Shastri Sisters 3rd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Shastri Sisters 3rd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajat being on the way and saying he can’t be away from Anu now. He nholds a rose and says lets make a new start. Saajna………..plays…………Rajat is going home. Devyaani comes to meet Neil. Minty and Dolly come there. Minty taunts her and asks why is she trapping her other son now. Devyaani says I came to say thanks, nothing else. Minty says she should thank her, as she has done so much, and its due. She says thanks for making my son commit suicide and thanks to you and Anu hat Rajat is not ready to talk to me. Devyaani says sorry, but….Minty asks did she come from Kanpur to do this and did not leave the guys at home. The people come there and look on. Dolly also taunts Devyaani. Minty asks Devyaani is she not ashamed.

Anu comes and asks why should my sister be ashamed, and praises Devyaani’s aspects. She says she is so sweet that her friend fell in love with her, and she has self esteem so she broke her engagement, its aspects of a good character girl and we should be proud. Minty taunts Anu for trapping Rajat and crossed limits too, then he has half trapped, its good Rajat got over her love and asks Anu to try on others like Devyaani. Dolly asks them to try for Nei. Anu argues. Minty says she knows about their respect and tells the neighbors about them, and taunts on Shastri ji. Dolly blames Shastri ji.

Anu gets angry and cries. She asks them to take Shastri ji’s name with respect. Minty asks what if I don’t respect, what will you do. Anu says when I will also not respect you, and forget you are elder and I used to respect you as mum. Rajat comes and hears them. Anu says she will insult her as she is insulting her dad, so don’t make her helpless. Minty says see this girl. Rajat asks whats happening. Minty says ask her. Rajat says lets go inside and talk. Minty says Anu is threatening me. Rajat asks Anu what happened, did mum tell anything, we know mum tells much in anger, he is not defending her, but, lets go inside and talk. Minty says she is not interested to talk and leaves. Dolly and Devyaani also leave.

Anu gets angry on Rajat and says she will not say sorry this time, as she knows she did not do anything wrong. She leaves. Astha says she will show Alka this time, and gets the oil bottle. She says it will be used by me and pours it on the floor. She says if a lie is said many times, then it becomes truth. She says she will repeat the lie so many times, that everyone will believe her. Rohan talks to Shastri ji and says Alka and I are going for movie and will visit you for some time, don’t do any formality, I feel awkward. He goes to his room. Karishma comes to Astha and they start leaving. Alka comes out of washroom. Astha hides the oil bottle.

Karishma starts acting and covers up Astha. Karishma asks Alka not to get in pandit ji’s words. Alka says even Rohan said the same. Karishma asks them to go for movie and takes Astha. Rohan comes in the room and says statue. Alka freezes. Astha says Karishma is very smart. Rohan says he has done all duties of a husband, now can he come close to her. Rohan walks to Alka and slips by the oil. He gets hurt. Astha hears him scream and laughs. Alka says see I told you. Astha says see I also told you, its just beginning, can’t you be away from him, don’t know will Rohan be with us or not. Alka gets worried.

Anu takes the anklet and thinks about Rajat and their sweet moments. She cries. Saajna mere saajna………..plays…………. The door bell rings……Rajat comes to her and says he loves her. He says whatever was seen between me and Karishma was a drama to make you jealous and make her admit what she is hiding. Anu cries and asks again. He says yes, is saying truth a sin. She says no. He holds her hand and oulls her closer. He asks did she not get hurt seeing him with Karishma. She says no. he says you were hurt, as you love me. She says no.

He keeps asking and she says no. They get closer. She finally says yes, and hugs him. Saajna…………….plays………… She says I loves you a lot, and can’t see him with anyone else. She says I want to be with you, I love you. He says I love you too. She comes out of her imagination as the door bell rings. She keeps the anklet and goes to open the door. Karishma comes there dressed as a seller, and hiding her face. Anu looks at her and thinks.

Anu tells Devyaani that Rohan’s leg fractured. Devyaani says she is fed up of bad news. Karishma keeps the CD and hurriedly leaves. She says she will come later and the situation will change in few days. She smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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