At midnight kunj was sitting in airport waiting for his flight announcement. He think about twinkle her sad face and tears coming in front of his eyes. It’s the first time he felt so bad to go anywhere till now he never felt this what he feel right now his life is like this to go here and there due to work most of the time he away from his family.why this time he doesn’t want to do.

Kunj: I should call her she is really bachi didn’t meet me properly siyappa queen.

Wait a minute I’ll call her just than Kunj flight announcement happened his pa look at him..

Sara: sir lets go..

Kunj:yeah with heavy heart he gets up went.he sits in his flight see twinkle photo in his phone before putting phone on flight mode he messages her I m MISSING YOU PLEASE DON’T BE SAD???

MY SIYAPPA QUEEN.and rest his head on back of seat board closed his eyes thinking about twinkle a beautiful smile appeared on his face..the flight take off.

At Sarna Mansion in twinkle and Kunj..

Twinkle laying on bed on her stomach resting her chin on pillow cuddles tightly and hissing badly..

Twinkle:he is so mean I know because of that incident he still angry with me that’s why he went away from me.I’ll not talk to him.

Rudra:Arey O bhaiya went now we have to cheers up bhabhi..

Om:acha do it. Now let’s go and sleep. College hai na.

Rudra: now bhaiya out of the india no fear of college ?. Omkara slap on his cheeks playfully.

Om:idiot his eyes like an eagle rudra don’t forget.He drugged him, and they both went and sleep.while thinking about kunj twinkle doze off.

After 8 hours and 45 minutes later kunj finally reached the London.Due to announcement he wakes up.He gets up and went out of the aircraft his pa handling luggage he wears his coat.. went out of the airport and see his country.

Kunj:wow finally come back to my place.

Missing like hell?.Kunj see snow falls he rubbed his palms.car was already waiting for him he sits in car even his pa..

They drove off for Sarna Mansion.He look at outside from window and see the view which he admires after long time.

Sara:sir seemed like you missing..

Kunj:yup any doubt in this what about you.

Sara:same sir..

Kunj:acha you do one thing you went to your home meet with your family than we’ll start the work process.

Sara:okay sir kunj firstly drop her at her apartment than left for his place soon his car entered in Sarna place. Driver come out of the car and open the door for him.He removed his sunglasses and take the view of his home.

Kunj:we did bad to go India ??. if not go than how I’ll get twinkle.. Caretaker come and meet with kunj.

Ramu: Arey kunj baba you come.

Kunj:yup kaka.. he takes his blessing and they went inside.

Ramu: baba you come alone didn’t take my bahu..

Kunj:she didn’t come kaka only I come..

Kunj sit and take a deep breath.

Ramu:acha koi baath nahi You go and sleep.

Kunj:yup India me toh morning ho gai hogi.I’ll sleep first.. he went and leave message to tej he reached.And enter in his room. Changed his clothes and sleep.


Next day in morning sunlight coming on twinkle face she wakeup due to this and smile..

Twinkle:Kunj baba please wake up na see the time you get late for your office afterwards don’t tell me twinkle get me late..haa baba I’ll not take 2 hours in bath. She open her eyes and look at Kunj bed side and see its empty than realized he isn’t here he went to London last night only.she feels bad cuddles her knees.I’m idiot he toh went.she finds her phone sadu is so bad break my phone too now this Daba not working..

She gets up open the curtain and went in balcony and look at that spot where kunj used to do his exercise everyday today he was not here.good morning Twinkle she finds clothes for herself. It’s so heavy what I’ll do to wear this in kunj absence this one is fine.Why I do this ha I never wait for anyone if kunj isn’t here I didn’t feel to Wear anything good.she hit on her head take normal plain Anarkali and went in washroom.

She gets freshen up and went towards dressing table look at herself in mirror missing kunj.every morning while getting ready she looks at Kunj from there who sleeping peacefully at her makeup session and making of her by calling paint.she did light make up and arranged the bed sheet and went downstairs she went in kitchen making tea for everyone and handling breakfast as well.Now for whom he makes coffee who is a crazy behind her coffee.she fills tea in Kunj mug and take for others Prithviraj and Lata was in garden due lil cold they stand in sunlight.She went in garden and see them.

Twinkle:good morning dadu and dadi.. they both to wish her good morning back.served them tea, and they take and twinkle sit beside them..

Lata:today you wake up so early..

Twinkle:haa woh i used to wake up because of kunj that’s why..

Prithviraj:he toh went..they chit and chat for sometime after everyone wakes up, and they come in garden only today they arranged breakfast in garden near sea.everyone and sit for breakfast..

Manohar:did kunj call come till now toh he must be reached London..

Tej:no he didn’t call me Tej check the time he reached long back..

Rudra:Arey bhabhi ko toh pata ji hoga..

Bhaiya call you..

Twinkle:no I didn’t get it his any call..

Avantika:He will do Tej you know kunj is very responsible boy not your other kids?..

Rudra:what do you mean by this haa I know you taunting at me only. Rahul and omkara did hifi ??..

Rahul:rudra are you eating almonds because now you mind is working very much ??..Aayat come there while crying she waked up in raw sleep..

Rudra:she just cry always..

Avantika:even you too she come and sit on Tej lap..

Aayat: where is bhaiya..

