Hum Hain Na 3rd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Hum Hain Na 3rd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sagarika giving legal papers to Amma and bunty and saying that she filed conjugal rights legal case against them. Amma asks what does she mean. Bunty gets Madhav’s call and leaves saying he will talk abou it later.

Amma is tensed about legal case. Satya comes there and starts her emotional atyachar. She says she will not come to her house again. Amma asks why. She says though she could not become her daughter-in-law, she considers her as her mother and cannot see her tensed like this. Amma says she is fine. She says when she cannot solve her amma’s problems, she should die. Amma asks her not to tell like this. Satya says she will not come to her house from now. Amma says if it was in her control, she would have been her bahu. Satya says it is her fate. Amma says Paravathi has filed a legal case against me and Bunty. Satya gets happy hearing that and asks if Sagarika is giving divorce to Bunty. Amma says not divorce, she was talking about some conjugal rights and 1 month notice. She says she tricked her and got Bunty married to Sagarika instead and is paying for it now. Satya thinks fire is set at the right place and asks amma what case she has filed. Amma says Sagarika has kept a copy in her room.

Satya enters Sagarika’s room silently and starts searching it. Sagarika comes out of bathroom and sees her searching file. Satya hides hearing her voice. Sagarika takes out file from under her pillow, keeps it on table and goes back to bathroom. Satya takes file, takes photos of it and happily leaves to show it to Amma. Sagarika thinks it is good for her as she will explain Amma about it. Once Satya leaves, she calls Phubali and tells her about Satya spying on her. Phubali asks her not to be so stupid and think that Amma is very powerful, asks her not to do anything that will harm her. Sagarika says she is doing this to get back Bunty’s love and will show Amma that nobody can interfere between husband wife.

Bunty checks about conjugal rights on net and asks Madhav if he knows about it. Madhav asks what jugal… Amma and Satya search meaning of conjugal rights in dictionary. Bunty gets meaning about it on net. Satya also explains its meaning to Amma. Bunty thinks how can Sagarika take such a big decision without taking his opinion.

Satya explains meaning of conjugal rights. Amma gets worried that Sagarika has become shameless to file conjugal rights on Bunty. Ratna and Rani come there and Ratna is shocked to hear that. Rani says she saw them sleeping separately. Ratna asks what did she tell them that they have not consummated their marriage even after 4 months. Amma gets nervous and says she did not do anything. Ratna asks why did she go to their honeymoon hotel then. She says Bunty was ill and she went to take care of him. Ratna says she will ask Sagarika why she did it before dad will know about it. Amma asks her not to ask that shameless girl. Ratna says what will her in-laws think if they will know about it and says she will talk to her.

Sagarika comes there and hears their conversation. She asks what they want to know. Amma says it is just an usual talk. Ratna says we have to talk and asks Sagarika why she took such a big decision without asking anyone. Rani also asks her to tell. Sagarika says she did not she would take such a big decision in her life, but she did not have any choice. Dad comes home just then. Amma gets tensed seeing him.

Precap: Ratna suggests Sagarika that problem should be solved between husband and wife. Sagarika says what if someone else is also involved.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Lol n Bunty did u ask Sargrika advise wen u made promises to ur Ammajie, yes Ammajie is important, but once u get married , u hav taken VOWS wit Sargrika an tat means U don’t do as u please, SO be a man and face the music. U had no right to tell Ammajie tat only wen SHE accept Bahu then u will consumate marriage , absolutely unfair to Sargrika. !!!!!!!!

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