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Each and everyone was hell happy for soumya and Rudra even they too it’s totally unexpected for them but whatever happened for goods only…

At morning.

Twinkle wake up and smiled to see Kunj she take her phone and see her

sonography pictures in her phone. Kunj wake up meantime and see her he cuddles her.

Kunj:Kya dekh Rahi hai..

Twinkle:kuch nahi bas.she show him phone.Kunj see and smiled.

Kunj:aww.whole day you just admiring this or else talking with baby.After baby toh you forget me na.

Twinkle:she giggles hmm maybe you went office and here I’ll enjoy with my baby na.

Kunj:acha ji don’t fly I’ll not leave he winked at her.

Twinkle:lets see you have cautioned ?what you planning not workout after baby.He raise his eyebrows and come upon her slightly.

Kunj:acha challenge mujhe I love.Kunj went near her neck didn’t put his weight on her.He nuzzled his face in her neck she giggles.Kunj started kissing her passionately twinkle grab his nape hairs.Kunj bite her.She moaned his name.Kunj wet her both side neck even red as well he caress her face.Caution Abhi na hai he said in sensual voice?. She blushed.Kunj moving his nose on her face she taking breathe heavily. Kunj about to grab her lips.

Twinkle:ahah Kunj nahi ewww..

Kunj:what.eww pati hu tera don’t do drama in morning only he hold her hands and grab her lips and started kissing her passionately twinkle too not less.Kunj hands went on her back finding zip he get and slowly open the zip with one hand he sliding twinkle cloths from her shoulders.both their eyes and look at each other’s Kunj hand went inside her top and pressing her body.

Twinkle:ouchhh.. Kunj kiss on her shoulder she shiver.Kunjj please leave me na everyone must be waiting for us.

Kunj:Kya twinkle lets enjoy our morning.

Twinkle:I don’t wanted Kunj so let me go.

Kunj:badi unromantic hogi hai after pregnant ??.

Twinkle:acha tum ho na extra romantic man me Kya karungi Balance bhi equal hona chahiye na?.Bite his cheeks.

Kunj:okay than let’s save the water and time he winked at her..

Twinkle:shameless she push him and composed herself and went in washroom. Kunj laughs out.He get and doing push ups.Twinkle come out of the washroom after bath she look at Kunj and making faces she getting ready while Kunj done with his warm up work out and went in washroom.Twinkle arrange his things like usually he come and get ready quickly twinkle give him his medicine.They went downstairs each and everyone sitting and having their breakfast.While having Rudra using his phone side by side.Twinkle and Kunj wish everyone good morning and take their seats. Mahi bring twinkle breakfast she making faces after see.

Twinkle: ahah?. Mummy ji today why..

Avantika:see tej your bahu I talk to dr she tell me she is very weak she needs nutrition..

Twinkle: one side you and other side this Kunj he behind drink that yucky milk now no maa?.

Rahul:arey why you crying see my Anjali have each and everything nicely let’s see your baby will be cute or else mine??. Twinkle look at him..

Twinkle:acha I don’t want anything my

Baby will went on me so he will be cutest one huhu?. Don’t apply this trick on me Kunj does lott.. ?.


Tej:acha have little bit beta..

Avantika: me khilati hu.. she get up and went towards her chair sit beside twinkle take in spoon she making faces all giggles she cupped her face anyhow she feed her. Rudra phone continuously ringing.. all see her.

Om:haha Rudra Leave your phone now toh..

Kunj:haan busy in messages..

Twinkle:hehe so cute..

Rudra:nothing huhu. Bhabhi lets go for movie.. I have tickets.

Twinkle:acha take Soumya as well all

Laughs out ??.

Kunj:don’t dare to take her anywhere..roka done na now let’s go office Rudra and Priyanka.

Rahul:acha Anjali take care of yourself and went to your yoga classes..

Kunj:yeah mummy take twinkle as well become fully lazy ahead.

Avantika:na Baba teri biwi nope you take her ?.

Twinkle:I’m fit and fine..

Manohar:chalo lets go.. all men’s left for office Omkara come and give mahi side hug.

Twinkle:bas bas om?.Both husband and wife blushed hard Omkara too left..

They all went to office and get busy in their respective works.Rohan and Priyanka sitting together and doing work side bye side Rohan admiring her lott. Sumit was passing from side his eyes went on Priyanka and Rohan both of them looking so good he smiled see they were so happy together.

Twinkle was laying in her room Anjali and mahi come sit beside her.

Anjali:what you having.She show them Tamarind and giggles..

Mahi: hoo again jiju will scold you.

Twinkle:Leave your he is like this only sadu..

Mahi:huhu di he loves you lott always taking care of you.

Anjali:haan but mahi when they didn’t let you do something which you wanted it irritates you lottt I can understand twinkle ?.Both soon to be mommies hifi.

Mahi:very funny.

Anjali:you will not understand bhabhi ji?.

Twinkle:yes.they sit for sometimes than they all have lunch Together twinkle teased lott Avantika but she enjoyed..

After lunch twinkle sleep peacefully in her room.Kunj calling her but she didn’t pick up that he understands she must be sleeping. He too have his lunch along with everyone.

Priyanka was doing her work she playing with pen and looking Rohan who standing in side bush with some other girl..

Priyanka:I didn’t understand one thing when he is around me I feel so good he understands me not like other’s boy making fun of me he helps me lott god With whom I talk If I said anything wrong

Pa and bhaiya kills me no this all for Rudra bhaiya if I do than bhaiya wouldn’t leave me for sure.She leave her thoughts but happy inside her heart.

Rahul was talking to anjali dr he asking

Her something. Kunj come there and see him he wait after Rahul end the call.

Kunj:what happened?

Rahul:nothing just talking with Anjali dr asking her something when I should take her hospital.

Kunj:hoo but Abhi time hai na I mean..

Rahul: in case kunjj..

Kunj:right. Don’t know when I’ll relax yaar. Till twinkle delivery I can’t sit in peace always just thinking about her because of last time.

Rahul:we all know this and don’t worry..

Kunj:hmm I’m calling her but madam didn’t answering my calls sleeping uff.

Rahul:haan your baby will be like her sleeping queen or king ?. Both laughs.

Whole day passed quickly Kunj and Rahul pick up Aayat from school and they left for Sarna Mansion.While All elder’s went to

Meet Bua dadi she is not well they will come back till night.Kunj and Rahul reaches along with Ayaat they went inside and sit in living room.Omkara too come.

Mahi bring tea and snacks for them Priyanka take Ayaat with herself

Kunj:thanks mahi..

Om: where is rudra?

Rahul:ab bhai Ka roka hogye officially take Soumya madam for dinner huhu.

Om: good..

Anjali: you all learn from Rudra something so caring.

Rahul: acha till Shadi ?after next day crying he is already cry baby than become cry husband ???.All laughs out. Twinkle wake she get irritates because of baby who moving so fast and she feels tickles ?.She come down yawing everyone look at her all giggles.

Rahul:aagi tumhari siyappa queen.she come and sit and making puppy faces.

You girls are impossible to understand.

Kunj:Kya Hua twinkle haan?

Twinkle:hmm where is mummy ji?

Anjali: all elders went to meet with Bua dadi they will come late at night.


Mahi: di you need anything.

Twinkle: nahi mahi I’ll take if I wanted she went from there.

