Qurbaan Hua 24th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Chahat sees the locket smiliar to one which Alka had

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Ghazala exclaims she has called to give the good news that they have been legally divorced and they should get the blessed divorce, Neel exclaims they would never let her plan succeed, but Ghazala replies that they both should start living separately, she ends the call when there are rocks thrown at them, Neel asks who is throwing them and they rush inside when Aalekh comes with the villagers saying they will not let this characterless women live in the house, Neel taking him by the neck questions if he desires to die at his hands, the women says that they are standing with Aalkeh and she is still living with Neel even after being divorced, the women mentions that she would say this to defend herself but Chahat mentions she doesnot need the character certificate of the people like Aalkeh.

The women try to push Chahat out of the house when the family tries to stop them all, Neel shouts at them demanding that they leave Chahat, Aalekh shows the divorce mentioning he has their divorce papers, Neel is able to break free, taking a knife asks that he has shown the proof of divorce then would they like to see the proof of their marriage, Neel cutting his hand fills her mang, he standing in front of her asks if they want to see any other proof because they both had indeed filed for divorce but now all the difference they had have ended and they will now live together with their children for the rest of their lives, their marriage is not for the single life but the seven generations, the villagers turns to leave, Aalkeh asks where are they going, they all reply they have not gotten big enough to question the Sindoor, they leave when Neel vows to make Aalkeh pay but Chahat pulls him back saying she does not want him to get his hands dirty by hitting someone like Aalkeh, Vyas je praises Neel saying he must not be worried as he would file an application that they get the approval of the NGO.

Neel taking the hands of Chahat mentions he cannot bear that someone raises questions on their love, this time their love story would not be sacrificed, Chahat hugs him with love.

In the night Chahat sees the mang, she touches it thinking she doesnot know if the Sindoor is correct based on religion but the way which Allah has accepted her marriage and blessed her with two beautiful gifts she is sure that this would not cause any harm to him, she sees Neel standing behind her who is smiling, she asks him to show her his hand then seeing he injured she asks him to sit, saying that his romance has started to come out when she called him unromantic.

She starts applying the medicine when he hurts, she apologizes then asks to leave saying she will throw the cotton, he exclaims he is not able to control himself when everything has been sorted, Chahat asks if he doesnot remember that Vyas je said that they would have to take the vows once again at the wedding of Bopho and Naveli, he replies he cannot control himself, Chahat however asks him to go and check on Dua, he leaves when she pressurizes him.

In the morning Bopho exclaims he has brought the first invitation for Vyas je, he asks if they should place it at the feet of Devi ma, Chahat also requests Vyas je to pray for Dua that she gets selected as today is her final selection, Vyas je agrees and leaves.
Dua comes back with Alka, Chahat asks how did their dance go, Dua replies it went well since Alka ma was her partner hearing which Chahat gets tensed, Dua rushes upstairs to her room< Chahat asks Alka when will the results come, Alka replies they said it would come in half an hour and so the call would come any time soon, Chahat leaves when Shlok calls her saying that he has lost his glasses she leaves to talk with him.Alka gets a call, she eagerly accepts it but then thinks she would not let this happen so has to do something, she goes to meet the person who standing them explains something which worries Alka and she agrees to do just as he has said.Chahat asks Naveli to see the jewellery, Vyas je however asks them to also see them as it is the wedding and this is just a small gift from him, Vyas je also asks Chahat to see some jewellery for herself but she replies she doesnot wany any as she has no interest but asks if they can buy one for Alka as her chain broke, Godambari questions when did it happen as she saw it yesterday, Chahat shows her that the A alphabet broke so they can have it replaced, she even shows it to Vyas je who agrees, Chahat sees Alka so asks where is her necklace which was broken because they can have it replaced, Alka replies she doesnot want any other because she has given it for repairing, Chahat asks what happened for the dance competition, Alka replies nothing has happened.Chahat is in the clinic seeing the patients, one woman comes with severe neck pain, Chahat sees that the chain is a lot similar to the one which Alka had, she asks when did the women buy it and to give the contact of the jeweler, the women try contacting him, but it is not connecting.Neel comes and picks Chahat up, she asks what he is doing as there are patients, he however replies that it is nothing to worry about because she has still gotten selected, he takes her outside and starts giving it to everyone who is waiting, Chahat asks why he is so happy as she has just been selected.In the house Shlok exclaims that Dua is looking really beautiful, Godamabri asks Shlok to take a photo of her with Dua, Alka then asks Dua to take the blessings of everyone just as she told her, Dua one by one takes the blessings of everyone starting from Vyas je but she doesnot take the blessing of Chahat, Neel asks her to see if she has dropped on of her ear ring, she kneels but is not able to find anything when he signals Chahat give her the blessings which Chahat gives, Dua leaves with Alka saying she needs to practice the dance before, Godamabri advises her to prepare well.

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  1. I smell trouble Neel and Chahat are now legally divorced Alku may take advantage of that and do a fake/real marriage with Neel she has already been eyeing him forever.
    Just find Alku a good match get her married and send her off from Dhyani house she just doesn’t seem to get it that Neel can love nobody else except Chahat.

    1. Why are you thinking like that

    2. well, @namima it’s true

    3. Not possible! The producer has shown clear bias towards hindu women, the show always easy the pain of muslim women in short period of time but hindu women take forever.

    4. But Neel loves Chahat right ???

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