Kumkum Bhagya 24th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Rhea clarifies Pallavi about Sid and her sudden marriage

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The Episode starts with Pallavi telling Beeji that whatever they want to do, they shall go to their home and do. Ranbir tells Pallavi that they came here as Sid asked him. He thought that…He says both of you speak your hearts, and tells Prachi that he can’t see her insult. Prachi says he has changed after marriage. Ranbir says I am not changed, but you have changed. He says my relation haven’t changed with you, it is still the same, but changed with Prachi. He says why are you turning your face from us, tells that Prachi didn’t force me to marry, but I forced her to marry me. He says I went to temple that day and then told her that if she don’t marry me then I will die. He says he forced her to marry me. He says when Prachi and I went to Bangalore? Prachi says when Ranbir came here and told me about you, I told that you can’t marry without my consent, that’s why they went to Bangalore and got Sid married to the girl whom I will never approve. She says they might have told you that I will permit them to stay here, and tells that they are taking revenge from her. Sid says my marriage is not related to them, let me and my wife explain. Pallavi says I don’t want to know how sanskari, beautiful, or lovely she is, but I will not accept her. She says if you want to say this, then leave my house, take them along with you. Rhea calls Pallavi and lifts her veil. Pallavi is shocked to see her and takes her name. She recalls Rhea’s suicide attempt and everything. She says Sid married you. Rhea says they were explaining the same thing. She says none of us forget the past. She says even she was hurt. She says Sid got married to me and you can’t change it. Pallavi says I will never accept the girl which is not my choice. Sid says you are upset with me as I married Prachi’s sister. Pallavi says you didn’t know what happened on the marriage day. Rhea says she doesn’t want to burden her shoulders with their past and wants to start afresh with her marriage. Sid says I got married to Rhea with all the rituals, whatever happens in real marriage, tells that he had told girlfriend that he never had any girlfriends, as he always thought that he will befriend his wife. He says he witnesses the God and married her. Rhea says I know you very well Aunty, you are soft at heart and I am sure that you will search your happiness in your kids. She says whatever decision you take, we will accept from our heart.

Gautam gets a call from his Dad. He asks what happened at home, all bottles and glasses are on the ground. Gautam says all Servants are in farmhouse as there is a private party there. He says his heart is fallen on Pragya now and tells that he will take her there. His dad says you are playing with fire. Gautam says I will party with her and then will express my feelings to her. He gets busy in talking and hits Abhi. Abhi manages to save himself somehow. Gautam ends the call and gets down the car. He asks Abhi, if he wants to die. Abhi asks if he makes death certificate. Gautam says I know such people like you, you strike with car intentionally. Abhi says you was talking on phone and driving. Gautam says he is going to meet his new would be girlfriend. Abhi says I bless you, you will break up with her today itself. Constable comes there and says I would have cut the challan if I am on duty. Abhi goes.

Pallavi asks Sid to tell whatever happened? Sid tells that he had seen Rhea in the pub. Rhea says she saw a girl putting drugs in his pockets. Sid says Rhea saved me and stood by me. Pallavi asks why didn’t you call me. He says he didn’t get time. Rhea says police was doubtful on us, and followed us. She says she stayed in Sid’s hotel room. She thought to leave in the morning. Sid says then they found another pocket of drugs, which they flushed. Rhea tells about her friend’s call. Sid says we had to elope as we didn’t have drugs. He says they ran and reached banquet hall. He says groom and bride suggested us to marry. Rhea says I thought I shall marry Sid. Sid says we got married then and then the drug dealer was caught. Rhea says then I came to know that I got married to Ranbir’s elder brother. She says I became bahu of the house, where I was about to come as bahu. She says may be this marriage was written in my destiny.

Pragya tells her secretary that Sushma aunty gave her clear instructions to drop him. Secretary says I was taking him, but he said that it was his house. She says he was going out and I thought. Pragya says you thought. She says you should have understand that it was his trick, he is so smart. Secretary says he is smart and he talked nicely that I thought that it is not a bad guy. Pragya thinks even I couldn’t identify him. She asks her to call Gautam Thappar and asks where is he? Gautam comes there and tells Pragya that he got late due to some stupid guy. Pragya says you are already late and asks her to sit. Gautam says old owners stopped the auction, and that’s why you called me. Pragya asks why there was no signatures of old owners on the papers. Gautam says their papers are fake. He says he got papers from bank. Pragya says I got solution. He says keep my farmhouse papers until you get that house. Pragya says she is not interested in his farmhouse.

