Qubool Hai 3rd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 3rd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: In the graveyard
Dilshad eyes the gravaes of sada and zoya overwhelmed with emotions, while sanam breaks into tears, and seher is shocked seeing the graves. Dilshad brushes the leaves aside, to reveal their names, as she does down the memory lane. Seher too starts crying, as its a tearful reunion, while dilshad is distraught and highly emotional. She talks to asad and zoya, and introduces them to their twin daughters, and talks as to how they both are alike. she says that first they made their lives worthwhile, and now they shall fill her life with colours, and that today is a happy day, as the lord accepted their wish. sanam agrees, saying that she got back her happiness, and seher says that she who she thought was an orphan, got back her entire life. they all start praying. The same peer baba watches them, who had given the prophecies of destiny changing, and tells god that he proved that he may take exams, but he is always with the good hearted, and that he is highly unpredictable. He asks the lord to keep his blessings on both of them. both the sisters light the candles, on the graves of their parents. Dilshad gets up and has a dizzy spell. Both the sisters are tensed. Dilshad says that now they should tell the truth to ahil, and shouldnt delay it. sanam says that she too wants to tell ahil, that she cant stay without him. seher too agrees and they begin to take dilshad out. But dilshad has a nauseating spell, and is unable to move anymore. the peer baba comes and says that she cant go anywhere and asks them to take her to her home. seher doesnt believe him, but the peer baba insists on his innocence, and says that dilshad should rest for the night at his place and leave again in the morning. sanam too agrees. seher asks what about ahil. sanam is tensed, and says that dilshad is priority for her right now, and that ahil, being mature, shall understand and wait for her. they both decide to take dilshad to the peer’s house.

Scene 2:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Tanveer is amused, when azhar’s parents are frustrated thinking, that their plan was a failure, and when ahil finds out that it isnt sanam, he would blow off his top. tanveer says tht this is what she wants, as she knows that knowing this, ahil would be anrgy, and she wants to turn it to her advantage, and that a person can change everything, but not his nature and signature, and hence she wants him to get angry, as only she can control him in the fit of rage, and she knows how to do so. They are baffled and asks who is the girl, while tanveer smiles.

Meanwhile, ahil enters in his room, to find the shy, demure bride, waiting for her, in the ghunghat, who is still nervous, as shown by herhands. Ahil locks the door, and sits beside her, eyeing her lovingly. he says that he cant believe that his fate is so fortunate, as he feels its all a dream, and maybe when he opens his eyes, all would change. he takes her hands, and says that when she is with him, he isnt scared of anything, as he knoiws everything is going to be good from here on. Ahil takesoff the ghunghat and finds that the girl is someone else, nervous, shy and scared, as she sits silently. He is shocked and distraught, unable to believe that it isnt sanam. His marriage flashes in front of his eyes. He asks her who is she, and she is scared to see him. he asks her where’s sanam, and why is she dressed like a bride. sahe doesnt respond. He walks out in anger. He starts hollering at everyone, and tanveer is amused. When tanveer comes out composed and relaxed, he berserkedly asks tanveer whats the matter and whats this joke, and where’s sanam and who is this girl, dressed as a bride. tanveer tells him to be quiet and calm, as this is his sanam, and he is baffled, as she adds that she is the sanam who he married in front of everyone. She says that the love of his life rejected his love and ran away forever. Ahil is distraught to hear this, refusing to believe this. tanveer tells him that she doesnt care if she is alive or dead, and that she wanted to have her revenge, and ahil is distraught, as she instigates him, that she stranded him on the aisle, and that as long as she is alive, she wont let evil befall on her family, and hence she did this. Ahil says that sanam cant do this, and tanveer says that she can even give her life to him, and adds that had she not married him to that girl, he would have become the butt of jokes, and inquisitive eyes. He keeps ranting that sanam cant dot his, while she tells him that sanam has actually done this. He leaves, while tanveer is amused.

Scene 3:
Location: Rahat’s residence
haya starts screaming for help, and threatens him not to come closer. He starts attcking, while hay desperately tries to hide and cuk his assaults. While she falls on the floor, he gets on his knees, and faces her. She tries to thwart him away, and then runs out, and dials rahat’s number, screaming for help, but when he catches her from behind, the mobile falls from her hands. finally, the stranger gets her in his grasp, and gives her an injection, while she screams in horror. she runs away, and locks herself in the room, while the stranger desperately tries to get in. Finally, haya falls unconscious, and the person reveals his mask to see that its faiz, saying that this is the play, in which he is the hero and the villain too. the screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Ahil, in his drunken state, says that he would remove sanam and every memory of hers in his mind and heart. Meanwhile, haya wakes up, with her hair and clothes dishevelled, and then finds faiz sleeping bare torsoed beside her, under covers, and she is distraught, refusing to believe her worst fears, that they consummated their marriage.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Okay I am so pissed off I hate how this show is dragging on and on like come on now we are going back to old ahil I want Sanaam and ahil to come bak together ughhh

  2. How is that Haya’s worst fears!??! Didn;t she run Rahat out her life and chose Faiz!?!?!? Take that now dotish girl!!!! Why allyuh living in the man house!??! You don’t want to be with Rahat, get out his house!