Mahi: Arey Kya Hua..

Kunj:sorry mahi she is like this when her mood wasn’t good I m bearing this since I marry her ??now mood swing let me see her. He get up and went behind her twinkle stand in front of mirror and looking herself.. Kunj see her and went towards her and give her backhugged.Kya hua meri Queen.

Twinkle:kuch nahi.don’t irritates me I’m already very much.

Kunj:kyu Kya Hua.he rest his chin on her shoulder.

Twinkle:Kunj this baby tickles me lott.

Kunj:acha ??.You are very cute.. suddenly twinkle feel baby kick she screamed.

Twinkle:ouchhh. Kunj get worried.

Kunj: what happened are you okay..

Twinkle:kunjjj baby give me kick..

Kunj:what.she nodded in yes happiness tears escaping from her eyes twinkle keep Kunj hands on her belly even he too feel baby kick both smiled like anything it’s so soon.

Twinkle:haan..sometimes it’s happened. I’m so happy once again baby give her kick twinkle cuddles kunj. Kunjj I can’t wait more I want to hold my baby in my arms.

Kunj:I know even I too wanted but we have to wait na acha do you have anything or not.

Twinkle:hmm nothing I’m hungry..

Kunj:I’ll get freshen up than we have together mahi make yummy snacks.

Twinkle:okay.Twinkle give him his night dress he get freshen up quickly they both went in pool side and sit alone both enjoy snacks twinkle just blabbering this and that Kunj just listen happily and feed her.


Mahi make dinner along with servants they all sit for dinner Rahul and Kunj forcefully feed their wives rest of the enjoying lott Priyanka missing Avantika she started crying all giggles at her.

Twinkle:I didn’t understand Priyanka what will happened of you after marriage I mean now you can’t stay without mummy ji for some hours.

Priyanka:nahi bhabhi bas aise hi.

Kunj:bas Cry baby.They making fun of her twinkle supporting her and she smiling. They finished the dinner Rudra come back after dinner. Finally boss come. How’s your dinner date.

Rudra:awesome see bhabhi what I have bring for you your favourite pasty..

Twinkle: aw thanks alone alone dinner huhu what about bhabhi.

Rudra: arey bhabhi I’ll toh take you but your pati Dev wouldn’t allow that’s why after baby tell me I’ll take you everywhere after all you help me lott cuddles her.. Rudra about to lift her.

Kunj:oyye extra enthusiastic man don’t dare to..

Twinkle:bas Kunj come Rudra tell me each and everything both hold each other’s hands and went in room all shocked. Rudra and twinkle sit and he tell her each and everything twinkle enjoying pasty..

Kunj and Rahul finished their office work.

While Priyanka watching a movie even chatting with Rohan normally.She leave the phone and engrossed in movie story. It was a love story heroine friend telling her about her feelings for a hero she was denying can’t realised her feelings meanings Priyanka too think her feelings too matching with heroine the way heroine thought about hero even she too for Rohan all things matched.She come out of her thoughts and see Rohan goodnight message she admire his profile photo.

Priyanka:do really I have feelings for him I mean.babaji please help me.She sleep.

After sometimes later Kunj work finished Rahul went in his room even Kunj as well.

Twinkle already sleep after take her medicine Kunj smiled he went and sleep beside her.At midnight elders too come back.

2 and 3 days went Rahul take leave from office now Anjali really need him so dr give her date each and everyone was just waiting for happy like anything.They all shop for baby lott Kunj didn’t allowed twinkle to go firstly she do drama than she understands he is right.Today they all going to kapoor house for dinner because Soumya parents invite them after roka they didn’t meet with each other’s now as a new relatives.They all get ready and come downstairs. Even Luthra’s and Tanejas too come..

They all sit in their respective cars and left.Soon they reached kapoor mansion Soumya was waiting for them like anything.They went inside raj and Shilpa welcome them nicely they all meet with each other’s and sit together in living room.Aayat playing khansa in side. Soumya come and served them water all teased her she just blushed.

Rahul:aaye Soumya never thought you will do our Mehman Nawazi,,

Twinkle: acha why jiju ?. Ab she going to become sarna family bahu so she should do our mehman nawazi?now our Rudra wouldn’t finding anything wrong in her. ?.

Rahul:so true he is Romeo now ?. All laughs out.

Shilpa:Anjali beta you sit nicely na.

Anjali:nahi maami I’m absolutely fine..

Rudra and Soumya gesturing each other’s. Khansa taking baby steps while holding Ayaat hands all see her and smiled.

Usha:now can’t wait when baby will come at our house..

Avantika:right Usha see khansa ?.

Leela:whole day passed so quickly behind her each and everyone behind her only do her this and that.

Lata:true hai yeh toh.now Anjali than twinkle.Servant come and tell dinner is ready Priyanka went and help Soumya both set dinner at dinning table Soumya teasing Priyanka normally.

Soumya: Rohan thinking lott about you haina today he take everything on himself and save you..

Priyanka:hmmm:Each and everyone sit for dinner soumya served them they all started having. Rudra hold Soumya hand under the table yuvi see them and giggles Rudra making faces like don’t. Anjali and twinkle finish their dinner quickly both went to living room and sit khansa was in twinkle lap she feeding her baby food. While Anjali feeling uneasy she get up hold her back and walking here and there. Suddenly she felt labour pain she started screaming twinkle see her and get shocked she immediately get up and give voice to Kunj Anjali screaming more and more everyone listen and they leave the food and come Rahul went towards Anjali hold her hand.

Rahul: Anjali what happened..

Anjali: ahah Rahul I having pain..

Usha:what maybe her labour pain started take her to hospital.Omkara and Rudra run and bring car while Rahul life Anjali

In his arms they all went outside Rahul sit in back seat along with Anjali.Kunj sit at driver sit Omkara beside him. Avantika sit beside Rahul and both consoling Anjali they all drove off for hospital they all praying for Anjali.soon they reached hospital Rahul was hell panicked.Kunj bring stretcher and place Anjali on stretcher she crying like anything.

Kunj:di Don’t cry take deep breathe.They went inside Omkara called dr.Anjali gynaecologist immediately come call nurse take Anjali in OT..


Avantika:don’t worry beta.Meantime each and everyone reached hospital.

Lata: Anjali??

Om:dr take her dadi.

Kunj:Rahul sit here. Twinkle standing in side she praying for Anjali Avantika see she went towards her.

Avantika:twinkle beta sit here in hustle anyone bumped with you.

Twinkle:ji.she sit in side while each and everyone worried about Anjali her crying sound coming till out.

Rahul:Anjaliiii.Hope everything is fine mera baby.

Tej:haan.They roaming in tension here and there.Just than everyone heard baby crying voice they all understand..

Dr look at Anjali she breathing heavily. While dr shows her baby and she get happy and rest her head on pillow while nurse take baby to clean..

Rudra:why dr taking this much time haan?

Nurse clean baby dr come out of the Ot while nurse holding baby in her arms..

each and everyone rushed towards dr.

Rahul: dr how’s my wife and baby. Nurse come in front.

Dr:congratulations mr Malhotra you and anjali blessed with a baby girl.yes Anjali give birth to a cute baby girl.And Anjali is absolutely fine she said and went everyone look at each other’s.While trio new maamus started jumping happiness. And went near Rahul who was In deep shocked.