Gautam says I understand, your obsession is clearly seen for that Mansion and asks what is her interest in it? He says you wanted to get it and now is desperate to sell it. He asks if you have any old connection with that Mansion. Pragya recalls Abhi asking her not to sell the house as their memories are related to this house. She refuses his plea. Fb ends. Pragya says I have no old memories with the Mansion and tells that she will see his farmhouse. He says I will show my farmhouse to you in the evening. Pragya says she wants to go now itself. Gautam says he has meetings now. He says I shall get a chance to present my property well. She says fine and goes.

Precap: Abhi beats Gautam in his farmhouse. Pragya asks Abhi to leave him and tells that it is her life, and she will go anywhere and meet anyone, it is none of his business. Abhi looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. I knew it. Witch Pallavi will accept Rhea and Sid😑. I don’t have an issue with the new couple but this just means that Pallu will continue to humiliate Prachi because I think the next step is that Rhea will tell her Pallavi to accept Pranbir. And I really don’t believe Rhea when she said she’s forgotten the past and wants to start anew. Mark my words she has planned something..do you really think she’ll let Pranbir stay happily married after they ‘betrayed’ her.

    On the other hand, I’m loving the new love triangle b/w Abhigya and Gautam. It’s good to see jealous Abhi after a long time btw I’m really missing chawl family especially Tanu and Alia where are they? They have become annoyingly entertaining after the leap😂

  2. Rhea indirectly taunts pranbir. Pallavi May accept riya, it is good if pranbir not accepted by pallavi. Selfish pallavi deserves rhea only

  3. Huh and she basically just taunted pranbir and now she’s the elder bahu and let me guess she’s gonna use this opportunity 2 humiliate pranbir by inviting them 2 her post marriage parties and pallavi is ridiculous I knew she would accept them and do ppl still think she’s gonna be positive huh

    1. Prachi is the elder bahu because she got married first.

    2. But sid is ranbir ‘s elder brother. In that way rhea is kohli’s elder bahu

    3. not true it counts not the age of the person, it counts who marries first. And Prachi is older than Rhea. In that way Prachi is kohli’s elder bahu.

  4. Seems the new hobby of the writers is to show the same Precap over more than one day. 🤮🤦‍♂️
    From 21st July – 24th July 2021 Abhigya Precaps are shown but only Pranbir scenes, which is so disgusting.
    Because they use this couple so that people actually watch the show. 😒
    What’s the matter if the fandom of Pranbir is so big, why are they showing Abhigya Precaps. 🤔

    1. correction dear , episode are not filled with pranbir it is filled with pallo insulting & rhea ka wedding & today goodi-goodi image , even pranbir fans are irritated , i think the trp gonna fall very low

    2. correction dear I have written from 21st July – 24th July 2021 and not only from yesterday and today where Pallavi is the focus.
      Lol the entire week was almost only Pranbir scenes and the fans are irritated because Pallavi was the focus in the last two episodes. 🤣😂🤦‍♂️
      and about the falling TRPs well 🙏 thankfully they can”t blame Abhigya for that. 😁

  5. I can’t understand Pallavi’s reaction, she always wanted to make Rhea her bahu, but now, she doesn’t seem to care. I think only Rhea can put Pallavi in his place, when will Rhea’s true face come out. Rhea will never change, she is a reflection of Aliya. I hope that they will not delay exposing Rhea. Having accepted Rhea now as bahu, they will not be able to abandon her in the future, otherwise, it will be a shame for them.

  6. Prachi is the eldest bahu since she got married first. In Begusarai, Bindiya tried to suggest that she’s the eldest daughter in-law because she married Priyom and he’s the head of Begusarai but Dadi told her Poonam is the elder one because she got married before her even though Poonam is younger.

    Rhea will take advantage of the situation and Pranbir will have to live in the house just so Rhea and Pallavi (still wondering why they’re making her out to be important. She gets a kick out of telling people to get out of her house) can make their lives difficult, especially that of Prachi.

  7. TBH now I don’t feel anger or hatred towards Pallavi , I feel pity and amusement at state of mind she has put herself in , it’s as if everyone out there has no other business than betray her. It’s funny how , on just hearing that PRANBIR had been to Bangalore , she instantly jumped on conclusion that they must have done that to turn Sid against her.

