Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 1st April 2013 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 1st April 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 1st April 2013 Written Update

Sangeeta does not believe Charu has changed but Charu does not tell her anything she thinks its her plan and will manage alone. Gunjan comes out in red dress rajeev stares at her some tender moments as people push them and they are drawn to each other. He tells her that one ear ring is missing and they notice it s on the ground they both bend to pick it up and bump heads. The Contest starts all four contestants Gunjan Chaya Rahul and Rachna dance on Vele from Soty!! Gunjan is the top scorer 9 out of 10 Vihaan is upset Rachna gets an 8 Chaya ia at number three scoring 7, Rahul is eliminated he is upset and misbehaves. Students boo . RAjeev Vihaan cheer the girls. Rachna gets Gunjan to the green room as her leg is swollen Rajeev tells her to take it easy Rachna applies spray. Gunjan is touched and asks her how was the ‘TAKKAR’. Rachna says its only one round and she will cover up.

Lawyer comes home and says he will file the divorce papers but it will take 6 months Charu acts that she will do anything for Mayank and signs so does Mayank. The lawyer is surprised he wants to divorce Charu who is such a calm lady. Charu s mom calls and she says her work is done, the drama has started and the last scene is to be played out.

Vihaan Ravhna on Jee Le Zara from tallash the statue dance. Vihaan is really good and he puts a dupatta on her head and kisses her Rachna comes to life after the kiss and they dance on Marjaniya from Vicky Donor then she turns back into a statue and jee le music.

Chaya-Ankit dance on naino mein sapna from Himmatwala. Everyone cheers for them.
Gunan-Rajeev dance separated by a wall on Bezubaan from ABCD. They touch each other s photo and they touch the wall and dance.The scores are announced Rachna gets an 8,10 and 9 from the judges (27) points. Chaya gets a 6,6 and 8 from the judges, Gunjan gets a 9,8,6 . Chaya disqualified. Rachna says that both of them have one round each and wishes Gunjan luck for the next round . Gunjan says she does not need luck and Rachna tells last round will decide if luck/hard work will help Gunjan agrees!

PRECAP: Rachna says I am sorry Gunjan, the real trophy is you the best performer ,best friend best Sister. Gunjan Rachna both have tears in their eyes Same time Charu has started a fire.

Update Credit to: vibz88

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