Kunj:dekh you wanted to take first than tell us or else we were dying to hold our niece bol Jaldi. Rahul look at them he giggled and forward his hand nurse put baby in his arms he closed his eyes twinkle and Kunj look at Rahul he cuddles baby..

Rudra: give me baby..

Om: haan me too.

Priyanka:first me.Rahul look at them he wiped his tears and went near tej and Avantika gestured them.

Rahul:mum and dad not with us now we have you both. Tej cupped his face.

Tej:acha when this thought come in your mind pagal meri double happiness hai he take baby in his arms. Aww Avantika see she is so cute..

Avantika:give me my both poti and natin. She take and kissed on baby forehead. They all siblings starter fighting for baby. Usha and Manohar too take their first grand daughter and give her lots of love. Than Lata and Prithviraj they were so happy finally hold their grand kids kid.. Kunj take baby in his arms.

Kunj:she went on Avni haina..

Twinkle:yeah she looking like Avni fully so cute baby.

Rahul: bas Don’t put your evil eyes on my baby??.

Twinkle:very funny..

Kunj:humhara double connection hai. Finally become maamu

Om:haan.All teased Rahul. Avni too take baby she and yuvi admire baby lott.Anjali shifted in normal ward.nurse come and take baby with herself.

Rahul: my baby..

Avantika: don’t worry your baby will not go anywhere.

Kunj:happy papa ji ?now become mature not anymore baby..

Om:yeah.Usha and Avantika hug each other’s.After sometimes later Anjali get conscious dr examine her she is absolutely fine trio brothers bring cake for Anjali and Rahul or baby they all went in ward.Anjali open her eyes and see Rahul who standing beside bed.


Rahul:shhh he help her to get up she sit and look at everyone. Lata and Prithviraj went near keep their hands on her head.

Prithviraj:god bless you beta.Our little Anjali come she smiled.

Avantika:congratulations beta become mummy.

Rahul:yes even me papa promote finally. Trio brothers hold her hands and kissed on Anjali forehead.

Kunj:become maamu di..

Anjali:haan my baby is so lucky teen maamu?.

Rahul:Kamine woh bhi..

Avni:Acha bhai huhu.

Anjali:where is my baby.

Twinkle:haan nurse take baby why. Just than nurse come with baby.

Leela:lo Anjali ki anjali come. Rohan come

Rohan:arey Rahul your Patanjali come ?.

Rahul:hatt.. I’ll kill you if you call my baby.  Nurse give baby in Anjali arms she kissed on her forehead she opened eyes and look at her mother with small small eyes.

Anjali: aww she is so cute Rahul.

Kunj:niece humhari hai.,

Avni:Acha Kunj bhai..

Tej:bas don’t start my Aayat crying there for baby.Anjali and Rahul cut the cake and feed each other’s they all smiled and enjoying lott.

Rudra: she is not cry baby.

Rahul:thanks to god not went on you?. Don’t worry Kunj wala went on you cry baby.twinkle and Kunj make faces.

Usha:who will stay with Anjali.,

Rahul:I’ll stay with Anjali it just matter of one day I asked dr they will give her discharged tomorrow.

Twinkle:acha I’m so excited Kunj baby will come tomorrow.

Kunj:bas Meri MAA control on your excitement.

Kabir: haan do at your time when your junior Sadu Sarna or siyappa queen come.

Twinkle:not good bhai you all always teased me after my baby if anyone teased see what I’ll do.

Kabir:you can’t do anything just cry along with your baby.

Twinkle: haww papaaaa..

Rt:bas hospital hai and twinkle now you become bua and maami as well don’t cry. All giggles twinkle get angry Avantika give her side hug..

Avantika:Anjali beta you rest and Rahul take care of herself and do tell me if she need anything.

Rahul:sure badi Maa..everyone bid bye to Anjali and baby they respectively went to homes back..

Rahul sit beside Anjali who feeding her baby and smiling like anything.

Rahul:now our family complete Anjali.

Anjali:haan im so happy our little bundle of joy.he kissed on her forehead and tickles baby both admire their baby.after sometimes later Anjali slept again due to medicine dose while Rahul handling his little duck who looking at his father.

Rahul:thanks babaji for this happiness mumma and dad my baby I wish you see us see we are so happy.Badi Maa and bade papa promise you both they will always stay with us do each and

everything like a parents and they did we are so happy today.Chalo duck now sleep okay.He moving here and there and send his baby new born pics to tej and Avantika they both laying down they get Rahul message and see both get hell happy.he always give them first priority make them always happy.

Avantika:tej I’m so happy for Rahul and Anjali.If today Atul and Saanvi..

Tej:Haan Avantika I always feel so bad because of us today they aren’t in this world they leave their kids and save our Kunj..

Avantika:true tej.But we always love them more than our own kids when they both always loyal with us and prove their true friendship how can we.that day when they die in our hands that day only I promise

I’ll leave my own kids one a second but Avni and Rahul never give them each and everything all mother and father love whatever we have we will give them.

Tej:hmm.Even they both too give us all respect and love which kids give their parents both of them never obey us.We didn’t see them from different sight even they too Avantika we are lucky babaji give us 6 kids. Now he become father I

Just dream they both settle down in their life than I’ll feel good Me woh eshaan toh nahi chuka sakta hu what Atul and saanvi did for us. Still remember that night, today Kunj with us because of them only. Avantika nodded in yes and rest her head on tej chest.Kunj was passing from their room he heard their conversations and feels bad as well he went in room.

Twinkle feeling hungry she having her food.Kunj entered in room he smiled to see her she looking so cute. He went towards her she having non stop he fill water for her in a glass and pass towards her.She see and look at Kunj. She chocked.

Kunj: ahah aaram se made her drink water with his hands and she feel okay. Kya Hua.

Twinkle: kuch nahi I’m so happy so feel hell hungry she bit her lips..

Kunj:pagal people wanted this and that and my wife just want food she get happy if you show her food in phone how cute.

Twinkle:yes I love food my first love Kunj arching his eye brow both of them giggles. Twinkle feed Kunj too he have. Kunj I’m so happy anjali di baby..

Kunj:me too her doll is so cute na twinkle now you too give me fast.,

Twinkle:acha bachu this isn’t in my hands.wait Mr Sarna.. after sometimes later they all sleep.

Next day..

each and everyone was hell excited in Sarna Mansion little baby coming today at home.

Aayat: hoho papa when di and baby come I wanted to hold baby first you all are so bad did take me huhu.

Rudra: arey kids not allowed in hospital.

Aayat:acha when I get Ill than why you all take me huhu all giggles. Kunj lift her in his arms.

Kunj:aww my baby don’t worry Rahul and di come in some hours don’t worry okay.. she cuddles Kunj and get happy.

Rudra and Omkara wanted to go hospital to bring new baby and her mumma and papa but they deny they will come.

Everyone happiness has no boundaries tej and Manohar send sweets in a pink box  each and everyone in their relatives and friends.they all extremely stimulated everyone after Aayat little cutie come in their family.all siblings decorated whole Sarna Mansion with baby things and Rahul and Anjali took fully keep all necessary things which baby wanted they all fight as well during so this all things. Trio maamu in one team and rest of girls in another team.All elders get happy.Their time memories flashing in front of their eyes even they were too like them,..

