Itti Si Khushi 30th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Itti Si Khushi 30th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Epi begins with Dadi taunting Gyaatri over Aman as he has ruined her family’s image. She walks out for Agarwal House in a huff with Gayatri following her, trying to talk to her.

Anand asks Aman for an explanation. You are telling me that you wont marry Akku one day before the engagement? Do you realise the meaning of what you are saying? Akku tries to say something but her father tells her to be quiet. Anand refuses to listen to Aman and so does Sandeep. Akku tries to intervene but in vain. Anand disagrees to allow it. this means Ma ji (Dadi) was right. He tells Aman to go home for now. we will talk later. Dida suggests him to hear Aman once. Aman apologizes to Anand. I know all this shouldn’t have happened. I am sorry for that. I got late in telling you all and took time to think about the same. but this decision is very big for me, Akku and Neha. Till the time I could reach a conclusion the engagement date approached. I thought to convince Dadi before talking to you people but Dadi got to know about it before I could tell her anything and she came here. Secondly, I apologize to you for what Dadi has said about you all and Neha. She is mistaken, I will clear her misunderstanding very soon. sandeep and Anand are still not able to understand how Neha came in between all this. aman says I have realised it (late) that I can be happiest with Neha only. I want to marry Neha. Everyone looks at him in shock. Neha is my good friend. I had never thought of her like that but since she has returned from hospital, I have come to realise that she is a very good partner for me. this is why I have come to ask for Neha’s hand. Anand looks at him speechlessly.

Sandeep talks about Akku. What about her? You think she is a puppet? How can you be so heartless? Akku tries to speak again but Sandeep tells her to be quiet. Aman apologizes to Sandeep and to Akku as well. He accepts his mistake. What if I hadn’t spoken about what I feel and had married Akku? Would it have been right with Akku? You think we would have been happy together? Akku supports him. This decision is not just Aman’s but mine as well. Her family members look at her stunned. It was me who had started it actually. I only had told AMan to think again about the engagement as I could see him bonding well with Didi. I could see that he stays much happier with Aman. Didi likes Aman too. Sandeep is confused. Akku tells them how Didi loves Aman since always. We might have thought of it to be Didi’s childishness but Didi still loves Aman. This is the reason why I asked him to think again. aman tells them about the box and the things inside it which Neha had kept safely over all these years. Akku asks them if they still think Aman was wrong. Sunita is worried about Akku too. We will have to tell our relatives. Questions will be raised on you too. What will we tell them? akku says we cannot worry about what relatives are going to say. Didi is elder to me so she should get married first. Wouldn’t you have been thinking about her marriage right now if Didi had not been in coma? Anand says you guys have complicated everything. Akku tells them to think as they are elders. But I want to see Aman and Didi together. My happiness lies in that only. Aman and Akku look at each other. Dida says Aman’s family is not ready for Aman and Neha’s marriage. What can we do about it? Aman promises to make everyone agree for this alliance. They will agree willingly. Just give me some time please. He leaves from there, agreeing to meet them again real soon. sunita starts crying.

Kartik is talking to her girlfriend Ritika. She tells him to meet her dad as this is the final year of her college. Dad will start choosing guys for me. Take this relationship seriously please. He agrees. But first you will have to impress my mom. You know she isn’t happy about our relation. He hears Dadi’s voice and ends the call. Gayatri comes to talk to Dadi. Kartik looks on from a distance.

Akku consoles her mother. Sandeep gets a call from caterers. Anand tells him to keep it on hold. Why did you (Akku) and Aman made this decision? You should have told me atleast. Sunita affirms. Akku says Aman took time in taking this decision but I am happy that he did the right thing that too before engagement. Sunita reminds her of Dadi’s words. Anand too points out that even Gayatri bhabhi dint say anything. Dida tells them to be calm but Anand thinks of what people will say. Aman was going to get married to the younger daughter of the house and not he is marrying the elder daughter? If I had a little idea then! dida tells him to think from Neha’s perspective too. What will we tell her? she has made up her mind after a lot of difficulty for Akku and AMan’s engagement! What will she feel now after knowing that Aman wants to marry her but Dadi is against this relation! She will get upset over it. anand tells everyone not to tell anything to Neha. It was good that she couldn’t hear anything as she had gone out. Let us sort out this matter first after which we will decide what to tell her and how. Neha returns home with Suraj just then.

