Bigg Boss 8 30th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss 8 30th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 39
song dam dama dum starts playing, all dances on song.

Pritham talks to ALi. Pritham jokes about fighting in house. Pritham says you made us work a lot.

Puneet says to Ali that we are equal now, Puneet says you should not say that we don’t work, now you have to work too, you clean the garden, Ali says who will work with me? Puneet says you alone do it, Ali says why two people do it together, Puneet says ok take Sonali, she will help you, ALi says if someone puts scrap after my cleaning then it wont be good, Puneet calls Sonali and gives her work, she goes.
Ali comes in garden, Praneet says Ali there are utensils to be washed, go and do it, Ali says you stop ordering me, Ali says I am cleaning the graden, if some put scrap here then I will pull him. ALi comes lounge and says to Puneet that Praneet is asking me to wash utensils, Puneet says Arya and Upen are doing it.
Praneet says that its easy to say that he doesn’t work or she doesn’t work, now ALi will have to work then he would know, Minissha says sonali is in kitchen department why should she help you in cleaning garden, Ali goes to talk to Puneet. Ali says to Puneet that all are saying sonali is sin kitchen department, I will not clean the garden now, Praneet comes there. Puneet says why are you interfering in this matter.
Sonali says to minissha that I can clean garden, minissha says there will a lot of work today, why are you doing this work which is not yours, Sonali says we do work but even then we are called lazy.
Ali comes in garden and says I wont work, I don’t like to work, even bigg boss cant force me to work, diandra says ok not do it, live in filth. Praneet says why will you not work ALi, Ali says all are ordering me to work, sonali is not helping me, I will not do it alone, Praneet says who is asking you to work alone, Ali says Puneet asked me first to clean garden alone, why shoul I work alone, Praneet shouts on him that you have to do the work, they shout on each other, ALi then says that I got afraid, oh I got afraid because of your drama, Praneet laughs on his acting, minissha says you both are doing drama, they laugh.

sonali says that treadmill is also not cleaned. otherside Ali is cleaning the garden, he says that Sonali doesn’t do work and then she acts that bigg boss they are making girl work. Ali use broom to clean the garden, sonali comes inbetween to disturb him, Ali says bigg boss see she is disturbing me then she will say he touched me with broom, if you give me punishment then I will give you banana. Sonali says Ali is going out for sure. Sonali makes fun of Ali, she teases him , she says garden is very nasty, it should be cleaned nicely, do work, do work.

bigg boss says to inmates that its time to decide new captain, those who want to be captain can come in confession room and challenge for captaincy, only Ali cant participate in it. First Gautam goes in confession room, bigg boss says to Gautam that what he wanna say, Gautam says I wanna give my name for captaincy, when Ali became captain, he was good but then he went wrong.
Ali says to Karishma that one captain should be from our side, he should be balanced, they suggest for Diandra and Upen.
Gautam says to bigg boss that I know work is not easy but I think I can do this job, all inmates are against me. Allow me to become captain so that I can teach them mannerism, bigg boss says you are now in race of captaincy.
Diandra says we should give name of one person only, Praneet says that there will task for captain so we all should give our names for captaincy, diandra goes to confession room but it is locked.
Gautam talks to himself and says when you talk to one of them, the whole group comes to fight.

Puneet says that Gautam you will be captain. Gautam says I will make rules and regulations, Gautam says minissha was saying that if you don’t wanna work them don’t do it, why? all should work, we have work so much in house, my body has become lean. I will give them tasks, I will take them out of their comfort level, Puneet says give diandra work of garden, she is good at cooking so give her other thing.

Praneet comes in confession room. Bigg boss says Gautam was first to come here to become captain so he is in competition, now all inmates have to give one name who will be opposite to him, he will fight against Gautam. Praneet comes out and says this to everyone, All suggests Upen, they say we will decide one by one, Puneet gives Gautam’s name, minissha gives Upen’s name, Diandra, Sonali, Arya, Pritham, Ali gives Upen’s name so it is decided that Upen will be against Gautam for captaincy.

All are sitting in lounge, bigg boss ask name of second contender to be captain of house who will fight with first contender, bigg boss ask Karishma to go and bring order for new task from store room, she goes and brings it. She reads the order which says that now its time for new captain selection, Gautam and Upen will have competition between them, the one who will win will become captian of house, task name is “today I wont leave”, in this task, both contenders have to chose two companions who will help them in task, in task gautam and upen have to hold pole and stick to it while the companions of both will try to make opposite contender lose the grip of pole and pushes him to white crossing line, the one who touches the white line first will be out of task. Puneet says its about energy, I wont do it, Praneet says I cant do it too as my foot is hurt, Gautam says I select Puneet and Pritham, Puneet you decide whether you help me or not, Gautam says puneet you are strong, Puneet says I will not push girls, Gautam says girls should not involve in this, Gautam says for me its Puneet and Pritham, my companion. Upen choses Arya and Ali as his companion.

