Yeh Teri Galiyan 17th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Asmita says she isn’t Puchki

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Yeh Teri Galiyan 17th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Asmita says I lied I am assmita not puchki. Forgive me. sHan says why were you doing this drama. Bua says who forced you to say that? You are Puchki. Shan says when she is saying she is asmita why are you forcing it? He points at Asmita and says this is Puchki. And this asmita is only Ridoy’s wife. Moushmi says why do we care. Beauty says we care. She first hid about her job and now to get shan she lied that she is Puchki. She is a liar. Neel says you played with our emotions for money? Humanity is more than money. Ravindra says we trusted you. I never expected this from you. Moushmi says go from here. I know who will stop me. You were fooling us. she shoves her out. Shan says stop. Shan says she is Ridoy’s wife. She has our DIL. We can’t treat her like that. Moushmi says she is a fraud. Bua says you have no right to kick her out of this house. She is moni’s mother. How will she live without her mom? Shan says yes Moushmi would need her mom. Nandani says she is a fraud. Shan says Moni needs her. Asmita you played with our emotions. You shouldn’t have done it. He leaves.

Asmita cries. She runs. Asmita runs in the rain crying. she recalls everything. Asmita walks on the wrong and song naina plays. She comes to the temple. Asmita says I am sorry Shan I had to lie. Thaku ma says well done. Asmita says why did you do this? Why? I need an answer. You gave me a new life. tHaku ma says because you forgot my favors. You never tried to find me. Asmita says we were told you are dead. Thaku says did you try to find out? You are a police officer. did you attend my funeral. Asmita says please.. SHe says I wont meltdown now. Everyone decevied me. You were all snakes. You know what will I do. I know Moni is from sona gachi. She is child of Ridoy and pr*stitute. If you want it to stay secret, do as I ask. Or she will have to go back there. Now let Shan go to Nandani. Her parents have favors on me. I have to return those favors or this Moni will go back to sona gachi. Asmita says I am moni’s mother because we have motherhood. Asmita says you can’t remove me from Shan’s heart. Bua hears everything. Thaku ma leaves.

Bua slaps Asmita. Asmita says I am sorry. Bua cries and hugs her. Bua says you will never get shan if you always think of others. Asmita says we are tied by breaths. No one can part us. I am his Puchki. Bua says my daughter.. She picks sidur and puts in on Asmtia’s forehead. Bua says don’t let Shan go in wrong hands. You and Shan can’t part. Promise me you wont let anyone take him. Asmita says I promise. Bua hugs her.
Nandani says to Thaku ma thank you. You are the best. Thaku ma says she is very strong. She gave up on her love for a little girl. She isn’t broken down. Nndani says so what should we do? Thaku ma says we have to make it officials between you and Shan. I will talk to Rainvdra.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Leisa s morris

    I dont understand thaku ma’s reasoning. Wasnt puchki a lil child when thaku ma allegedly died so how did she have any say when beauty was d one who control tings? Also wasnt puchi fighting for her own life as a kid cause both beauty and nevi was trying to kill her? So how d hell could these writers forget dat and write such a stupid reason for thaku ma to go against puchki especially when even as a child puchki was d only one to try and help her. Even tiday as amadult puchki tried to save her life. Hmmmm is it so easy for indians ti betray someone as these wrtiers r portraying? Dont indians have any loyalty to pplwho has been gd to them? How could thaku ma forget that puchki was just a kid eh? These writers r d absolute worst

  2. This series is really a joke nothing genuine about it, good character some How change to antagonist for no rational reasons, main characters are butchered, the stories are ambiguous and there is no end to these anticlimactic and melodramatic events which they introduce. It’s like they don’t want asmita and Shan to be together or they don’t want a sensible series running on television for people to enjoy. Jezz? I just hope they don’t bring back that crazy freak ridroy my God he’s annoying

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