At [email protected]

Rahul come in anjali ward after completing all discharged formalities.She was all ready he entered and see his beautiful wife and extremely adorable baby.

Rahul: finally my two cuties ready?

Anjali: haan see she looking so cute in this dress badi Maa send.

Rahul:haan after all dadi send na?.


Rahul:whatever. He kissed on Anjali and baby forehead. Now let’s go everyone must be waiting for us specially Aayat she complain me lott.

Anjali:haan:She get someone with whom she can plays every day.Rahul take bag and give Anjali side hug.They went outside and driver come to take them.They happily sit in car. And they drove off for Sarna Mansion.

Usha and Avantika or Laya prepared all Anjali favourite things.they all roaming near door entrance.

Kunj:when they will come this Rahul teasing us..

Twinkle:haan. Jus than they entered as soon as everyone eyed went on them they all get hell happy like anything they all went towards entrance.. diii twinkle scream.

Kunj:bas twinkle you don’t become like baby now baby come in our house she is enough for loudspeaker cymbals

Rahul: acha Kamine meri beti cymbals what about yours let come your time,?.

Avantika:bas Bas.Priyanka bring aarti tali Anjali holding her baby in her arms perfectly.

Everyone welcome anjali and rahul baby,

Trio brothers  decorated hall with balloons ,cartoon  roses and toys….

Everyone was hell happy as they now got a new relation…Elders become grandparents,kumro became mamu,prinki and aayat became bua..Avantika does their aarti.

Lata:now come. They nodded and entered inside see everywhere get happy.

Kunj:you come and sit her brothers take her and they all settled down on couch.

Aayat: pa baby pointing her hand towards Anjali hands.

Tej:haan give your baby to my baby now we have two small dolls haina..

Aayat: yes I become big now haina.

Anjali:yes cuteness massi?.Aayat went towards Anjali she sit perfectly and see baby she sleeping peacefully.

Aayat: umm she toh sleeping why?

Twinkle: because she is new born na she will sleep.

Kunj:I wish she wouldn’t went on her maami nahi toh become sleeping beast ?.Twinkle throw cushion at him.Aayat caress baby cheeks she open her eyes and look at everyone.Aayat get so happy. Twinkle take her in her arms so carefully. She admires baby Aayat too.

Rudra:give me too.Twinkle and Aayat kissed on her both cheeks.Than Rudra take her he cuddles her kissed on her forehead.Pa she is so soft.,

Rudra:chalo teri and Aayat ki team rise finally ?one more baby,,

Om:so true.

Rudra:see your husband Mahi huhu.

Mahi:Kya husband it’s your and his matter.

Avantika and Usha bring lunch for each and everyone they all sit and having lunch Lata handling her great grand daughter and she was too happy.They all happily finished lunch.Kunj take baby in his arms and roaming here and there showing her toys which scattered over all in living room.Just than she started crying Kunj patting on her back.

Kunj:see maamu baby.

Anjali:chalo twinkle your husband will handle your baby.

Twinkle:haan that I know ?.

Om:Kunj give me.

Kunj:I take now you play with her enough now it’s her elder maamu time.suddenly Kunj feel wet he look down and see baby pee on him.. Rudra and Omkara laugh out Kunj closed his eyes.

Om:Kya Hua elder maamu bear this?.

Kunj:di her nappy?

Anjali: maybe full hogya hoga give me her now her feeding time. She take baby from Kunj and she went in room.

Kunj: meri shirt,,

Rahul:great yeh meri taraf se small gift?.

Maamu ji.. he said and went behind Anjali.

Avantika: go and changed.

Kunj:why on me always even Aayat as well.

Rudra:maybe you smelling great ??. Kunj gritting his teeth at him both brothers went from there..

Rahul and Anjali entered in their room they both were shocked to see room condition it’s totally amazing.They both smiled and understood their gang did they went ahead and see they write a note from their side good wishes for baby and their parenthood.Anjali and Rahul sit he give her clothes and nappy she clean her and changed her nappy than she feed baby she become normal.Rahul baby in her cradle which fully in princess style..

Rahul:you go and get freshen up you need rest.

At twinj [email protected]

Twinkle and Kunj entered in room twinkle laughing at Kunj after see his face expression she take out his shirt another one.

Twinkle:bas go and take shower.It just a trailer what about movie when your own baby come if you make this faces I’ll kill.

Kunj:acha aise toh you were chanting my baby my baby Than take this all things on yourself only.

Twinkle:haww aisa hai Kya than baby is mine only tumhara kuch nahi hai huhu very bad Kunj Sarna.he take his shirt and went in washroom Kunj get freshen up.

Anjali and Rahul rest for sometimes while rest of them chilling out in garden Aayat crying for baby she wanted to play with new baby

Avantika: Aayat baby so rahi hai na. Do you like when we disturb your sleep haan.

Aayat:I wanna play with her mumma.

Twinkle:Aayat we will play with baby chalo now bhabhi and doll will play in my room she hold her hand and take her in room. Aayat bring her toys and twinkle laying down on bed in sitting position while Aayat playing on bed happily with her dolls And blabbering itself only twinkle listen and reading some baby book.After sometimes later Aayat feeling sleepy she rest her head on twinkle chest and she caressing her hairs she slept quickly.Kunj entered in room and see them he smiled.

Kunj:big doll also slept?

Twinkle:yes.He sit beside twinkle take her hand in his hand kissed on twinkle hand.

Kunj:looking cute kissed on her baby bumped

acha did you plan anything for Anjali and their baby he told her they have a ritual in their family brother and his wife have to give anything to sister and sister in law from their side.

Twinkle:Haan mummy ji told me but what should I give you think this na.

Kunj:hmm he bring his laptop than both searching things what they take for Anjali and baby.After some much time finally they get and both get happy di will like this.You girls wanted this things only.

Twinkle:yes me and di went for shopping at Omkara wedding time she like this but she didn’t buy in hustle it looks good on her and baby as well.


After sometimes later baby crying Rahul and Anjali sleeping peacefully while Priyanka and Avni went in room bring baby with them.they all playing with her lott.Place baby in middle all sit around her in circle.She looking at with small and small eyes.All giggles and kissed on her small hands Aayat clicking her photo. Both Nani’s too playing baby.They all become baby with her.Anjali and Rahul wake up together they smiled. They get up and see cradle is empty baby wasn’t there.

Anjali: where is baby??

Rahul:Haan she toh sleeping in her cradle.

Anjali:maybe with everyone who we used to take Aayat without telling badi Maa and bade papa when they sleeping and when they wake up and get worried ??.

Rahul:haan see time went so fast now our time come.. good na my baby have so many so they can handle her so I can romance with my wife?.

Anjali: ab toh sharam karo ek beti ke baap bangye ho mr Rahul Malhotra ?. Rahul pulled her cheeks.

Rahul:so what nobody can say we have a baby baby my.. kissed on her cheeks they went in living room and see they all busy in baby. They smiled. Choro you all stole my baby haan.

Avni:yes we did see badi Maa they both husband and wife sleeping peacefully and my cutie pie crying alone so bad na.

Kunj:busy man he is?he murmured Omkara and he laughs out.Anjali and Rahul joint them.How’s our surprise?


Anjali:yes I love it thanks.

Twinkle:acha now di will say thanks to us huhu.She chuckled.They all enjoy tea and snacks.Aayat happily playing with baby in side. All watching them.