Rahul:which bhaiya Aayat ?..

Rudra:haa we didn’t understand you have many bhaiya..

Aayat:I know I’ll not take his mind I had only one bhaiya.

Rudra:you witch..

Aayat:protein powder.they all giggling to see rudra and Aayat.Twinkle just playing with food other family members can see her.They finished their breakfast Manohar and tej along with Rahul about to go office.

Rahul:okay bye today my partner isn’t here.They left for office.later twinkle was in her room doing her work.


Twinkle:he didn’t call me if he reached or not.

Yuvi calling Avni he irritates her lot..

she picks up her call..

Avni:what is this Yuvi..

Yuvi:I told you na come and meet with me in cafe..

Avni:if my brother will get to know about this he’ll break your teeth’s..

Yuvi:at least we can become friends..

Avni:okay I’ll think later I have to go for interview.


Avni:yup interview I’m got bored here, so I’ll Assist Psychologist doctor..

Yuvi:wow all the best.They end the calls.

To make her falls for me it’s not easy Task.He ruffles his hairs now Yuvi joint his father business.He went to office and get busy in work along with Surjit.

Whole day went so fast twinkle missing kunj like anything.

At London kunj wake up and rubbing his eyes.

Kunj:in half sleep.Twinkle please get my coffee please only you make you don’t tell anyone and please take out my

clothes I already get late please don’t take too much time in your bath session where are you.Are you listening me.. he keeps giving her voice due to this ramu kaka come and see kunj. Kunj turned his face and look at ramu kaka. Where is twinkle.

Ramu:Arey kunj baba wake up. Kunj get up and look at here and there than understand he is in London.He hit on his head and smile. Now you wake up na come I’ll make your lunch because breakfast toh you went in sleeping.

Kunj:okay I’ll get freshen up.. he went kunj get up and stretch his arms.. uff I’m so idiot finding twinkle here Ek din bhi nahi hua iski yaad aishe aarahi hai jeshe kitne long time se I didn’t meet with her.now on wife here who will handle your things he takes his clothes and went in washroom.He quickly gets freshen up and ready wear warm clothes extremely cold is.he went down and sit in living area ramu kaka come with Lunch.you keep it here this I’ll have in some time you just bring coffee I’ll make it here.

Ramu: okay baba he brings everything kunj make coffee as per his taste he take the mug and went in balcony and see the snow falls views he take the sip of coffee and pause..

Kunj:Twinkle ke jesha maza nahi hai..
he enjoyed his hot coffee with cold weather.I thought to spend time with her so I’ll get to know her more and give our relationship one chance.take our marriage one step ahead.!!

Twinkle distracting her mind in work so she didn’t miss kunj lot but everything went in vain she missing him.

Anjali: twinkle what happened.

Twinkle:nothing di..

Anjali:I know you missing kunj ahem ahem twinkle smile fake-fully..

Twinkle:let’s take dinner everyone must be waiting.They take dinner to dinning area and place everything on table..

Rudra:Papa bhaiya didn’t call till now.

Tej:wait I’ll call him..abhi toh subhe hogi waha.tej call kunj he pick up the call.

Hello kunj..

Kunj:haa pa..

Tej:you didn’t in formed me you reached.

Kunj:i reached in morning..

Tej:ha talk to your dadu.he give phone to Prithviraj he talk to kunj twinkle

looking at phone.Even lata too come than end the call.after dinner all went in their respective rooms.. twinkle entered in room feel so lonely without kunj even room too incomplete without him.. she went towards dressing table looking her face which become so dull just than her eyes went on side she see one note she bend take out and see the note she read.


YOUR SADU LOVE..she smiled slightly started crying slightly she kissed on the note.

Twinkle: than why you went haa. I’m siyappa queen haa now I’ll not call you even not talk to you.He didn’t call me till now.She went to bed lay down while thinking she slept quickly.

Rudra and omkara Along with other siblings they sitting.

Rahul: Arey where is twinkle today..

Anjali:she feels so sad since kunj went.

Priyanka:pa should send bhabhi with bhaiya.

Rudra:hmm there Also bhaiya didn’t give her time.. just than Rudra got kunj call. Finally bhaiya ji call us hi bhaiya.

Kunj: hi rudra where is twinkle.

Rudra: don’t know.


Rudra:she is in her room bhaiya only.

Kunj:acha I’m calling her she didn’t pick up my calls go and see her once. And don’t leave her alone sleep with her.

Anjali:hoo see kitni fikar Biwi ki ?.. Kunj just smiled Rudra went to see twinkle see she slept.

Rudra:Bhaiya bhabhi toh sleep.

Kunj:okay tell Priyanka sleep with her..

Rudra:okay they end the call. Later Priyanka come and sleep with twinkle.

Well days going kunj get busy in his work.He didn’t get time to eat food he try to call twinkle she didn’t pick up his call due to in Anger if he told anyone to give her phone she make excuse and went.he get angry due to this he too stop calling she missing him every single day crying for him In nights same happening with kunj too..

#normal night..

Avantika:Twinkle puttar why you staying so quiet haa anything happened between you and kunj.

Twinkle:no mummy ji.

Lata:see her she staying so simple.. nai nai shadi hui hai still..

Avantika:are you okay na.

Twinkle:haa I’m okay..