    And , I think , aside from becoming paranoid , she has also become a confused and lost soul.
    Why did she say it to Rhea that she will not accept Sid’s marriage if his bride is not approved by her ?? Isn’t Rhea approved by her already ?? Or is it that just because Sid didn’t ask her before marrying Rhea , she is going to reject her as well , even though Rhea IS the girl Pallavi wanted as her DIL ?? Or has she turned against all Mehras in general now , and now for her Rhea is no longer a dear, but Abhi’s daughter and Aliya’s niece

  8. The KKB plot is growing ridiculous day by day ! Mistakes i noted in the plot :
    * pragya and abhi are called the best couples yet abhi always believes that aliya and tanu are right and never trust pragya yet the show displays some fake concerns between the two.
    Pragya is called the best wife as per a plot but of she really had trust abhi why dint she stop for a minute to think that when abhi called ber saying he trapped hwr to be killed it would have been a plan of aliya and tanu because pragya already the fact that aliya and tanu are constantly plotting against her
    * if abhi really loves pragya why aint he throwing tanu out of the house now
    *pragya is told to be the best mom of the show but why isnt she searching about prachi
    * if the show wants to teach good lessons to the society why isnt writer showing the hardworking nature ,smart steps taken by pragya in the whole 2 years to be the be tge top business women?
    *If the show wants to teach lessons to the society why isnt it showing the mistakes done by aliya and tanu which led them to bankruptcy
    * and pranbir and sirhea story like copy cat version of abigya
    * why did they forget sunny
    *why did they forget disha
    And many more
    Do you people agree with me?

    1. Agreed, What the show is teaching society, is obvious. It’s not what you would expect. I liked your list of ‘contradictions’, as they are accurate.

  9. From her sound it is understood that Pallavi is crying and so so angry. But there is no change in the position of her eyes. Is she a blinde with artificial eyes?

    1. LOL. haven’t watched but I remember this from past episodes. Part of the experience of KKB was watching the actors develop their skill. But I have to agree regarding Pallavi. her face keeps changing. her body size has continued to change. She does have a beaver-like look. (too funny) and he clothing style changes. Likely she thinks that will all ‘make up’ for her unchanging acting skill.


    1. 1 Pragya has not returned to look for her daughters, she has returned to seek revenge.
      2.Pragya is not looking for a man, she is not interested in a relationship,in this case it is ridiculous to compare Pragya with Tanu because Pragya is not running after a married man or living with a married man and his wife under the same roof how Tanu did it.
      3. Her hate is not stupid, and why should Pragya make the first step. The man can also use his brain (if he has one) and look for the reason what is the matter with Pragya.
      Constantly people expect Pragya to make the first move, to look for Abhi, to clear the misunderstanding and to look after her children. 🤦‍♂️
      What about Abhi, he can do the same, look for Pragya, clarify misunderstandings, and look after the children. then at least he makes something important and doesn’t cuddle with his bottle all the time.

    2. @Meli Singh
      Agreed that ” Pragya has not returned to look for her daughters, she has returned to seek revenge. ”
      But , we are not robots , programmed to focus only some specific tasks and ignore literally everything else.
      At a time we have multiple emotions going through our minds , and try as we may , it’s not possible for use to completely detach ourselves from an emotion that rules strongly.

      Pragya , is a mother who loves her daughters fiercely. An emotion of motherhood is one the strongest , if not THE strongest , emotion to ever exist. So it seems unreal that Pragya has so completely forgotten about her daughters. Agreed that a wife in her has returned to exact revenge on her husband , but has that wife killed mother inside her so completely that she found it a waste of time to return to India if Abhi was not found ?? She is so immersed in her revenge that a thought of her daughters is not even touching her mind ??

      Has Pragya even talked to Sushma about her daughters ?? Does Sushma know Pragya has daughters ??

      This is what feels unreal to viewers , that Pragya has so completely forgotten her daughters. It’s especially unbelievable for a woman who used to so respect relations.

      Agreed that earlier she was obsessed with finding Abhi and getting restless on not finding him. But now , she has found him , found out what has happened to him and has even , supposedly decided to forgot her plan of active revenge against him , seeing that fate has already dealt with him.

      Now Pragya supposedly doesn’t care about Abhi at all ?? Whether he lives / dies is no matter to her ?? So now what’s it that’s stopping her from finding about her daughters ?? Isn’t she even curious about how Prachi is doing in her married life ?? How is Rhea doing ??