Kunj:dadu lets do baby naming ceremony na..

Lata:haan me and he too thinking same.

Tomorrow we will keep baby naming ceremony okay.they all get happy and they divided their work respectively expect than twinkle and anjali.They in formed both their families.After sometimes later they done all work they all sit for dinner just than Rohan come there he have to give file to Kunj so.

Rohan:Kunj your file I checked. Priyanka look at rohan.She smiled in her heart.

Kunj: thanks come have dinner with us today pinku made everything.

Rahul:yes pinku he stretch her name ?.

Rohan sit beside Priyanka only she served him he started having and it’s really yummy food.


Rudra:haan. Do her Shadi and throw her as well pa?.

Kunj:acha She isn’t like you so desperate samja if again take her name I’ll strangle your neck..

Tej:now your both left na Rudra we will do Priyanka wedding in very grand way add you as well??.They all giggles out while Rohan face colour fade away Rahul gestured don’t worry they finished the food. Elders went in their respective rooms while rest of them sit near poolside and playing with baby later she slept in Kunj arms twinkle admires this..

Everyone was fighting to take the baby ….

Twinkle was happy but she get flashbacks of her first baby how all were happy for her baby ..

She thinks if that incident wouldn’t have happen then today her baby have also with them.

She went to her room as she doesn’t want that after seeing her tears they become sad.

Twinkle sat on her bed and caressing her first baby sonography.tears were coming from her eyes..

Few minutes later kunj entered into room…

Twinkle immediately hide the sonography

under the pillow and pretended as she is sleeping.

Kunj:arey this syappa queen is sleeping here i came here to take downstairs as anjali baby came.He sit near her saw tears mark on her face and think why she  cried.His eyes went on the paper which was little bit coming out from pillow.He saw the reports and sonography.He understood why she was crying.He kissed on twikle eyes.

Kunj:twinkleeeee..She didn’t answer him.

i know you are not sleeping so please open your eyes.After listening this she opened her eyes….

Twinkle:tum bhi na mujhe rest ni karne dete wese toh bolte rahte ho rest karo or jab mai rest kar rahi hu toh tum mujhe bol rahe ho uth ja .

Kunj:agar jhoot bolna nahi aata toh bolna nahi chahiye.

Twinkle:jhoot ni toh mai kha jhoot bol rahi hu.

Kunj:took a drop of her tear in his finger tip.ye kya hai twinkle.You were crying right I had told you so many times not to cry..jo beet gya uske bare me  mat socho aane wale kal ka soch.

Twinkle:kya karun kunj ..me jab anjali di ko unke baby ke sath dekha na toh i realised if that incident wouldn’t have happen our baby would have been with us.She started crying.

Kunj:shhhh baby stop crying i know its not easy even for me also.But tu ye bhi soch babaji se tera pain ni dekha gya or unhne humhe fir se humhara baby de diya.Toh tu uske bare me mat soch jo hota .jo hoga uske bare me soch jo aagey hoga ..

Zindgi chalne ka nam hai jo beet gya hum uske bare me soch ke kuch ni kar sakte but jo aane wala hai usko acha banane ke liye puri koshish zarur kar sakte hai so now stop crying.He caresses her back after some time her sobbing become less..he made her sit with the support of head board.He gave her medicine as because of crying her bp can be low so.

She slept because of medicine.

Kunj thinks still she didn’t forgotten that incident.don’t when she will be fully ok.may be after baby ….

Jese darkness light se harate hai wese hi isa dard ko baby ki happiness se hi khatam kar sakte hai.Bas baba ji ab meri syappa queen ko or baby ko safe rakhna.. he kissed on her forehead and changed his clothes wear night dress and lay down beside her she cuddles him in sleep

He smiled and cuddled her back fully both sleep in each other’s embrace.

Next day at morning.

Twinkle wake up she smiled after see Kunj face he looking so cute.

Twinkle: baby my baby have to went on his papa after he is so cute damn she blushed but not become sadu like him she tehee.And went in washroom Kunj was wake up already heard twinkle words he giggles.

Kunj:pagal hai meri biwi totally but I love her lott.She come out of the washroom Kunj went in washroom twinkle get ready and went down and bring his coffee. She come and place in side she doing work. Kunj come back in room after bath he wear his clothes and see twinkle working.

Ahah twinkle I told you numbers of time stop doing this work servant will do na.

Twinkle:okay you drink your coffee and take medicine as well Kunj.He sit twinkle went beside him. Kunj having his coffee.

Kunj:why you went in kitchen I don’t want you give trouble yourself haan.

Twinkle:nothing is like this I’m fine absolutely Kunj.They both went downstairs everyone sit for breakfast anjali and Rahul come and give baby to Prithviraj Aayat sit on his another lap and making cute faces.

Aayat:now baby you too give baby than we trio will play together..

Kunj:acha by the way Rudra and Priyanka did you submit your assignments haan. Both nodded in yes.

Om: haan aaj kal toh Soumya helping him lott?that’s why he was always on time.

Rudra:acha less than you.You toh loving mahi bhabhi secretly I’m toh open. ?.

Kunj:it’s called shamelessness bro?.

Aayat: dadu feed her breakfast na.

Prithviraj: na Aayat now she is small she can’t have this only milk like you.

Aayat:hoo likes me good now we will share milkshake.Mumma and papa bring our things same to Same.Tej and Avantika nodded in yes.They all finished the breakfast Anjali feed baby so she sleep quickly and Lata sitting beside her and Aayat as well. And Avantika take Twinkle she get shocked to see swelling on her foots and hands. She take her in room.

Avantika: twinkle beta yeh swelling keshe haan? She get worried.

Twinkle:don’t worry mummy ji it’s normal I m having last time as well na dr told it’s normal.

Avantika: phir bacha it’s not good too much swelling.

Twinkle: acha she too get worried don’t tell to Kunj he will get worried without no reason.

Avantika:acha Leave this come with me to dr.

Twinkle: but Kunj.

Avantika:don’t worry they all busy in naming ceremony preparation we will come.They make excuses of Guruduwara and both left for hospital.Dr didn’t come while Avantika and twinkle waiting for her lott.

Other hand all preparation don’t both nanu too running here and there. They done with each and everything and get relieved so they all sit Kunj searching for twinkle he went in his room finding here there too Than giving her voice after he didn’t take any response back he get worried about her lott he come down in tension.

Tej:what happened Kunj are you fine haan?

Kunj: nahi woh twinkle kaha hai i m finding her pa.

Usha:Arey she and Avantika went to Guruduwara don’t know why they take so much time.

Kunj:acha he calls Avantika and twinkle their both of them call coming out of the rang. He get worried but become fine because his mother with her so she is safe. They called luthra’s and taneja’s before they come and meet with everyone all get happy they all sit and see Anjali baby. All praise her lott Rahul lifting his collar ??.Anjali pulling his leg lott. While Kunj one mind stuck at twinkle only why they didn’t come till now in sometimes function will be started.

At last dr come after long time they went in her cabin Avantika told dr about her she examined her and tell haan it’s not good so much swelling now twinkle become worried lott become of last time.She give her medicine and her rest and have proteins. Avantika take her home safely.

Leela: here is Avantika ji and twinkle beta.

Kabir: haan.