Before entering, Neha checks that Hitler Dadi is gone. She speaks about the same excitedly. She finds everyone tensed and quiet. Has Hitler Dadi said anything? Dida denies. She had come for a regular visit. We sent her back before she could create any drama. Shagun too returns home. She too notices the sad faces of everyone. Neha can see that her mother has been crying. She gets concerned. Sunita lies that she was cutting onions. Neha recalls how she had overheard her mother talking to some Verma aunty that she never cries while cutting onions. Akku too is all sad. You all are lying to me. dida denies. your mother cries on every other thing. neha can sense that Dida is lying to her. suraj asks for water from his mom. They both leave. Neha asks Akku to tell the truth.

In the kitchen, Shagun tries to talk to Sandeep but he wants to distract neha first or things will get ugly. He leaves. She stands there tensed.

Sandeep says mumma is crying as her daughter will leave from this house. Neha hugs her mumma. You got senti? Do you love Akku most? She opens her mom’s tied hairs again and everyone ends up smiling at her antics. This is your punishment for loving Akku the most. I already knew it was going to happen which is why I have an announcement to make. Suraj and I have decided to perform a special program on Akku’s engagement. They all clap half heartedly. Neha hugs her sister. She excitedly talks about how they all will dance on Akku’s engagement.

Gayatri brings food for her MIL. You have to take medicines too. Dadi asks her to get poison for her. Do anything that you all want to do after that. Aman comes home too. Gayatri looks at him. Aman sits next to Dadi. You are angry with me then please don’t take it out on food. He begins to feed her but she wants him to stop thinking about marrying Neha. He agrees to discuss it later but she insists. He stands up now. Neha isn’t mad but a little kiddish. It will go away in time. Dadi says it will take 12 years. Dadi asks Gayatri what Aman wants from her. He will leave that Neha on us when he will go out for work. One mad hospital has closed down in Agra and will now open up in our house only. Aman tells her to stop which leaves everyone shocked. Those who laugh and smile aren’t mad. He walks away from there upset.

Sandeep is shocked to know that Shagun knew about it already. She explains how she had been trying to tell him about it but he was angry that day. I dint get a chance to talk to you afterwards. Sandeep says you could have woken me from my sleep to tell this to me. mumma has given shagun’s mehendi to their home and you were waiting for a chance. We wouldn’t have been this insulted today if you would have told me. dadi has said so much to us. Mummy, papa and Dida are in shock and embarrassed too. She tries to explain that she had no idea that Dadi will come here but he says I am disappointed with you. She apologizes to him but he walks away angrily.

Gayatri tries to make Dadi eat but Dadi refuses again. you should have said something to Aman but you are quiet. Gayatri doesn’t know what to say as Aman has said it clearly that he wont be happy with anyone else. How can we force him then? he isn’t a kid anymore. How can we stop him all the time? You very well know that kartik has always been a free bird just like his dad. Dadi loses her cool hearing her son’s name. Don’t put the blame on my son as it was you who couldn’t live it out with him. why are you against Kartik all the time? He isn’t a fool like Aman to befriend a mad girl. he knows how to befriend rich people, like his grandfather. Aman has fallen in a pit. Dadi warns Gayatri that Neha wont come in this house. Tell Aman to get this thought out of his head. He should marry Akku. kartik hears it from a distance. Dadi swears not to eat anything till Aman agrees with her.

Precap: Dadi tells Kartik that Aman is ruining his life and ours too. Your mother has fallen in his trap too. Kartik suggests her to make everyone side with herself then. just play a little game. Aman refuses to change his decision. Gayatri tells him to call everyone then. Dadi tells everyone that she has made a decision.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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