Nimki Mukhiya 17th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Annaro falls from stairs

Nimki Mukhiya 17th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki says pandit ji we should fast in this condition right? He says someone from family can fast for you. Nimki says my MIL will. Annaro says end the pooja. Pandit ji says now annaro will do arti for her grandchild’s long life. Nimki holds her hand and they do arti together. annaro throws it. She says don’t dare to touch. How could you? Pandit j says this is the temple. Nimki says her mental balance is weak. We will bring her some other day. Nimki says let’s go Tune. They leave.

Annaro comes outside. Nimki and Tune are standing on the edge. Annaro shoves them but falls herself. Nimki holds her. She failed idea. Rekha says she touched you. Annaro says leave me.. Nimki says okay. She leaves her. Annaro falls from the stairs. Her head bleeds. Nimki leaves.

Scene 2
Ritu says this is the plan. We will get everything back. Babbu comes. Ritu says MAhatu is ready to give seat to Tettar. Tettar says is everything okay? Babu recalls the toys. Babbu says nothing. Sweeti says he couldn’t be MLA but at least he got the seat in the party. Tettar says I will be vidhayat. Sweeti says elections come in 5 years. Till then Budhhu is Vidhyat. Annaro coems in. Babbu says what happened? Rekha says don’t tell. Rekha says nothing we did the pooja. Tettar gets the call. HE says nimki was there? Babbu says jharya tell me what happened? He tells them everything. He says I tried to save but she fell. Tettar says why don’t you understand. Anaro says she came there. Tettar says you could leave. Rekha says that would be a bad shagun. Babbu couldn’t be a father. tettar says shut up. We have to stay away from Nimki. why don’t you understand.

Mauha says I ask her not to go to temple. Ramla says i thought Anaro’s heart would melt. Mauha says she a stone instead of a heart. Nimki says so if her heart melts I would go back? Ramla says no but at least you would live in peace. Nimki says I will ruin their lives. Abhi says how? By going there. Abhi says don’t you understand. And Tune why did you take her. Nimki says don’t you understand what is it when a guy brings a gift and girl wears it. And he leaves. Ramla says what. Nimki says no old woman. Let the girl and boy speak. You didn’t even say a word. Tune always appreciates me. You can’t be romantic. Tell me how I look? We will talk about annaro later. Abhi says I am sorry. I don’t see appearance. I see the heart. You are so beautiful from there. You are beautiful. Nimki says heard you all? Besides annro there is a world where nimki is beautiful. Nimki says let me tell everyone. Abhi says we would get sonography report. Mono says you would be able to see the baby? Nimki says I don’t want to hear. Nimki says Tune tell everyone I am going for Panchayat.

Scene 3
Babbu says amma your hand is red. She says Nimki touched me. I kept washing it. Diamond comes. Babbu says massage her feet. Annaro says this wont heal me. I wont live peacefully if that child is born. Babbu says she can’t do anything. Annaro says her child would. I wont be alive to be there for you. Babbbu hugs her and says everything will be in our favor.

Nimki comes. She says I am late but still everyone isn’t here. Ramla says nimki tell before they run. nimki says we did so much for this village. Like beauty parlors, toilets, and fashion show. A guy says don’t remind that fashion show. Nimki is silent.

Precap-Abhi opens a gift. He reads for Tinku’s mausi. Mausi says this must be nimki. She opens a box and says what is it? Nimki says add one time medicines in one box. Mausi throws her gift and says don’t come near me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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