Kundali Bhagya 24th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Karan’s collage friend Sonakshi comes to the Luthra Mansion

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Preeta is sitting with karan, she gets a call from Shristhi so standing asks Karan to keep practicing it, she answering the call mentions Shristhi should say what she desires as she has still not gotten mature, Shristhi replies she has to take Preeta out of a big danger, Shristhi explains the entire situation of how Sherlin accepted she tried to kill the child of Preeta and even when she has apologized, she does not believe anything so Preeta should be careful at which she agrees, Karan taking the mobile asks her to end the call as he needs to be alone with his wife, Shristhi mentions it is sisters time, Karan mentions the entire society wants to spend time with her after the news, he desires to be alone with his wife, she ask what would she get in return, karan promises to love her sister even more, she agrees and ends the call, Karan sits with Preeta and is swinging he cot when Preeta leans on his shoulder, he asks why is she crying then so she says that it is nothing of the sort, Preeta thinks what kind of heinous act has Sherlin tried to commit.

In the morning Mahesh is sitting with Dadi asking how is she feeling after knowing she is going to be a great grandmother, she replies it is really good, when he asks she replies she feels like getting near to death, he jokes with her, Sherlin seeing wonders why has Preeta not come, she thinks she can take credit on her name saying that she might be getting morning sickness so this is why she asked her to not wake up and prepared everything, she sees Ganesh coming with the juice so seeing it takes it form Ganesh without letting him reveal it, she greets both Mahesh and Dadi saying that she has prepared a fresh juice for them, Preeta coming from behind mentions she has prepared smoothie as it is good for them, Sherlin thinks what is this new planning but Preeta thinks she only told the lie to save his family, Karan comes greeting Dadi asking Preeta to serve him breakfast but Mahesh asks why is he not greeting him, then Karan goes to attend a call.

A girl comes from the front door, she seeing karan is really excited so picks a ball, she throwing it at Karan asks him to catch but he ducks and so Preeta catches it, Mahesh and Dadi also wonder who might have arrived, the girl is amazed at the catch of Preeta who places down the ball, she coming to Karan greets him, he however exclaims he has seen her, she asks what has happened because she came to met her even when she is not allowed but he is saying he might have known her, Karan going around her greets Sona, she getting mad runs around him with a bat, she stops when Preeta comes in between and asks Karan to introduce her, she apologizes to her, Dadi and Mahesh also greet her, he explains she is the same girl who took Karan for party on his birthday, karan replies it is because she was a tom boy, Kritika also coming down is shocked to see her so asks Sona to turn around and show how much she has changed, Sona is mad that even Kritika is shocked when Sona asks him to not be so mad because he was in love with her before and used to run after her, Karan asks her to not be so causal as it is not a joke, Sona asks Preeta and Karan to not be worried as she was just the best friend, Mahesh exclaims she will now reveal all the secrets, he exclaims she is really cute, Sona replies such small talks would not work but Mahesh agrees saying he will call Rakhi who would prepare the dish for her.

Sona asks Preeta to sit down explaining that since a girl leaves her entire family when she is married so has the right to know everything about her husband, Dadi asks her to not be worried as Sona has a habit of joking, Karan asks her to not talk like this as he was always a good child, Sona is shocked that Karan is defending himself and it is really cute, mentioning that he was so arrogant before and did not care for what anyone said, Karan asks if she has planned to get him killed, Sona is really finding it cute Karan is once again defending himself, Sona mentions he has a big secret which she needs to tell her, Preeta replies she knows that Karan used to be a big flirt but now he has changed completely and is not that same person who used roam around with his girlfriend he is just now a good husband. Sona replies she is meeting Karan for the firs time after he got married and he has gotten really boring, however Preeta is really different from him.

Rakhi comes to them, Sonakshi meets her who explains she has come after a long time and came at the birthday of Karan, Karina also comes and greets her, she is impressed that Sonakshi is no longer the tom boy, Sonakshi replies she was about to come to the wedding of Rishab and Sherlin but saw their photos which were really impressive, she also explains she saw the photos of Karan and Preeta but after meeting with Preeta is really impressed with her, Karan asks how did she come back as she was in London. Sona replies she came back straight to their house to invite them to her wedding, Kritika immediately greets her, she mentions her wedding is in Lonadwala, they refuse mentioning it is far away.

Sonakshi gets a panic attack and sits on the table exclaiming she is not well because all her friends are out of town and she thought that they would come as her family, however they are really tensed but Sonakshi makes Dadi agree mentioning she would give her a big surprise after she arrives at the wedding, Dadi then mentions they all would go, she even asks Mahesh who says they only have one condition that she will give them the same surprise which she has planned for Dadi, Sonakshi agrees and turns to leave saying she has gotten really late, she comes back to bid farewell, karan opens his arms but she going to Preeta bids farewell, she asks Karan to catch the ball, he asks her to be calm and not fall, Mahesh is impressed saying that she is really in a hurry, Rakhi asks them to have the breakfast, Preeta mentions she really likes his friend, Karan replies it is because she was pulling his leg, they both leave for the breakfast.

Sherlin gets jealous seeing them, she recalls when they were celebrating the pregnancy of Preeta, she going to the kitchen in anger throws the bucket which has the forks, Preeta walks over them asking why is Sherlin so angry, she should not be so mad as Preeta is aware of what is going on in her heart, Sherlin asks her to say if she knows it all, Preeta asks why can they not change their attitude towards each other, the Luthra family is of them both asking can they not put everything in the past, she mentions the only reason she hid the truth was because she knows that the child is the reason of happiness for the entire family, She knows that Sherlin tried to harm her child but did not say anything to the family because they would immediately throw her out of the house.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Hmmm so maybe akshay is sonakhshi’s husband to be??

    1. But isn’t Akshay dead. Sorry I missed that track.

    2. T.H

      No way! If they plan to bring the ‘dead’ Akshay back, then they will definitely lose all the viewers. His track was dragged so much so it SHOULDN’T start again. Sonakshi seemed very sweet to me. I don’t want her to get married to anyone of Akshay’s kind.

  2. I’m only waiting for bhagya lakshimi

  3. I have a question, in the promo of where Mahira said she’s going to go out with a bang and also in an interview she said that when she leaves she’ll leave with a bang💥💥💥. Even though she revealed the truth, no one ever believed.
    Then what was the point of giving that statement.
    Any thoughts??? 🤔🤔🤔

    1. T.H

      No thoughts. I think this was just to make us attractive towards the show. Or maybe by ‘bang’ she meant Kritika and Prithvi’s wedding will happen for sure😂.

  4. Akshay is dead but I don’t think his body was found.

  5. T.H

    I loved Sonakshi. She’s lovely and jolly🥰. As per spoilers, she will play a positive role and she has come to spice up Karan and Preeta’s life. I love Mansi from Ishqbaaz’s time so I hope they (the producer and the writers) doesn’t make her character like Mahira.

  6. For sure preeta will sacrifice one for baby to sherlin.

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