Itti Si Khushi 3rd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Itti Si Khushi 3rd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aman is shocked, and removes the veil of bride. They are all shocked to see Akku inside. Neha wonders Akku. Gayatri asks what is Akku doing here. Akku looks at Kamini. Gayatri asks Neha where was she. Neha asks Akku why has she wore her dress, are they marrying. She asks Aman if he doesn’t love her. Aman shouts at Akku what she is doing. Akku says she came to ask him, dadi was there too. Aman says she talked about Neha. Akku says she talked about herself. Anand asks what is she doing here, then. Dida and Anand blame Sunita for hiding it all. Gayatri was angry that they have made a joke of them all.
Akku questions Kamini about lying. Aman asks her to clarify too. Kamini was quiet, then says she did what she should have. She shouts at Aman to stay quiet now, and asks him to listen to her. Kamini asks Pandit to tell them the time of wedding. The pandit says it was 8 o clock. She says the groom kept on waiting, the guests also left. She says that the bride’s family kept on hiding everything from them, they then came to know the bride ran away from home leaving a letter; in which she had written about running away and not marrying. Neha asks how they got that letter. Kamini says such things doesn’t hide. Aman asks Neha was it right. Neha denies, and says she wrote it in morning. Kamini asks Sunita that she also thought Neha isn’t ready. KAmini says to Aman that his wedding has become a drama. Neha comes to Aman and says she wrote the letter for herself, she wrote the letter because she thought she isn’t worth him. She came running for him. Kamini asks where was she hidden. Kamini asks where was she, and why were her parents looking for her. Kamini asks Akku why she wore this dress. Akku says she thought. Kamini says she must be clear, that she wanted to save her sister. Kamini says she also wanted to save her and the family’s respect; no one must have said anything to them but Neha’s family must have lost it respect. Anand couldn’t have suffered the disrespect. They were all quiet. She says she wanted to save Anand’s respect and Sandeep’s love for her sister.
Jaiti comes and sides Kamini. She asks Neha where she was so late, and why wasn’t she on the stage as a bride. Jainti says she is wearing school uniform like Sooraj’s. Gayatri asks Neha where was she, and why is she wearing these clothes. Kamini asks what the new drama is. Neha says she was taking the exam. Gayatri asks why they don’t know about it. Neha looks at Aman. Gayatri asks Aman that they told her, Neha is going to cooking class. Kamini asks Anand, Anand says they all knew about it and they had agreed. Gayatri shouts that they are all lying, and didn’t tell them a lot. Aman tries to speak, but Gayatri says she is talking to Neha. She asks Neha if she lied to her, when she came that day to school. Aman says it is his decision, and he forbid Neha to tell them before wedding. He was afraid, they would say no to wedding. Gayatri says today she feels she doesn’t know her son. The whole world could betray its mother, but not him. Aman asks for apology, Gayatri says they have done a mistake. Kamini claps that he is an obedient husband as well. Aman asks why she says so. Kamini says she is appreciating him, but could have slapped him for what disrespect he gave them. She says to Gayatri that she has lost an honest son today. Aman says he was about to tell them after wedding. Gayatri says had she known it before, she would have denied about the wedding. Kamini says Aman has become a Majnu, he loves Laila’s dog, her school, her running away. She blames Gayatri for taking Neha’s responsibility. Neha says she is coming running from the school. Dida asks what happened, why she didn’t come out of school with Akku. They all ask Neha. Neha says she got locked up in school. They were all shocked. Neha tells them the whole story. Aman shows pity for her
The guests head to leave, saying they haven’t seen any such wedding.

PRECAP: Kamini says she is also hurt but the most hurt one is Gayatri, a mother. She will decide whom her son will marry.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. oh ho i thought today they will show the marriage.phir bhi koi baath nayi waiting trm for the marriage of aman and neha.thank for update.

  2. Lol, tats Indians for U, wedding guests waited to hear the full Gossip, then decided to have their say and leav wedding!!!!! Ooooh!!! Aman must marry Neha.plsssssss

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