Kunj was in office he doing his work surrounded by work lot.he finished his work and went home.. take out his phone and see twinkle photo.

Kunj:I can understand her anger still can’t she talk to me once here I’m dying to talk to her want to listen her voice call on everyone phone but madam didn’t talk to me.if I would know about her so I’ll take her with me na.he Itself get angry.Kunj removed his tie and throw it in side.One more time I should try I didn’t call her.He call at lata phone.
Lata: haa kunj aur kesha hai.

Kunj:dadi I’m fine where is your bahu.

Lata:Twinkle she is in kitchen.

Kunj: dadi do my one work give her phone she didn’t talk to me I’m calling her. She laugh slightly.

Lata:acha yeh baath ha kya.I’ll give her phone. She calls twinkle from twinkle she come.

Twinkle: yes dadi you call me..

Lata:haa take this phone your father coming you..

Twinkle: Papa.. mujhe.. she take the phone.

Lata:go talk to in your room.. she nodded her head in yes twinkle went in room.She kept the phone on her ear.

Twinkle: hello.. Kunj Listen her voice after long days he felt so good.. hello. Papa

Kunj: oyye..

Twinkle: Papa kaun..

Kunj:no Papa his son in law is here.. twinkle see called Id Kunj Sarna and your hottest husband madam.

Twinkle:tum.. she about cut the call.

Kunj:Twinkle please please don’t cut the call yaar I’m calling you like insane and you didn’t answer my calls this is the way haa. She closed her eyes Listen his voice her ears dying to hear his voice.. tears escaping from her eyes.Kunj understand.heyy twinkle shhh don’t cry please.She started crying loudly sit on bed.sobbing in very harsh way.. even at Kunj side he hold the railing.twinkleeee

Talk to me:.


Kunj:acha pani pe phale please for me. She take deep breath and drink water.
Kya hua anything happened did anyone tell you something haa..


Kunj:why you crying so badly..

Twinkle:you are very bad kunj.. I’ll not talk to you ever.Kunj laugh slightly with tears..

Kunj:I know this.. chale leave this all things siyappa queen why you didn’t pick up my calls haa..

Twinkle: Kyu why I’ll pick your calls tum ne mere phone ko call karene jeshe sha choda hai kya sadu.. Kunj giggles.

And I’m not interested talk to you.

Kunj:acha why didn’t you miss your husband I know you feeling so good whole bed is yours now not tension..
she started crying loudly Kunj get shocked..

Twinkle:I never thought this ?.

Kunj:sorry I’m just kidding twinkle what happened to you now you become crying queen.?.

Twinkle:don’t say this all nonsense things Sadu Sarna.and why you lied to dadi my call is..

Kunj:I didn’t my dadi Itself did this.I call each and everything just because of you. Can’t you talk to me..

Twinkle: did you think before going and leave me here alone.

Kunj:how you are alone whole gang toh with you haa where is your Laxman and Bharat went ?aise toh bade bhabhi bhabhi karete hai woh after me fuss everything ???.

Twinkle:for your kind of in formation Mr Sarna my devar is best..

Kunj:you didn’t bothered to ask me once how I’m haa did I have my food or not

But no husband ki toh koi care hi nahi hai.

Twinkle:acha did husband went London he didn’t call me once. After 2 weeks you calling me is it good kunj. Each and everyone is important for you.

Kunj:from where this question come haa.i told you already keep your issues with me only don’t take anyone apart from us.

Twinkle:you take me wrong only that I m taking family members name..

Kunj:acha Leave these hows you.

Twinkle:I’m very good. Acha kunj I’ll talk to you later mummy ji is calling me.

Kunj:okay I’ll call you at night please phone pick up kar lena.

Twinkle: let’s see and think. Okay bye.

Kunj:bye she cut the call kunj kissed on phone.Pagal jhali khai ki.he went in washroom get freshen up and sit In side and get busy in his work. Kunj get call from his close friend. He pick up the video call. What’s up bro.

Ram: hey Kunj Sarna ji.

Kunj: hi today you call me saale.

Ram: Arey I toh call you kamini but you didn’t call me once. His wife joint.

Siya:hi kunj baby.

Kunj:hi bhabhi ji..?

Siya:kamine.. you are in London didn’t in formed us..

Kunj:Arey what to do I was stuck in work didn’t get time to talk to my wife.Ram and Siya look at each other’s face ahem.

Ram:see till now I thought me and Rahul is behind wife’s he too come in our list its unbelievable for this..

Siya:True ram.. now if you free kunj ji than kindly come our place today we kept get together so you coming I will not listen anything.. Kunj look at them.

Kunj:you and malika is same to same okay I’ll catch you soon.He winked at them.he end the call and quickly went in washroom and get ready fully.Look at himself in mirror once.Kunj see twinkle photo in side he take and kissed on it.

First I’ll send phone to madam she get very good solution.He call Rahul and tell him in mute.. he take his phone and went down. He about to go ramu kaka stop him.

Ramu:Arey kunj baba where??

Kunj:kaka I’m going to my friend place so I’ll have dinner there only bye.he left for ram and Siya place. Soon he reached his friend place he come out of the car and went inside ram and Siya just waiting for him only as soon as they see kunj get so happy both run to him and hugged kunj.

Ram:wow looking hot after wedding..

