Qubool Hai 6th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s haveli
Ahil comes back in a drunken state, asking for the servant. He starts beeping, calling for latif. She amusingly asks sanam to go over to ahil and take it to him, as she is her assistant. sanam complies. She takes it out and goes, oblivious to who’s she going to serve. She finds ahil, changing his clothes, and once she identifies him, she is furious as its the same person who burned down her Dhaba. The icebucket falls from her hands, and she turns around, lest he ses her. He asks her who’s she and she is about to run when her leg slips on the ice, and she has a sprain. He comes to the door and asks her who is she. As he begins to turn her around, latif comes in saying, that shazia and nazia are fighting again. latif comes in saying that shazia is angry and is fighting with nazia. ahil leaves sanam and goes to them, leaving sanam relieved. Ahil finds them both fighting, with shazia getting angry at nazia for what she did, and shows that nazia had converted her favourite blouse into a wiping material. while nazia begins to give her explanation, shazia is angry. Ahil reprimands shazioa for being so rude and wearing such skimpy clothes. Shazia tells ahil that he has double standards as if his sister wears it, then its bad, but if his girlfriends wear it, its hot. ahil says that he would get her another one. Shazia blurts out saying that this top cant be given by anyone else, as it was gifted by him. All are shocked hearing this. Ahil enquires who’s she talking about. she leaves without saying anything.
After shazia leaves anrgily, nazia aplogises but ahil asks her to quiet down. latif asks ahil if he wants anything. he eyes her sternly.

In the kitchen, sanam reprimands herself for landing and inviting problems on herself, by landing in Bhopal. She thinks that she doesnt have any other option too. She prays to the lord, that ahil doesnt see her, as he if comes to know, there would be a big problem.

Ahil’s uncle talks to their son, anwar, who gloats about his first date with a girl, asma. When the aunt comes in and clarifies that he couldnt even talk to that girl, and anwar apologises profusely. His parents gloat about how their maternal sister, tanveer had trapped a person, and now they have become the masters of the house.

At the breakfast table, while all compliment the pudina chutney, sanam, is furious when latif hogs the credit. latif leaves and the aunt sends sanam off to get rotis. they then talk if ahil got to know about his failure with asma, and are happy when they get to know that ahil didnt get to know it. Sanam hears this from a distance and is tensed.

In the kitchen, latif and sanam are discussing how weird and strange the people are, who live in this house. Latif warns sanam about them. latif asks her to think about ahil only. sanam vents out her frustration at ahil, branding him as brash and arrogance, and a lowlife who’s just money minded. latif says that she would have to spend sometime to get to know him better. but sanam is unwilling. the beeper starts ringing, and latif sends her to attend to him. She resignedly gos and finds him naked til the torso and is upset and embarassed. He starts taking a bath in the swimming pool. She starts spewing venom against him and his character. Ahil takes a call, and talks romantically with a girl, while sanam is disgusted. Sanam is disgusted with his playboy character. He starts hollering for latif, and sanam is tensed. she coverws her face with the dupatta and faces him. he is surprised to see him. She is scared that he might have recognised her. He identifies her as the new cook, and asks her to serve him food. she resignedly complies. He signals her to lay out the food for him. She begins to give him champagne, and walks towards him. While Sanam has her face covered, with just the eeys revealed, lest ahil sees her, she accidentally slips, and falls in ahil’s lap, who catches her just in time, from falling. Finally she composes herself and stands away from him, while his eyes bore down on him. she leaves from there, casting a last glance at him. The screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: Dilshad is having a breathing attack, and asthamatic symptoms, when she tries hard to wake up Haya, but being tone deaf, she isnt able to wake from her sleep. meanwhile, Sanam calls up dilshad while she wonders why isnt dilshad picking up the phone, even though dilshad tries hard to pick up. Sanam is tensed, while oblivious to her, dilshad collapses on the floor.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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