Brijesh says Aakarsh captured 3 forms and should be careful now.

Precap: Satrupa hypnotizes Brijesh and asks where Aakarsh has hidden her other forms. Brijesh says same room where Raja’s body was. Aakarsh captures Satrupa there saying he had sent Brijesh to her. He later tells Jahnvi that he incurred injury while capturing Satrupa and will be fine. Once he leaves, Jahnvi turns into Satrupa and thinks she will snatch magical device from Aakarsh.

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