Siya:Biwi ke pyaar ka effects ?..

Kunj:you also started like Rahul and ram.Now let me sit mere ram and Siya.

Ram:yes they went towards living area and settle down.Siya bring wine for them.

Kunj:you know na I didn’t drink this..

Ram:okay mere baap.. ram me hu but obedient you are ?.

Siya:you are just for name sake Ram.. they sit and having coffee and chit chatting with each other’s.. aur how’s you.

Kunj:very much fine..

Ram: where is your wifey.

Kunj:she is in India.

Siya:you are so bad didn’t take your wife with you.. she must be missing you.

Kunj:murmured woh toh hai hi na..

Ram:aur how’s others.. my lovely youngest bua..

Kunj:haa your bua is also good.. and you both didn’t come in my wedding.
Aise toh both of them saying my bestie see you rahul is good.

Siya:haa I know you’ll say this only but what to do man.here he get ill and top of you know Avinash.

Kunj:where is that kamina.just than avinash come from back..

Avinash:here bro.. he come and sit on kunj lap with jerk..

Kunj:you buster..

(So guys ram is avantika brother son his parents passed away year ago and Avinash is kunj and Rahul ram friend and ram maternal cousin brother who staying with ram and Siya only).Kunj push him.

Avinash:see Mr Sarna come back finally London shameless man sit in India only he just went for alliance..

Kunj:what to do my dadu wanted to stay there only now.. Avinash sit beside kunj.

Ram:good na in these years you people never went India.. they got chance by you. ??. Aur how’s your wife..

Avinash:that typical Indian girl kunj ji?.

Kunj:not at all first meet with my wife than talk about her she is mixture of everything bro..

Avinash:hoo show us her photo.

Kunj:wait.kunj take out his phone and

First his and twinkle one photo come in that twinkle resting her head on kunj chest both under blanket he skips the photo.See this show her wedding day.. Avinash take phone in his name and see twinkle photos show ram and Siya as well.

Avinash:hoo hot kunj.Kunj raise his eyebrows ?.

Kunj:kam bol samja..

Ram:but it’s true you got very beautiful wife..

Siya:haa she look so beautiful lucky you are kunj..

Avinash:my bad luck I should find her before you ?.Kunj give punch on his chest playfully.You should bring her too we all do fun..

Kunj:Arey now please don’t say this again and again.

Siya:missing her haa??


Siya:aww?.. they three of them chit chat and both just teasing Kunj and speaking totally nonsense.Siya went in kitchen and tell servant to place dinner she placed the dinner on dinning table. Now please come continue your talks session here.they three of them went and sit Siya served them food and sit beside ram..aur kunj what about twinkle how she is in cooking.i mean you are superb..

Kunj:hmm she is raw in cooking she completes her studies after marriage didn’t get time to learn this all but I don’t care she is fine na at least kishi ko bhuka toh nahi rahene degi Make whatever she knows, but she makes world best coffee.no one can’t catch her hand in this..

Avinash:Tere maze??.they laugh while having dinner..

Malika and Kabir went to doctor for checkup today they listen baby heart beat get so happy..

Malika:kabir it’s so wonder full na..

Kabir:yes malika without you it’s can’t impossible thanks for giving me this blessing:.

Malika:your welcome.she kissed on his cheeks.

After dinner kunj meet with them..

Kunj:okay guys bye..

Avinash: when you’ll go India haa.

Kunj:I’m here for sometime don’t worry. He hugged them and left for his place..

Rahul finding twinkle everywhere just than he went in room and find twinkle doing her work..

Rahul: Twinkle..

Twinkle: haa ji ju.. he went towards her and give her box.. what is this..

Rahul:you can see Itself okay.he left while twinkle get confused she open the gift wrapped and find box open the box and see phone..just than phone ring.. she picks up the call.

Kunj: hello..

Twinkle: Kunj.

Kunj:yes so finally you got new phone now don’t tell me kish me I talk to you now you got phone talk to me whenever I call you..

Twinkle:don’t give me oder sadu.

Kunj:whatever. What are you doing now.

Twinkle:nothing just doing my work.she talk kunj while doing work.. what about you..

Kunj:hmm I just come back to my friend house went for dinner there..

Twinkle:acha you enjoy there.she went in kitchen and doing her work kunj laying down on bed.

Kunj:don’t burn your hand while cooking.

Twinkle:I know kunj how to take care of myself if you cared about me didn’t leave me.she talk with kunj happily after so many days later a smile come on her face.Usha and Avantika come in kitchen, and they see twinkle in phone.Both understand she talk with kunj only her face smile telling this.twinkle see him. She cut the call without telling kunj.

Usha:Arey why you cut the call talk to him.

Avantika:haa it’s good.Avantika caress her face see after kunj went she forgot how to smile today get happy.she looks down.They went out of the kitchen kunj call her again she picks up..

Twinkle: kya hai..

Kunj: what is this why you cut the call.

Twinkle:choti MAA and mummy ji come that’s why..

Kunj:so what can’t you talk to me in front of them haa I’m your husband it not crime..

Twinkle:sharam bhi koi cheez hai.. ?.

Soye nahi abhi tak..

Kunj:na.While making food twinkle just talking to kunj only..

Twinkle: Kunj now you should sleep waha raat hai yeh din..

