Rab Se Sona Ishq 1st April 2013 Written Episode Update

Rab Se Sona Ishq 1st April 2013 Written Episode, Rab Se Sona Ishq 1st April 2013 Written Update

Ranveer wakes up and Saheba gives him a newspaper. In the newspaper, Ranveer sees a danger sign which reminds me of Saheba shouting him to save her. He comes running to the kitchen and asks Saheba if she is fine. Saheba tells Ranveer’s mother to explain to him not to worry so much like this. Raveer tells his mother that he is supposed to take Saheba to the hospital. Saheba and Ranveer leaves.

In their way, Saheba asks Ranveer if everything is okay. Ranveer says, everything is fine. Saheba then keeps getting calls from Daljeet, and she doesn’t pick up. Ranveer asks her, till how long you won’t talk to him? Daljeet wonders why Saheba is not talking to him. Ranveer sees same danger sign on the road and he stops the car. it reminds him Saheba shouting him to save her. Ranveer doesn’t know what’s happening. Saheba tells him nothing will happen.. don’t think like that. Then there’s a blast in that danger box just like how Ranveer saw in his dream.

Back at home, Ranveer tells everyone that Saheba’s life in danger. His family tells him that they should talk to some babaji or someone. His father then remembers about an ad in newspaper. He tells Ranveer that he should talk with that professor. Ranveer says when I don’t know what is happening with me, then how will others know. Saheba tells Ranveer to talk with professor for her. Ranveer agrees. They call professor and professor’s secretary tells them that professor is leaving for some place and will be back after 6 months. Ranveer says we can’t wait for 6 months. He takes Saheba with him and they leave for the air port.

Car stops all of a sudden. Ranveer checks what’s wrong in the car, and Saheba goes to stop a car. She asks a guy if he can give lift to them. Guy says, it’s bad manners to say no to a beautiful lady like you.. but it all depends whose other person in “us”. Ranveer comes and says, she’s my wife. Guy gets disappoint, but still gives them lift only because Saheba asked him. In car, guy is still looking at Saheba from the car mirror. Ranveer tells him, we are getting late.. can you drive faster. Guy says, relax and just enjoy the music. Ranveer is still nervous and stops the music. Guy tells him, no one gets anything before the time which destiny has decided to give. He starts music again, and Ranveer stops again. They two don’t get along with each other. Saheba then tells guy not to feel bad.. Ranveer is saying to drive faster because they have to see Dr. Indrejit before he leaves. Guy stops the car and smiles. He gets off the car and Ranveer cannot believe he stopped the car. He says, I told you we are getting late.

Guy tells Ranveer.. I will remind you again.. everything is decided by destiny. He tells him that he is professor Indrejit. Ranveer tells him that there are some incidents happening with Saheba and he doesn’t understand anything. Dr. Indrejit asks Ranveer, if you don’t mind then.. Ranveer says, go ahead. Doctor takes Saheba’s hand in his hand and analyze something. Now Daljeet also comes there. He tells Ranveer, I don’t believe in all this.. they are fraud. He goes to Saheba and doctor and takes Saheba’s hand off doctor’s hand. Doctor asks them to wait and says, Saheba’s life in a danger. Daljeet says, Ranveer must have told you this before. Doctor says, her life is danger not because of any human being, but because of nature. You won’t be able to save her from nature.

Doctor tells Ranveer, it’s only him who can save Saheba. Daljeet says, it’s all nonsense and I don’t believe in all this. Doctor explains them how nature is threat and affect to Saheba’s life. Doctor says, nature can attack on Saheba due to any reason.. maybe someone in her life.. a relationship.. Doctor says, one of nature’s things will attack on Saheba and episode ends.

Precap: Doctor tells Ranveer, you may save her once, but may not be able to save 2nd or 3rd time. No one can break nature’s law. You have only 36 hours left.

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