Twisted Fate Of The Empire – Chapter 2

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Recap : Ram and Varun are out on a mission to deliver messages from Prince Aditya who is at Indraprastha. Ram meets Jodha in Kekaya and delivers Aditya’s message to her. Sita and Panchali have a conversation.  Jodha invites Ram to stay at the palace.

Chapter 2 : Inside the Palanquin

The maid and soldier approach Ram

Ram: Ill find Varun and then we will go

Saying this he walks out of the temple. As he steps out, he finds someone walking in reverse with their back facing him. He takes few steps and realises that the person is Varun. Without talking anything Ram walks forward and Varun stops after dashing on him

Varun: Ram…

Ram: What are you doing ?

Varun: Actually Im confused…Ill tell you wait

Varun’s POV

Varun walks out of the temple to give space to Jodha and Ram. As he walks a few steps away from the temple he finds an ivory palanquin decorated with pearls. He gets amused to see such a costly palanquin and walks behind it.

Pov Ends

Varun: I was so curious to find who was in it

Ram: It would have been Princess Devsena..she is the only other princess to use it

Varun: I thought the same..but…

Varun’s POV

As the palanquin was moving into the palace grounds, Varun follows it. He stops to hear sword sounds and turns to see a girl practising sword fight.He is stunned by her speed and grit. Varun gets inquisitive to know who it is. He walks to the guards to know who she was but before he could ask anything

Gaurd: Princess Devsena is practising sword fight, others are not allowed now

Pov ends

Varun: Now tell me, how can the princess be in two places at the same time ?

Ram: Who else will it be? May be an empty palanquin

Varun: Why is it covered with a silk cloth?

Ram: Leave it , we have a long journey ahead. Princess invited us for dinner and sleep to the palace. Lets leave.

He drags Varun with him. The scene freezes


Arjun is sitting inside the war camp analysing war strategies. Krishna walks in

Arjun: Vasudev , at this late hour?

Krishna: Thought that you may need a help

Arjun: Nothing of that sort. I was just going through the plans for the war

Krishna: The enemy soldiers have to come out for it Arjun, I don’t think they will do it anytime sooner

Arjun: Let us wait , civilians should not be harmed in any way

Krishna: Thats right. I came to say that Im going to Rameshwar for a few days

Arjun: Suddenly? What happened?

Krishna: Im going to arrange food for our army. Karna’s Anga raaj is also sending stuff to us now

Arjun: That will be sufficient then. Till you come, I would like to go around this country

Krishna: What if people know its you

Arjun: They wont know. Its a promise. Ill be starting in the morning

Krishna: Take 1000 soldiers with you. It is for your safety.I have to leave now. Take care

Arjun: Okay Vasudev, Ill do as you say.

They depart from there. The scene freezes

Kekaya, Palace

Jodha serves Ram and Varun with a delicious meal

Varun: Prince Aditya is really lucky. Such a caring wife he is getting

Jodha: Next what is your destination?

Ram: Off to Mahishmati princess Jodha. To meet the king

Jodha: How are you going through the Kaurava security? They dont allow anyone to meet the king

Varun: Not even his children?

Jodha: Not even them…

Suddenly the maid runs inside

Maid: The shooting star..its here

Everyone is shocked except Varun

Varun: What happened? Why is everyone shocked?

Jodha: The shooting star has appeared for the third time in this month. Its not a good sign for the empire and already rumours of the king being in deathbed are roaming like forest fire. Prince Ram when you return after your work can you meet me? I want to know about the King

Ram: Sure Princess. I can even deliver a message from you to the kong now, and to Prince Aditya while going back

Jodha blushes on hearing Aditya’s name

Jodha: Ill make my message ready before your arrival and to the king my request is to make him agree to whatever My Prince has said

Varun: Wow..what a love

Jodha hides a blush with a hard effort

Jodha: Both of you rest and in the morning you take a fresh horse each and leave for Mahishmati. Your horses are too tired after a long journey they won’t help you much. We will take Care  of them and make them healthy and fit again.