Kunj:so what I’ll call you at your night okay bye.end the call.twinkle went out of the kitchen.And sit with everyone..

While thinking about twinkle he cuddles the photo and sleep.at India after sometimes later day went night come..

Everyone sitting for dinner here.Twinkle serving rudra she lost in her thoughts about kunj just putting food in his plate they all see her.. ??.. all giggles..

Rudra: bhabhiiii.. she come in sense..

Twinkle: haa..

Rudra:bhabhi what is this she sees his plate fully filled by food.she gets shocked

Covered her mouth with her palm.

Twinkle:sorry ?..

Usha:it’s okay it’s happened ?.she embarrassed slightly and sit beside Priyanka and having her food with smile.They finished the dinner.Kids sit in poolside twinkle looking at phone only.

Anjali:Twinkle you really miss kunj.

Rudra:haa see bhabhi condition whole day just lost in bhaiya thoughts ?.she blushed and hide her face.They play game.She sleeps with them in one room only just turning sides..

Kunj wake up firstly he quickly gets ready and bring his breakfast and have. Message twinkle as soon as Twinkle see his message get happy like anything. She calls kunj and look at everyone they sleep peacefully.

Twinkle: hello. In low voice. Good morning

Kunj:haa good morning Meri teri goodnight. Why you speak so low..

Twinkle: so everyone is here you wanted they too listen..

Kunj:what do you mean by this go in our room talk there.

Twinkle:hmm.she gets up and went in room she closed the door went towards bed and lay down. Ab bolo.. did you have your breakfast.

Kunj:haa I had.get ready to think let’s talk to you because I have meeting in afternoon so.aur suna

Twinkle:me kya suna hu tum hi bolo..

how’s your work is going on..

Kunj:my is good how’s others..

Twinkle:everyone is good kunj take his office bag and left for office while driving he talk to twinkle.. kab aago ge tum kunj ab kitne din hogya tumhe..

Kunj laugh out..

Kunj: you are very desperately waiting for me ahem ahem matter kya hai in teasing tone.

Twinkle:what matter when I went Taneja for some days than time you become angry bird tab ka kya.. what about you?

Kunj:haa I need my wife..

Twinkle:simple even I need my husband.

Tum driving kar rahe ho na..

Kunj: yes:.

Twinkle: Kunj its bad na while driving using phone.

Kunj:don’t worry my driving is fabulous but like you boom??.. she remembers their car cat fight.

Twinkle:so what hota hai.Kunj reached the office kunj went inside in his cabin and sit checking while still talking to her.

They never thought time will come like this they will talk to each other’s and spend much time in phone kunj who least interested to talk anyone today he used phone lot just talk to her.They laugh while laughing.

Kunj: I miss you twinkle.

Twinkle:even I miss you kunj lot now please finished your work quickly and come back now I can’t stay without you more without this room like eating.Kunj get happy to listen this all.

Kunj:same with me everyday I miss your coffee.twinkle taking yawn.acha chal ab soja.

Twinkle: nahi sona Hai..

Kunj: Phir sune me meeting karke aata hu Phir I’ll talk to you happy..

Twinkle:can’t you cancel one meeting for me after so many days later we talk

Peacefully.He thinks just than Kunj pa come to call him for Meeting..

Pa:sir everyone calls you for meeting.

Kunj:kept the meeting at night not now please..

Pa: okay sir she gets surprised first time kunj did this she went..

Kunj:now happy.

Twinkle:every much.twinkle moving her hand on kunj bed side.

Kunj:don’t cuddle that beach ki hadee.. ?..

Twinkle:what problem you have with my teddy bear.. I love to cuddles him..

Kunj:cuddles me I m more Fluffy than him and cute too.Both stop.Twinkle bite her finger.

Twinkle:tum time pe medicine toh lete ho na I know without me you can’t handle anything how help you there to closed buttons ??.Kunj feel her possessiveness.. he smirked..

Kunj:woh I had one girl she help me.. Twinkle happy face expression immediately turned into jealousy..

Twinkle:acha who she is that witch..

Kunj laugh out..

Kunj:Twinkle you are so cute burning smell is coming out..

Twinkle:I’m not jealous get it sadu you are just mine only no one had any right on you.

Kunj: acha Kyu?? She thinks and didn’t say anything.

Twinkle:bas hai mera right.

Kunj:Arey I did after so much  struggles don’t worry I didn’t let anyone come near me expect than you.she smiled twinkle talking whole night to kunj she spends night he almost day.sunlight coming in her room. Alarm bell ring..

Twinkle: good morning.

Kunj:haa madam you spend whole night in phone with me so now sleep let me do some work..

Twinkle: now do your work bye take care of yourself.

Kunj:tu bhi.cut the call twinkle feel so good to talk to him.she didn’t feel like to sleep still she sleep.everyone wakes up expect than twinkle.Her eyes open with

Jerk and see the time it’s 12 clocks she gets shocked O babaji I sleep so Late what everyone thinks about me.she run in washroom quickly get ready.and run downstairs.Everyone sitting in living room today is Sunday na. She went.

Priyanka: bhabhi..

Twinkle:sorry everyone they all giggles.

Avantika:don’t be sorry twinkle beta..