Kunj: they both went to Guruduwara na Kabir.Just than they come Kunj get relief he went towards her and look at twinkle with anger eyes. Aise kaun jada hai I was calling you and you didn’t pick up my call haan he said in stern voice.

Avantika:kunjj she was with me why you scolding her haan.

Kunj:but you both in formed us na I was worried about her. Mummy ji.

Avantika: I told Usha.Chal twinkle beta she give Kunj frown look she went in her room.

They all get ready for function twinkle was just worried about her health if this affect her baby than she get ready while fighting with her thoughts. Kunj get ready and see her lost in her thoughts.’so he thought she must be angry because of him he went towards her and give twinkle backhugged.

Kunj: acha Baba sorry na now don’t become sad because of me he said and rest his chin on her shoulder she come in sense and look at him she make faces and turned Kunj keep his hands on her waist and look at her. Sorry na.

Twinkle:huhu you always scold me in front of everyone why kunjj ab bhi now I’m not anymore newly wedded wife of yours. If you did in front of my baby than see me. I’ll shoo you.

Kunj:okay sorry he said in cute way I was worried about you.You know when you went away from my sight I become restless.She smiled and nodded in yes, she cuddled him kunj kissed on her forehead and give her love bite near her ear lobe and moan his names loudly.Both giggles they went downstairs all guest started arriving.They all smiled and attending the guest Anjali and Rahul come with their baby their small family looking so beautiful.All see them smiled to see them wish no one evil eyes on them.they come down and stand in side.Their baby looking so beautiful.

Usha: my anjali looking so beautiful. Rahul arching his eye brows.

Avantika:my Rahul not less?.

Rahul: yes I’ll be like you now one can say you have so big kids and going to dadi soon look so younger than Aayat ?.

Avantika: acha he cuddle her she give him slap playfully all smiled.

Kabir: your baby is so cute.

Malika:yeah khansa jumping for baby in her mumma arms.Arey bacha calm down.

Guruji call everyone.They all sit down while Anjali and Rahul sit for pooja.They does pooja along with baby.Than started naming ceremony process.

Guruji:any name you both decided for your baby.Rahul and Anjali look at each other’s.

Tej:yes tell guru ji.

Rahul:me and anjali decided one thing we have ritual na grand parents keep baby names so you and badi Maa did please. They both look at each other’s.

Tej:nahi Rahul you keep na beta.It’s your right.Haan If Kunj at my place you wouldn’t say this.

Avantika:acha never you keep we will be happy.

Tej:yes.We keep lott na now it’s your time. At Kunj time too we did same to same.

Avantika:yes Rahul you both tell name we will tell you if is good or bad.They both agree Than Anjali and Rahul look at each other’s.We decided our baby name is HANINA they said together.Meaning is Gracious.all clapped while tej and Avantika give them thumbs up.they both get hell nappy and whispered in baby ears slowly.Guru ji give her blessings and even praise name as well going with her stars. All get up anjali give pooja parshad Aayat take two even Rudra as well soumya giggles to see Rudra he eat in one go.

Rohan:hanina aww I expecting you will keep her name Patanjali ??.They all laughs out while Anjali stamping her foot at rohan shoes he scream in pain.

Kunj:so beautiful name like our doll.Each and everyone give them gifts they eagerly waiting for twinkle and Kunj gift.Kunj gestured twinkle she bring and handover Kunj both went towards Anjali and hanina?.Twinkle open the box Anjali see and get surprised her eyes sparkling with



Twinkle:yes you like na take this from our side. She look at Kunj and twinkle.

Anjali:it’s so beautiful.They give her a neck piece.She loved it.Immediately Rahul

Made her wear she showing everyone they all praising.Than now it’s baby turn they bring a small peals bracelet for them its so beautiful.

Rahul: so cute when you both bring this haan.

Kunj:I’m maamu I can?.They both husband and wife made her wear as well in her tiny hand it’s looking so adorable Lata and Prithviraj smiled how nicely Kunj and twinkle fulfilled their all duties being a elders son or bahu of this.Anjali was extremely happy.Other guest asking about twinkle Avantika finally tell them as well. Twinkle was happy but worried about baby leela and rt asked her what happened her she give her excuses. Priyanka and Avni bring new mommy and soon to be mommy sash and crown while Mahi and Omkara bring a huge cake. They elders surprised and happy their kids enjoying fully every bit of it together.

Avni:bhabhi come she went towards Anjali and put sash around her shoulder. New mummy she murmured.

Anjali:cool while Priyanka made her wear crown as well. Twinkle come you too.

Twinkle: arey why me haan it’s di time not


Avni: we knows you become like Kunj bhai sadu come she bring as well and give her sash soon to be mummy both looking cute like anything even crown Aayat and khansa clapping itself only.All giggles. Anjali and twinkle cut the cake and feed each and everyone they all applying each other’s face while Usha take hanina with them.They all become made and laughing fully.Kunj notice twinkle she looking so off since she come back from Guruduwara he leave it think maybe again her mood swing.They eat cake less and play cake holi More??.After sometimes later they all sit for lunch and had together Kunj feeding twinkle with his hands.

Anjali:aww was a time you shy lott now see him?. Totally went on dadu ?always care about his wife.

Kunj:yes any doubt di now see how Rahul become hanina spot boy yours he is already now he will dance on two fingers ??.

Rohan:lol true first Anjali Kuch Kuch hota hai ab Kya hota hai hanina ??.

Rahul:don’t worry rohan once your wife come I wouldn’t leave you swear of Kunj. And talking about him he will dance not he will do bharatnatyam ??.Did you see him twinkle twinkle chanting her name always. Haina twinkle if you have boy than he will dance and girl than lag gye two siyappa queens?

Anjali:now boy we get girls na Kabir and Malika nodded. Twinkle Kya Hua haa.

Twinkle:kuch nahi di.You people making fun of me only.They all sit on floor take cushions twinkle sit beside Kunj.He hold her hand.

Kunj: are you okay?? She nodded in yes. They all started playing antakshari.Rudra sing romantic song for soumya she was shocked to see his new shades others pulling their legs lott and laughs out.Yuvi and Avni wasn’t less than too dancing together. They passing jokes now it’s Rohan turned.

Mahi:rohan chalo.

Rohan: hmm.rohan look at Priyanka who busy in her duppta playing with edges.

Rohan started singing Aankhon Mein Teri

Ajab Si Ajab Si Adayein Hai. Hoo Aankhon Mein Teri.Ajab Si Ajab Si Adayein Hai

Dil Ko Banade Jo Patang Saanse Yeh Teri Woh Haawaien Hai ).Rahul making faces while Rohan just looking at Priyanka all smiled to listen his voice.Kunj eyes went on Rohan who staring his sister he get confused than he leave it see his face plain white face. Priyanka and Rohan share a eye lock romantic one.He expressing his love for he had in his heart through this song.She smiled and understands some hints.They play

More than end the game.Hanina started crying.

Rahul:why she crying this much haan. Man.

Kunj:start hai this babies isn’t less than any musical instruments ??. All laughs out.

Tej:Acha Kunj apne baby ke time Kya hoga.

Kunj: we have you people na he said and look down.

Leela:haha see means grands duty again first their own baby now this great ?..

Avantika:karna padega.hope your baby not went on you all teased us lott haina tej when they born many nights we passed roaming here and there.

