Qurbaan Hua 28th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Neil is stunned when Chahat stops breathing

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Neil exclaims that Chahat is making up the story of the position without seeing that she has actually fallen, when he realizes it so runs to her asking that she should not have taken the poison to prove her point and he would take her to the hospital, she asks him to take her to the barn when they reach there she points that behind the vase there is a medical kit, she asks about the medicine, she mentions that there is an injection of the antidote, he realizes that his phone is in he house so runs to get it.
Baleq is doing the pooja when Viyas comes asking him to perform the arti so that they can end the ritual, Jamuna asks Viyas jee to wait as he would bring Chahat and Neil however Viyas jee mentions that he should not do anything of the sort as Neil knows that any ritual is ended by Arti so if wanted to come would have arrived, Neil takes the phone praying that Chahat drink the poison to protect him so he would not be able to forgive himself if something happened to her however the doctor doesnot pick the call.
He exclaims that he would take her to the hospital however she explains that he would have to give her the antidote as they do not have much time, she asks him to take the medicine however he drops the vile but calms down asking if there is some other medicine she mentions that it was the last vile, he mentions that he would take her to the hospital as it is not far away but realizes that the car has gone for servicing. Neil sees the cart and brings it.
He takes the rope and tying Chahat starts pulling the car so that he is able to take her to the hospital, the family is busy in the pooja while Neil is putting his effort in taking Chahat to the hospital, he pleads with her to not close her eyes as she has to remain with him, he also instructs that she take deep breaths that will calm her he promises that he would make the sweet dish which she likes for her in the evening as he promises that he would not let anything wrong happen to her, he remembers how he tried drowning her and all the bad things he did for the sake of revenge but how Chahat has always helped his family come out of trouble.
Neil looses his slippers but doesnot give up and is pulling the cart, Neil sees an old person so pleads with him to give her his blessings as she is not feeling well, he performs the ritual after which Neile claims that she would get well. Neil once again starts pulling the car and finally reaches the clinic so mentions that they have reaches.
He stops in front of the clinic and exclaims that they have reaches the clinic while Chahat is in extreme pain, he sees that the clinic is closed and also exclaims to Chahat that nothing will happen to her, he tries calling the doctor but he doesnot pick the phone, meanwhile Chahat starts coughing blood he exclaims that she must stay awake and not die while he tries to do something for her.
Neil starts pounding at the door trying to open and after a lot of efforts he is finally able to break the door, he pleads with Chahat to keep her eyes open as nothing would happen to her, he restlessly tries to search for the antidote but is not able to find it, then brings a tray asking her to point out the antidote, she finally points the antidote but he stops thinking of how can he give her the injection, she pleads with him to hurry as they do not have enough time left.
Neil is standing while Chahat starts loosing her strength, he says that he would give her the injections and takes the medicine in the syringe, he asks her for the vein, then after praying he tries to inject the antidote but his hands start shivering, he backs out thinking of how can he do it while he is shivering so much, Neil realizes that Chahat told him to count backwards and start breathing that will calm him down, he follows her instructions so is finally able to calm himself.
He again tries to inject the antidote and is finally able to give her the antidote, she exclaims that she is feeling dizzy and feels that it has been too late so she might not be able to survive and he should believe that her father is not the killer of Saraswati which he must believe. He exclaims that she should not talk like this and she has to prove that her father is innocent, she exclaims that she is being punished for her crimes, Neil exclaims that what wrong has she done as she is the purest soul which he ahs encountered, Chahat mentions that she has wronged Viyas jee.
She remembers of all the times when Viyas jee praised her and also blessed her, she mentions that she lied to Viyas jee and he doesnot even know that she is a Muslim which is why she is dying, Neil pleads with her to stop mentioning that Allah would never let anything happen to her.
Neil takes her hand, she pleads with him to apologize to Viyas jee on her behalf, he exclaims that nothing would happen to her, she is not able to breathe properly and starts feeling dizzy before getting unconscious, Neil calls her but she stops moving which makes him feel restless and he cannot believe that she has died as there is no pulse.

Precap: Neil is left shocked so calls out as Chahat has died, he exclaims that she cannot leave him.

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