Qurbaan Hua 21st January 2021 Written Episode Update: Neel reveals his true identity infront of Ammi Jan

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Vyas je arrives with Baleq and his followers when Ammi Jan orders Qasim to throw them out of the vicinity when Neel reveals that he is not actually Qasim but the son of Mant Vyas, Neelkand Bhat Dhiani.

Ghazala comes to the hall asking everyone what is happening when Ammi Jan comes asking what has happened, she says how she has found the ribbon which the Hindu pandit wear saying that she has found it outside the washroom of the servants, Ammi Jan exclaims how there can be a Hindu because all the servants in their house are Muslims, ghazala exclaims how there is someone who is actually a Hindu, Ammi Jan after scolding them orders the culprit to come forward when Ghazala exclaims how it is up to them to reveal the truth she orders all of the servants to recite the first Kalmah in front of Ammi Jan, Chahat asks what is the need when they know that everyone is a Muslim, Ghazala orders her to not interfere in her matters then pleads with Ammi Jan to send her away so she is ordered to go back to her room.

The servants come forward one by one and then recite the first kalmah, Neel is worried when ghazala thinks of how he would stay away from her plan, Ammi Jan asks Ghazala what is the need because he is her respected servant and she is sure that he will not be a Hindu, Ghazala exclaims that nothing wrong would happen if he recites the Kalma, and then she is shocked when he recites it with the translation, so wonders how it might have happened but doesnot know that Chahat was actually helping Neel.

Neel remembers how Chahat gave him an ear peace so she would try to help him in any matter, Qasim asks if there is any query to which Ammi Jan exclaims how she is habitual of making a scene and now she feels that Chahat was right and she should not worry because she has some work near the Dargah, and he should come with her. Ghazala thinks that he might have played her this time, but it would not happen again as she would reveal his true identity to everyone.

Baleq gets angry saying that he knew Neel would not die so easily and now he is living in her house as Qasim to which Ghazala exclaims how she feels that he is really strong willed as he came to live in the house of the enemy, Baleq mentions that she should kill him however she exclaims that she desires to reveal the true identity of Neel in front of his father when he is dressed in the Muslim clothes.

Baleq comes running saying that he has talked with the people of the village and they have refused to boycott them so then jamuna asks Godamabri to buy some vegetables, but he mentions how they desire that Vyas je should first take out a yatra seeking forgiveness, Vyas je agrees mentioning how they have made a mistake so would now fulfil the punishment.
Baleq texts Ghazala exclaiming how it is now up to her to fulfil their plan.

Ammi Jan is sitting with Chahat asking her to select a dress because if she doesnot then she would herself select the dress, Ghazala comes saying that she desires that Ammi Jan come with her but Ammi Jan explains how she doesnot have any interest in politics to which Ghazala exclaims that she has taken interest in politics because there is no one in the community to speak for the rights of the Muslims, Ammi Jan orders her to accompany her as she would have to select the dress, Chahat and Neel both are worried, they wonder why is Ghazala asking them to accompany her.

Vyas je is walking with the yatra when Ammi Jan is also accompanying Ghazala and inquires what is taking so long, ghazala explains how it is just a few meters away, they both come face to face when Ghazala explains that he is the father of Neel and belongs to the family who kept their daughter as a hostage and ruined her life, Ammi Jan explains that she would kill them had it not been such an auspicious day.

Baleq says that they would not turn back and if they do not understand then t would call a lot of problems for them all, Vyas je says that he has come with the intent of seeking forgiveness so is asking nicely that they should turn because he would not turn back, Ghazala orders Qasim to make Vyas je leave along with his family and he is also allowed to use force, Ammi Jan also explains how he has won her heart four times and would now disobey her to ruin the reputation which has earned, Neel goes forward when Chahat asks him to not do this because he should not harm Vyas je.

Chahat yells at Qasim to not do anything of the sort because he should not harm her father, Neel is tensed but walks ahead when Ghazala comes to him handing him a stick saying that he is allowed to use force against the enemies of their religion, Neel is not able to do it and throws the stick away which angers Ammi Jan, who asks what is happening because he should never disobey her orders.

Ammi Jan comes out asking what has happened as he is their servant and should answer why he cannot accept her orders, Neel finally exclaims how Vyas je is his father and he is his son, Neel then takes off the cap and Glasses to reveal his true identity which shocks everyone.

Neel exclaims how he is not Qasim but Neelkand Bhat Dhiani, Chahat goes to him exclaiming he is the same person for whom she has really honour and that she loves him a lot.

Baleq questions Neel what he is doing because he is a Hindu and has still worn the clothes of a Muslim, Ghazala also says that the reason for this is Neel and they would take revenge.

Chahat and Neel both exclaim how they have not done anything wrong but have loved each other and not done anything wrong, they exclaim that their love is just as pure as both the religions and there is nothing wrong.

Baleq and Ghazala both exclaim to fight when Chahat tries to stop Ammi Jan however she pushes her away which worries Dr Baig who tries to stand but is not able to, Ammi Jan scolds her by saying that she should not have loved the person of the other religion.

Precap: Neel and Chahat try to hold each others hand when they are being pulled away when Ammi jan orders them to stop saying that no one can love Chahat more then Neel and she has accepted their Nikkah however there is only one condition which they would have to accept.

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    At least Ammi jan has some sense.

    1. Leisa s morris

      I would will wait and see first what is her condition she is putting forth. Maybe she is trying to get them apart and then whisked chahat away to marry someone else. I have learnt yo not take anything at face.value on zee tv

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