Apna Time Bhi Aayega 21st January 2021 Written Episode Update: Veer comes to Rani’s place

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Scene 1
Rani enjoys the ride. She says everything si fine now. The car stops again. Rani says what happened now? The tire is stuck in the mud. Rani says oh God. Veer says you stay quite.

Pinku says will it come out. Veer says to Rani move. He tries to take the wheel out. He is disgusted by touching it. The wheel doesn’t come out. A kid sees Pinku and all his friends come. They ask is this our car? Pinku says yes. They all touch the car. Rani says stop. No one will go near the car. A guy says Pinku your sister is the same. So rude. They say Rani didi we only get to see such cars twice in a year. We only make their drawing. Rani says I won’t let any scratch on Rajawat family’s things. It will go back as it came. Some men come. They meet Rani. Rani says we just came back from the city. He says such a big car? New clothes? And your sindur.. Is he our husband? Everyone is shocked. Rani says please help us get this out. They say we will get it out. Don’t worry. Kaka asks Rani you will stay here for long right? She says no I just came for 2 days. I will come back for long when babu ji is with as well. They say we will get the car out and clean it. Take your husband home and rest.

Rani meets everyone on the way. They say SIL. They give him juice. Rani hugs everyone. They give things to Veer. Veer is confused. Rani says enjoy coconut water. Veer says how do I tell her the truth.

Veer says to Rani I have to tell you something. She says yes? Rani says my house.. that’s my own house. My dadi’s house. Come let me show you. Dadi si watching movies. Rani says she would be so happy to see me. Pinku comes as well. Rani says let’s go surprise dadi. They go inside. Dadi hugs them. She cries. Veer stands outside. Rajeshwari calls him.

Rajeshwari says reached Baliya? He says yes. She says did you tell her everything? He says not yet. Rajeshwari says did I send you there to stay? He says situation.. Rajeshwari says what the hell.. You always mess things. You have no option to back out this time. Do as I asked and come back. Rani says dadi doctor sahab came as well.

scene 2
Rajeshwari says I hope he tells everything to Rani and come back fast. Sanjay says what are you doing Rajeshwari? She says don’t start again. He says you’re forcing him to do something he doesn’t want to. He was so upset. We all agree that you do things for this house’s better. But fooling Rani like this and forcing Veer, this isn’t right. You are selfish. She says selfish? Should I remind you what happened 28 years ago? I always kept the respect of this family intact. And what did I ask in return ever? And now when I am deciding something for this family, you are questioning me? Ever look at yourself? You are a cheater, you slept with another woman. You betrayed this house. You are selfish. Rajmata comes and says Rajeshwari.. They are shocked.

Rani says to Veer dadi wants to do your greh parvesh. She wants to welcome you. She’s so excited to see you. My house is small but it’s very clean. You won’t have any problem. Veer says no. I have to tell you something important.

Episode ends.

Precap-Dadi says Rani Veer looks upset. She says just 5 minutes then she’s with you in the room all night, you can talk to her. Rani says what? Dadi says he’s your husband. You will talk to him. Veer says I can’t sleep with her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. So veer is the illegitimate child? Is he kumuds n sanjays kid? Maybe that’s y Rajeshwari hates veer?? But what’s veers fault if that’s true? I just don’t like Rajeshwari…hopefully she changes like padmini mausi… and Veer please don’t leave Rani there… I know u will change ur mind… and Veer has to stand up for himself and not be Rajeshwari’s puppet.

    1. yes yrr

    2. I don’t think that which will leave under the same roof as veers mum let alone have her as pa.
      Her husband who had the affair with the maid she reminds him daily. This series is just about to begin I can’t wait for it yo unfold.
      He might leave her there after 2 days she will go back and he would have missed her

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