Falling In Love Again (Part 31)

Abhi – My Pragya😭 My Jinny😫 My Miss… Ra… Ray…😭
Pragya- Yes. My Mr. Sun.. Your Miss Ray..
Abhi- You know I missed you so much but were around me all the time and didn’t recognise you.
Pragya- How could you !?? You hadn’t seen my face..😫
Abhi- Yes..
Abhi cupped her face and was about to kiss her.

But thought something and stopped.
Abhi- But w8.. You also did not see my face.. Then how you came to know I’m your Mr. Sun !?
Pragya moved her hands- ‘Magic’!!!!
Abhi- ooooo Pragya. You are not Miss Ray…!!!
Pragya was shocked and gave a confused look.
Abhi- I mean to say, you are not Miss Ray.. You are Miss-T-Ray..😁(Abhi as usual making silly jokes) I mean ‘mystery’. I can’t understand you. What you think,what you say, or what you do !!(kya krti ho)
Pragya smiled with shyness.
Abhi- (‘Krne’ se yaad aaya!! Tum kuch dino se ajeeb harkate kyu kr rhi thi ??) Why were yoh behaving strange from some days.
Pragya- What was strange in my behavior ? It was quite normal.
Abhi- Normal !?? You think that was normal ??!
Pragya- Yes !!!(winked)
She held him by his tuxedo’s collar and came closer to him.

Pragya- I was just trying to show my love to my Dear Husband. But always kept on running.
Pragya grimaced and feigned to be upset. Abhi found this very cute and chukled.
Abhi- I thought you had some injury in your brain. That was why I was reluctant. If I knew you were doing all this intentionally, I would have…!!
Pragya- you would have ??!!??
Pragya looked him romantically.
Abhi pouted and made kissing face.
Abhi- Bs samaj jao !!😍😗😙😘😚😋
Abhi smirked in response and was about to kiss her lips.

But Pragya moved her face.
Abhi: Now why are you so reluctant to get your love from you loving husband!??

He asked by running his hand along her waist.

Pragya gasped at his touch and closed her eyes in pleasure. She melted with his touch.

Abhi in a seductive tone: Pragya I’m “FALLING FOR YOU AGAIN”….

Pragya pushed him away and ran towards the balcony as he had a victorious smile on his face.

Abhi coming behind her:
Now you can’t run away from me.. we both wanted this moment so badly.
Pragya blushed heavily.
Abhi hugged her from behind and caressed her neck.

Pragay was all lost in his touch.
Suddenly the door knocked.
Both came out of the senses..
Abhi disheartened- Who is disturbing us…huh ??!
Pragya smiled- Let me see.
Pragya opened the door and saw Purab standing at the door with phone in his one hand and pillow in the other. As it was late night and he was sleepy.
Purab- Bhabhi Bulbul wants to talk to you.
Pragya- Bulbul !??! At this time..!!!
Purab forwarded his phone to her. Before Pragya could speak anything, Bulbul started throwing questions at her continuously.
Bulbul- Di !! Did you tell jiju ? How did you tell him?! What was his reaction ?! Was he happy or shocked ?! Is he with you ?! How is he feeling after knowing the truth ??!
Pragya- heyy Bully …Bully… Bully… !!! Calm down my sister. Take a breath. Yes I told him.. I’ll tell you later everything. But not now. Look at the time… It’s too late. You should sleep now. Talk to you in the morning.
Bul- OMG.. Finally the moment came 😍. I know you must be busy 😜😜😜😜. Ok di good night and yeah don’t forget to call me in the morning.
Pragya- sure..!!
Saying so she handed phone to Purab
Bul- And one more thing Di !!!!
As Pragya handed phone to Purab she couldn’t listen what she said.
Purab put the phone to his ear.
Bul- I love you !! I love you !!! I love you sooooo much.. Muaahhh😍😍😍
Purab- 😲😳😳😳
Purab thought she said this to him. But actually she said this to Pragya. It was a little misunderstanding.

Thanku , thanku, thanku so much guys for your love and support. Your words of appreciation made my day..😍
Glad to know you all liked Mahaepisode and it turned out as you expected. Keep reading and pen down your thoughts whether good or bad (for better twist and turn😜😜)

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