Qubool Hai 30th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 30th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: Undisclosed location
Sanam is distraught and apalled, when she finds that razia doesnt answer any of her questions. razia locks and gags her yet again, while she instructs the guard, that she shouldnt escape from here, nore create much noise, before she is able to get her revenge.

Scene 2:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Ahil asks seher if she actually loves him. She is tensed, but then turns the ball in his court only, by asking him to listen to his own heart and then he shall knows the answer, and wont have to ask her. she leaves, hastily, while he is tensed. she is amused that she got ahil so easily befooled and finding the answer to his own question.

The next morning, haya walks in, while ahil is busy in his wqork. he asks about faiz, and she says that he was busy hence she came alone to meet them. he is happy to know that haya is here to surprise sanam, and she sends her to ssanam’s room. razia notices this from a distance. She tries to go and warn seher before haya goes to meet her, or else she would mess up. Ahil notices her tensed and is boggled. Razia leaves from there hastily. She goes to haya and herself offers to take her to her sister. But tanveer comes and asks her to get her meds instead, while haya can herself go to sanam. Razia resignedly complies and leaves. Haya goes to sanam’s room, and tanveer is amused.

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While Seher is wondering what all she has to face in this house, due to this work, haya comes from behind, and surprises her by blinding her. She wakes up with a start. Haya apologises for whats been happening lately, and asks her not to be angry at her. haya hugs her, while seher is reminded of some faint past memories. She too hugs her back. razia comes to find them both hugging, and is relieved that seher didnt mess up with her. she tries to tell her about their relation. But isnt able to, and when haya says that she wants to talk to her, she again hugs her, and then razia shows her a written note, saying that this is her sister, and then gives another signal that she is deaf and dumb. seher goes on an overexuberant display of love and affection, while shocked at this news. haya asks her if she has gone mad. She says that she wants to talk something really important. She opens her purse and shows a paper to her. seher takes it and begins reading, which states that she wanted to say this at the party too, but couldnt, and informs that she and haya have got divorced, and that they shouldnt have gotten married at all. She further reads that she didnt even love faiz, and thast she always loved rahat and would always continue to do so. razia is tensed to hear this too. Seher gets tensed. Haya signals to seher that she wants to marry Rahat, and asks if she doesnt mind. Razia tries to give her a signal, but seher doesnt see. Razia rushes in announcing tea and snacks. Seher too hurriedly takes her out for snacks. Haya is tensed.

Haya walks alone in the hallway. Razia and seher are talking while walking, when seher comments that this is a weird house and she doesnt want to stay here. razia says that she isnt here to comment but to do her work. Seher says that she is disinteretested to have a life here too. She finds the paper in razia’s hands, and tears it to piecses. She takes the papers and throws it in the bin. Azhar’s parents see this from a distance, and think that it must definitely contain a mystery. later, Tanveer is disturbed when she gets the stink of the bin, as azhar’s parents surf through it. They finally find the bits of paper. tanveer asks them to read it. She reads the notes, and is boggled, and so is tanveer. Tanveer when she finds the note, is determined that something is going on, when someone is trying to tell sanam that haya is her sister, when she talks to haya, but why does someone need to, as sanam herself knows it. Azhar’s parents start boasting that they would get this mystery unravelled in no time. tanveer says that there’s definitely some mystery involved, and to unravel it, she would have to keep her eyes and ears open. She is determined, while azhar’s parents are tensed. They continue with their nonsense. tanveer says that they would have to be extra cautious.

Later, azhar’s oarents find the same invitation from Aryan’s cousins, that they are giving to everyone, for Aryan’s birthday party, and also promoting the new serial. tanveer is determined to take her revenge. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Tanveer thinks that till now, all her fatal attempts on Sanam, have gone in vain, but this time around, the world shall see the price one has to pay for being disloyal to Tanveer. she smiles evilly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. I want sanam to be found and every one to get a love life

  2. please get rid of that witch tanveer and let all her evil doings fall back on her. what ever evil she is up to right now let it fall on her and let her fall down the staircase. let haya and rahatt come together, ahil and sanam and seher and rehatt unite with each other. like I said before throw faiz in the looney bin or let him exchange place with rahatt put him out there the fight some war maybe that would bring him to his senses and realize when a girl says no she means no. as far as for razia she also should be thrown in the looney bin.

  3. Why is this still dragging…..I guess I am not going to watch it tonight again!!!

  4. I miss sanam n awhile scene n rehang n shaker scenes this’s is annoying

  5. I miss sanam And aaahils love and shear and rehaans this is soooooo annoying

  6. Sorry for multiple comments

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