Anjali:haa if you spend whole night to talk to your husband in phone obviously you’ll sleep till late ???.she looks down.

Rudra: weshe it’s quiet surprise bhaiya spend time in phone..

Rahul:bhaiya rudra he didn’t talk to us didn’t like but Biwi se sab karte hai? Tera bhaiya kya cheez hai.she run in kitchen. Making tea for everyone.




Jaanam Dekh Lo Mit Gayi Dooriyan

Main Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan..

(She lost in her thoughts thinking about kunj she put salt in tea instead of sugar)

She sees kunj standing in side she looks at him get surprised.He gives her flying kiss and come to her helping her to fill tea in cups she happily fills the cups and take the tray and went towards everyone.. she gives everyone they take the sip of tea and get shocked ??. All look at twinkle.

Twinkle:what happened..

Omkara:Twinkle did you taste the tea.

Twinkle:no.she tastes the tea and choked. It’s yucky..

Usha:you put salt instead of sugar beta?.she gets shocked feel so awkward Lata come near her..

Lata:it’s happened pyaar me?..

Rahul:twinkle let kunj come taste him too.

Twinkle:I did in mistake sorry.I’ll

Make another. She run and hit on her head.after

( Jaanam Dekh Lo Mit Gayi Dooriyan

Main Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan )…(2)
Kaisi Sarhadein, Kaisi Majbooriyan

Main Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan Hoon… Yahaan

(she was in balcony and looking in garden. Kunj was standing there calling her she run down went in garden Kunj opening his arms for her she run and hugged him he lifts from his knees and swirl her.she come in sense and looking here and there in confusion. She lost in thought kunj come from back and give her back hugged.she moved her face and look at him.He kissed on her temple.

At other side kunj was in meeting he gives presentation his eyes went on side see twinkle standing kunj shocked blinked his eyes.Everyone like presentation they all clapping for kunj..

Twinkle come near him and kissed on his cheek Kunj closed his eyes everyone went kunj held her hand and make her sit on his lap caressing her hairs. His thoughts break down and see his employee was in his lap he gets shocked he was gay enjoying kunj love ?. He pushes him.

Man:sir in sensually voice kunj run from there and laughing at himself.After 2 days later every night kunj and twinkle talk to each other most of the time spend in phone.Twinkle coming down from stairs talking to kunj phone..

Tej:why this kunj didn’t answer my calls whenever calls him his phone coming busy.all look at her who busy in phone.

Kunj:twinkle pa call arhai I’ll call you

Later he cut the call received tej call. She went and sit with everyone.haa pa.Tej kept the phone in speaker.

Tej:why you phone coming busy kunj from 3 hours all closed their mouth while looking at twinkle ?.. with whom you were busy this much..

Kunj:woh.. pa..

Tej:what woh Kunj they all enjoying even twinkle too.you always stuck on woh.. till now rob I never seen your phone coming busy this much..

Kunj:in heart ab aap ko kya baatau twinkle ke saath busy..

Tej:leave this all things mr Jones wants to meet with you so go to Brazil..

Kunj:Brazil what ??.

Tej:why are you so shocked.your London work almost done na just 4 days left in one month. So you go there and do their work.

Kunj:how much time it will take in sad voice..

Tej: May be year ??. Both twinkle and Kunj shocked at their place.

Kunj:pa aap bhi na..

Tej: I’m joking some days go please.

Kunj: okay I’ll.. end..

Lata: tu bhi na tej here this both already get tired due to this separation ?. Still wants more to send kunj..

Tej:than let’s send Rahul.

Rahul: no sir I’ll not go this time??. Look at my wife.

Prithviraj:you both too do one thing take your wife’s with you wherever you people go like tej and Manohar they take avantika and usha with them didn’t leave them away from them.

Rahul:so mean and you both sending me and kunj away from our wife’s. All laugh out..

Anjali:haa bade Papa didn’t your heard kunj reaction for the first time he is eager to come back soon.

Avantika:you did mistake we should send twinkle with Kunj see her face.

Tej: send her now haa twinkle beta do wanna go to your patidev.she didn’t say anything.Kabir and Malika come with mahi.omkara see mahi get so happy they meet with everyone.

Lata: good you people come..

Kabir: woh dadi MAA and papa calling twinkle so we come to take her..

Avantika:good idea we were thinking this to spend her Taneja Mansion here she gets bored in kunj absence even good in his absence she stays with you people thereafter him not fewer chances.

Go twinkle beta get ready.

Twinkle:hmm.she gets up and went in her room went towards wardrobe open the and taking out her clothes.She packed her stuffs she about to close the door of her room kunj come and stop kunjjj.

Kunj:are you going..

Twinkle:haa come back soon.he come near her her back zip was open he closed she closed her eyes she turned didn’t find anyone run down she meet with everyone her eyes went on side see kunj roaming in whole living room just looking at her only..

(Jaanam Dekh Lo Mit Gayi Dooriyan

Main Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan )…
Kaisi Sarhadein, Kaisi Majbooriyan

Main Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan Hoon… Yahaan)

Lata:take care of yourself beta..

Rudra: bhabhi come soon please..

Twinkle:haa I’ll come soon.she went with them she sits in car while going kunj waving to her she gives smile:Soon she reached her home and run inside everyone gets so happy to see her. She sits with them..