    3. @ Meli Singh
      and no , we don’t expect her to ‘ to look after her children ‘ , far from it. Even her children won’t appreciate being looked after , at their age
      We just want to know , whether she even remembers , she is also a mother , as well as being a wife.
      Cuz she seems to have completely forgotten that. After arriving in India she was obsessed with finding Abhi. Now that she has found him and decided to move on , she seems to want to concentrate on her business. It’s like , she is either a wife , or a businesswoman. Nothing beyond that

      And it is even more unrealistic that Pragya is not talking about daughters because Sushma has talked about her daughter to Pragya so many times. So , knowing that Pragya was also married , it’s natural follow-up topic that Sushma should be curious about whether Pragya has any children

  11. Pallavi and rhea are alia tanu in pranbirs life so they will never change

  12. Sakeenat ishaq

    Both pragya and abhi are very stupid so their kid is not important to them pragya only care about revenge and abhi only care about pragya what kind of parents are they sorry to say I don’t know what kkb is trying to teach us or show us
    And where is shahana,Aryan,purab,disha I don’t even know what to say

    1. Abhi is always saying that he loves Pragya. However his actions are quite the opposite. He deeply loves Pragya, until his chain is yanked and then he does despicable things to Pragya. We all know who holds the control of his chains. It’s not Pragya. It’s happened so often that an intelligent, caring woman was turned into the current Pragya -rather stupid.

  13. You are 100% right cos the whole show is a mess and the way they treated Pragya who does that in real life also with Tanu framing Abhi for rape and Aliaya by her side and they squandered his money in real life are enough to throw Tanu and Aliya out of his reach and sight knowing it was the money and fame that made Tanu to make his life a hell rather they are living in one house also going to bail her she stole from someone.

  14. The Psychology of New Pragya : 1. Betrayal of Abhi occupied her mind completely. Why did Pragya believe in Abhi’s betrayal? During the Prachi’s marriage Abhi broke his all ties with Pragya and said that even Tanu is better than Pragya. Then accident happened and Tanu and Aliya called Pragya and made Abhi (Pradip) talk to her. Abhi confessed the accident was planned by him. Therefore pragya is sure Abhi made plan to kill her.
    2. In fact, Pragya is not forgiving herself because of her unconditional relaince on Abhi for a life long. She still loves Abhi but her priority is to give a strong painful lesson to Abhi even if the pain of Abhi will hurt her.
    3. One of her daughter was killed, the ather one has grown up by hating Pragya and the third one is never treated as a daughter by Abhi. So Pragya might be thinking of discarding Abhi first, then to handle her daughter
    4. Pragya can not be a normal person until she resolves Abhi case

    1. @STRYwrt
      Considering that Prachi and Abhi never spent quality time together as father-daughter , Pragya need not actually think of them as together.

      As for your fourth point , I think Pragya , in her mind , has already resolved Abhi case. She thinks he betrayed her and tried to kill her , so wanted to take revenge against him and Tanu and Aliya. But after coming to India and seeing their impoverished state , she supposedly changed her original plan of active revenge , i.e. proactively hurting them : After all what worse could she do to them than what fate already has : They fell from the heights of fame and wealth to the depths of poverty and anonymity and exile. Once they had so much money that during Prachi’s fake thievery case , Abhi could casually pull Rs 10 lakh from his pocket and give to the Kohlis as compensation , and today he doesn’t have enough money to bail Tanu out of the jail.

      Pragya has determined that there really isn’t left for her to do to take revenge against Abhi , so she has decided to leave him to his fate. Isn’t that kind of giving a closure to his case ?? So now supposedly she has dealt with Abhi. So now what is it that is stopping her from thinking outside of revenge against Abhi ??

      TBH , when she thinks of pain given to her Abhi , she should automatically think of Prachi as well because Abhi has given same pain to Prachi as well. Granted , he didn’t try to harm her , as Pragya thinks he tried her , but he still disowned Prachi right in front of Pragya. He did same with Prachi as with Pragya , by not believing her. So the mother and daughter are united in this pain. So ideally she should have first thing try to find out about Prachi , after coming to India

    2. #Colin, I don’t have strong evidences yet for the future of the show but I guess that Pragya hasn’t given up her revenge. Pragya’s revenge can’t be satisfied by the economic weakness of Mehra family, her revenge should be some other form.
      Mehras current situation tells that 1. Abhi decided not to work and not to gain money for his so called family. 2. Tanu and Aliya are two stupid, self-respectless uncapables so that they are not able to find a job.
      Those two women must be punished by both Pragya and Abhi

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