Rang Rasiya 6th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
chacha says I cant believe that you can try to kill my brother and nephew, don’t call me baapu, I feel ashamed to call you son, he ask samrat to call police, mohini says no I will go instead of him, chacha says no he has to go to jail, he did a big mistake, dilsher comes there and says forgive him, dilsher says you were shouting like to break windows, I forgive your son, chacha says but.. dilsher says I said no police will come here, mohini says he 1st time did right, she says if her is saying then we should forgive him, chacha says okay police will not come but he will not stay here, he throws sumer out. chacha ask all to go to rooms, he says dilsher.. dilsher says we both did mistake in upbringing our children, I have one mad son and you too have a mad son, s no need to talk about it.

Scene 2
paro and rudra come to room with dilsher, rudra is holding dilsher’s bag, paro takes it from him as he cant move his other hand, paro points him to touch dilsher’s feet, rudra doesn’t understand and ask what? dilsher says she is trying to say that you should bow your long nose and touch my feet, he says don’t look at like this, I know about your dramatically marriage, paro touches his feet, rudra says you come on right time, dilsher says in this house sometime poison is served in laddo or sometime laddo is served in packing of poison, he showing happiness to see me like this, rudra says what happiness? that you came after rubbing your nose in every mandir and is weak now, dilsher says you are also not looking like smiling flower. dilsher shows parsad to paro and says may you always be happy, paro takes parsad, he ask rudra to take parsad but rudra couldn’t move his hand to take it, paro understand his pain. dilsher is with rudra and paro. paro says couple should eat from same laddo of parsad, dilsher agrees, paro makes rudra eat first then she takes it and looks at rudra.

paro eats same laddo, rudra ask dilsher will drink tea, paro says I will make, par ask rudra you had to.. rudra says I took it, I mean I took medicine, paro leaves. dilsher says she knew you had pain in hand so she made you eat, you cant prove anything with this attitude, she is good girl.

Scene 3
sumer is somewhere, he says my mother put all alegations on me, mohini comes there and says I brought food for you, sumer says I havnt seen a mother who saves her herself putting son in trouble, mohini says lioness do this and also remember what you did when rudra asked to marry paro, she gives him food, she says paro played good and this Maithili, I have to deal with her, now I will tell them who is real lioness, I will grab them with love and you cant do this, sumer says that’s why you grabbed me 1st, mohini says only 2 weeks stay here then see I will change everything. I am coming in two days, mohini says don’t be mad, stay here.

Scene 4
rudra comes in bsd, aman tells him that devyani’s report has come, all all allegations are removed from you, he ask how is paro, rudra says she is making pulse in house go give her onions, aman says no she is here, paro comes there, rudra ask you here, are you fine? paro says you forget your medicine in home so I came to give you, take this after an hour, rudra ask how will you go back, paro says I booked auto, rudra says thanks paro, paro is happy and goes, aman says take medicine, rudra say cant you listen that paro asked me to take after one hour, he ask aman why are you smiling? aman says she was just a witness and enemy too and now she is your wife, I thought how this happened, then In hospital I got my answer as when you became conscious you 1st asked for paro, my mom says whwn man is pain or comes out of pain he 1st takes name of his own, paro’s life is only with you, nobody go to mandir without slippers for someone, rudra says enough, you should leave bsd and start selling bangles.
rudra calls dilsher and ask did she reached? dilsher says who mohini? oh you must be worried about sunehri or Maithili, rudra sternly says ranawat, dilsher says I know you are asking about your wife, yes she reached, paro listens this, she gets happy, she looks at her bangles given by rudra, paro says so much in one day, 1st he said thanks then he cared for me and now he called baapu to ask wheter I reached. paro then get sad and says live these days, I have to live with these memories, she recalls how she promised that she will give up rudra for his life and when he will be right then she will leave him.
dilsher says I listened that you asked for paro 1st when you became conscious, rudra says you and aman should make report on me, dilsher says danveer told me, he says finally some beautiful face touched your heart otherwise you and asking about someone reached safetly, dilsher says 1st it becomes habit then obsession. dilsher ask him to accept love, till when will you keep the baggage of past, give chance to love, live life. rudra thinks.
rudra comes home, he sees doll and recalls how in childhood paro gave it to him, he recalls how paro said that what was mine you accepted that from many years, he smiles he recalls how he made paro wear bangles, he looks at himself in mirror and imagines paro laughing and recalls dilsher saying that a beautiful faced touched your heart, he recalls their almost kiss, their moments in Jaipur, their dance. he recalls how aman said that you called paro first when you became conscious, he doesn’t understand whats happening to him, he whispers paro., paro comes there and ask are you alright, he says yes, he says my hand.. paro looks at him and says take my hand, try to lift your hand, don’t lose so early, he says what rubbish, go from there. paro takes his hand in his and ask him to close eyes, paro says think that you are holding hand of enemy who is running on border, rudra holds her hand tightly. he ask now is it paining? apro says think whom you hate, she says okay think its my hand only, now hold it tightly, rudra says you have pain, paro says don’t hold it in anger but hold it that I dont go away from you, that you want me to be with you, always. rudra emotionally looks at her.

PRECAP- rudra ask someone on phone who is she? man says lady said that she ran to save her life from tejawat, she is on your gate paro and rudra sees her and its none other than Laila.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. wow … now a days rudra has startd smiling…. his smile has sum mischief lyk smal kids …. remember his smile while he played d prank on paro….. ds smile suits him alot n makes him handsome 1000tyms…. evry1 vl agree to ds…. guys dont u???

  2. Agree with u aiwar lila surely destroy their hapines

  3. I think laila’s entry make problums b/w rudro,same time paro will leave rudra to fulfil promis to the lord when rudra came to know about this there will be a dhamakka…!!!!

  4. Gosh in rangrasiya ep 6th jan rudra kissed laila and now…so much has happend since then…now she is back!!!

  5. oh!! how cute!!! but wat the heck? laila s back???

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