Anjali:hey babaji meri badi Maa.Than dark circles ??.

Yuvi:arey why maami you will give this siyappa queen she slept lott now it’s her time to spend her nights ??.She looking down.

Kunj:in heart what happened to her haan babaji let me talk to her may be she is still angry because of me kunjj kya karta hai you know na she is so sensitive.They spend more time each other’s after they left even Avni as well Rahul give his all sisters gifts they get happy.Twinkle can’t control herself she having tears she wiped immediately and went in her room.They all thought she must be tired.Twinkle went in her room and removed each and everything and sit on bed.Kunj entered in room while laughing he saw twinkle get shocked to see her she sobbing so badly. Kunj went towards her.

Kunj:twinkleee.. she see him and get up wiped her tears. He cupped her face why you crying haan im sorry na for them.

Twinkle:Nahi Kunj why you saying sorry.

Kunj:than what happened to you haan in whole function you lost somewhere are you okay na in sacred voice..

Twinkle: I should tell Kunj what dr tell me.. she think. Kunjj what I went to dr with mummy ji.

Kunj:what dr??? Why and when?? She narrate him each and everything. Acha.

Twinkle: Kunj I’m worried about baby if again something happened to my baby this time I’ll die Kunj I don’t have strength to lost him once again Kunj covered her mouth with his hands.

Kunj: shhhhh pagal why you thinking this wait he immediately call dr and talk to her she tell each and everything than Kunj get worried end the calls.Twinkle nothing is worried about this dr tell me you and baby is absolutely fine cupped her face.You just scared because of last time and this fit in your mind twinkle think positive okay wiped her tears and kissed twinkle forehead she cuddles him.

Twinkle:Kya karu kunjj I cant neglect anything it’s matter of my baby.

Kunj: I understand you sit I’ll bring something to have for you didn’t have lunch nicely he said and went downstairs and made itself for her healthy Avantika entered in kitchen Kunj talk to her she tell him as well.

Avantika: she worried why it’s normal I just take her don’t want she will bear any pain that’s why nothing else.

Kunj: hmm thanks you take but you know na because her miscarriage she fit this fear in her mind. And pagal crying continuously.

Avantika: hmm Kunj understand and why you saying me thanks haan acha If she is your wife and your baby remember even my bahu and grand child is..

Kunj:sorry he bite his tongue and cuddles Avantika kissed on her cheeks she smiled and Kunj take fruit cream for her because she love it this is only one thing she had fully other wise for everything she doing drama.Yeh acha nahi woh acha nahi hai.

He went in room Twinke changed her clothes and wear cute hello kitty night suits which Aayat bring for her. Kunj see her and smile he went near her. Looking cute. He hold her hand both sit on her and see fruits cream and smiled.Kunj feeding her with his hands he happily eat and tell even Avantika too take her for normal check up.She finished and drink water.

Twinkle rest her head on Kunj lap he smiled and caressing her hairs. After they both sit together.

Twinkle:hanina name is so beautiful Kunj.

Kunj: yeah like her cute.

Twinkle:did you think about our baby name she said and raise her face and look

He look at and peck at her lips.

Kunj:hmm probably not I myself wanted dadi and dadu keep our first baby name they dreaming about this since long time twinkle she hold his hand. If you don’t mind when we have our another baby than you will keep baby name..

twinkle:chuckled ?acha sadu even I’ll loved if dadu and dadi keep our first name. And about another baby acha phale ek toh aane do after listening yours story from dadi and dadu you were so naughty when you are small and other siblings as well mummy tired.

Kunj: acha really I’m so well mannered boy you don’t know I was so scared of each and everyone.

Twinkle: pata woh toh papaji made you, haan listen if you scold my baby na I’ll throw you out the house will not send away as well.

Kunj:Abhi Se pati hua paraya after baby toh you forget me na??crying faking.

She cuddles him.

Twinkle:nahi I can’t forget you kunj

Never you know I love you like anything you are my everything my breathe connected with yours.He wrapped his arms around her arms.

Kunj:even I love you too pagal..

A week has been passed way sarna family filled with love and laughters after baby hanina Rahul finished his all work soon and come home early tej scold him but they all get happy.Kunj taking care of twinkle fully she becoming really sensitive due to her mood swings Kunj bear each and everything.They all played with hanina and do her all work now twinkle didn’t get bored in afternoon she stay with Anjali Both handle baby together she is really naughty itself she pee always on her trip maamu. Which made everyone laughs out.Their day went so fast in hanina they shop for her if they went out.

@twinj room..

Twinkle comes from washroom in bathrobe and was standing in front of cupboard..

Twinkle:what to wear yar i had become like panda nothing is fitting me now aggh yaar this sadu sarna didn’t took me for shopping huhh.She thinks something and smirks.

She wore kunj shirt and went to her husband who was sleeping peacefully..

Twinkle: kunj mere pati parmeshwar uthiye na.Kunj was not in  mood to wake up so he hide his face with pillow…

Twinkle: kunjjjjj..she bite his cheek…

Kunj:what the ****?

Twinkle:no gali mr….baby will listen samjhe.

Kunj:huhuh.what was that haan ? Aise kaun uthata hai.

Twinkle:mai utha thi hu jab sadu sarna uthne me drama karta hai tab..

Kunj:huhh.at night your mood swings and in morning you does not let me sleep….

Twinkle start crying..i will.tell papa ji huh..you don’t love me any more you love your sleep more then me haan ….

Kunj:again her harmones uff babaji in girls ko smjhna itna difficult kyn hai?.twinkle meri jaan i was just joking i love you so much.darling stop crying na.

Twinkle:but you said i didn’t let you sleep.

Kunj:arey baby woh toh just ainvy for teasing you.

Kunj:acha baby why you didn’t wearing your clothes?.

Twinkle:now onwards i ‘ll wear your shirts only as my dresses are not fitting me and you said i can’t go outside so….

Kunj:but in front of all .i mean how you will roam like this ..

Twinkle:sadu sarna ye ni ki shopping pe chalte hai ise iski padi hai ki mai shirt

Me sabke samne kese rahaungi..

Kunj:kuch bola tumne .

Twinkle:ni kuch ni koi bat ni i ‘ll not go outside from my room.She stand in front of the mirror wese its your fault.You made me panda by eating alot huhh.Kunj backhugged her.

Kunj:so what mujhe ni fark padta hai agr 10 -20 kg gain ho gya h toh …in fact i m loving this chubby chubby twinkle..

Wese you don’t need to wear my shirt..

Twinkle:why i don’t look good?

Kunj:you look hot baby but this for me only .

Twinkle:so what should i wear ???

Kunj:gave her bags.see what i brought for you..

Twinkle::took out things….

Kunj brought new clothes new things which she need now in these days.

Now you can fit easily in these dresses..

Twinkle:: aww kunj when did you went for shopping?

Kunj:yesterday only i saw you in the morning struggling with you dress zip.so i thought to shop for you.Twinkle wear one maxi dress which kunj brought for her

Wow kunj its superb.better then suits more comfortable.thank u so much baby..

Kunj:only thanks haan he move towards her and kissed her on lips.you are looking cute in this dresses..

Twinkle:after all mere husband ki choice hai Kunj smiled.Twinkle went downstairs she sit Avantika Anjali come give hanina to Anjali she went in kitchen to help mahi for breakfast.She is so awesome.

