Diya Aur Baati Hum 6th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 6th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Laxman reading the newspaper for Babasa. He says only bad news. Babasa says you made my day bad, let me read. Laxman asks Sandhya not to work at home, else she will fall ill. Sandhya says its my duty. Babasa asks where is Sooraj. She says he went to market to bring mangoes racks to send to Chav’s inlaws. Mohit comes and tells Bhabho that his friend found the number by which someone did the complaint against their parlour. Meenakshi is tensed. Vikram says call the number, if we get them, we will beat them.

Mohit calls on the number. Chavi’s phone rings. Chavi says why are you calling me. Mohit and everyone are shocked. Mohit says its Chavi’s number. He calls again to confirm. Mohit thinks Chavi always spoke against Emily. He starts doubting on Chavi. Bhabho says you might be mistaken. Mohit says no, my friend gave me this number, Chavi did this. He tells everyone my sister closed my parlour. Meenakshi thinks how can this happen. Meenakshi is happy that she got saved.

Chavi says no, what are you saying. Mohit says you don’t lie today, tell everyone you did the complaint. She says why will I do this, why will I shut Emily’s parlour. He says as you did not want us to go Goa, do you remember how you taunted that day, you fell so low to stop us. Chavi says how can you blame your sister like this. Babasa calms them down. Chavi tells everyone that she did not do anything. Sandhya comes to them. Mohit asks her to stop lying. Chavi cries. Vikram asks her not to cry, maybe its misunderstanding. Mohit says the truth is out so she started acting.

Bhabho says talk slowly, Dilip can hear this. Mohit says let him hear, he should also know his wufe can do this being jealous. Bhabho says enough, don’t create an issue. Mohit asks Bhabho to scold Chavi, she has ruined their business. He says she was jealous and did this, which even enemy won’t do, being my sister. He scolds Chavi and says do you know how much loss we had to bear. Sandhya says we will think and then decide, Dilip will feel bad, maybe its misunderstanding. Mohit says no, my friend found out, he does not know its my sister’s number.

Sandhya says sometimes what we see is not truth, don’t be angry. Mohit says my good earning shop closed, please don’t stop me in this matter. He says you were not here when she did this. Chavi says he always fought with me. Emily cries and says Chavi why did you do this, I loved you as my sister and you made my shop shut. Sooraj comes with the mangoes rack and hears the fight. Chavi says trust me, why will I do this, I will die but not do this. Mohit says we know what all you can do, you have hidden your own lahenga in your marriage, the girl who can do that can do anything.

Sooraj comes and sees Chavi crying. He asks Bhabho what happened to her. Mohit tells him everything. Sooraj is shocked. Sooraj says its not a small thing, don’t blame anyone in anger. He says calm down, I will talk to Chavi. Mohit says I will not forgive this time, what she did is not forgivable. He says she ruined me in her selfishness. My way of earning stopped and if I did not have any job, I would have been completely ruined. He asks her to pay for their loss. Chavi says now I got it, why are you acting, you want to blame me for everything, as you want money from me and from Dilip.

She taunts him for earning low. Bhabho asks Chavi to stop it. Chavi scolds Mohit and says you should have not used expired products in the shop if you really cared, you took full money from people but at the end cheated them. Mohit is about to slap her and Sooraj stops him. Sooraj asks Mohit how could he raise his hand on Chavi, if Dilip comes to know…………Dilip hears everything and says Chavi…… E veryone look at him shocked. Dilip says pack your bag, we are leaving right now. Dilip says the place where no one respects my wife, there is not my respect too, pack the bags.

Sooraj says no, I m sorry on their behalf, they always fight and in some time will eat in one plate. Babasa says yes, its siblings fight and will be fine. Sandhya and everyone say the same. Mohit says you all think I m wrong, my anger is not wrong, what she did is wrong, let her go. I don’t want such sister. Sooraj asks him to calm down. Chavi says even I don’t want a brother like you. Mohit says fine, keep relation with your two brothers, our relation ended today. Everyone are shocked.

Dilip asks Chavi to pack the bags and they will leave right away as he does not feel to stay here anymore. Sooraj tries to explain Dilip about Mohit being disturbed about Emily’s parlous shutting down. Dilip says Chavi got insulted and I can’t see it. She is my wife. Bhabho cries and says forget all this. Sandhya says we can sit and talk. Dilip says don’t stop me else I can insult you, so I request you to let us leave. Chavi says come lets go. Everyone are shocked. Bhabho asks Chaturi to give them mango rack and she gives them wine rack by mistake being in hurry.

Pawar threatens Sandhya in the police station.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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