Excuse Me Madam 25th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Madam wants to kill Sanam

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Scene 1
Sanam comes to madam’s office and looks around. She scares him. He says you scared me. She jokes with him and says I am worried about that killer. Sanam says he will have to kill me first or I will kill him.. Madam’s eye twitches and she takes out a dagger. She looks at Sanam in a psycho way and he gets scared. Madam says I will kill you first, you abuse women. Sanam runs from there and asks Addu to run too. They both hide in the washroom. Madam comes there and asks them to come out. I am going to hunt you. Addu says she is a witch. She screams at them to open the door.

Kranti is going to Sanam’s office and says I will surprise him today. Kranti calls Sanam and he whispers to her and says I am on the way. She says I am at your office. He says you should go back. Electricity goes off, Sanam asks her to leave from the stairs as there is a psycho killer here.

Madam is attacking the washroom door and asks Sanam to open it. She has a dagger in her hand. Sanam says I don’t know what to do. Addu dances around.

Scene 2
Chatterjee doesn’t want to eat veggies. He calls Sanam. Sanam says I am in a trouble, please help me. Chatterjee says you deserve it. Sanam says madam has gone crazy, you just have to come here and pinch her as she is running behind me with a dagger. Chatterjee says I am not coming. Sanam says she will kill me and go to jail then you will lose your job. Chatterjee says I will come but you will accept to madam that you tempered with my presentation.

Kranti hides in the office and calls Amar. She says there is something wrong here. There is a psycho killer here and Sanam left from here. Amar says I am coming there.

Madam is knocking on the door and asks Sanam to open the door. Chatterjee comes there and pinches her. She comes back to her senses and asks what he is doing here? Chatterjee says Sanam called me here. Madam says where is he? and you are drunk? Chatterjee says Sanam made me drink because of his antics. Madam asks Sanam to come out. Addu says we can’t go out as I am dressed like this. Madam asks Sanam to come out. Sanam says I won’t come out if Chatterjee is here. Chatterjee says he is selfish, he leaves. Sanam comes out of the washroom with Addu. Madam screams seeing him.

PRECAP – Sanam tells madam that Addu is his wife. She says what? Addu says everything is possible in love and war.
Sanam and Addu go to dinner with madam as husband and wife. Kranti and Amar come there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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