Made for each other..(Part-23) #IMMJ2

Recap: Riansh had decided to take part in college fest.They shared a moment.

After this incident,they both tried to indulge themselves in some sort of work,so that they could avoid the thoughts of it.Riddhima had already talked to Professor Mehta and was finding Vansh.She couldn’t find him anywhere.Then she thought and thought and finally concluded that Vansh could be found at that place.She decided to go there.When she reached there,she saw Vansh looking at sky.

Riddhima: I knew it.

Vansh(looked at Riddhima,surprisingly): Riddhima! here.And what is it that you knew?

Riddhima: That you would be found here….Earlier I looked for you everywhere,but couldn’t find you.Then it thought that you would now be tensed…and to relieve your tension,you’d come to terrace.So I came here.

Vansh: Interesting….very interesting.So Ms.Riddhima has started to know his best friend.Impressive….but how did you know that I am tensed.

Riddhima: Vansh,you know that I can read faces.And after I saw your face,I rshowing er ead it.So now Iknow the reason for your worry.

Vansh(thinking): What is she talking about?Has she come to know that I was thinking about her and whatever happened today?If she really knows,then what would she be thinking about me?What if…….ouchhh!

Vansh looked up and saw Riddhima laughing.

Vansh(rubbing his arm): Riddhima,what is this?

Riddhima(giggling): What do I do?I was calling you and you were lost in your own dreamland…I had no other option than to pinch you.

Vansh: But you could have pinhed slowly.See this,it’s red and swollen(showing her the area,where she had pinched).

Riddhima: Ooo..,it’s really swollen…I think I should apologise.

Vansh: Really Riddhima!!You are still thinking.If someone else would have done this,he would have apologised immediately.

Riddhima: ok ok fine…so…Vansh,I’m really….really….not sorry..(she poked her tongue out and ran)…(while running)Vansh,mind you…I’m not someone…I’m Riddhima Bansal…your best friend.

Vansh: Youuuuu..(and he ran behind to chase her).

Riddhima was running and Vansh was behind her.But while running she came near the staircase.She was about of slip down,but Vansh held her hand in the nick of time.Vansh pulled her towards himself.Riddhima was utterly shcked due to this incident and was breathing heavily.She immediately hugged Vansh.He hugged back to calm her down.He was rubbing her back to make her feel relaxed.After Riddhima

Riddhima: Thank…

Vansh: Can’t you walk properly.What if you could’ve fallen and got injured!.

Riddhima: Van..

Vansh(angrily): What Vansh!…I’m telling you,you don’t talk to me.I’m really angry…(walking down)come now.

Riddhima: Vansh,I’m sorry naa!

Vansh(mimics her while murmuring) : Vansh,I’m sorry can someone be so careless.Such a kiddish behaviour.

Riddhima: Vansh,sorry!

Vansh(ignoring): Come let’s go.

They start climbing down the stairs.Riddhima was constantly staring at Vansh like a innocent child.

Vansh: Stop giving these looks!I’m not gonna melt so soon.

Riddhima(murmurs): Huhh…Mr.Arrogant Raisinghania.!!….who gets angry on such a small thing.(and she walks away)

Vansh,listened all this,tried to control his laughter.He silently followed Riddhima.They reached their classroom and noticed that very few students were there in the class.They went to their seat and started to do thier respective work.After sometime Vansh spoke,

Vansh: Riddhima,what did Mehta Sir say?

Riddhima tried to ignore him.She stood up and was about to leave when Vansh pulled her and made her sit again on her seat.

Vansh: Seems like,you are angry…And… I think that I know the reason for your anger.

Riddhima nodded.

Vansh: Hmm… we should try to reduce your anger….and best thing to lighten your mood would be an apology and forgiveness.

Riddhima noddded.

Vansh: You agreed….so I’m ready for it.

A minute passed but none of them spoke anything.Vansh was about to speak when,

Riddhima: Vansh,what happened?Why aren’t you apologising?

Vansh: Hey,I should be the one asking this.

Riddhima: But wait….why should I apologise?And you said that you’ll be apologising?

Vansh(surprised): When did I say so?

Riddhima: Mr.VR,don’t try to act smart….you said that best thing to lighten my mood is an apology.

Vansh: First of all,I am smart..So I don’t need to act smart.And secondly,you were apologising to me earlier,but I did not forgive,so you got angry….So I meant that now when you’ll apologise,I would forgive you.

Riddhima: What!!!…Vansh you are really a…

Vansh: A…???

