RadhaKrishn 24th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Ayan’s Revelation

RadhaKrishn 24th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Radha cries reminiscing wishing Krishna to bring beautiful flower from mountain and then being evicted out of Barsana by Vrishbhan feels guilty that Krishna is banished from Barsana because of her. Jatila tells Ayan that their problem Krishna is out now. Ayan says how will Krishna reach Kans now. Jatila gives example of honey and ant and says Krishhna is aunt and honey is Radha, he will return back to her even after being sent away many times; once he returns, they will provoke Vrishbhan against Nand and break their friendship.

Radha searches Krishna in jungle and asks him why did not he go yet and tries to touch him. He asks her to stay away from him as he is banished from Barsana and even she will be punished with him. She says she should also be punished as he went to pick flower for

her. He says he is punished for killing bull, so she should not blame herself. Ayan notices them hiding behind tree. On the other side, Vrishbhan walks to Nand and apologizes for banishing Krishna and says he did his duty as village head and was helpless. Nand says it is not his mistake, he just did his duty. Ayan walks in and informs that he saw Krishna in jungle. Nand says Krishna cannot disobey him, he would have gone already. Jatila provokes Vrishbhan to check and brainwashes him that Krishna does not disobey his father, so Nand must have tricked Vrishbhan.

Radha asks Krishna why he went away from her. He says he went away from all his dear ones. She says she does not know why she is telling this. He says no. She says when he can defeat monsters and fool people with his magic, why can’t he understand what is in her hearty. He says he really does not know. She is about to reveal that she loves him when she sees people coming towards them and asks Krishna to run before someone catches him. He stands silently. She holds his hand and runs. He runs with her looking at her face and reminiscing earlier similar incident. Ayan brings Vrishbhan, Nand, Balram and other villagers. Radha prays Narayan to not let people see Krishna. Krishna says friend’s requester is his order. He disappears himself and Radha. Ayan not finding Krishna says let us look upside. Balram smiles looking at Krishna, but nobody else cannot see him. Vrishbhan walks away with team. Ayan thinks where did Krishna go.

Once they all walk away, Krishna and Radha reappear. Krishna says he has to leave now as he cannot disobey his parents. She asks what if he does not have to go out and find solution for his problem right here. Krishna asks how is it possible. She requests him to stay for 1 night until she finds solution. She brings grass for havan. Krishna thinks his Radha is so innocent, she is so pure, but is performing purity havan for him. Radha sees saints passing by and greets them. They say they lost their way in jungle. She requests them to perform havan for her. They agree. She washes their feet and thinks she should set fire for their as it is very cold. Krishna watches silently. Radha thinks if she fails to get 7 rivers water 1 night, Krishna has to leave Barsana..

Krishna gives moral gyaan that if one has to reach goal, they should have determination and way to reach their goal, but if they cannot reach their goal, they either drop their goal or change their way, one who changes their way will reach goal somehow, but if they loses their wish, they will never their goal, so one should not give up.

Precap: Mahadev smiles looking at Krishna and Radha’s raas leela. Parvathi suggests him why don’t he himself go there. Mahadev says he will meet her only after participating in Raas leela.

Update Credit to: MA

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  2. After long time; i enjoyed the episode to the fullest.

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