Qubool Hai 1st April 2013 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 1st April 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 1st April 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: in the car
Tanveer and zoya are discussing as to how rashid, having gone changed asad forever. Tanveer tells zoya that asad had become very quiet, after ayan went. Tanveer tells her that asad, had with great difficulty brought up dilshad and nazma. She asks tanveer that they seem to be very close friends. she asks how long were they neighbours. Tanver tells zoya about their past. she reminds tanveer about dilshad’s statement, that asad and tanveer were supposed to get married when they were kids. But then out of her own complex, she tells that all of this scenario, where childhood friends marry, is happening only in movies. Tanveer just smiles at her discomfort.

Tanveer shows zoya, that lal market has come. zoya gets down for her photo. she goes over to find

that her frame isnt ready, but finds razia’s ready, and mistakes it for her own. The person tells her that there’s an address behind the photo, thats not hers. zoya thinks that this can be the clue to her father’s identity. tanveer sees the address, and finding that its razia’s, decides to distract zoya.

tanveer is shocked to find zoya’s mission for coming to india. She sympathises with her, all the while remembering razia’s tanveer understands that secret that razia is trying to hide. Zoya asks for the address. tanveer says yes, and that she would go to the place also with her. She asks zoya not to delay any longer and go right away.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
shirin finds rashid’s cell ringing, on dilshad’s call. she picks up and says that she would give the phone to rashid. dilshad says that she just wants to know how is rashid. Just then rashid comes in, and shirin gives the phone saying that its for her. dilshad tells rashid that she shouldnt have called, but they didnt get a chance to talk, as to how is he feeling. Rashid asks how can a father be, whose own son hates him. She says that he should feel good, that he is out of the jail. He says that his whole life seems captive now. He says that asad used to consider him irresponsible, but now he considers him as a criminal, and that breaks him. dilshad says that even she is unable to do so. Rashid says that now he only wishes that one day, asad would call him father. shirin hears this.

Shirin thinks that she may have distanced rashid from dilshad, but not have been able to seperate him from her. she says that even after her marraige, she is still destined to the other woman.

Humaira’s eyes are stinging with colour, and she calls out for help. ayan sees her and helps her out. when she opens her eyes, and finds him, she thanks him. He too thanks her, for quietening up. humaira says that she felt very nice today. ayan too says that he felt happy since he met asad. He again get flirty saying that he got to meet very beautiful girls too. But humaira says that he is in fact a very good boy, who just tries to disguise it in the garb of his good nature. ayan remembers about his agreement with razia. Ayan angrily says that he doesnt have time for her nonsense, and asks her not to come close to him. nikhat sees this and is surprised. humaira stands in tears, hurt by ayan’s words.

In his room, ayan is frustrated that he is trapped in razia’s conspiracy. Nikhat enters and asks the reason for his rudeness towards humaira. Ayan says that humaira is adapted to him talking like that, and doesnt mind it, as he’s like this only. Nikhat says that humaira, in fact loves ayan, and hence she feels very bad, when ayan treats her badly. This shocks ayan. Nikhat tells that she didnt want to tell, but couldnt stop seeing this. ayan says that if that is so, then why doesnt she tell so herself. Nikhat says thats because no girl does that, but he should have seen the signs, that humaira has so blatantly been giving all the years. Ayan refuses to agree, saying that humaira wouldnt have said no for the wedding then. nikhat tells him that she could have said yes, but she knew that would make him unhappy, as he doesnt love her back,
and she knows that. She says that humaira wants to see him happy, and not attain him. And that is the reason she said no, and if thats not love, nikhat says, that she doesnt know what is.

Scene 3: Ayan’s neighbourhood
Tanveer gets zoya to the address, and asks her to have faith in god, as he would do everything right. she sits in the car, while zoya gets down and progresses towards the house. Tanveer congratulates razia, on the phone, saying that she is congratulating for her daughter, who is the illegitimate daughter of her husband. razia asks her to stop talking nonsense, and tell whether she would do her job or not. she tells razia that she has reached very close to her house, as she has got the address of her father. She gets razia very worried, when she tells her that zoya is about to knock on the door. Razia hears zoya’s knock just then, and is shocked. tanveer congratulates razia on her daughter. razia rushes towards the door, while zoya waits outside. But razia is shocked when she finds the salesman on the door, and frustratedly asks tanveer about this. Tanveer tells her that this wqas juts a demo, and that she has in fact sent zoya to the next house. but she says that now the ball is in her court, and that if razia doesnt do things according to her will, then the next time, zoya would knock on her door. razia says that she would get whatever she wants, but this girl shouldnt reach to her house. Razia is very tensed. Tanveer smiles viciously cancelling the phone.

zoya, on the other hand, talks to razia’s neighbours, but obviously doesnt get any help or clue from there. she leaves disappointed. zoya expresses her dilemma to tanveer, asking if the address is right, then how could the people not recognize it. Tanveer shows the same address in her mobile. She asks zoya to forget as its a very old address, and that its natural that noone recognizes it. Zoya, on the road, is thinking, that someone very close to her is near to her. Just at that moment, mamujaan passes by in his car. Tanveer asks her to come along, as they should head home. The screen freezes on zoya’s sad face in the car.

Precap: Asad tells zoya that her father’s identity has been revealed. Zoya is very excited and asks who told him about her father. He asks her not to think of that, and prepare herself to meet her father, after such a long time. on the other hand, mamujaan is talking to someone on the phone, pretending to be shocked as to what that person has to say, and tells that he is on his way.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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