Ram: Thank you so much Princess

Jodha: Its my duty

She leaves from there. The scene freezes .

The next morning after a good breakfast Ram and Varun mount their horse and leave from Kekaya Palace. On the way they reach the Kingdom of Jalandhra after a full day journey .The Vishnu temple is crowded and that blocks the way. Finding it difficult to ride the horse the hop off and start walking by holding it

Varun: Ram, it is almost evening. We have to find a place to stay tonight

Ram: Seems like there is a huge festival here so we will definitely find a place for the tourists to stay

Varun: Good then what about food?

They are interrupted by a loud sound piercing their ears. Inquisitive to know what it is they walk towards the sound and find a man fighting with people there

Ram walks to him and drags him away

Ram: Why are you hurting a poor lady?

Man: She spoke ill of my Lord Vishnu thats why

Ram: Lord Vishnu preaches love and not violence, come away

Ram takes him with him. Varun too joins them

Ram: Whats your name sir?

Man: Im Hanuman. You are?

Ram: Im Ram and this is Varun

Hanuman: Prince Ram of Ayodhya? So nice to meet you

Ram: Actually whats the special of today?

Hanuman: Dont you know that there is a huge meeting of big political leaders here? Cultural activities are going on here on account of Prince Bharat’s arrival

Ram: Bharat is back now?

Hanuman: Yes. The voyage is over.

Ram:  Sorry to ask who are all here for the meeting?

Hanuman: The Elder Brother of Kauravas Duryodhan is coming here. See

They turn towards the direction of his hand pointing. A huge campaign walks on the road. A chariot enters the street with Duryodhan in it. Ram and Varun look in awe

Hanuman: In addition to them many others are coming. I heard that your father Dashrath is here too

Those words dont fall in Ram’s ears as his eyes spot the ivory palanquin mentioned by Varun.

Varun too notices it and they watch that it is a part of the campaign now

Hanuman: I love to watch the cultural events , but

Ram: Do you mind joining us?

Varun pulls Ram Aside and in a whisper

Varun: Are you sure that we are going inside the palace? With your father being here

Ram: Varun, the same palanquin is here now. It was alone in Kekaya yesterday and now as a part of this campaign here. Something is fishy. Shooting star appeared thrice, Jalandhara’s king is a neutral one but Kauravas gathering with other kings is dangerous. Anyway we will be staying here then why not meet Bharat and enter the palace in that pretext

Varun: But why him with us?

Hanuman: I think your friend doesn’t approve me coming with you. Ill manage no problem

Saying this Hanuman walks away. As he goes he walks past the campaign. The palanquin stops suddenly and a hand gets out confirming a princess inside it

Ram: Who is it?

Varun: Definitely not Princess Jodha or Devsena

Ram: Then who will it be?

Varun: Nandhini? Will it be her?

Ram: Are you mad? How will Nandhini roam in Kekaya? Its our Prince’s in law nation. His enemies are theirs wont she get caught? And why is she with Kaurava Campaign from Mahishmati? If she gets there then she will be jailed

Varun: Then who else?

Ram: We will find it tonight. Come lets go to the palace.

Hanuman watches them from a distance. His eyes also fall on the palanquin. The scene freezes


Draupadi is in her chamber. She is adoring a painting of Arjun. Suddenly she hears a sound and hides it. Sita walks in

Draupadi: Anything important?

Sita: Yes Draupadi. Come with me

She drags her and they reach a lake near the palace. A boat is waiting for them and they mount it

Draupadi: Where are we going didi?

Sita: To meet the astrologer

Draupadi: Why?

Sita: To find when you will get a cure

Draupadi: What?

Sita: Yeah…your love disease needs a cure right

Draupadi under her breath: His return is my only cure

Sita: That what we will be asking about, when the war will get over? When they will be back

Draupadi blushes and the scene freezes

Next Chapter: Shocking Happenings

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