Riddhima: Dumboooo..(and she giggled)

Vansh was happy,seeing her laugh.But he tried to act normal.

Vansh: Riddhima listening to your talks,no one will say that you are a third year student…..Acha,leaving all this apart,tell me,what did sir say?…I know he must have said no.

Riddhima(folded her arms): You are mistaken.He said that we can take part.

Vansh: What!

Riddhima: And this means that you and I would team up together and take part….Yayyyy!!

Vansh just nodded.But from deep inside,he was happy to be Riddhima’s partner.

They were excited for the upcoming event.They were also informed by the professor that regular classes would be held for first three weeks.And a week before the fest,they will be given holidays to prepare for the performances and also to do preparations for the event.Vansh and Riddhima had already given their names.They also decided to help with the preparations for the fest.They were given the duties of decorations and supervising the other work.

For the first two weeks,they concentrated on their studies.During this time,they had also planned everything.Other students were also busy with the practices and preparations.
Then from the third week,Riansh also started their practices.On the first day,,in the morning,Riddhima and Vansh,along with their classmates,went to the basketball court to practice for the interclass matches.
After the practice,they attended their lectures.After their class was over,they had their lunch.Angre and Sufia had also joined them as they were also entering the dance competition as a pair.Angre and Sufia planned to take part only in couple dance whereas Vansh and Riddhima were planning to take part in solo dance as well.
The pairs went to the auditorium to decide and practice their dance steps.Sufia and Angre had already decided their moves and everything.Riansh were still thinking.

Riddhima: Vansh..I didn’t ask you before…have you ever danced before..or more precisely,have you taken part in any dance competition.

Vansh: umm…no..I’ve never danced before.

Riddhima: What!!!This means I’ll have to teach you basic steps first….I thought that The Perfect Guru would be a Perfect dancer as well,but I was wrong…anyways let’s start.

Riddhima started teaching him some basic steps.But being his first day,he was not able to do those steps nicely..He again and again was getting confused.Riddhima showed him the moves many times,but in vain.

Riddhima: Vansh!!…you should have told me earlier yaar.We could’ve started early.

Vansh: I’m sorry Riddhu…umm..Riddhima,let’s do one thing..can you stay at my house,we can practice there.

Riddhima: Vansh..I don’t have any problem,but I need to talk to warden mam.I’ll tell bhai to talk to her.

After,the formalities were done,Riddhima left with Vansh.

VR Mansion.

Vansh and Riddhima entered.Dadi and Sumitra were sitting in the hall,when they saw the kids.Riddhima came and greeted them,followed by Vansh.

Dadi: Hello,Riddhima beta.How’re you?

Riddhima: I’m fine dadi..How’re you?…and mom how’re you?

Sumitra: I’m fine beta.

Vansh: Dadi…mom..even I’m here.

Dadi: We know…But Riddhima has come after a week.

Vansh: If we get special treatment this way,then I’ll also start living in the hostel. (everyone laughed) (Guys,Riddhima had come many times to VR Mansion and developed a great bond with them.They regard her as their daughter.And on their insistence,she calls Vansh’s parents as mom and dad.)

Sumitra: Acha…ok ok…you both wash your hands and have your snacks…Riddhima it’s your favourite,nuggets.

Riddhima(excited): Really mom…I’ll be having these after a long time.

Vansh and Riddhima had their snacks.They then went to his room.After some time of chit chatting,they started their practice.After much difficulty,Riddhima was able to teach him three steps.

Vansh(exhausted): I need a break…I’m going to washroom,you can continue if you want.

After he left,Riddhima started to think about the theme for their performance.She was thinking,when Pranati came and hugged her from behind.

Pranati: Hey Riddhima,I’m so happy that you’ll be staying with us.

Riddhima turned.

Riddhima: Even I’m excited…by the way,when did you come?

Pranti: Just few minutes ago….What were you guys doing?

Riddhima: We…umm.we were practising for our dance performance…but your bhai…he has only learnt three steps till now…I must say,he’s really poor at dancing.

Pranati(laughing): Riddhima,you must be kidding me?

Riddhima: noo…I’m serious…he’ll be participating with me….but I think it would be difficult for us…Vansh is not even able to do basic steps.

Pranati: Riddhima,what are you saying!…. Vansh bhai is the best dancer in our family.

Riddhima(surprised): Really!!

Pranati: yess…he not only participated in various competitions,but has also won them.He’s probably the best dancer in the city.

Riddhima was shocked to hear this.

Riddhima: Vansh,I don’t wish to take part in dance competition anymore.Let’s take back our names.

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