  3. I hate this serial.when zoya and asad present it was good .Now there is no story line present .

  4. week days were passed.. But not revealed Twin sister story to Ahil.. They were showing this promo from 1 week…. and Human bomb drama by Zoya..

    OMG.. this new character entry the most worst one, and Faiz and haya madness…

    All are gone above peaks… Ahil in drunken state.. Enough

  5. I dont mean to be rude but someone please tell me what the H*LL is going on here (-_-)

  6. What is this??? I’m very very disappointed. Why don’t Sanam go to Aahil and tell everything? And Haya/Faiz u both go to hell. Very bad episode 🙁

  7. A old woman with stick can move faster so slow

  8. Go fast!!!Why the writter do this?!!!

  9. It seems all ekta kapoor lovers are here discussing the crap show dragging evetything for 1month everytym. Jus wake up. Stop these saas bahu shows and watch sumthing which needs brain lyk ek hasina thi. Kusi ne sahi kha h indians are emotional fool. Ekta ke rone done wale serial k peche pde rehte ho. Watch sumthing better like ETH, everest or pukaar instead of craps like yhm,dabh,qubool hai,jodha akbar and saathita

  10. same thing over and over again

  11. Franchemen cet seri tourne mal….sa m’agace uni Sanam et Aahil, tro chian avk vo histoir bete….
    Kan 2etr s’aiment ils s’uni ppar le lien du nikah….
    En plus ds cet seri tro d’innovation, la bougi sur la tombe

  12. wow how long do we have to wait for aahil and sanam to reunite…damn! this is my favaurite series and i hate how its dragging….what amaze me is that tanveer is blind yet she can do all this crap..and even more know exactly when aahil was raising the vail to see his bride…and dilshad, all of a sudden want to go to the grave yard , knowing sanam was suppose to get married to aahil at that moment….come on writers if u don’t want qubool hai to end, stop the bullshit now.

  13. EXACTLY!!!!! how long do we have to wait for SAHIL???? I really hate it how it dragging… just enough… do smthin writters… stop this crapp now

  14. stop this bullshit, a very bad eposide, i cant enjoy it any more, each day the same thing, this serie supposed to end months ago, so please writters do something about it, …end iiiiiiiit, all what we have seen the whole week, u can put it in one eposide….its too much drama, people dont like it anymore….it was my favorite serie but not any more, im not going to watch it,….bye bye qubool hai

  15. Ryt after zoya and asad murder, u guys have been repeati incidences, if u don’t av a story, u shd av ended qubool hai after zoya n asad weddin. But u writers keep goin forward and den comin right back @d beginin. . Enough please, its really boring and annoying.

  16. hata I am really sorry for you but you were playing with a mad man and rapist who is on fire my last comment was that he was a rapist and so said so done see what happens when you play with fire before the writers wrote that script I predicted that was going and happen now rahatt would not want any part of you I could understand you being dotish when you were deaf and dumb but now you can speak stop acting so silly hit faiz with something in his head before he wakes he needs to go to prison for what he did he took you by force and that is not acceptable. I hope when rahatt finds out he destroys him to the fullest haya had faiz done that to me I would have put something form to drink and spike it like what he did to rahatt and then just cut his p*nis off and put it in his hand and when he awakes it would be surprise surprise that whats a rapist gets. rahat boy I really wanted haya for you but since she was playing so much games move on with your life and head back to what you like fighting war.

  17. I really hate now qubool hi…please stops this .too much boring. I vil not see this anymore..good bye qubool hi.

  18. I love Qubool Hai but I’m sorry I have to stop watching for a while till they get Their act together Ahil finally got to a place where he can trust and love people. How can they just take that away? My heart goes out to him! One good thing happens and then it’s like 3 bad things happen! Honestly I don’t see how this marriage will bring any good! And I don’t want to find out! I’ll be back for Ahil and Sanam’s reunion

    1. I stopped watching a while now for the same reason. I just read the updates here.

  19. Crappy writers.why bring in a new character in the show now,all was going so well,the chemistry between ahil and sanam had me glued to the screen ,everybody loves a good love story and now they are messing it up big time…I quit ,who wants to watch this crappy story drag on for months

  20. hajara faisal hassan

    How can tanveer manage ol dis alone despite d fact dat Shes blind….tanveer killed almst 10ppl but still livin confortable …isnt dere a law….ol dis cant happen in reality ….Its al bulshit …..d writters are just tearin everythn apart…i quit also

  21. I don’t understand how can someone getting married to a girl and can’t see her face. Aahil surely you can at least guess that the bride isn’t Sanam, her size and her hands with chipping nail polish… come on DUDE…. this is the stupidest part of that episode. Haya please grow up. Dump little girl. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and stop with your emotional blackmail. Faiz go to hell.

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