Leela: Meri beti keshi hai see she become so thin..

Kabir: she leaves her food in his patdev yaad Kabir teased her she gets emotional tears regurgitate from her eyes everyone Like aww she hugged Leela. Aww see she crying.

Leela:don’t tease my daughter please twinkle aise nahi rote. Shh she cupped her eyes and wiped her tears I never knew my twinkle will cry for husband she miss him this much.

Twinkle:MAA he went almost one month will pass still he going Brazil again.

Kabir:koi na now you are here you’ll not

Miss him that’s our promise hum tujhe uski yaad aane hi nahi dege.chal let’s sit mahi and Kabir take her in room they sit together playing cards still twinkle mind stuck on kunj.her body is here but mind and heart kunj take with him..

Kunj get ready and left for Brazil he reads magazine just than air hostess come kunj see twinkle in her.she come near and tie Kunj seatbelt.He keeps looking at her only.She gives him coffee kunj take and lost in her face.. due to this coffee falls down on kunj hand he come in sense due to this ouch.

Air hostesses: sir sorry. Kunj get up about to go in washroom he stops and turned to see that air hostesses see imagine twinkle in her she gives him smile he went in washroom and clean himself.

Kunj:kunj tu pagal hogya hai everywhere just twinkle and twinkle he sees.He went back to his seat and sit and sleep after sometime later he reached Brazil airport his wake up and resting her head on lady shoulder he looks at her twinkleeee he caresses her face she jerks his hand he come in reality.Sorry.Hit on his head.He went out of the airport and left for hotel.Kunj reaches the hotel driver come and open his door kunj see twinkle in driver.this time he didn’t say anything simply went inside the hotel take his room key and went in room.

Twinkle watching tv with everyone she sees kunj in tv didn’t blink her eyes. Kunj dancing with her just than she gets call from kunj everyone looks at her only she doesn’t know how to pick up the call in front of them..

Kabir:Twinkle phone..

Twinkle: haa.. Kunj ka hai. In low voice.

Bebe:ja talk to him.. she went from there

And take his phone.

Kunj:can’t you pick up my calls..

Twinkle: woh everyone is with me.

Kunj: okay aur didn’t you call me Itself madam ji.

Twinkle:acha you toh alone me surrounded by everyone and went in room and lay down.They all teasing me.

Kunj:let them na.. what happened to your voice twinkle and she started coughing badly are you okay na..

Twinkle:I’m fine just normal cold..

Kunj: take care of yourself na..

Twinkle:ab kaha..

Kunj:Brazil aur kaha ?..

Twinkle:when did you reached Brazil.?

Kunj:today only.

Twinkle;you went from there just to take London name now you going here and there it’s not fair kunj.

Kunj:what to do can’t deny pa..

Twinkle:hmm. Just than mahi come in room.

Mahi: di MAA calling you.

Twinkle: hmm I’ll come.. Kunj heard mahi voice..

Kunj: mahi??? Ki awaaz did she come.

Twinkle: nope I come taneja house.

Kunj: why?? In anxious way..

Twinkle:what do you mean by this why??

They calling me so dadi send me.. why you have any problem you aren’t here so you shouldn’t have any problem if I’m here and there.

Kunj:right after me I’ll not send you fit this in your mind and jitna family ke time spend karna hai karle after not.Twinkle get confused.

Twinkle:what you speaking nonsense. Acha maa calling me I’m going.Ab Bhut over hogya hai Kunj..

Kunj:haa pata hai.she went downstairs and sit everyone joint them for dinner.

Like these days were passing so quickly in fingers twinkle stay with her family after reached Brazil kunj just talk to her once after not he didn’t call her even not a single message she gets so angry like starting missing him.  On a silly thing they argue with each other’s.He busy in work fully didn’t have time to take a breath properly.Kabir drop twinkle back to Sarna Mansion everyone missing her she come back and meet with everyone. She gets ill little bite..

Rudra: how’s you bhabhi we miss you lot during these days.

Twinkle:even me too.she went in her room get freshen up.Ek call bhi aaya uska he takes very lightly.Why I missing him this much.She crying rudra and omkara come there and see her..

Rudra: bhabhi don’t cry please.

Omkara:haa he will come back. Let me call him he call him kunj pa received..

Sara: yes sir.

Om:Sara please give phone too kunj.

Sara:sir he is busy.I’ll transfer your call.

She transfers call kunj pick up busy in work.

Kunj: haa..

Om:kya haa bhai why you didn’t call twinkle her.. here she is Ill. As soon as he heard this he leaves his work.

Kunj:what happened to her can’t you all take of her in my absence.

Om: what about you.

Rudra:Bhaiya she didn’t eat her food on time because of you she leaves everything kunj hold his head firstly he pissed up due to work extreme load.

Kunj:what I’ll do I’m not free.. omkara pass the phone to twinkle she takes they both went out of the room. Twinkle kya hua.

Twinkle:Kuch nahi hua in stern voice.

Kunj: what is this yaar.

Twinkle:don’t talk to me no need to come stay there whole life..she cut the call.

Kunj:here she sitting on my head other side my father.Tears escaping from his eyes kya karu me. Next day..

Lata and Prithviraj kept aarti in mandir in very huge way..

