Sinhasan Battisi 30th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sinhasan Battisi 30th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, samrat is seen praying to varun dev and ebryone along with narayan,chitralekha,vahamir ji, and after praying there comes jalstambh and samrat jumps over it and goes to suryalok and while all the rushi muni in universe are shocked to see samrat in place of varun dev
Gurudev brahaspati goes to indra dev and tells tat samrat is going to surylok while indradev says tat this is good news but the rushi muni says tat he is going to indralok on jalstambh listening to this indra dev is worried tat he may get burnt as he goes closer to surya dev while samrat is seen travelling on jalstambgh where he is feeling the heat and is getting burnt badly seeing this indradev decides to break the jalstambh and then rushimuni stops him and says tat he is going to do some important work and then it is seen tat the sun is rising and varhamirji say tat at any moment samrat will reach and meet suryadev
Into old fort uttara then tells tat samrat is a normal human being like all others and so he will get burnt and yes he died due to heat listening to this raja bhoj is shocked and then he tells tat this wont happen samrat wont die just like tat then samrat is seen unconscious on the jalstambh while suryadev is also wondering tat who has arrived in the place of varun dev today and he gets to know tat he is none other than samrat vikramaditya then suryadev asks tat y is he here and then samrat tells tat he has taken a uuttardaitva of a wife of Brahman wen hehas to go away for a time being for some pooja and then also tells tat inbetweem he has to leave for a battle to save his kingdom and wen he returns the Brahman cames to know tat his wife is dead and then he blames samrat for it and so he is here to give life to nadini devi suryadev then agrees to help him but also tells him tat if he wants to save the Brahman lady then he has to give awayhis life while samrat agrees to it and then nadini devi is seen waking up and Brahman is surprised to see her alive
Suryadev then tells samrat tathe has given life to the Brahman nadini devi and now he has to die as said earlier while nandini devi tells his husband tat samrat is not the reason for her death and it is wrongly understood into old fort raja bhoj is shocked to know tat samrat is no more and is just unable to speak also uttara the says tat samrat was successful in completing his uttardaitva
A soldier then comes to chitralekha and then tell tat the wife of Brahman has got life and now she is waiting for samrat to arrive on jalstambh and within few time jalstambh comes down and samrat gets drowned into water chitralekha is seen crying tat y has samrat not came out and wat has happened to him while narayan stops her and tells tat it is sad but is true tat samrat is no more then chitralekha asks cant she geta chance to see his husband also

Chitralekha then tells tat there will be no last prayers performed as samrat may be dead for all of them but is not for her and she will go to yamraj and bring back life of samrat and complete the uttardaitva

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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