Qubool Hai 30th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 30th January 2014 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 30th January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Mamu is tensed for zoya, as the music box goes on. razia eyes him and talks on the phone, asking if the job got done and isnt happy with what she hears from the other end. She is shocked to see that asad and haider have come back with zoya. nazma greets her, and mamu looks up emotionally at her and confronts her, with overwhelming tears in his eyes. Dilshad hurries and asks where was she. zoya too breaks into tears. Dilshad is tensed for her. She asks where was zoya the entrie night. asad eyes mamu curtly and says that he would answer it, as this crime goes way deep, and today this crime has cast a shadow on zoya too. Zoya is shocked, while mamu stands tears splotched. asad asks mamu if they still need some proof, and hollers at him to answer. Asad asks mamu how did he know of zoya’s whereabouts. mamu stands silent. asad says that he wont answer as this is his and razia’s trap all along. He tells mamu that he knew that they were very close to the evidence of the doll factory, and hence they thought, that if they douse the fire, then noone would be able to identify them, and they themselves got her abducted, so that the blame doesnt fall on them. Mamu says that he may think and speak whatever he likes, as he doesnt care anymore. He tells asad that he knows about the announcement that he was going to make, and asks him to tell everyone. All are confused while Razia is tensed and shocked. Asad says that he just wanted to say one thing, that he and zoya were going to marry. razia and mamu are shocked to hear this, as they had thought elsewise, while asad’s family is tensed. razia is surprised that she misunderstood, about the recording and hence they dont even know that such a recording exists. He tells that he had wantesd to start off with blessings, but they didnt have anything to give them except for curse. Mamu tries to speak, but asad silences him saying that he doesnt have the time to listen to his bullshit and the police would have, as he has crossed all limits. Asad goes to razia and reminds her that he had told her, that zoya is his life, and if anybody harms her, then he would ruin them, and she never understood this till date. razia asks him to let be, as she too shall see what he does and how, and asks if he has evidence and asks him to produce it. Dilshad asks her to shut up, and have some shame, and if she is a woman, to even think of taking someone’s life. razia asks her to shut up. Razia says that dilshad always says the truth so many times and loudly that it seems like the truth. Mamu silences her. He then moves over to zoya, remembering how he used to play with her when she was just a little child. Mamu tells zoya that he never even imagine to kill her, as she is….but then he is unabel to tell her the secret of their relationship. Zoya is tensed to see him behaving like that, while razia is scared that he might just spill the beans. He falls as he has an attack and nervous breakdown. they tend to him, as he gets drowsy.

Scene 2:
Location: Haseena’s residence
Just underneath the ominous painting, Nikhat eyes a magazine kept and remembers all the while that haseena got disturbed when she saw the painting or tried to get near to it. She thinsk that all the incidents till date have happened here only, and wonders why, and whether this painting has any connection to the accidents. She goes onto the painting, and eyes it curtly. She thinks that if there’s nothing here then she would believe that all of this is just her hallucination. she shifts the painting and takes it off, and finds the door behind it, unlocked. she is shocked. She opens the door, is surprised to find stairs and finally nikhat finds the secret passage leading to sameera’s cellar, from behind the painting. she is shocked to find sameera there. She takes a close look at her, scared all the while. Nikhat concludes, that she isnt either her hallucination, nor a ghost, but a live lady, remembering the times that she had gotten scared seeing her. she also eyes the bondage and the food plates kept around her. she is shocked and apalled to find her like this. She finds that the lady has been dosed with some sort of medicine, the refills of which are lying around, and concludes that these are medications of toxication. She asks the girl if she takes those meds, but she doesnt respond. she decides to tell about this to everyone.

Scene 3:
Location: Ayan’s residence
In her room, humaira paces around tensed. haider knocks on the door, and comes inside, while she is in a rage, that he didnt even tell her before going, and didnt even bother to tell her, and what if something happened to him. He says that he went to help asad save his chutki. humaira gets irritated at the name chutki, saying that all men are the same, and that he just tried to impress zoya. haider is surprised, and asks if she even knows whats she trying to insinuate. Humaira confronts haider, taunting him of his tainted relationship with his Chutki, referring to zoya. He asks her to shut up. Haider says that for him, the name Chutki isnt just a name, but a relation that he had with his sister, who he lost several years ago, and now Zoya has been called Chutki, and if she was endangered even a little, he would have happily given his life. He storms out. Humaira eyes her surprised.

As mamu is being treated, asad and zoya stand out tensedly. Razia, from the bedpost sees them going. asad says that its all a trap and he wont fall for mamu’s acting. Zoya asks him to relax as he may actually be sick. asad says that not his health, but his character is wrong and that he wont stop due to this charade of his. Zoya eyes him tensedly as he leaves. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Nikhat hassled, turns to chandbi to tell her about the cellar and sameera inside it. Haseena tries to give her water to drink, but nikhat says that she doesnt want to. as she turns to chandbi to talk, she too asks her to calm down and have some water first. Resignedly, she takes the glass and rinks the water. soon she goes dizzy and falls on the floor unconscious. haseena and chandbi eye each other evilly, laughing at his torment. While zoya is asleep, mamu sits beside her, with the dollpiece in his hand and then places it by her bedside, and caressing her face, he walks out. Zoya wakes up, and sensing someone’s presence, she begins to look around. Zoya calls out to mamu, while he is the hallway, referring to him, as ABBU. He is stunned and turns around to face her, as he eyes her surprisedly and emotionally..

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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