Lata:everyone please get ready on time and Usha and Avantika I take out all jewelleries and dress for twinkle in my room so please take the from there and give her.

Usha: okay mummy ji. Usha and Avantika take all things and went in twinkle room kept all things on bed she come.

Twinkle: what is this??

Avantika: Twinkle please get ready you know about aarti so mummy ji send this all things for you get ready fully.

Twinkle: me what I’ll do to wear this all.

Avantika:haa you will do aarti so should be looked like a queen ?.she caresses her face and went.she takes in washroom.

Take bath and come out of the washroom in bath room..

Tum Chhupa Na Sakogi Main Woh Raaz Hoon

Tum Bhula Na Sakogi Woh Andaaz Hoon

Gunjtaa Hoon Jo Dil Mein To Hairaan Ho Kyon

Main Tumhare Hi Dil Ki To Aawaz Hoon

Sun Sako To Suno Dhadkanon Ki Zaban

Main Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan Hoon,

Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan

Kaisi Sarhadein, Kaisi Majbooriyaan

Main Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan Hoon,

Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan

( she went towards dressing table drying her hairs she fly kunj come and hit on his face.Twinkle see him in mirror

Kunj give her back hugged he side her hairs and kissed on her wet skin.She closed her eyes kunj about to untie her bathroom she went inside closed the curtains and wear her clothes kunj looking her only she tries to close her back dori he come and stand beside her help her first he locked his hands around her waist tightly and kissed on her bare shoulder she moans slightly.

She gets ready fully about to fill her hairline Kunj come and stop her he takes pinch of vermillion and fills her hairline she gets ready fully lastly look at herself in minor Kunj stand and give her thumb ups.?. She looks at him.Kunj covered her head with veil she look extremely beautiful.Kunj kissed on her head. Anjali and Priyanka come and see twinkle.

Anjali: hoo hoo beautiful if kunj is here he’ll gone today.She gives plain look they both take her down.Everyone already went away to mandir they sit in car and left soon they reached mandir and went inside everyone turned and look at twinkle all get mesmerised to see her.

Lata:Chand lag rahi hai Meri bahu.she takes their blessing soon guru ji give aarti tali and give twinkle she does aarti everyone folds their hands and closed the eyes twinkle open her feels imagine Kunj standing beside her.

At Brazil Kunj getting ready for press conference.He come out of the washroom in towel he went near mirror ruffing his hairs he felt someone hugging him he sees and find twinkle. She come near him helping him to get ready she closed the buttons Kunj just admire her.tied the tie and kissed on kunj cheeks.He dances with her on his own rhythm.He went down and everyone is there all media Kunj sit and giving answers of media questions.He just missing twinkle like anything now.

In every face kunj imagine twinkle.

She done with aarti and give each and everyone.. she about to go kunj come and take the aarti and take parshad she looks at him about to touch before it’s breaks down during this function she stays in herself sadness written on her face each and everyone understands.

Mahi:di missing kunj very much..

Omkara: yes.

Mahi:she loved him so much.after in night twinkle taking off her jewelleries just than she gets hurt herself removing in hustle.


and turned and finding Kunj Kunj and everywhere in room.Get shocked he smiles and pulled her near him and open her back dori. She lost in her dream.

Kunj lift her and place on bed and come top of her she turned her back kunj nuzzled his face in her neck she closed her eyes and tears escaping from twinkle eyes.twinkle ruffled her hairs he keeps kissing her rolled her down on bed.

She pushes him and run in balcony rain started kunj come from back pat on her back..he kisses on her back.she clutch the railing.drenched in rain fully.She didn’t change her clothes and sleep in wet clothes only.

After press conference kunj went out and walking in snow falls didn’t wear his warm clothes he looks at in side girl playing with kids.Kunj went towards them a girl turns and show her face..

kunj take the flowers from her hands he sees twinkle in side and give her.

Girl:sorry he come In Sense.



Kunj read a line in side wall people get mad in love see dream with open eyes. He smiled and sit in side bench. Take the snow and throw it here and there. Screaming twinkle name in ice mountain.

Next day twinkle wake up and went towards couch she lay down there and moving her hands.

Twinkle:kunjj??..she gets up and went in washroom get freshen up and went downstairs..

Main Hi Main Ab Tumhaare Khayaalon Mein Hoon

Main Javaabon Mein Hoon, Main Sawalon Mein Hoon

Main Tumhaare Har Ek Khwaab Mein Hoon Basaa

Main Tumhaari Nazar Ke Ujaalon Mein Hoon

Dekhti Ho Mujhe Dekhti Ho Jahaan

Main Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan

Jaanam Dekh Lo … Yahaan Hoon… Yahaan

Main Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan

(Twinkle making breakfast she about falls down someone holds her she sees the face.)

Twinkle:kunjj hugged him.

Rudra:bhabhi.Twinkle break the hug and see him.You’ll fall down.She looks at staircase Rahul and Anjali coming together hand-to-hand feels good to see them as well bad kunj not with her.She holds her head.went in kitchen and burst out. Throwing things here and there.

Twinkle:why you look at me haa why I see you everywhere haa.

Kunj:tu soch ?..she throws apple at Kunj which she thought but in reality it’s hit on wall..

Twinkle:ab nahi bas kunj aajao na please.

Episode end here only..

The heart has reasons which reason cannot understand.”


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