Karishma says to Pritham that you are in Gautam’s team but I want to ask you are you supporting Gautam or Upen, also captaincy is big responsibility, so you should chose a balanced person.

Upen says to Ali that its all on you now, you have to work hard too as you will be in problem if Gautam wins.
Pritham and Praneet talks in very low tone. Praneet says Gautam have negative approach, Pritham agrees, Praneet says what he has done in five weeks, he has anger in his heart, if he becomes captain then house environment will become bad.
Pritham comes to Karishma and says I will not influence, but I will participate in task, Karishma agrees.
Puneet tells Pritham to first holds last fingers and then make Upen lose the grip.
Arya says to minissha that I feel like task is between us and puneet not between Gautam and Upen.
Puneet says to Pritham that the one who do task nicely will win, Gautam is a good boy, he is nominated every week, he should be given chance, Pritham says now I will put in my full effort, I will do my best.
Karishma says to Upen that Pritham and Puneet was saying that Gautam is a good guy and they will support him only.

All take positions for task, Upen and Gautam grips around the pole, Ali and Arya make Gautam lose the Grip of pole, they drags Gautam and makes him touch the line while Upen is still holding pole tightly and Pritham-Puneet couldn’t do much, So Ali and Arya make Gautam lose the Task, All applauds for Upen as he won and has becomes captain.

Puneet talks to Upen and says be impartial to all and don’t put anyone in comfort zone, give them work, Upen says I know what to do.

Gautam says in camera that Puneet didnt use his energy where it was needed, I say personally say that he could have done the task in seconds but he didn’t, he was involved in task but he didn’t do the task, now work will be done in very nice way, all group will enjoy, now upen will go in washroom bare foot and will walk with same feet on carpet, bigg boss your work will be disturbed now.

Gautam says to Pritham that upen doesn’t know how to play this game, he is always on same side, he wont say anything to Sonali and Diandra. Sonali was my friend, pritham ask why she is nto now? Gautam says I denied to her, I stopped talking to her, I didn’t say infront of her, all keep gossiping about Sonali, I know where to go and who to chose to be friend with.

Upen have called everyone in lounge to distribute the work. Upen says Karishma will make lunch food, he ask to chose one companion, Karishma choses Pritham to help in work. Puneet says to diandra that you are doing less work, diandra says I work, puneet says you only make tea, he ask upen to give her work, Upen says we will decide, ALi says I will clean half garden.

Puneet talks to Gautam. Gautam says we got the chance to make me captain but you both didn’t do it nicely, Gautam says Ali and Arya fought nicely, I hold puneet responsible too.
Praneet talks to Pritham and says all girls like you, whom do you like? They joke about Karishma, puneet joins pritham’s name with Karishma.

Ali says to Karishma that maintain distance from Pritham, Karishma says I will talk to him if he talking anything about me, Ali says nothing. Ali says Pritham does jokes but he has women inside him, he doesn’t think before speaking, he say cheap things, don’t talk to him right now, talk to him on right time.

ali says to diandra that Sonali disturbed me, she is not that innocent, Karishma and Arya agrees. Ali says after what happened, she was making fun of me, she was disturbing me, she was on gautam’s side then she saw no response from them so she has decided to come in our group, she is luring upen, Sonali can tell everything to Gautam in one second about us. she is not Natasa.

Puneet talks to Pritham about Karishma, Puneet says we should not about it, people will think, we are gossiping about girls.

PRECAP- bigg boss says that upen have chosen Gautam to punish him so now Gautam will stay in cage till our next order. Gautam goes in cage. Praneet and Gautam fight. now its time that every inmate listens the allegation from other inmate. Gautam stand in witness box, Upen says you play well but he alleges that you pass taunts.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Gautam ki baton meh sachayi heh, or wo dusreh ghar walo ko suna nahi is liyeh us ko San milkeh bully karteh heh

  2. I feel sorry for gautam because no one is his friend

  3. I don’t like Upen and Arya at all. Praneet has changed so much it’s unbelievable. Inshallah Gautam will win Bigg Boss.

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