Avantika:haan.Bacha.after sometimes later each and everyone come for breakfast they all having breakfast Anjali can’t have because of hanina she crying continuously.

Kunj: ahah twinkle see how you will handle your baby see di struggling. Anjali take her in her arms she immediately stop.

Twinkle:hehe huhu see she stop as soon as she went in her mother arms my As well in my arms after all I’m his mumma.. ?.

Rahul:after having almonds her upper floor working kunjj??.Rahul bite his tongue.

Twinkle:you told him na this huhu..

Kunj:whatever sadu..

Twinkle: don’t go office.

Kunj:Arey I have a meeting that’s why.my project going to end. She make faces and look down tej and Avantika look at each other’s.After all men’s get up for office.

Rahul:bye my doll.they kissed on her forehead and left for office.

They all reached office immediately busy in meeting Kunj doing his best tej feel so proud on Rahul and Kunj..

Twinkle get bored in her room she went in garden there Lata and Prithviraj sitting there Twinkle sit beside her.

Lata:how’s you beta..

Twinkle:fine dadi your grand child teased me lott ouch she get baby kick.lata and Prithviraj giggles.

Prithviraj:Avantika was like you at her time and Kunj teased her lott.When he come in my hands I feels like whole world in my

Arms now waiting for my Kunj baby. Twinkle smiled.

Twinkle:my baby will so lucky his father dadi and dadu waiting like anything. I m so happy when baby come he get each and everything utmost Love.

Lata:haan me and your dadu counting days in our finger tips..

Twinkle:same me and Kunj too.

Omkara finished his work he come home early. He went in room mahi sitting in room he went towards her and give her backhugged she scream in pain.She see Omkara and shocked he giggles closed her mouth with his. Both in Engaged in deep passionate lip lock.They falls down on bed. Mahi moaning his name loudly they fully engrossed in each other’s and showing love and made a love.After sometimes later both slept in each other’s arms.

Priyanka falls on floor Rohan was passing his foot slip he falls down on her she shocked Rohan looks at Priyanka their eyes stuck in each other’s both admiring each other’s romantic song play in BG?.

Kunj come there and see them Rahul was in side who giggles Kunj get angry.

Kunj:Priyankaaaa.they both immediately get up and composed themselves while Rahul escape from there while murmured tsunami.aaiiii????.

Rohan: woh she falls down.

Kunj:why you explaining me.it’s okay and you go and do your work.She immediately went and shivering like anything she see Kunj anger red eyes. Kunj went in tej cabin while Rohan crying like baby Rahul come and console him.

Rahul:so sorry it’s okay???.He saw na now he will think..?.

Tej: Kunjj your work done go home be with twinkle.

Kunj:but pa we have meeting together in sometimes.

Tej:I’ll handle with Rohan you go Okay.

Make her happy and do what she wanted.

Kunj:you all spoiling her lott ??.

Tej:acha yes go fast.he said and Kunj went out of the cabin Kunj in formed Rahul and quickly left.Kunj reaches Sarna

Mansion he went inside see twinkle sitting Avantika applying oil in her hairs.Her hairs become so long.And making her beautiful.

Kunj went and sit beside Usha.

Usha:finally you come.

Anjali:haan his wife demands na.

Twinkle:huhu he will come for me haan kaam hogaya hoga so he come she

murmured Kunj look at her and they all slightly giggles ??.Mahi and Omkara come after get freshen up mahi went In kitchen so escape from everyone tease.. she knows definitely they will teased her lott.She make snacks take for everyone. She served all while Anjali see her brother and bhabhi meantime Rahul too come he tell rohan go with tej. Priyanka as well even Rudra too.They all enjoying while Anjali teasing secretly them lott Mahi just blushing Omkara ruffles his hairs.

Kunj: Kya Leave at least Om.

Rahul:acha you will say this only because you were too same na ??bheege bal??. All laughs out fully haina twinkle?

Twinkle:mujhe Kya pata ??.

Rahul:acha Yeh tummy aise hi balloon ki taraha phool raha hai ???.

Twinkle:eww di see your husband even baby too here.Usha and Avantika closed their ears twinkle get up her hairs again open. Ahah I should cut them.

Avantika:why it’s Looking so beautiful.


Rahul: it will help you lott to tie Kunj hands ??.

Twinkle:very lame.and leave my Sister.

Mahi: yes.

Rahul:sisterrrr my foot.Rahul teased twinkle and mahi lott they just giggles. Kunj look at Priyanka her phone beep..

Kunj: nowadays you getting lotts of messages who sending you Haan Priyanka.

Priyanka: nahi bhaiya. Avantika and Usha went in room..

Kunj: give me your phone and shivering.

Twinkle:Kya kunjj tum bhi na always ready to become Hitler brother she isn’t baby.

Rahul:haan.You go pinku.she went immediately.

Twinkle:I’m scared if you had a daughter and in future you become hell possessive father ?.

Mahi:hehe juju..

Kunj:I’ll love it ??.Chalo give me hanina she will play with me he take in his arms.

I’m taking her okay di she nodded in yes. Kunj lift her in his arms and take her in their room.

Kunj get freshen up and sit take hanina in his arms twinkle come there she smiled to see her Aayat joint them trio fully become baby with baby.They enjoy lott.After they had their dinner in night and went in their rooms.Twinkle cuddling Kunj she just wearing a long T-shirt.

Kunj:why you playing my feelings I can’t control she chucked and pulled his cheeks.

Twinkle:acha why you always become angry see Priyanka scared of you..

Kunj:you didn’t understand I’m like you know her she is so innocent I don’t want anyone play with her feelings..

Twinkle: aww so sweet of you.

Kunj:Leave now everything he come upon didn’t put his body weight on her.Looking killer how you manage I mean yaar?this baby bump making you more cute she smiled Kunj kissed on her forehead and bite her cheeks she moaned his name. Nuzzles his face in her neck giving her wet kissed his one hand moving on her bare legs.she shivering due to his touch. Twinkle grab his lips he shocked but happy both started kissing each other’s. Passionately entangled their hands tightly. Twinkle removed Kunj T-shirt.Kunj open her T-shirt zip in front she blushed he giggles Kya twinkle now Also you blushing why.It’s been more than a year to our wedding still you get shy if yesterday only ?.

Twinkle:I know aise kuch nahi hai the way you look at me it’s make me shy ?.He bite her cheeks she scream.sadu.Kissed on her cleavage Kunj went out of the control twinkle can see desire for herself in his eyes. She push him and covered herself under the blanket your shameless control yourself you wouldn’t get anything till my baby?. He giggles and give her back hugged and kissed on her belly she smiled and both sleep.Priyanka was talking with Rohan.

Priyanka:you don’t message Rohan bhaiya get angry when my phone beep.

Rohan: ho sorry because of me you get scold..

Priyanka:nahi nothing is like this I’ll message than you okay they talk for sometimes.Bid bye to each other’s and sleep with a smile..


After so many days ?.busy..

how was the episode?

Thanks for your comments in my last episode..

hope you will like this episode

Finally Anjali and Rahul blessed with a angel ??hanina ?.. don’t worry I’ll show Priyanka and rohan scene but now it’s quiet hard hope understands. Now twinkle and Kunj turn.. there baby.. no proof post in hustle busy ?.

Bye love you..

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